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Third Generation

28. Abel HARMON4 was born on 6 December 1828 in Pike Township, Marion County, Indiana.4 He died on 19 June 1905 at the age of 76 in Boone County, Indiana.4 He was buried in Jones Cemetery, Boone County, Indiana.28

Abel married Martha Jones on 19 Aug 1849 in Boone Co IN. Martha was born 23 May 1828 and died 28 Feb 1900. They are buried in Jones Cemetery, Eagle Twp, Boone Co IN.

1850 Census. Dist 7, Boone Co IN, Hh 1411, but listed in the same residence with John B. Harmon, his father.
Abel Harmon, age 21, b. IN. Martha, age 22, b. KY. Married within the year.

1860 Census. Northfield P.O., Worth Twp, Boone, IN, Hh 111
Able Harmon, 32. Martha ,32.
John J. 9. Mary 8. James 6. Alice A. 3. Able age 1
Francis Tunsil, 19, laborer

1870 Census. Whitestown P.O. Worth Twp, Boone, IN, Hh 120
Able Harmon, age 41, b. IN. Martha, 42, b. KY
John E. 18. Mary 16. James H. 15. Alice A. 13. Able 11. William L. 9. Charles E. 7. Elmer G. 5
Martha J. 3, Rebecca A. age 1.
Next door in HH 121
Mary Harmon, 74, b. PA [Abel's mother]

1880 Census. Worth Twp, Boone, IN, Hh 97
Able Harmon, 42. Martha, 52, wife
William 19, son. Charles 18, son. Elmer, 15, son. Martha, 13, Dau. Matilda, 11, Dau [scribbled in - must have renamed Rebecca]. Armina, age 9
Abel Harmon
Abel Harmon is one of the oldest residents of Worth Township, Boone County, Indiana, and a representative of a well known pioneer family that came to Indiana at a very early period in the history of the state. His father, John B. Harmon, a Virginian, was born March 3. 1795 of English parentage, and his mother, whose maiden name was Mary Findley, descended from Irish ancestry and was born February 7,1798, in the state of Pennsylvania. John B. Harmon and his wife moved with their respective parents to Indiana about the time of the organization of the state, and were married December 23, 1818, in Jackson county. They resided in the county of Jackson until about 1820, in which year they removed to Marion County, thence, in 1837, to the county of Boone, where they resided until their respective deaths – the father departing this life on the twelfth day of June 1860, and the mother in 1878. They reared eleven children, namely – William E , Hiram M., Rebecca A., John L., Abel, George D., Isaac B., Emaline, Jane, Mary A and one that died in infancy unnamed [Other records show just seven children – Findley, Rebecca Ann, Hiram, Able, Emaline, Isaac Blackford and Jane] These are children of John B., not Abel.

Abel Harmon is a native Indianan, born in Marion county December 6, 1828, and since his tenth year has lived within the present limits of the Boone County. Reared amid the scenes of farm life, his early years were marked by great activity; and industry, which he learned in the rugged school of experience has ever since been one of his cardinal virtues. He early determined to devote his life to agricultural pursuits and how well he has succeeded is attested to by the comfortable home which he now owns in Worth Township. Mr. Harmon was married in Boone county, July 19,1849, to Martha Jones, after which he located on a farm in Eagle township and there resided until his removal in 1859 to the township of Worth where he now lives. Mr. Harmon began life for himself with but little if any financial aid and his present beautiful place, consisting of 110 acres of well cultivated land and substantial improvements, represents the fruit of his own industry. He is a man highly regarded in the community where he resided, and his life had been characterized by honorable dealings with his fellows, and it is praise worthily bestowed to ascribe to him a popularity such as few residents of Worth township enjoy. For a number of years he and his faithful wife have been active members of the Methodist church, the pure teachings of which they exemplify in their daily lives. To Mr. and Mrs. Harmon have been born eleven children, names and dates of birth as follows – John E., August 25,1850; Mary, September 6, 1852; James H., January 18,1855; Alice A., Dec 9, 1856; Abel, Oct 3,1858; William L. Sep 9,1860; Charles E., April 5, 1862; Elmer G [Grant], Sept 26,1864; Martha J. Sept 28, 1866; Matilda E., Nov 11, 1869; and Arina L., April 2, 1871. Mrs. Harmon is the daughter of Evan and Matilda (Dome) Jones, early pioneers of Boone county, and was born on the 23rd day of May, 1828, in Harrison county, Kentucky.
[Note: Able Harmon died June 6, 1905. Martha Jones Harmon died March 1, 1900]
Submitted by: Unknown
Source: “Biographical History of Boone County, Indiana," located at Indiana State library

Abel HARMON and Martha JONES were married on 19 August 1849 in Boone County, Indiana. Martha JONES was born on 23 May 1828 in Kentucky. She died on 28 February 1900 at the age of 71. She was buried in Jones Cemetery, Boone County, Indiana.29

Abel HARMON and Martha JONES had the following children:



John E. HARMON was born in 1851 in Boone County, Indiana.30



Mary HARMON was born in 1852 in Boone County, Indiana.30



James H. HARMON was born in 1854 in Boone County, Indiana.30 He died in 1907 at the age of 53. He was buried in Jones Cemetery, Boone County, Indiana.31

Wife was Mary, only a footstone remains with no dates. A child, Vernal A. Harmon, son of James & Mary, was born 12 Apr 1901, died 21 Feb 1902. Also buried Jones Cemetery, Boone Co.



Alice A. HARMON was born in 1857 in Boone County, Indiana.30



Abel HARMON was born in 1859 in Boone County, Indiana.30



William L. HARMON was born in 1861 in Boone County, Indiana.32



Charles Elsworth HARMON was born in April 1861 in Boone County, Indiana.32 He died on 16 March 1942 at the age of 80 in Indiana. He was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana.33

Married Mary Jane Farley, 25 Aug 1887, Boone Co, IN.



Elmer G. HARMON was born in 1865 in Boone County, Indiana.32



Martha J. HARMON was born in 1867 in Boone County, Indiana.32



Rebecca A., later Matilda HARMON was born in 1869 in Boone County, Indiana.32

Although she was listed as Rebecca A. in 1870, by 1880 she was called Matilda, probably named for her maternal grandmother.



Armina HARMON was born in 1871 in Boone County, Indiana.34