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Second Generation

4. John Bird HARMON4 was born on 3 March 1795 in Grayson County, Virginia.4 He died on 12 June 1860 at the age of 65 in Boone County, Indiana.3,4

The WorldConnect database had a date of 23 December for the marriage. The date online could be a bond date.

John B. Harmon said to be in the War of 1812 and the Black Hawk War.
Story found online
"He and another man were the only survivors of a detachement of 35 men in an encounter with the Indians in the Black Hawk War. They had been sent to harass the Indians and had retired for the night in what they thought was a safe place. Both guards dozed off and were awakened by the crackling of a fallen limb just in time to see two Indians slipping up on them with drawn tomahawks."

John B. married in Jackson Co IN in 1818.
This might be John in the 1820 Census, Jackson Co IN
1m under 10, 1m 26-45, 1f under 10, the rest of the female line too faded to read

John B. first patented two tracts of land in Jackson Co on 14 Jan 1823.
80.3 acres in Section 9 of Township 6 N, Range 5 E, the NE 1/4 of the E 1/2.
79.42 acres in Section 4 of the same, the NW 1/4 of the W 1/2.
On 28 Jul of 1823, he added another 80.3 acres in Section 9 of the same township of Jackson Co, the NE 1/4 of the W 1/2.

on 20 Dec 1823, he patented the Northeast Quarter of Section 15, Township 17 N, Range 2 E, 160 acres, in Marion Co. Located in the same section was William Rodman, likely part of the family later associated with James Harmon's family. It appears that John B. & his wife sold this tract, but bought it back in 1828.

DB A, p.120
3 Oct 1823 John B. Harmon & Polly his wife to Abel Finley Senior. $1000. NE Quarter of S 15 in T17 Range 2 East. Lands sold at Brookville 160 acres Signed: John B. Harmon, Polly (x) Harmon.
Wit: H. Gregg, Obed Foote, John Hays
3 Oct 1823 John B. & Polly ack & relinq. To Obed Foote, JP

Marion Co Deed Book B, p.310
6 Oct 1828 Abel Finley & Rebecca his wife of Jackson Co IN to John B. Harman of Marion Co. $300. NE quarter of S 15, T 17, Range 2 East, lands sold at Brookville. 160 acres. Signed: Abel Findley, Rebecca (x) Findley.
Ack. By Findley 28 Apr 1828. Jackson Co IN
Ack of wife, 30 Apr 1829 Jackson Co.
Filed Marion Co & recorded 4 May 1829

1830 Census. Pike Twp, Marion Co IN
John B. Harmon: 2m under 5 [Abel], 1m 5-10 [probably John L.], 1m 10-15 [There should have been two sons in this age category - William & Hiram - perhaps William was living with his grandmother Elizabeth Harmon], 1m 30-40 [John B.] 1f -5 [???], 1f 5-10 [Rebecca], 1f age 30-40 [Mary]
In this census is a William Harmon, age 10-15, two girls - one 5-10, one 10-15, and a woman who is age 50-60. The young girls cannot be identified - this could be the household of the widow Agnes Green Harmon because she may have had a son named William and she is known to have had daughters Drusilla and Asenath about this age. Agnes was only about 42, however.

Marion Co IN
Deed Book C, p.106
John B. Harmon to John M. Frazee…..
Use of Twp 17.
West half of NE quarter of S15 T17, Range 2 E, containing 80 acres. $45 in three years.
26 Jan 1831 Signed: John B. Harmon
Wit: Moses Frazee. Rec. 27 Jan 1831
There are numbers of the deeds - they may be in the form of leases for school lands. At times they seem to be repeated as was this one...
Deed Book C, p.294
John B. Harmon to John M. Frazee, Comm of School Land. The West half of NE quarter of S15, T17, Range 2 East…..
17 Jan 1832
Rec. 27 Jan 1832

Marion Co DB G, p.470
27 Aug 1836 John B. Harmon & Mary his wife to Lewis C. Lewis. $125 Tract in Boone Co IN SW quarter of the NW quarter of Section [can't read - should be 15?], T 17 Range 2 East. 40 acres. Signed: John B. Harmon Mary (x) Harmon
Wit: James Reese, Jacob Sheets
Ack & relinq to Jacob Sheets, JP 17 Aug 1836 [sic]
Rec. 9 Sep 1836

History of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana. Sulgrove, B. R.. Philadelphia. L.H. Everts & Co.. 1884. On
p.598 John B. Harmon listed as Assessor of Pike Twp, Marion Co from 1 Jan 1827, to 5 Jan 1829.
"John B. Harmon, born in Virginia emigrated thence to Kentucky, thence to Bartholomew Co Ind., and in 1821 came with a wife and two children to Pike township and settled in the north part of the township, west of Eagle Creek.....In 1837 he sold out and moved to Boone County. His wife was Mary Findley to whom he was married in 1817 and they became the parents of six sons and two daughters.....He had served in the war of 1812 and volunteered for service in the Black Hawk was of 1832, in which he became a captain. At one time, at the close of a very fatiguing march, he, with about thirty-five men who were with him, was attacked by the savages, and all were killed except himself and one other man......Capt Harman died in Boone County in June, 1860."

1850 Census, Boone Co IN, Dist 7
John B. Harmon, age 55, b. VA. Mary age 53, b. PA. Isaac B. 14, Emlene, 12.
Abel Harmon, age 21 & wife Martha, age 22 [they had been married within the year]
Two houses away: Hiram M. Harmon, age 28. Marcella J. age 25. Jonathan age 4 and Marilla J. age 6 months.
Next house: William F. Harmon, age 30, Frances, age 31. John S., age 10, Mary J. 8, Sarah 6, Rebecca Ann 5, Emily 3, and Ellen age 7 months.

John B. & Mary are buried Salem Cemetery in Eagle Twp, Boone Co IN. Their markers have been placed in more recent times than their deaths suggest.

John Bird HARMON and Mary FINDLEY were married on 18 December 1818 in Jackson County, Indiana.3,4,6 Mary FINDLEY was born on 7 February 1798 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.3,4 She died in 1878 at the age of 80 in Zionsville, Boone County, Indiana.4

Mary was the daughter of Abel Findley and Rebecca Courtney.

1870 Census. Whitestown P.O. Worth Twp, Boone, IN, Hh 120
Able Harmon, age 41, b. IN. Martha, 42, b. KY
John E. 18. Mary 16. James H. 15. Alice A. 13. Able 11. William L. 9. Charles E. 7. Elmer G. 5
Martha J. 3, Rebecca A. age 1.
Next door in HH 121
Mary Harmon, 74, b. PA [Abel's mother]

John Bird HARMON and Mary FINDLEY had the following children:



William Findley HARMON4 was born in 1820 in Jackson County, Indiana.4

William married Frances Edgar on 14 Feb 1839, Boone Co IN.

1850 Census, Dist 7, Boone Co IN. Hh 11414. On the same page with his father and brothers.
William F. Harmon, age 30, Farmer, b. IN
Francis, 31, b. VA
John A age 10. Mary J age 8. Sarah age 6. Rebecca Ann 5. Emily 3. Ellen age 7 months.

Graves, Salem Cemetery, Zionsville. Graves near John B. Harmon. These three little girls died within four days of each other.
Sarah E. Harmon, dau of W. F. & Frances Harmon. Died 20 Sep 1850, age 7y 7m 8d, or born 12 Feb 1843
Rebecca A. Harmon, dau of W. F. & Frances Harmon, died 18 Sep 1850, age 1y 11m 12d, or born 6 Oct 1848.
Emily Harmon, dau of W. F. & Frances Harmon. Died 22 Sep 1850, age 2y 11m 18d. Calculates to a birth of 4 Oct 1847.

A William Harmon died in Boone Co - I have dates of death for the other William's. This might be the William Harmon who married Elizabeth Shawnesee in Boone Co, 28 Jul 1840. He may have been the son of Henry Harmon and Agnes Green.

LDS #1320127 Boone Co IN Probates
p.25 Probate Court Feby Term 1847
Estate of William Harmon, dec'd. Coming Edward Lane, admr for the Estate and on his motion it is ordered that he have to the next term to settle up the accounts of said estate. This case continued.
p.46 May Term Same as above.
Nov Term 1847
Estate of William Harmon. Continued until next term.
Feb Term 1848
Final Settlement, William Harmon dec'd.
Edward Lane, admin. Of estate makes and files an account current accompanied with five vouchers of debts paid off or cancelled by him. Admin charges himself with assets. Inventory and Sale Bill herein the sum of $259.40 and credit as per vouchers filed, etc. Has fully accounted for the assets. Settlement is now here confirmed by the court and this Estate finally settled.



Hiram Milford HARMON.



Rebecca Ann HARMON4 was born on 18 August 1824 in Pike Township, Marion County, Indiana.4 She died on 13 March 1899 at the age of 74 in Boone County, Indiana.4

Rebecca married Squire Wilson on 15 Sep 1848, Boone Co IN.



John L. HARMON4 was born in 1827 in Pike Township, Marion County, Indiana.4 He died in August 1849 at the age of 22 in Eagle Township, Boone County, Indiana.4

John married Harriet Adaline Cooper on 4 Mar 1849; he died 5 months later. Harriet is likely the Harriet A. Harmon who married John H. Wiley in Marion Co on 4 Apr 1855.
John is in the Mortality Census for 1850 - Boone Co IN. He was 22, died in August of the Flux, a Farmer.






George D. HARMON was born in 1831 in Marion County, Indiana.4

One database has George D. as the youngest, born 1848.



Mary Ann HARMON4 was born in 1833 in Eagle Township, Boone County, Indiana.4

Mary married William Lietsman, 5 Mar 18?4, Hendricks Co, IN.



Isaac Blackford HARMON4 was born in 1835 in Eagle Township, Boone County, Indiana.4

Isaac married Lucinda Hull on 20 Aug 1854, Boone Co IN.



Emmaline HARMON4 was born on 8 August 1839 in Eagle Township, Boone County, Indiana.4 She died on 5 September 1893 at the age of 54 in Royalton, Boone County, Indiana.4

Emmaline married William Jackson Henry on 25 Aug 1852 in Boone Co IN.



Jane HARMON was born in 1841 in Eagle Township, Boone County, Indiana.4 She died in August 1849 at the age of 8 in Boone County, Indiana.

Jane Harmon of Boone Co is listed in the 1850 Mortality Census as 8 years old, died Aug of 1849 of the flux. Her brother John also died at the same time.