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Third Generation

41. Benjamin HARDIN2,56 was born in 1753.56 He died in 1834 at the age of 81.56

Said to have been another Revolutionary Hardin. He is not proved as a son of Mark.

Notice that the following land division not only names all his children, but also a brother Ennis.

Found in Ancestry FamilyTree:
Deed of Land Division of Benjamin Hardin and his children
This indenture made and entered into this 5th day of November 1827 between Benjamin Hardin of the County of Henry and Commonwealth of Kentucky of the one part and Mark Hardin, William Hardin, Daniel Hardin, Henry Hardin, Nathaniel Hardin, George Washington Hardin, and Nancy Hardin and Jacob Kelly the said party of the second part being all children of said Benjamin except Jacob Kelly who married Elizabeth Hardin the daughter of said Benjamin of this County and State aforesaid of the other part whereas one Langhead was entitled to a claim of land in said County of Henry on the waters of the Kentucky River containing as was then surveyed 900 acres but by a resurvey 1020 acres and whereas the said Benjamin Hardin and his brother Ennis purchased of said Langhead eight hundred acres of said Land and one McCord the other two hundred acres= And the said Benjamin Hardin having purchased only two hundred acres for his share and having since purchased or traded his land in Owen County containing ten hundred acres for the six hundred acres from the said Ennis that being his share and a deed having been executed to him from the heirs of said Ennis for said land and whereas the said Benjamin having long since given said land to his children for and in consideration of his natural love as well as a variety of debts and dues having been discharged and paid off for him by said children and having had a division of the land made among themselves as will fully appear by a division & platt of said land as part of this deed. That for and in consideration of the promises and the farther consideration of the sum of one dollar to him in hand paid by said party of the second part the said Benjamin hath and by this presents do give grant bargain and sell unto the party of the second part the whole of his claim of said land being eight hundred and twenty acres........

Benjamin HARDIN and Nancy ROUTT were married on 16 March 1785 in Fauquier County, Virginia.56 Nancy ROUTT was born (date unknown).