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Third Generation

35. Mark "Horse Racer" HARDIN2,50 was born on 1 December 1750 in Prince William County, Virginia.1,2,7 He served in the military Under Maj. Brady; also 8th Regt, PA in 1776 in Revolutionary War.50 He died on 3 September 1835 at the age of 84 in Marion County, Kentucky.1,2,7,51

Revolutionary Pension: Washington Co KY. Mark Hardin, Captain, PA militia. March 2, 1833. $600. Age 84. After Mark's death, his widow Susannah received his pension.

Susannah's application for Mark's pension gives date of marriage as 25 Dec 1780.

Mark inherited land in Fauquier & Culpeper Cos. VA from his father. In 1786, with his residence stated as Fayette Co PA, he and his wife sold the land in Fauquier Co. In 1799 they sold the land which was now in Culpeper and gave their residence as Washington Co KY. From KY they also sold additional land in Fauquier Co in 1802 and again in 1812.

Mark along with his brothers John and Martin is said to have gone to the Falls of the Ohio in the Spring of 1781. Most of the men there returned to the Monongahela River area to prepare to take their families to Kentucky.

Presumably the following Warrant #2583, issued 14 Feb 1780, is for this Mark Hardin, and was for 2000 acres. It was patented in three different grants located then in Jefferson Co but described in an area now located in Washington Co KY. One 500 acre tract was surveyed 28 Jun 1781 and was on the waters of Hardins Creek, his preemption on the south, John Askings on the north & south, a branch of Prather's Creek. The patent was dated 1 Jun 1782, recorded Book F, p.299; Kentucky grants, Book 1, p.611. Two other parts of this warrant, a 1000 acre tract and another 500 acre tract were not surveyed until 29 May 1788 when they were then part of Nelson Co, Nelson having been formed from Jefferson in 1784. The 1000 acres was on Long Lick Creek, branch of Rough Creek, 1/2 mile above a large clay lick. The 500 acres was on the same watercourse but says begin northwest corner of his 1000 acres, south side of Buffalo Path. These patents were issued 21 Apr 1792, Book 26, p.270 & 271.

Another Warrant, #2592, was also issued on 14 Feb 1780 and was for 400 acres. It was surveyed 1 Sep 1781 and contained 400 acres, the northwest corner of Robt. Wickliffe's 400 acres, on a branch of Cartwrights Creek, John Harden's 1500 acres. Patent dated 1 Jun 1782, Book G, p.24, Kentucky grants, Book 12, p.408.
Still another Warrant, #948 [his preemption warrant] was dated 28 Jan 1780. It was for 1000 acres and surveyed 24 Jun 1781, lying on the west branch of Hardin's Creek, a drain of Prather's Creek, a branch of Rowling [Rolling] Fork. Patent dated 1 Jun 1782, Book G, p.47; Kentucky grants, Book 1, p.67.

The grants totaled some 3400 acres.

The children listed here are those provided to the courts when Susannah made application for the pension. Some databases online suggest an earlier marriage for Mark - 29 Nov 1774 - to Mary Hunter and give children for this marriage, some of whom were born after Mark married Susannah Stull in 1780. [I believe the Mark Hardin who married Mary Hunter was a son of Henry Hardin & Judith Lynch.] One son was said to be a Thomas, born 9 Mar 1776. The name Thomas is seldom used in this Hardin family. Susannah made no suggestions in her application, nor did anyone who testified in her behalf, that Mark had ever been married to anyone else.

Mark "Horse Racer" HARDIN and Susannah STULL were married on 25 December 1780 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.51 Susannah STULL51, daughter of John STULL, was born in 1761.51 She died on 18 November 1846 at the age of 85.2

Susannah, widow of Mark, applied for his Revolutionary pension on 7 Jul 1838. She married to Mark on 25 Dec 1780 in Fayette Co PA while he was in service. He continued in service until 1781. During this time she went home to her father, Col. John Stull of Hagerstown, Maryland. Mark Hardin died 3 Sep 1835, in Marion Co KY. She gave her age as 78.
Mark's brother Martin testified that Mark was in service in December of 1780 when he, Martin, left Pennsylvania for KY and had Christmas dinner on the Ohio River. He land at Falls [Louisville] before New Year's and heard that Mark had married Susanna Stull. Mark Hardin was in service from 1776 to December 1780.
Susan M. Railey, daughter, submitted the family record of Mark Hardin and stated that it was in his handwriting.
Her date of death was in the Pension papers.

Mark "Horse Racer" HARDIN and Susannah STULL had the following children:



Martin HARDIN was born in December 1781. He died before 1838 at the age of 57.

Married Jenny Thomas, 2 Nov 1806, Washington Co, KY.



John HARDIN was born on 1 May 1783.



Daniel Stull HARDIN was born on 28 April 1785. He died on 18 August 1824 at the age of 39 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Daniel married Mary H. "Polly" Chinn, 14 Nov 1818.



Sarah White Stull HARDIN was born on 17 February 1787.



Mark HARDIN was born on 28 March 1789.



Otho HARDIN was born on 15 March 1791. He died on 5 June 1871 at the age of 80 in Hickman County, Kentucky.

Otho married Nancy Elizabeth Davis, 18 Aug 1819, Washington Co, KY



Davis HARDIN was born on 15 February 1793.



William HARDIN was born on 2 October 1795.



Lewis T. HARDIN was born on 3 January 1799.



Latitia S. HARDIN was born on 30 January 1802.



Susannah Mary HARDIN was born on 10 February 1808.