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Fifth Generation

442. Nancy I.\J. HADEN288 was born about 1807 in Logan County, Kentucky.36,285 She died before 1840 at the age of 33.36

[Speculation - Is this a daughter of William Haden Jr? William Haden signed bond for James W. Blakey when he was attempting to settle the estate of John Perkins. I have found no other unattached Nancy & there were two girls, only one of which has been identified - Margaret, in the 1820 Census in the family of this William Haden. The other girl was age 10-16. If Nancy were the daughter of William and Pamela Blakey, she would be James W. Blakey's niece! However,there are two earlier marriages in Logan County for a William Haden - one to Betsey Hughs Jul 27 1805 and one to Polly Barnett Jun 4 1805. The Barnetts apparently lived near the Hadens; the Hughs family lived on the other side of the county near the Hadden families. If indeed William had an earlier marriage, Nancy could have been a daughter from that marriage to Polly Barnett - that would make a marriage to James W. more plausible and make Nancy slightly older, both of which work out very nicely.] There really is no other place for Nancy.

The Blakey book gives her year of birth as 1807; census records indicate it was probably between 1804-1808

That Mary, or Polly, was a Barnett married to William Haden is also indicated by the following deed. It's likely Mary, daughter of Thomas had already died, when Thomas made the gift to his granddaughter.
7 Mar 1808
Warren Co KY DB D, p.90 Thos. Barnett to Nancy Haiden, a dau of my daughter Mary C. Haiden, dec'd. Negro girl. For love & affection.

Nancy I.\J. HADEN and James Whitsitt BLAKEY were married on 2 December 1824 in Logan County, Kentucky.308,363 James Whitsitt BLAKEY92,111,164,359,360,361,362, son of George BLAKEY and Margaret "Peggy" WHITSITT, was born on 13 September 1801 in Logan County, Kentucky.36 He died on 22 March 1852 at the age of 50 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.36

James Blakey first appears on the property tax rolls of Logan Co in 1823. He had 6 slaves and 2 horses but no real property.

Logan Co DB N, p.310 5 Apr 1825. George Blakey to James W. Blakey for love and affection towards his son. Land on waters of Muddy River & Dry Fork of Whipporwill. 200 acres patented to Hugh Davidson. Another 200 acres excepting 20 conveyed to Edward Curd. A 3rd tract - 106 acres patented to George Blakey 11 Dec 1802.

Logan County Court Orders: July Term 1828, p.385 "Ordered that the Clerk of this Court bind out Pompey a mulatto child aged about three months old to James W. Blakey to learn the art and mystery of the farmers trade.

20 Dec 1832. James and Nancy Blakey baptized at First Baptist Church, Russellville

Court Equity Case 17 Jun 1835. James Blakey, Adm for John Perkins, dec'd sues Benjamin Webb for a deed. James Blakey had cosigned with John Perkins who has died insolvent and owing two $150 yearly payments for 100 acres. Children, all under 21, are named. with ad litum guardian, Jos. B. Biggen. [ad litum guardian-named to serve in this one instance]
Book 10, Monday 22 Apr 1839, p.27 maintenance of road "thence to Blakey's blacksmith shop, thence to James Blakey's old place, thence to John Perkins' old place"

Logan Co DB X
p.134 14 Mar 1836. William Haden to James W. Blakey. $2000. The following described tracts on Black lick fork of Gasper River.
1. 262 acres 31 ½ poles as per deed from Wm Haden Sr. and wife to said Wm Haden bearing date the 21 Apr 1815 which is of record in DB E, p.11. band of Black lick fork by mouth of a drain; corner to James Haden & with his line; Woodey's line; Samuel Haden and with his line; up the creek with its meanders.
2. The second tract was conveyed to sd William Haden by Samuel H. Haden on 29 Jan 1823 as per deed of record
To the sd James W. Blakey, his heirs, etc. Signed: Wm Haden, Pamela Haden
Wit: Wm C. Poor, Samuel S. Perkins.
Ack by sd Wm Haden and sd Pamela examined & relinquished Rec. 8 Sep 1840.
[Note that this deed was not recorded until the time that James W. Blakey sold the land late in 1840.]

James Blakey is on the Tax rolls for 1839 in Logan Co. Had 300 acres on the Gasper; 400 on Big Whipporwill. 9 Slaves, 14 horses & cattle.

Logan Co DB W, p. 117
1 Jan 1839 James Blakey to James Lamb, both of Logan Co. For $55. Parcel of 10 acres; on Wardens line, NE of sd Blakey. Signed: James W. Blakey. Ack. 1 Jan 1839
Logan Co DB X p.21 8 Apr 1840 James W. Blakey of Logan Co KY to James Lamb. $392.31. Tract on waters of Dry Fork about 3 miles W of Russellville. Corner to G. W. Blakey near the corner of a field called Baleys field. 91 acres. Signed: James Blakey
Ack & rec 8 Apr 1840
Logan Co DB X p.30 15 Apr 1840 James W. Blakey to Reuben Saunders. $39.45. Tract on South side of the highland lick cont ___ acres being the land on which Reuben Willard formerly lived. Corner 72 acres survey entered in the name Hiero Wilson, South line of Charles Morehead 400 acre survey; high land lick road, West up said road so as to include 10 acres of land. Signed: James Blakey
Ack 15 Apr 1840
Logan Co DB X p.115 28 Jul 1840. James Blakey of Logan Co to James Kill of Warren Co. $3000. The following parcels.on the Black Lick Fork of Gasper R
1st tract 262 acres 31 ½ poles. Begin trees on the bank of the Black Lick fork by the mouth of a drain; corner to James Haden and with his line; on Woodey's line; corner to Samuel Haden & with his line; bank of the creek & corner to Samuel Haden thence up the creek.
2nd tract 42 acres, 110 poles. Begin at stake by William Hadens fence, stone corner to William Haden.
3rd tract Begin on south boundary line of Samuel S. Perkins survey; stone corner of sd Blakeys survey; stone corner of James W. Blakeys. 31 ½ acres
It is understood that 19 acres of the 1st described tract has been conveyed by Wm Haden to Wm Soyars and is reserved and not conveyed by this deed. The one acre around the meeting house is reserved and not intended to be conveyed.
Containing in the whole 323 acres more or less.
Signed: James Blakey
Deed from James Blakey to James Kell was ack by said James Blakey. Rec. 3 Aug 1840
[The 1st & 2nd tracts were bought from William Haden in 1836; deed above]
Logan Co DB X p.139 15 Sep 1840 James Blakey now of Logan Co do appoint my brother George D. Blakey my lawful attorney for the following uses and purposes. On the 14 Jun 1840, Saml D. Sublett executed a deed of Mortgage, DB X, p.76. So soon as the debt therein referred to is due to Josiah Watkins is fully paid off & discharged I hereby authorize my sd attorney to execute a deed of release for the land & crop described & in my name to sign and affix my seal.
Adk by James Blakey 15 Sep 1840
Logan Co DB X p.182 ____ Jul 1840 James W. Blakey to George D. Blakey. $1120. Tract on Dry fork of Whipporwill. Stump standing from the front door of sd George D. Blakey's brick house; N side of Hopkinsville Road; oak standing from Wm Crenshaws brick house door. 244 acres. Signed: James Blakey.
Ack 11 Sep 1840.
[the above deeds of sale and power of attorney surely indicate James' preparations for leaving Logan Co]

Logan County KY 1840 Census. James would be 39 (age 30-40); no spouse listed; two girls of correct ages to be be Pamelia and Mary; boys ages are OK except there is an extra male under 5 and one between 20-30.

By 1842, James W. Blakely [sic] was a County Justice in Greene Co MO.
1843 Tax Assessor's List in Greene Co lists James W. Blakey with 8 slaves with a value of $2900, 8 horses, 29 head of cattle.

Greene County MO 1850 Census. Had Elizabeth Hogan age 24 living with them...His sister Elizabeth married a Hogan and Thomas Churchill Blakey, son of James W., married Virginia Hogan, his cousin. Is Elizabeth a niece?

Nancy I.\J. HADEN and James Whitsitt BLAKEY had the following children:



William Haden BLAKEY.



Reuben Ewing BLAKEY.



Pamelia Margaret BLAKEY.



George Douglas BLAKEY.



Thomas Churchill BLAKEY MD.



Mary Ellen BLAKEY.



James Whitsitt BLAKEY.