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Fourth Generation

53. Nestor HARDIN2 was born in 1759.4 He died on 18 November 1839 at the age of 80 in Barbour County, Virginia.

Nestor was on a tax list in Springhill Twp, Fayette Co PA in 1786.

Nestor and Kate were first cousins as were her parents.

Nestor settled in Randolph Co, VA, which in 1863 became part of West Virginia. His father owned lands there as well, but probably never moved from Fayette Co PA. Both residences were once part of Monongalia Co, VA whose territory was disputed by Virginia and Pennsylvania. Fayette Co PA was formed from the northeast corner of Monongalia while Randolph was formed out of a southern part.

Both Nestor and John Hardin were listed on a list of landowners in Randolph Co in 1802.

Nestor is on the Randolph Co 1810 census; his father having died in 1804.
Nester Hardin: 1m under 10, 1m 26-45; 3f under 10, 2f 10-16, 1f 16-26, 1f over 45.

The tracts of land owned by John Hardin mention Raccoon Creek. Here is a grant that bordered Nextor's property.
Virginia Land Grant Book 63, p.16. Grant to William Wilson, 6 Jul 1812, in Randolph Co on Raccoon and Cove Creeks, adjoining Nester Hardin.

1820 Census. Randolph Co VA
Nestor Hardin: 1m 10-16, 1m over 45; 1f 10-16, 5f 16-26, 1f over 45
Nestor's brother Absalom was also living in Randolph Co.

1830 Census. Randolph Co VA
Catherine Hardin: 1m 10-15; 1f 15-20, 1f 50-60
listed on the same page with Absalom, Henry & Cintha Hardin - this census has been "alphabetized"
another listing on another page
Catherine Hardin: 1m 15-20; 1f 20-30, 1f 60-70
A "Nistor" Hardin is listed separately on the same page as a single male, age 50-60. Nestor should have been some older, unless his birth date has been wrongly estimated, and he should have been with Catherine if he was still living. Perhaps this is a son.

Nestor is buried Mount Morris Cemetery, Belington, now Barbour Co, WV

Nestor HARDIN and Catherine "Kate" HARDIN were married on 22 March 1788.79 Catherine "Kate" HARDIN, daughter of Benjamin HARDIN and Sarah Ellen HARDIN, was born about 1766.4 She died in 1839 at the age of 73 in Barbour County, Virginia.

Kattey Hardin was issued land Warrant No. 2602 for 80£, 14 Feb 1780. The land was surveyed 30 Aug 1781 and was for 200 acres on Soverns Run [probably Servants Run today] of Cartwright Crk. This location was the same as her father's and sister's land. Patent issued 1 Jun 1782, Book G, p.45. Kentucky grant, Book 1, p.62.