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Third Generation

38. Martin HARDIN2 was born on 1 February 1757 in Prince William County, Virginia.1,2 He died before August 1848 at the age of 91 in Washington County, Kentucky.1,2

Martin married (2) or (3) Elizabeth Truman, believed to be a widow. The children said to be children of the first wife Letitia Stull.

There are these marriages:
Martin Hardin to Mary Meriwether: 13 Sep 1798, Jefferson Co KY
Martin Hardin to Elizabeth Truman: 22 Jun 1810, Hardin Co KY

There is a Preemption Warrant, No. 1624 that was assigned from John Finch, witnessed by Benjamin Hardin, to Jephthah and Martin Hardin, each receiving 500 acres. It was dated 18 Oct 1781 at the same time Martin's older first cousin, Benjamin, was obtaining land for his daughters. The land was in Monongalia Co said to be adjacent his settlement of 1772 [Finch's settlement]. Jephthah is thought to possibly be a son of Benjamin's by an early, short marriage.

There was a grant on 23 Jul 1788 in Monogalia Co to a Martin Hardin for settlement of a preemption, no number given. Martin was the assignee of John Harden [which John is difficult to determin] It was surveyed 6 Sep 1787 and was for 341 acres. The tract lay on the dividing ridge between Raccoon & Sandy Creeks, both sides of the road that leads to the Tyger [Tygart] Valley River, to include a settlement of 1771. This appears to be closer to land of Martin's father - perhaps the preemption was assigned.

Martin is believed to have been with Indian Bill Hardin to lay out and establish Hardinsbury KY in 1781. He tried to rescue Molly Hardin from the Indians after her capture in 1780, and in 1781 when his cousin Jack Hardin was arrested & court-martialled by Gen. George Rogers Clark, Martin helped him escape - the two hid out and wintered over in the Kentucky wilderness, and discovered the Pleasant Run area in what is now Washington Co. When Col. John led the group back to Pleasant Run in 1782, Martin chose land next to his brother. They returned to PA. He brought his family to KY probably in 1784 or 1785. Martin was a scout for Gen. "Mad Anthony" Wayne's expedition into Ohio and Indiana in 1794, which finally crushed the Indians.

KY Grant to Martin Hardin for Warrant #2584, for 400 £, dated 14 Feb 1780 and surveyed 13 Aug 1781. 1000 acres in Jefferson Co on the Lick Fork of Pleasant Run, northwest corner John Hardin's Preemption, his line and his southwest corner. The grant was dated 1 Jun 1782. Patent Book G, p.41. Kentucky Book 1, p.54.
This land is now located in Washington Co KY.

Martin's will was dated 16 Jul 1838 and proved 21 Aug 1848. No wife mentioned. It named his deceased son John; daughter-in-law Sarah, John's widow and the children of John, Robert and Letitia. Son Martin. Daughters Lydia Yeagar wife of Josiah Yager, Sarah Torrance, wife of Albert Torrance. Executors: Martin Hardin, Josiah Yager, Albert Torrance. Codicil dated 27 Nov 1843 that dau Sally had died and her share to go to grandson William Tarrance. Another daughter, Letitia, had married Andrew Fite but had died prior to Jul of 1838, leaving no children.

Martin HARDIN and Letitia STULL were married about 1778 in Pennsylvania.2 Letitia STULL, daughter of John STULL, died before 1810.2

Martin HARDIN and Letitia STULL had the following children:



John HARDIN died before 1838.

Married Sarah Boyce, 8 Aug 1819, Mercer Co KY. They had two children, Robert and Letitia, named in the will of their grandfather, Martin Hardin.



Martin HARDIN was born on 26 January 1781. He died on 2 April 1877 at the age of 96.

Martin married Rosaan Fisher, 4 Jul 1806.



Sally HARDIN died before 1843.

Sally married William Torrence, 16 Feb 1818. She was living when her father wrote his will but had died by 1843, necessitating a codicil to the will. Her share was to go to her son William.



Lydia HARDIN was born in 1789.

Lydia married Josiah H. Yeager, 9 Feb 1806.



Letitia HARDIN died before 1838.

Letitia married Andrew Fite and was deceased when her father wrote his will; she had no children.

Martin HARDIN and Elizabeth TRUMAN were married about 1810 in Hardin County, Kentucky.2 Elizabeth TRUMAN2 was born (date unknown).

Elizabeth was the widow Truman and may have been the widow of Edward Truman who accompanied Col. John Hardin and was killed along with Col. John in Ohio.