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Fourth Generation

206. Minnie HARMON3,85 died after 1833. She was born in 1866 in Indiana.48

The 1870 census Minnie's birth place is given as Missouri - and again in 1930.

Minnie was still living when her brother James died in 1933. She was listed in his obituary as Mrs. Minnie Thayer, and was living with James at the time. She was in 1930, age 63, a widow, married at age 30.

This is apparently a different Minnie:
1900 Census. Hancock Co IN, Center Twp, Hh 1
Hollis B. Thayer, b. Sept 1833, age 66, married for 42 years, b. NH, father b. MA, mother b. NH, Merchant. Permelia A., wife, b. Dec 1839, age 60, had two children, one living, b. IN, father b.VA, mother b. KY
Edwin P. Thayer, son, b. Dec 1864, age 36, married 13 years, b.IN, father b. NH, mother b. IN, Merchant.
Minnie R. dau-in-law, b. Nov 1865, age 34, has two children, b. IN as were her parents
George A., g-son, b. Aug 1887, age 12. Roxena, g-dau, b.Oct 1889, age 10.
Florence Bitler, Servant, b. Jan 1876, age 24, b. Ohio as were her parents.
1910 Census. Hancock Co IN, Center Twp, Hh 15
Permelia Thayer, age 70, Wd twice, had 1 child
Edmund P., son, age 45, Married 1 time for 24 years
Minnie, dau-in-law, age 44, two children, b. Indiana
George, son, age 22. Roxena, dau, age 21
1920 Census. Hancock Co IN, Center Twp, Greenfield Ward 1, Hh 81
Edwin P. Thayer, age 55, Barker
Minnie, wife, age 54, b. IN
Roxena Eldridge, daughter, age 30, marked as Single
Jeannie Eldridge, granddaughter, age 6, b. California, father b. Colorado

This census when she's with her brother and the other Minnie is still living with Edwin P. Thayer, proves that this is NOT the same Minnie.
1930 Census. Zionsville, Eagle Twp, Boone Co IN, Sheet 7A, p.105, Household 130
James N. Harmon, Head, 81, widowed, age 25 when married, b. IN as were his parents.
Minnie B. Thayer, sister, age 63, Widowed, age 30 when married, b. MO. (Edwin Thayer was obviously very much alive until after 1940.)

1930 Census. Hancock Co, IN, Greenfield City, Center Twp, Hh 522
Lived at 124 Main St - at end of census - must have had to go back
Edwin P. Thayer, age 65, married at 21, b. IN, father b. NH, mother b. IN. Secretary in the U.S. Senate, U.S. Capitol
Minnie C., wife 64, married at 20, b. IN,parents b. I

1940 Census. Hancock Co, IN, Greenfield, Ward 1, Center Twp, Hh 107
Living on W. Main St.
E. P. Thayer, age 75, b. IN, He was in Washington DC in 1935
Minnie, wife, 74, living in same house in 1935

This is apparently a very different Minnie Thayer - actually two more Minnie Thayers.....
Washington Death Certificates at
Minnie Thayer, age 80 years, 3 months, 17 days, died 29 March, 1946 in Sedro Wooley, Skagit Co, WA. Her husband was Jack Thayer; parents were William & Elizabeth Harmon. She was buried April 1, 1946.
Although I have not seen her husband as "Jack", this seems to be a close match given the parents' names. Calculates to 12 Feb 1866 for her date of birth which doesn't agree with the 1900 census.

The discovery of this death certificate makes the identification of Minnie in doubt. I also found a marriage record in Spokane Co, Washington, 25 June 1900 for a J. Harvey Thayer, age 50, b. Illinois to Minnie J. Harmon, 36, b. IN. His parents were Eli Thayer & Esther Borelle; hers were William Harmon & Elizabeth Muller. The age would suggest she was born in 1864.

A Minnie Thayer, b. 1864, New York, was in Seattle, King Co WA in 1840, in a "Rest Home" - she was age 74, a widow. Had lived in Everett, WA in 1935.
In 1930, Minnie G. Thayer, age 66, widow, states she was b. Oregon, father born in Ireland - she was in Spokane. She lived at 2220 Altamonte Blve and marked as "lady friend" and was listed at the end of the census as an afterthought.
1920. Two Minnie Thayer in Washginton State. Minnie G. Thayer, age 56, b. Oregon, was the wife of Alinson D. Thayer, age 72,b. OH- so that eliminates this Minnie, as well as the same lady in Spokane in 1930.
1920. The other Minnie Thayer was marked as head of household age 48, b. MO - she was rooming in the Rehan Hotel on Union St in Seattle. Minnie was a widow, her father b. MA, her mother b. Scotland - she was a nurse for a private family. Minnie B. Coleman , 50, a widow, also a nurse lived with her as a Partner.
1910 Census. Seattle. Minnie Thayler was a boarder with the Lewis family. She was age 55, widowed, b. MO, father b. TN, mother b. Scotland, a nurse, private family

Minnie HARMON and Edwin P. THAYER were married about 1887. Edwin P. THAYER was born in December 1864 in Indiana.

Minnie HARMON and Edwin P. THAYER had the following children:



George THAYER was born on 17 August 1887 in Indiana. He died in February 1972 at the age of 84 in Nevada.86

George Thayer, b. Aug of 1887 died in Nevada, 17 Feb 1972.



Roxena THAYER (private).