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Second Generation

8. Sarah HARMON was born about 1803.4

License was issued in Franklin Co. IN to John Adams and Sarah "Harmmon" on 22 Feb 1819. They were married 26 Feb 1819 by James Eagan, JP who made his return on May 3rd. Image is on

Sarah is not seen in all databases, but she certainly does belong here. She remarried - the marriage was recorded in Putnam Co on 24 Oct 1835 - to Nathaniel P. Watter [his name was actually Walter as shown by a deed of the John L. Harmon heirs in 1837]. Nathaniel P. Walter signed that deed in her right - he could not have done so if had not been married to one of the daughters of John L. Harmon.

In 1840, Nathaniel Walter is in the census in Pike Twp, Marion Co IN.
1m under 5, 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30, 1m 30-40. 1f -5, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40.

The family apparently moved to Illinois soon after the 1840 census.

1850 Census. Savanna, Carroll Co, Illinois. Hh 6
Nathaniel Walter, age 39, b. VA
Sarah, 43, b. VA
Louisa A., age 14, b. Indiana
Margaret, age 9, b. IL
Elias A., age 6, b. IL
John Adams, age 19, b. Indiana [Sarah's son by her first marriage]

1860 Census. Savanna, Carroll Co, Illinois. Hh 1430
N. P. Walter, age 50, b. VA
Sarah, age 54, b. VA
Margaret, age 20, b. IL
Elias, age 16, b. IL

Nathaniel was a veteran of the Civil War, Co. E, 134th Illinois Infantry.

Nathaniel P. Walters had at least three children with Sarah (Harmon) Adams - possibly four, including a son who was less than five in 1840, but not living by 1850.. Following her death, he remarried to Mrs. Jane Erving in July 1869. They resided in Lee Co., Iowa and then Clark Co., Missouri by 1880.

1870 Census, Jefferson Twp, Lee Co, Iowa. Hh 10
Nathaniel Walter, age 60, b. VA; had married in July
Jane, age 36, keeping house, b. PA
Anna Erving, age 12, attending school, b. Iowa
Mary Erving, age 8, attending school, b. Iowa

1880 Census. Lincoln Twp, Clark Co, MO Hh 336
Nathaniel Walters, age 71, b. Ohio, parents b. VA
Margaret, age 51, wife, b. PA, as were her parents [was she Margarent Jane?]
Charles, age 9, son, b. Iowa

In the Indiana marriage base, I found the following possible marriages for the Adams children of Sarah Harmon:
Lydia Adams married Robert Doughty in Marion Co on 21 Aug 1836
Sarah Jane Adams married Ira B. Osborn, Marion Co, Nov 15, 1842

In 1850, an Ira B. Osborn was living in Hendricks Co IN - he was age 30, born in North Carolina, but his wife was listed as Lucinda E., age 22. There is a 2nd marriage for Ira B. to Lucinda Ray in Hendricks Co, 21 Aug 1846. Perhaps Sarah Jane Adams had died. There was a son, John M. age 6, who wasn't likely the son of Lucinda, and Lucetta J., age 1.

The only Robert Doughty I could find in Indiana in 1850, was a single man.

Sarah HARMON and John ADAMS were married on 26 February 1819 in Franklin County, Indiana.4 John ADAMS4 was born about 1800. He died before 4 March 1831 at the age of 31 in Marion County, Indiana.4

1820 Census: Wayne Co IN: 1m 16-25; 1f 16-25.
1830 Census: Pike Twp, Marion Co IN: 1m 30-40 [John]; 1f 20-30 [Sarah]; 1f 10-15 [Lydia]; 1f 5-10 [Elizabeth]; 2f -5 [Sarah Jane & Patsy]; 1m -5 [John]

Letter of Administration were granted John B. Harmon who filed an Inventory for the estate of John Adams appraised by Chesley Wray & William Harmon on 4 Mar 1831. Chesley Wray married Jane (Harmon) Mitchell so was another brother-in-law, besides John B. & William Harmon. Sarah Adams, widow, was appointed guardian of minor children Lydia, Elizabeth, Sarah Jane, Patsy & John. One of debts paid on 26 May 1836 was to James Harmon.

Sarah HARMON and John ADAMS had the following children:



Lydia ADAMS4 was born in 1819 in Indiana.4 She died in 1897 at the age of 78 in Claremont, Dodge County, Minnesota.4

Lydia married Robert E. Doughty on 21 Aug 1836, Marion Co IN. She is buried in Hiler Cemetery, Dresbach, Winona Co, Minnesota.



Elizabeth ADAMS4 was born (date unknown).



Sarah Jane ADAMS4 was born (date unknown).

There is a marriage of Sarah Jane Adams to Ira B. Osborn in Marion Co on 15 Nov 1842.



Patsy ADAMS4 was born (date unknown).



John ADAMS4 was born in 1831 in Indiana.

1850 Census. Savanna, Carroll Co, Illinois. Hh 6
Nathaniel Walter, age 39, b. VA
Sarah, 43, b. VA
Louisa A., age 14, b. Indiana
Margaret, age 9, b. IL
Elias A., age 6, b. IL
John Adams, age 19, b. Indiana

Sarah HARMON and Nathaniel P. WALTERS were married on 24 October 1835 in Putnam County, Indiana. Nathaniel P. WALTERS was born circa 1810 in Virginia.

Sarah HARMON and Nathaniel P. WALTERS had the following children:



Louisa A. WALTER was born in 1836 in Indiana.



Margaret WALTER was born in 1841 in Illinois.



Elias A. WALTER was born in 1844 in Illinois.