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Third Generation

34. Emily HARMON was born on 27 October 1817 in Indiana.4 She died on 23 February 1887 at the age of 69 in Galesburg, Neosho County, Kansas.4,16

One source gave Emily's county of birth as Rush Co. Another source gives Emily's county of birth as Franklin Co IN - this is where her parents' married and seems more likely. Rush Co & Marion Co IN were not formed until 1822 and were formed out of the southern part of the Delaware New Purchase made from Indian lands in 1820.

The Indiana State Library Database gives her name as "Sally" Harmon - I suspect misread.

Emily HARMON and William S. RODMAN were married on 18 July 1837 in Marion County, Indiana.6 William S. RODMAN35,36,37,38,39 was born on 23 December 1812 in New York.16,40 He died on 7 August 1883 at the age of 70 in Galesburg, Neosho County, Kansas.16
1840 Census, Illinois, Shelby Co, p.184
Wm. S. Rodman: 1m age 20-30; 2f under 5 [Mariah & Ruth], 1f 20-30

1850 Census, Indiana, Howard Co, p.459, Household 109:
William S. Rodman age 37, b. New York
Emily 34, b. IN
Mariah 12, b. IL, Ruth A. age 10, b. IL, James age 8, William W. 6, Mary J. 3, and David 5 months [the last four born in Indiana]

1860 - Howard Co IN, Harrison Twp.
William Rodman age 48, Farmer, b. New York. Emily age 44, b. Ind.
Mariah 19 and Ruth A. 18, both born in IL.
James 16, William N. 14, Mary J. 12, David 10, Andrew J. 8, Nancy 6, and Laury age 1, all born in IN.

Based on the ages of some of the grandchildren who were born in Missouri, it appears the family did not move to Kansas until perhaps 1868/1869.

1870 - Kansas, Neosho Co, Ladore Twp, p.173
Household 111. Wm. S. Rodman age 58, b. NY. Emily age 54, b. IN, Mary J. age 21, David 20, Andrew J. 17, Nancy 15, and Laura 10, all born in Indiana
Household 112. Wm. Rodman age 25, b. IN. Martha age 20, b. IN and Thomas age 2, b. Missouri.
Household 114. James Rodman age 24, b. IN. Mary 21, b. IN. Alice age 1, b. Missouri.

1875 Kansas State Census. Ladore Twp, Neosho Co. p. 3, Hh 26
W. S. Rodman, 62, Farmer, b. NY, came to Kansas from MO.
E. Rodman, 59, wife, b. IN
L. Rodman, 15, b. IN
In Hh 25 was A. J. Rodman, 23, C. A. Rodman, 22, wife, b. Ohio, D. E. Rodman, age 2 months, b. Kansas. A. J. had come from MO with his family but his wife had come from Ohio - they apparently married in Kansas.

In 1880 William and Emily had only one child still at home - Laura.
In the next household was A. J. Rodman age 28, b. IN. Father b. NY and mother b. IN
Columbia, age 27, wife, b. Ohio. Judie, age 3, dau, b. KS, George age 1, b. KS.

George Findley has his parents as Samuel & Ruth Rodman.
Name: William Samuel Rodman
Sex: M
Birth: 23 DEC 1812 in NY
Death: 7 AUG 1883 in Galesburg, Neosho Co., KS
Burial: Mt. Hope Cemetery Neosho Co., KS
Father: Samuel Rodman
Mother: Ruth
Marriage 1 Emily Elizabeth Harmon b: 27 OCT 1817 in Franklin Co., In.
Married: 18 JUL 1837 in Marion Co., In.

Another researcher has:
Name: William RODMAN Sex: M Birth: ABT 1812 in NY
Occupation: Judge, Boone co, IN
Father: John H. Rodman
Mother: Roseann Cusick
[This line seems highly improbable. Online databases show John & Roseann as living in Perry Co Ohio for a number of years. They did have a son named William who married Hannah Strawn in Perry Co OH in 1822. The family came to Ohio from Pennsylvania and seems to have never lived in New York.]

Both William and Emily are said to be buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Neosho County KS.

Emily HARMON and William S. RODMAN had the following children:



Mariah H. RODMAN16,37 was born on 4 August 1838 in Shelby County, Illinois.16

Mariah married Abner Horr.

1870 Census, Neosho KS. Abner Horr lives in between two of his brothers-in-law, William and James Rodman. Abner was age 32, a Farmer, b. in Illinois. Maria was the same age and listed as born in Illinois. Mary age 9, Emily age 3 and Flora age 2. Children's birthplaces given also as Illinois which may be in error, although I don't know when this family came to Kansas.



Ruth Ann RODMAN16 was born on 29 January 1840 in Shelby County, Illinois.16

Ruth Ann married 14 Mar 1858 in Howard Co IN to Allen Thomas.

In the 1860 Census in Howard Co IN, Ruth A. age 18 was listed with her parents. Next door was Allen Thomas, age 22, b. Ohio, with a child William E. age 2, born IN - no apparent spouse in his household.



James H. RODMAN16,37 was born on 11 February 1842 in Zionsville, Boone County, Indiana.16

James married 3 Nov 1867 to Mary Josephine Ham. in Cass Co MO.

1870 Census in Neosho KS: James age 24 b. IN. Mary age 21, b. IN. Alice age 1, b. Missouri.



William Nelson RODMAN16,37 was born on 3 March 1844 in Howard County, Indiana.16 He died on 12 June 1933 at the age of 89 in Kansas.

William married in Missouri, 3 Oct 1867 to Martha E. Ham, in Cass Co MO.

In the 1870 Census in Neosho KS, he is listed as Wm. H. Robdman, age 25, b. IN. Martha age 20, b. IN. Thomas age 2, b. Missouri.

Buried Mount Hope Cemetery, Galesburg, Neosho Co, Kansas.



Charles M. RODMAN was born on 8 April 1846 in Howard County, Indiana.16 He died before 1850 at the age of 4.



Mary Jane RODMAN16 was born on 6 October 1847 in Howard County, Indiana.16

Mary Rodman married 7 Jan 1872, in Neosho County KS, to William May. She was age 20 [actually she was 25], he was 35.



David M. RODMAN was born on 28 December 1849 in Howard County, Indiana.16



John C. RODMAN16,39 was born about 1850.16

Said to have been born in Boone Co IN, but since the siblings before and after were born in Howard Co, I suspect this may be an error and John belongs to some other Rodman family. In fact he does not seem to belong in this family at all, or he died as an infant. He does not appear in 1850, nor in 1860 in the census with the family. There was scarcely time for another child between David and Andrew, though it is within the realm of possibility.



Andrew Jackson RODMAN16 was born on 28 April 1852 in Howard County, Indiana.16

Andrew married 16 Apr 1874 in Neosho County KS to Columbia Apt. He was 21, she was 20.



Nancy RODMAN16 was born on 20 September 1854 in Howard County, Indiana.16

Nancy married on 13 Mar 1873 to A. M. VanLandingham. She was 18, he was 29.



Elizabeth RODMAN was born on 9 September 1857 in Howard County, Indiana.16 She died on 12 September 1858 at the age of 1 in Howard County, Indiana.16



Laura Josephine RODMAN was born on 9 September 1860 in Howard County, Indiana.16,40

Laura's age is given as 31 in the 1880 Census, which would make her born in 1849. This doesn't agree with other online data, nor with the 1870 Census when she was age 10.

Laura's birth as September of 1860 cannot be correct. She was enumerated in the 1860 census as being age 1. The census taker was at the household on 21 Jun 1860. She apparently was born either in 1858 or 1859.

She married 21 Sep 1886 in Greely County KS to Perry Allen Scroggin.



Jorge B. M. RODMAN was born on 28 April 1862 in Howard County, Indiana.16 He died before 1870 at the age of 8.