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Second Generation

5. JAMES HARMON7 was born on 4 February 1797 in Russell County, Virginia. He died on 11 April 1847 at the age of 50 in Boone County, Indiana.4,7

Although some say that James Harmon was born in Pulaski Co Kentucky, I doubt this. I believe his family was still in Russell Co Virginia at the time of his birth.

Marriage found in the online Indiana index.

James moved to Marion Co IN with his parents when he was still a boy - this county was not formed until 1822 from the Delaware New Purchase made in 1820 - so if the family lived in this location, it was Indian lands. Philadelphia moved to Shelby Co IN from Kentucky along with her parents. After James & Philadelphia were married they lived in the northern part of Marion Co for a time, then moved to Illinois for one year, then moved to Boone Co IN about 1830.

Boone County, IN, Index of Names of Persons and of Firms; W.P.A. Project 6335; 1938
Philadelphia Dickerson married James Harmon, b. 1797. C2: 737.

I have never found James Harmon in the 1820 Census. There is a James Hammond listed next to his brother Richard Harman in Delaware Co for that year. He was a young man, age 16-26 with an apparent spouse of the same age but no children are listed and James & Philadelphia had at least one daughter born prior to 1820.

History of Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana. Sulgrove, B. R.. Philadelphia. L.H. Everts & Co.. 1884. On
"From the best information now to be obtained the first white man who settled in the township was James Harman, who was a native of Pulaski County, KY and a soldier in the War of 1812 [He was only 15 in 1812, this is somewhat doubtful] He came to Indiana and first located in Rush County [Not possible - Rush & Marion Co were formed in 1822 from the Delaware New Purchase made in 1820. Rush was adjacent Frankline Co], and in 1820 came to Marion Co and settled in the north part of Pike township on the East side of Eagle Creek where he lived until the 20th day of November, 1832, when he sold out to Wesley Marklin and moved to the farm where Richard Carter now lives. He lived there for a few years, and then moved to Boone County, Ind. near Zionsville, where he died. Mr. Harman raised twelve children, some of whom still live in the neighborhood where they passed the years of their youth."
Source Citation: Boone County History [database online] Boone County INGenWeb. 2006. <> Original data: Harden & Spahr. "Early Life and Times in Boone County, Indiana." Indianapolis, Ind. Carlon & Hollenbeck. 1887.
It is nearly sixty-five years since it was first settled, and it was here the first settlement was made, possibly excepting Thorntown, about the year 1823 or 1824. Among those who first came to Eagle Township are the following: Patrick H. Sullivan, Jacob Sheets, John Sheets, David Hoover, Austin Davenport, Jesse Davenport, Nathan Carr, Wm. Carr, James McCord, John McCord, Frederick Lowe, George Dye, Jacob Stone King, John King, Jas. Harmon, Wm. and John Harmon. Coming soon after we find the names of Washington and Thos. P. Miller......
The first mill was built by Jacob Sheets on Eagle Creek. Geo. Dye built a grist mill on Eagle Creek, near where Zionsville now stands.

WorldConnect. George Findley database <> 2 Jul 2001 Update. Information on James and wife.

US Federal Land patents:
On 5 Jan 1818, a James Harmon rec'd 320 acres in Vigo Co at the land office in Vincennes under the Canadian Refugee Warrant Act. James Harmon was also the Warrantee. This particular James Harmon would have been only 21 years old in 1818. There is an Ariel Harmon also in Vigo Co in this time period - I would think this is NOT the same James Harmon.
14 Jan 1823 a James Harmon, 80 acres in Jennings Co IN E1/2SW1/4 S21 T5 R8. Again, I do not know if this could be the same James Harmon, but it's doubtful.

20 Oct 1824 Certainly this is James in Marion Co. 80 acres in S14, T17, R2. Robert Dickerson purchased the adjoining 80 acres. Charles Harmon also bought 80 acres just south of Robert Dickerson. Chesley Wray who would marry his sister Nancy Jane as her third husband also lived in this section. His brother John B. Harmon was in S15, along with William Rodman, probably a kinsman of the Rodmans that married into the Harmon family.

In the Robert Dickerson estate, a total of 80 acres deeded to James, Elizabeth & William Harmon which had been promised to them before Dickerson died [see notes of Robert Dickerson]. However the land description below is part of the above patent that belonged to James Harmon. Dickerson had owned the NW 1/4 of the EAST half of Section 14 and the deeds refer to the WEST half. Maybe James was just sort of evening up land gifts to his siblings.
Marion Co IN Deeds. The southern most part of 20 acres was deeded to Elizabeth so I'm not sure why Elizabeth is also listed in the following unless one was the mother, one the sister. William had already been deeded the tract noted in the second deed. Perhaps both were in the form of quit claims, assuring title to his siblings.
DB A, p.380
20 Feb 1827 James Harmon & Philadelphia his wife of Marion Co to Elizabeth Harmon, Charles and Hirum Harmon [Charles & Hiram his brothers, perhaps his sister or mother Elizabeth]. $25. Tract: on South end of South half of the 80 acres of the NW quarter and west half of S14, T17, Range ___ East. Bounded begin middle stake between sections 14 & 15 on bank of Eagle Creek ….20 acres.
Signed: James Harmon, Philadelphia Harmon.
Presence of Jacob Sheets, Andrew Sheets.
Rec. 22 Feb 1837
DB B, p.70
20 Feb 1827 James Harman & Philadelphia his wife of Marion Co to William Harmon of the same. $4500. Piece of land on North end of South half of the 80 acres of the NW quarter & West half of S14, T17, N Range 2, E. Bounded at section line bet 14 and 15 on the bank of Eagle Creek. 20 acres. Signed: James Harmon, Philadelphia Harmon
Wit: Jacob Sheets, Andrew Sheets
Ack & relinquished to Jacob Sheets, JP 20 Feb 1827. Rec. 12 Jan 1828

1830 Census. Pike Twp, Marion Co IN, p.223
James Harmon: 2m under 5 [James & William], 1m under 10 [Robert], 1m 15-20, 1m 30-40 [James]
1f under 5 [Elizabeth], 2f 5-10 [Mary & Ruth], 1f 10-15 [Emily], 1f 20-30 [Philadelphia]

Marion Co IN DB C:
7 Feb 1832 David Delong to James Harmon. $250 Tract: East half of NW quarter of S15, Range 2, T17. 80 acres. Signed: David Delong
Wit: John Harmon, John Shaw
Delong ack. Wife _____ examined & relinquished. 7 Feb 1832
Rec. 29 Feb 1832
This land description matches a tract sold by Delong to Richard Harmon in 1828 and then back to Delong in 1829. He also bought the West half of the quarter section on the same day.
DB C, p.316
7 Feb 1832 Abraham Busenbarrick & Katharine his wife to James Harmon. $150. West half of NW quarter of S15, T17, Range 2 East. Signed with their marks.
Wit: John B. Harmon, Enoch Blade.
Ack & Relinq the same day. Rec. 29 Feb 1832

Marion Co DB D, p.371
James Harmon to Thomas H. Sharpe Com. Of School Lands. The East half of the NW quarter S15, T17, North R2 East. $50 three years. 25 Dec 1833 Signed: James Harmon
Ack. 25 Dec 1833; recorded same day.
Rec'd payment in full of the within mortgage, 21 Dec 1836. Wm. Hannaman.

2 Sep 1834 There are two land patents on the same day, each for 80 acres in Boone Co. They were in S9 T17 R2. This property bordered the Marion Co line in exteme Southeast Boone Co - the area known as Eagle Township. His brother William purchased 40 acres in the same section as well as 40 acres in Section 3 next to John B. Harmon. John Shaw lived in Section 9 - one of James' daughters would marry a John Shaw, possibly his son. Rodmans were in Section 8 & 4. Daughter Emily would marry William S. Rodman. John B. Harmon. had land in Sections 3, 4, and 10, all sections adjacent to 9.

Marion Co Deed Book H, p.654
16 Nov 1837 James Harmon & Philadelphia his wife of Marion Co to Charlotte Pitzer & John Pitzer. $2600. All that tract in Marion Co. NW quarter of S15, T17, N R2 East and in district of Indianapolis Land Office. 160 acres according to GLO survey.
Signed: James Harmon, Philidelphia Harmon.
Wit: Lee Isaac, Hiram H. Lewis
James Harmon acknowledged; Philidelphia relinquished 16 Nov 1837
Smith Isaac JP Rec. 19 Feb 1838
James had bought this quarter section in 1832 from Abraham Busenbarrick and David DeLong who held the original patents.

1840 Census. Boone, Co IN, p.271
James Harman: 1m under 5 [Francis], 3m 5-10 [Nelson, Granville & James], 1m 10-15 [William], 1m 15-20 [Robert], 1m 30-40, 1m 40-50 [James]
1f under 5 [Philadelphia], 1f 5-10 [Elizabeth], 1f 10-15 [Ruth Ann], 1f 40-50 [Philadelphia]

Typed transcript from George Findley <>
Will for James Harmon of Eagle Twp dated 7 Apr 1847; Probate 10 May 1847.
Farm where he resides to be wife's - 160 acres
Sons Robert J. Harmon, William A. Harmon, James D. Harmon received their portion in lands by deeds dated 6 Apr 1847.
Sons Granville Harmon, Nelson S. Harmon, Francis M. Harmon & Charles Harmon, each when they reach 21 - $300 in cash or land, one horse, one bed.
Daughters Elizabeth & Philadelphia at 21 years or marriage, horse, cow, bed & cupboard ware.
Daughters Emily Rodman, Mary Jane Shaw, Ruth Ann Dye each recieved their portions at or after their marriage.
Wife not named but to be guardian of Elizabeth & Philadelphia, daughters.
Robert, William & James to have guardianship of four youger sons, Granville, Nelson, Francis & Charles.
Oldest sons Robert John, William A., and James D. Executors.
Wit: William Farlin, Elijah Cross, Silvester P. Herick.

Copy of will found online:
In the name of the Benevolent Father of all:
I, James Harmon of Eagle Township, Boone County, and State of Indiana, do make and publish this my last will and testament.
Item 1. I give and devise to my beloved wife in lieu of her dower, the farm on which we now reside, situated in Eagle Township, Boone County and State of Indiana, containing about one hundred and sixty acres.
Also, twenty four and 35/100 acres, taken out of the southwest corner of the south end of the east half of the southeast quarter of section one, T17 R2 east, to run north to a line made in a deed to Robert J. Harmon made by me and dated April 6, 1847 during her natural life, or so long as she shall remain my widow. And all the stock, household goods, furniture provisions and other goods and chattels which may be thereon at the time of decease, during her natural life as aforesaid. She, however, selling so much thereof as may be sufficient to pay my just debts and to pay to each of my sons as they shall severally come to the age of twenty one years, provided always that they shall remain good and dutiful sons to their mother and labour for the good of the family, to Granville Harmon, the sum of three hundred dollars in money and land, one horse and one bed; to Nelson S. Harmon, the sum of three hundred dollars in money or land, one horse and one bed; to Francis M. Harmon, the sum of three hundred dollars in money or land, one horse and one bed; to Charles Harmon, three hundred dollars in money or land, one horse and one bed; Robert J. Harmon, William A. Harmon, James D. Harmon have each received their present portion in lands by deeds bearing date April 6, 1847. And they are to receive nothing more until all my other heirs are severally paid off. To Elizabeth Harmon and Philadelphia Harmon, each at the age of twenty one years, or intermarriage, one horse, one cow, one bed and cupboard ware sufficient for small families.
At the death of my said wife the real estate aforesaid and such part of the said personal property or the proceeds thereof as may then remain unconsumed and unexpended, I give and devise to my heirs, jointly and equally. If however, either of my heirs should die before the decease of my said wife, leaving no children living at the decease of my said wife, the share of said property above devised to such deceased heir, is hereby devised and bequeathed to my other heirs equally. If my said wife should not survive me, then I devise and bequeath the property after all my lawful debts are paid, to be divided in the same proportion, setting a fair vallue on such personal property as I have set apart for each of my heirs to my heirs severally and their heirs forever.
Item II. I do hereby nominate and appoint my beloved wife guardian of my two daughters, Elizabeth Harmon and Philadelphia Harmon until the said Elizabeth and Philadelphia arrives at the age of twenty one years or intermarries, but in case my wife should again marry, her guardianship of said children shall then cease and determine upon her intermarriage. And in her place I do hereby nominate and appoint my three oldest sons, to-wit: Robert John Harmon, William A. Harmon and James D. Harmon to have the guardianship of my said daughters until they arrive at the age of twenty one or intermarry.
I do hereby nominate and appoint my sons aforesaid guardians of my four youngest sons, Granville Harmon, Nelson S. Harmon, Francis Harmon and Charles Harmon until they arrive at the age of twenty one years. My said guardians are hereby required to give my children a good English education and to rear them in the habits of industry and inculcate upon them as far as may be the duties of Christianity. My three oldest girls, to-wit: Emily Rodman, Mary Jane Shaw and Ruth Ann Dye have each had at and after their marriage the portion that I intend for them until all my other heirs have received the portion that I have set apart for them.
Item III: I do hereby nominate and appoint Robert J. Harmon, William A. Harmon and James D. Harmon, executors of this my last will and testament hereby authorizing and empowering them to compromise, adjust, release and discharge in such manner as they may deem proper, the debts and claims due me. I do also authorize and empower them in case that my wife intermarries to take full possession of all the lands and tenements, rents and profits also, all the property both real and personal that I have granted and demised to her, excepting always, the provisions of the law in such cases made and provided. I do also authorize and require them to assist their mother in any and all contracts that may be necessary for her to make, to see to and provide for her wants and necessities. And if it shall become necessary in order to pay my debts to sell by private sale or in such manner and upon such terms of credit or otherwise as they may think proper all or any part of my real estate and deeds to purchasers, to execute, acknowledge and deliver in fee simple. I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 7th day of April in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty seven.
James Harmon
Signed, sealed and acknowledged by said James Harmon as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence.
William Farlin
Elijah Cross
Silvester P. Herrick

Boone Probate Court
May Term 1847
Personally appeared in open court William Farlin, Elijah Cross and Silvester Herric, subscribing witnesses to the last will and testament of James Harmon, dec'd and deposeth and saith that they saw the said James Harmon sign and heard his acknowledgement that the will produced to court for record, that they was requested by said dec'd to sign the same as witnesses, and that they did sign the same in his presence, and that they believe he was at that time of signing sane of mind and memory. And further saith not.
Recorded 11 May 1847
Boone County Will Book A, p.76-78

#1320127 Boone Co IN Probates
May Term 1847
p.55 Estate of James Harmon
Robert J. Harmon & Wm A. Harmon files and proves last will & testament of said James Harmon dec'd by William Farlin, Elijah Cross & Silvester P. Herrick the subscribing winesses thereto. File bond in sum of $6000 with Jacob Dye, Patrick H. Sullivan & Thomas P. Miller, securities. Now duly appointed executors of the estate and court approves of said bond. Duly qualified - oath subscribed to them. Give notice of their appointment by written notices set up in five of the most public places in said county of Boone as the law directs.

Feb Term 1848
Robert J. Harmon & William A, Harmon asked to be released from administration of the estate of James Harmon dec'd.. John B. Harmon prays to be appointed admin in the room of said Robt J & Wm A. Harmon. He is appointed by the Court. Executes bond of $2500 securities - Robert J. & William A. Harmon. Duly sworn administrator.

1848 Vacation Entry
8 Aug 1848 Comes Wm A. Harmon & Robert J. Harmon & prays for letters of guardianship for Elizabeth, Granville, Nelson S., Francis M. Philadelphia & Charles Harmon, minor heirs of James Harmon, dec'd. Upon approval of the Clerk the said William A. & Robert J. Harmon were duly appointed guardians of said minor children and are duly sworn as such guardians.

Aug Term 1848
Aug 14th 1st day
Guardianship of Elizabeth Harmon, Granville, Nelson S., Francis M. Philadelphia & Charles Harmon, minor heirs of James Harmon decd. Letters granted Wm A. & Robert J. Harmon by the clerk of this Court in vacation and bond filed in compliance and no objection being made. Letters of guardianship and bond are approved by the court, ratified, confirmed & adopted as the act of this Court

p.211 Nov 17th 1848 Estate of James Harmon ..continued for settlement

Feb Term 1849
p.216 Comes John B. Harmon adm with the will annexed and files 21 vouchers of debts paid off which was against said estate, by William A. & Robert J. Harmon former executors. $323.12. Settlement continued.

Nov Term 1849
p. 287
Estate of James Harmon. Comes John B. Harmon adm and makes settlement so far as to file 12 vouchers for debts which were outstanding and paid off by him $161.28. Further Settlement continued to Aug term, 1850 of this court

11 Feb 1850
Comes John B. Harmon and files two vouchers for debts outstanding and also files one voucher paid off by Robt & William Harmon. Total credit of $54.46 allowed by Court

May Term 1850
Comes John B. Harmon - Settlement is continued to next term

Aug term 1850
p.363 Motion of John B. Harmon - continued to next term

Nov Term 1850
Franklin Ambler sued the heirs of James Harmon for title to two tracts of land. Defendants were William S. Rodman and Emily his wife, John Shaw and Mary Jane his wife, James Dye and Ruth Ann his wife, Robert J. Harmon, William A. Harmon, James D. Harmon, Elizabeth Harmon, Granville Harmon, Nelson Harmon, Marion Harmon, Philadelphia Harmon & Charles Harmon, the minor defendants had for their guardians, said Robert J. & William A. Harmon. John B. Harmon was appointed by the court to execute and deliver to Ambler deeds for [1] part of Section 1, Twp 17, R 2 E, containing 15.88 acres in Boone Co and [2] part of Section 6, Twp 17, R 2 E, 34.12 acres in the county of Hamilton. This was to conform to a title bond of James Harmon, deceased. John B. Harmon was ordered to report such deed and title bond, to the court during the present term.

Nov Term 1851
p.469 On motion of James Harmon continued to next term

Feb Term 1852
p.501 Motion to continue to Aug Term 1852.
[End of film. The final settlement cannot take place until the youngest child reaches majority age.]

James & Philadelphia are buried in the Harmon-Cotton Cemetery, Pike Twp; Marion Co IN. This cemetery was later on a farm - at one time the Walter Smith farm. Said buried with James & Philadelphia is Henry Taylor, a young shoemaker from Cincinnati, who had died in their home. Many databases say that Henry was a nephew of Philadelphia's which is cited from an old family letter. However, the family letter is in error. Simple math shows Henry to be have been approximately the same age as James & Philadelphia. Additional research has shown that Henry Taylor was instead a first cousin to James Harmon, son of a sister of his mother Elizabeth Bird Harmon.
Note added, Feb 2009. Some of the land of John L. Harmon, father of James, was sold by his children to Cyrus Cotton - probably the origin of the name for this Cemetery. I found a blog online telling about a visit to this cemetery in February of 2008. It is now in a well-developed and quite expensive subdivision - the West 86th Street development - and can be reached only by permission and crossing the lawn of an owner. It is in a heavily wooded area near a mostly dry Cotton Creek - most of the stones broken and lying flat under layers of leaves. Only two stones were still upright. The blog did include the information from two of the grave markers -
John Harmon, Born 1787, Died 1825;
James Harmon, Born Feb 7, 1797, Died April 11, 1847.
There is a picture online on FindAGrave of the stone for James Harmon which says James Harmon, Died April 11, 1847, Aged 50 yrs 2 mo & 7 days - which translates to a birth of 4 Apr 1847. The stones look more recent.

JAMES HARMON and PHILADELPHIA DICKERSON were married on 18 February 1816 in Franklin County, Indiana. PHILADELPHIA DICKERSON3,8, daughter of ROBERT DICKERSON and NANCY BOOTH, was born on 19 August 1797 in Kentucky.4 She died on 6 May 1847 at the age of 49 in Boone County, Indiana.4

Not found as widow in 1850 Census. Children that were found are scattered. She apparently died soon after her husband.

Philadelphia is said to be buried in a private cemetery, Pike Township, Marion Co IN.

JAMES HARMON and PHILADELPHIA DICKERSON had the following children:






Mary Jane HARMON.



Ruth Ann HARMON.



Robert John HARMON.






James Dickerson "Jay" HARMON.



Elizabeth HARMON.



Granville HARMON9 was born on 4 June 1831 in Marion County, Indiana.4 He died on 7 September 1850 at the age of 19.4

Not found in 1850 Census but named in father's will - possibly already deceased when the census enumerator came around.

Buried Harmon-Cotton Cemetery, Marion Co IN near his parents.

Granville said to have driven the stage on old Michigan Road; he was taken off the stage, ill, and died in a house in Eagle Village.



Nelson S. HARMON.



Francis Marion HARMON.



Philadelphia HARMON.



Drusilla HARMON was born on 17 August 1841 in Boone County, Indiana.4 She died on 26 August 1842 at the age of 1 in Boone County, Indiana.4

Baby is buried Harmon-Cotton Cemetery, Marion, IN



Charles HARMON.