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Second Generation

3. Richard HARMON2,3 was born in 1793 in Grayson County, Virginia.2,4 He died in Daviess County, Missouri.4

Richard said born in Grayson Co VA. Grayson Co formed from Wythe Co in 1793; Wythe had been formed out of Montgomery Co in 1790; Montgomery having come out of old Fincastle Co in 1777.

Possibly this Richard in 1820, Delaware Co IN [this was actually the Delaware New Purchase - the county not formed until 1827]
Richard Harman: 3m under 10, 1m 26-45. 2f under 10 [Elizabeth & Philadelphia], 1f 16-26.

Marion Co Deeds
DB B, p.181
28 Aug 1828 David & James Delong and his wife to Richard Harmon. $200. Tract in Twp of Pike, 80 acres. East half of NW quarter of S15, T17, R 2E. Signed: David (x) Delong, James (x) Delong, Polly (x) Delong
Wit: Jacob Sheets, Jacob Delong
30 Aug 1828 Ack & Relinq. Rec. 5 Sep 1828
DB B, p.334
20 Mar 1829 Richard Harmon & Polly his wife to David DeLong. $200. Tract: Township of Pike 80 acres. East half of NW quarter S 15, T 17, Range 2 East. Signed: Richard (x) Harman, Polly (x) Harmon. Wit: Jacob Sheets, Hiram H. Lewis
Ack & Relinq. 20 Mar 1829. Jacob Sheet, JP
Rec 1 Jun 1829

Richard is in the 1830 Census, Marion Co IN, Pike Twp. The three Harmon brothers, Richard, John B. & James were enumerated side by side. A William Harmon, is there but the only male is aged 10-15 - possibly a widow's household. Chesley Wray, their brother-in-law, right next to them; another brother-in-law, John Adams, two households away. Children of Richard have not all been positively identified.
Richard Harmon: 2m under 5 [Richard & Charles], 1m 5-10 [Jacob], 2m 10-15 [James B & Jessie], 1m 15-20 [William], 1m 30-40 [Richard himself]
2f under 5 [Millie & another daughter], 1f 10-15 [Philadelphia], 1f 15-20 [Elizabeth], 1f 30-40 [Mary]

1840, Boone Co IN: Richard Harmon: 1 m 5-10 [David abt age 7], 1m 10-15 [Charles just about 10], 2m 15-20 [Richard, 16 & Jacob, 17] , 1m 40-50 [Richard] Only 1 female age 10-15 - surely Millie, abt 13, who married in 1843. No mystery children here. Why no apparent spouse is present, I couldn't say - there is certainly a wife Mary living with Richard in 1850 & 1860 - just a fluke I think.

In 1850 Richard's mother Elizabeth Harmon appears to be living with the family in Carroll Co IL. She is 79, born in Virginia, and blind.
Richard Harmon, age 57, b. VA. Mary, age 56, b. VA. David, 17, b. IN. Richard M. age 26, b. IN. Elizabeth, 79, b. VA.

By 1860, Richard and some of his family had moved to Missouri. The census enumerator recorded their surname as "Ham". One wonders.
Jefferson Twp, Daviess Co, MO, Gallatin P.O., Hh 14
Richard "Ham", age 68, farmer, b. VA
Mary, age 68, b. Ohio
Born in Indiana: David, age 26 and Susannah, age 27 - his wife
Two of their children were born in Iowa - Mary 6 and Elizabeth 2
Their youngest born in Missouri - Charles, age 4/12 [4 months]
In Hh 10, is Richard's son of the same name with his family.

It appears that many of the children of Richard have been placed in his family because of proximity.

Richard HARMON and Mary [HARMON] were married. Mary [HARMON]4 was born in 1794 in Virginia.2

Mary's surname unknown. Her maiden name may have been Parrish, but I've found no proof.

Richard HARMON and Mary [HARMON] had the following children:



Elizabeth HARMON.



William HARMON.



Philadelphia HARMON.



James B. HARMON was born in 1818.4 He died on 28 July 1897 at the age of 79 in Boone County, Indiana.4

James is not a proved child of Richard. He is buried in Village Cemetery in Eagle Twp, Boone Co IN.

Is this the same James?
1860 Census. Washington Twp, Dallas Co, MO, Hh 153
James Harman, age 42, b. Indiana
Lydia, 33, b. Illinois
Mary B., 15. Pleasant P. 13. Adaline E. 12. Nancy E. 10. Millard A., age 8.



Jessie Clark HARMON4 was born on 22 December 1820.4 He died on 20 January 1901 at the age of 80.4

Not a proved child of Richard and Mary.






Richard Milton HARMON.



Millie HARMON.



Charles HARMON.



[Daughter] HARMON4 was born (date unknown).

Said to have been another daughter. I've found no indication of one. However, in the 1850 census, in the household of William Alexander Harmon, there was a Sarah Harmon, age 20, described as "domestic". She has never been identified - she isn't William's child or niece, but she could be this young cousin.