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Fourth Generation

80. Sarah HARDIN was born on 17 December 1770.4,7

Sarah received a preemption warrant, #1626, for which her father paid 120£ in Monongalia Co, 18 Oct 1781. It was for 300 acres, adj the settlement of James Walker, on the right fork of Peppen/Pepper known as Stone Cole Lick, 1773. The warrant was issued to William Salsberry who assigned it to James Walker, who then assigned to Benjamin Hardin's daughter. She was only about age 11.

Sarah HARDIN and Robert TOBIN were married on 8 February 1786.2,7 Robert TOBIN7,93 was born (date unknown).
Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1836-1837
MONDAY, January 30, 1837.
On motion of Mr. Williams, of Kentucky,
Resolved, That the Committee on Private Land Claims be instructed to inquire into the propriety of passing a law for the benefit of Robert Tobin, permitting him to locate and enter four hundred acres of the public land, as an equivalent for a four hundred acre land warrant, issued by the State of Virginia, many years ago, to William Hardin, and assigned by him to Benjamin Hardin; which warrant is herewith referred to said committee.

Sarah HARDIN and Robert TOBIN had the following children:



Joseph Hardin TOBIN.



Rosie TOBIN.