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Fifth Generation

274. Celia HARDIN112,237 was born on 26 October 1800.117 She died after 1880 at the age of 80.

1870 Census. Breckinridge Co KY, Stephensport, Hh 34
Celia Witt, age 69. Florence age 36. R. B. age 29, Teaching School [female]
D. Z. Smith, age 9 [male]
The next household seems to be daughter East and her second husband
Hh 35
John Greenwell, age 27, farmer. Eastindia, age 32.
H. [Henry] W. Smith, age 11 [male]. Z. T. Smith, age 9 [male]. S. H. Smith, age 8 [male]
F. E. Greenwell, age 1 [female]

In 1880, Celia Witt, mother-in-law, was living with Rachel B. Lay and her husband Benjamin. The image will not download.

Celia HARDIN and Zachariah T. WITT were married. Zachariah T. WITT238,239 was born in 1801 in Virginia.238 He died between 1860 and 1870 at the age of 59.

1850 Census. Breckinridge Co KY
Zachariah T. Witt, age 49, b. VA, Cooper
Cely, age 50, b. KY
Henry 20, Manerva 18, Florance 16, East T. 13 [female], Rachael 10.

1860 Census. Breckinridge Co KY, Stephensport, District 1, Hh 43
Z. T. Witt, age 61, Cooper & Farmer, b. VA
Celia, age 50, b. KY
Florence 24, Rachel 19.
Henry H. Witt, age 25, Trader.
The previous household was probably daughter Manerva & her family:
Hh 42
L.L. Smith, age 32, Farmer. Manerva, age 27. Eugenia 3, and Hester age 1.
Hh 28 is probably daughter East:
S. H. Smith, age 25, Carpenter. East J. age 22, Henry W. age 1.

In 1870, Celia was head of household, Zachariah apparently having died.

Celia HARDIN and Zachariah T. WITT had the following children:



Henry H. WITT was born in 1830 in Kentucky.238



Manerva WITT was born in 1832 in Kentucky.238



Florence WITT was born in 1834 in Kentucky.238



East India WITT was born in 1837 in Kentucky.238



Rachel B. WITT was born in 1840 in Kentucky.238