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Third Generation

38. WILLIAM ALEXANDER HARMON48,49 was born on 7 January 1826 in Marion County, Indiana.4,50,51 He died on 3 January 1881 at the age of 54.4,51 He was buried in Salem Cemetery, Zionsville, Boone County, Indiana.

1850 Census. Dist 7, Boone Co IN, Hh 1449
William's sister Mary Shaw and her family were on the same page, also Alexander Miller, William's brother-in-law
William A. Harmon, age 24, b. IN. Elizabeth, 24, b. IN
James N. age 1. Mary E., age 11/12 [probably should have been 1/12]
James E. [should have been a D.] Harmon, age 20 and Elizabeth, age 20 - William's younger brother and sister.

Indexed as "Hannan" in the 1860 Census and it is very difficult to read.
Zionsville, Eagle Twp, Boone Co, IN Hh 982
William A. Harmon, age 35, Value of real estate $6000, Pers Prop $1000, b. IN
Elizabeth, age 36, b. IN
Taylor, age 13 [this seems to be the son James]
Mary, age 12
John, 8
William, 4
Sarah Harmon, age 20, Domestic
I do not know who Sarah might be. William had no sister named Sarah; none of his older brothers had a daughter named Sarah of this age - most of their children were at least a decade younger.

William's nephew Isaiah Miller was serving in the Civil War - on 20 Jan 1862, he wrote a letter to his father. It was the day after the Battle at Camp Mill Springs. A cousin, William Perry Larimore, was killed in the battle. Isaiah states that his Uncle Will Harmon had arrived to take the dead of their company [Co. F, 10th Ind. Infantry Volunteers, raised at Zionsville] back home. He also mentions the death of Perry.

His Civil War Service was brief.
William A. Harmon of Boone Co IN enlisted on 7 Oct 1863, as a Private in Company G, IN 102nd Infanty Regiment, 10 Jul 1863, and was mustered out a week later, on 17 Jul 1863, at Indianapolis. This was a minute men regiment called up when word was received that a Confederate force of 6,000 cavalry had crossed the Ohio River and was moving or Corydon. The 102nd was organized in Boone County and numbered 623 men. It left Indianapolis the next day by rail, traveling to Vernon, where Company K was mounted and sent in pursuit of the enemy. The unit was moved to DuPont, thence to Osgood and on the 14th of July to Sunman's station. It returned to Indianapolis on July 17th and was mustered out.

1870 Census, Missouri, Holt Co, Davis Twp
William Harmon, age 44, Saloon Keeper, b. Indiana
Elizabeth age 44, Keeping house, b. IN
John age 17, b. IN
William age 10, b. MO
Minnie age 4, b. MO
Taylor, age 21, b. IN

The only possibility for William Harmon that I've found in the 1880 census, is a William Harmon living in Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN. He gave his age as 58 and was a boarder in the household of M.C. Thompson. Both men were auctioneers. William's place of birth was given as Indiana, but nothing for his parents.

Buried Salem Cemetery, Eagle Twp, Boone Co IN

WILLIAM ALEXANDER HARMON and EMMA ELIZABETH MILLER were married on 17 June 1847 in Boone County, Indiana.50 EMMA ELIZABETH MILLER3,44, daughter of WILLIAM MILLER and NANCY MEEK, was born on 10 July 1825 in Indiana.48,50,51,52 She died on 4 August 1871 at the age of 46.51,52

Full name of Elizabeth as Emma Elizabeth found in WorldConnect file - I've found nothing else to indicate her name.

Possible family for Elizabeth:
The 1850 census of Boone Co has no available male of suitable age to be the father of Elizabeth except for one John Miller age 52 who has in his household a daughter named Elizabeth, age 26, making him an unlikely candidate as well. There was only one widowed lady named Miller of sufficient age to make her a likely candidate as Elizabeth' s mother. She was also Elizabeth Miller, age 55, b. VA and living with Josina, age 34 b. VA and Philip Kring age 34, b. PA and their children. A search of the marriage base showed that Josina Miller had married Philip Kring in Boone Co on 23 Jan 1840. So certainly the lady is Josina's mother. A Washington and Thomas P. Miller were listed as pioneers to Boone Co but neither found by 1840.
In the 1840 census there are three families of Millers with a daughter of the correct age to be Elizabeth, that do not appear in 1850. The heads of household were Caleb, Isaac, and Christina. Only Caleb lived near James Harmon and family.
In 1840 and 1850 there was a John Miller and a William Dye living near the Harmons. In 1850, this John was age 33, b. IN and living with John and his wife MaryAnn and children was Nelson Harmon, age 16, younger orphaned brother of William A. Harmon. This would certainly indicate a close relationship between these families. Is John a brother of Elizabeth?
William Dye, on the same page with John Miller & James Harmon in 1840 and on the same page with John Miller in 1850, married Margaret Miller on 28 Dec 1837. William Dye was also a brother to James Dye who married Ruth Ann Harmon and Sarah Dye who married Robert John Harmon, siblings of William A. Harmon. The Dye siblings were all children of George W. Dye and Sarah Calvert.
I would certainly think that John Miller and Margaret Miller are excellent possibilities for siblings of Elizabeth Miller and that it's possible Josina was another sister and Elizabeth, age 55 in 1850 was their mother.
In 1860, Elizabeth Miller, age 63, but born in VA was living with Nathaniel Titus age 59, b. PA and Mary, age 61, b. VA. They were in Washington Twp of Boone Co. p.835, Household 259. Philip Kring & Josina and family were living in Thorntown, Sugar Creek Twp, Margaret & William Dye were still in Eagle Twp, probably where they had always lived. Josina again gives her birthplace as VA while Margaret, only a couple of years younger was born in IN. John Miller was living in Zionsville, in Eagle Twp with his family and he consistently lists his birthplace as Indiana. John Miller married Mary Ann Julian in Marion Co on 11 Apr 1839 - this is consistent with her name and the birth of the first child in the census records of 1850 and 1860.

The following biography reveals that indeed Margaret, wife of William Dye, and Elizabeth were very probably sisters and John their brother, children of William Miller and Nancy Meek who had both died before 1850. The widowed Elizabeth Miller with daughter Josina Kring are likely unrelated - at least not part of the immediate family.

One of the early settlers of Eagle Creek was he whose name heads this short sketch. He was born in North Carolina, in the year 1781, May 29. He was married to Nancy Meek, who was born in North Carolina, September 6, 1782. They came to the county in the year 1830. Mr. Miller died at Eagle Village in the year 1844. Mrs. Miller died in the year 1848. Both are buried at the Eagle Village Cemetery. The following are their children’s names: Moses M., born in Tennessee, May 11, 1809 (deceased). William W., born in Tennessee, February 4, 1811. Thomas P., born in Tennessee, December 1, 1812; resides in Indianapolis. John, born in Indiana, March 20, 1816. Margaret, born in Indiana, December 30,1817 (deceased). Rachel, born in Indiana April 12, 1819. Alexander, born in Indiana, January 8, 1821; died in 1851; buried at Eagle Village Cemetery. Silas, born in Indiana, 1823; died in the year 1850. Elizabeth, born in Indiana, July 10, 1825 (deceased); buried near Zionsville. James, born in Indiana, March 28, 1830; died 1847; buried at Eagle Village.
Source Citation: Boone County Biographies [database online] Boone County INGenWeb. 2007. <> Original data: Harden & Spahr. "Early life and times in Boone County, Indiana." Lebanon, Indiana. May, 1887, p. 455. Book also available on by subscription.

The grave sites of William and Nancy Miller are in the Eagle Village Cemetery, Zionsville, Boone Co IN, as found on Their stones appear to be quite old; may or may not have been placed at the time of their deaths in 1844 and 1847, respectively. They are of similar style and were no doubt placed at approximately the same time.




James N. "Taylor" HARMON.






John A. HARMON was born on 1 January 1852 in Indiana.3,48 He died on 5 June 1881 at the age of 29. He was buried at Salem Cemetery in Zionsville, Boone County, Indiana.

Listed with his family in 1860 and 1870. I have not been able to positively identify him after 1870.



Adora HARMON was born on 24 September 1853 in Indiana.3 She died on 2 October 1854 at the age of 1.

Buried Eagle Village Cemetery, Eagle Village, Boone Co, IN



Charley M. HARMON was born on 21 April 1856 in Boone County, Indiana. He died on 12 September 1859 at the age of 3 in Boone County, Indiana.

Charley's date of birth is not on his grave marker; he was aged 3y 4m 22d. He is buried Eagle Village Cemetery, Boone Co, IN.



William HARMON was born in 1860 in Missouri.48 He died after 1933 at the age of 73.

William Harmon was listed as surviving his brother James in 1933 - William was "of" Los Angeles at that time.

I found a William Harmon in San Diego in 1920. He was age 59, born in MO. Gave no place of birth for parents. Wife was Hattie M., age 55, also born in MO. I found the same William Harmon in 1910 with wife Hattie in Yuma, Arizona. He gave his parents birthplace as Ohio so it's doubtful this is the right man. His grown children had been born in Missouri & South Dakota.



Minnie HARMON.