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Fourth Generation

154. Sarah Patterson "Sally" BLAKEY was born on 1 April 1804 in Logan County, Kentucky.17,36 She died on 12 January 1886 at the age of 81 in Warren County, Kentucky.

Sally was the daughter of George Blakey and Margaret "Peggy" Whitsitt.

After the death of her first husband, Sally married Edmund Duncan, 18 Jan 1840 - they had three more children.

Sarah Patterson "Sally" BLAKEY and James Samuel PROCTOR were married on 21 January 1826 in Logan County, Kentucky.367,368 James Samuel PROCTOR92, son of Hezekiah PROCTOR and Nancy [PROCTOR], was born about 1795.36,369 He died before September 1835 at the age of 40 in Logan County, Kentucky.370

Logan Co DB F
14 Mar 1818
Hezekiah Proctor to John White ..$1 103 ½ acres on the Gasper ...Thomas Blairs line Witness: Jas S. Proctor, William Bennet, Thomas Bennet
8 Oct 1818
Hezekiah Proctor to James S. Proctor $1 117 a on Black Lick fork Gasper River .. Witness: Wm Bennett, Thos. Bennett, John White

Logan Co DB G, p.296
8 Jan 1819
Joseph Shannon to George Proctor Witness: Jas. S. Proctor, William Marrs, Thomas R. Shannon [George is the older half-brother of James S. Hezekiah Proctor]

Logan Co DB H, p.378 [Duplicate of earlier deed in 1818]
27 May 1820 Hezekiah Proctor to James S. Proctor. $1000. parcel on waters of the Blacklick fork of Gasper and bounded as follows: 117 acres formerly deed to James S. Proctor …corner John White …Whites line …Jack Simpsons corner …Paddy McCutchens line …Signed: Hezekiah Proctor. Witness: Edwd Collins, Thomas Proctor, Levi T. Smith. Oath of Thomas Proctor 7 Aug 1820.

In 1819, Hezekiah was taxed on 117 acres - but in 1820, James had a total of 230 acres on the Black Lick fork of the Gasper and Hezekiah had no land.

Kentucky Land Grant to James Proctor, 100 acres. Surveyed 16 Nov 1821, Fork of Gasper.

Logan Co DB M, p.429 James S. Proctor judgment against Charles Proctor for Debt. Sold on 24 Sep 1824 to James S. Proctor for $2224.92 which satisfies debts.

It appears that James's half-brother Charles, had financial issues - perhaps even health issues. The tax records show that in 1823, Charles owned as much as 309 acres on the Gasper River - that had been entered by James McCutcheon, but sold to Charles by Thomas Proctor in 1820. By 1824, Charles had only 140 acres - and thereafter appears with no land at all. Charles had also owned two slaves and they disappear as well. The 1829 Logan Co tax list included a column for the number of children ages 4-14 and Charles had seven. In 1836 there is an entry for Charles Proctor's heirs and lists 340 acres on the Gasper- Charles's wife Elizabeth appears as a widow in the 1840 census. James had died in 1835, and Charles and Elizabeth were to have the right to live where they were living for their lifetime with the land to be divided among their children.

Logan County Court Orders, Book 8
p.257 Sep 1826 On the motion of Thomas Blakey and at Mrs. Blakey’s request and having taken the oath required by Law and Executed Bond in the penalty of $3000 with Wm Haden & James Proctor his Securities Letters of Administration is granted him on the Goods & Chattles of Churchill H. Blakey, Decd.
p.281 Mar Term 1827 On the motion of Wm Haden and having executed Bond in the penalty of $5000 with C. Breathitt and James Proctor his securities and taken the oath required by Law letters of Administration is granted him on the Goods of Wm Haden decd.

Logan Co WB D, p.15
23 Sep 1827
Sale of estate of William W. Ewing. Buyers included Thomas Proctor and James Proctor. Approved by the court and ordered recorded.

Logan County Court Orders, Book 8
July Term 1830
p.498 Ordered that John J. Markwell & Wm Whitsitt Esqrs be and they are hereby appointed Judges at the August Election in town of Russellville....& James Proctor, Clerk....

1830 Census. Logan Co KY
James S. Proctor: 1 m age 30-40, 1f under age 5, 1f age 20-30, 6 slaves

1830 Tax list from Logan County, KY Census & Tax Lists, 1820 & 1830, by Don Simmons & Laura Willis, 1995:
James L. (sic) Proctor: 1 white male over 21, 3 slaves over 16, 8 slaves total, 9 horses. 670 acres on Black Lick, and taxed for the 670 acres omitted in 1827.

James first appears on the tax records of Logan Co in 1820, as a young adult male over 21, with a single horse and 230 acres on the Black Lick fork of the Gasper River, at least some of which was originally patented by Patrick McCutcheon. Through the years, he steadily added to his holdings - by 1835, which would have been for the previous year, he had a total of 679 acres on the Gasper River, 9 slaves, 16 horses, and 50 head of cattle. He listed a stud (stallion) for several of those years. Sally, his widow, appears on the tax lists beginning with 1836 - in 1839, Sally had 233 acres on the Gasper River, which would appear to be her dower portion of one-third - she did remarry.

Logan Co DB T; p.57 29 Jul 1833 C. Breathitt to James S. Proctor. $60. 50 acres on waters of the Gasper. S. side of river, Posey's line, up the river, his line. As per deed from Humphry Posey to William Whitsitt on 7 Sep 1816. From Samuel Owens Sheriff to C. Breathitt on 9 Feb 1832. Signed: Cardwell Breathitt

Will written 21 Sep 1835; probated 19 Oct 1835, left property to wife, keep 1/3 if she remarries. Charles Proctor and wife use of land where they now live and then to their children. Upon wife's death, estate to be divided equally among children.

Will of James S Proctor
I, James S Proctor of the County of Logan & State of Kentucky being of lawful age & sound mind constitute this my last will and testament revoking all others. First I wish my just debts paid. It is my will and desire that my wife keep what household furniture & farming utensils she may think proper also the waggon and oxen, six head of cattle all the stock of hogs also as much of the present crop as she may think proper also five head of horses including old ____ he is never to be sold. I wish my Jack Richard colt sold at once on two year credit the balance of the stock of horses and cattle to be sold on a credit of twelve months.
It is my wish that my wife keep the farm and Negroes for the purpose of raising and schooling our children as long as she remains a widow if she should marry I wish her to take her third.
It is my wish and desire that Charles Proctor & his wife [his older half-brother?] have the use & benefit of the tract of land whereon they now live during their lifetime at their death I wish it equally divided among their children also a Negro boy by the name of William and the stock of all description about the place. I wish my wife to be executor of this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 8 day of Aug 1835. Signed Jas S Proctor
Witness: Thomas Blakey O. B. Keithly
Logan County Sept Tern 1835 At a County Court hold for said county of Logan at the courthouse in Russellville on the 21 day of Sept 1835 the within last will and testament of James s Proctor, dec'd was produced in open court and proved by the oath of Thomas Blakey one of the subscribing witnesses thereto to be the last will and testament of said Proctor said Blakey also made oath in court that O. B. Keithly the other subscribing witness signed the same as such in his presence. Whereupon the said will was ordered to be recorded. In testimony of which and that the same together with this certificate stand truly recorded in my office. I hereto set my hand as clerk of said court the date above. Signed H. B. Morton

Sarah Patterson "Sally" BLAKEY and James Samuel PROCTOR had the following children:



George Churchill PROCTOR was born on 21 January 1827.357



Margaret D. PROCTOR.



Adolphus Young "Dick" PROCTOR.



Mary PROCTOR357,371 was born (date unknown).

Never married. She wasn't listed as a child of James & Sally in the family record posted.



Dr. George Blakey PROCTOR.



James Samuel PROCTOR.

Sarah Patterson "Sally" BLAKEY and Edmund DUNCAN were married on 18 January 1840 in Logan County, Kentucky.372 Edmund DUNCAN, son of Charles DUNCAN and Elizabeth DILLARD, was born on 21 May 1787 in Fauquier County, Virginia.373 He died on 10 January 1860 at the age of 72 in Warren County, Kentucky.373

Sarah Patterson "Sally" BLAKEY and Edmund DUNCAN had the following children:



Thomas Churchill DUNCAN was born on 21 December 1840.357,374 He died in 1930 at the age of 90.374



Sarah Eleanor "Sally" DUNCAN.



Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" DUNCAN.