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Third Generation

32. Jane FARRIS138 was born about 1759.1 She died about 1849 at the age of 90 in Tennessee.139

Information from Gertrude Haden has Jane Ferris & Rev. Joseph Anthony's children and descent of some of those children.

In the Fall of 1811, Jane moved to Tennessee where she lived until about 1820 when the family to moved to Madison Co Missouri. Jane stayed in Missouri only about two years and returned to Tennessee. She is said to have lived to be about 90 years old in the papers of Stella Anthony. Strangely the short history of the Beaver Creek Church, states she died 7 Aug 1817.

Jane FARRIS and Rev. Joseph ANTHONY were married on 14 August 1777 in Cumberland County, Virginia.1,140 Rev. Joseph ANTHONY139,140 was born circa 1750 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.140 He died in 1806 at the age of 56 in Henry County, Virginia.1 He was a Minister, Beaver Creek Baptist Church.14

Joseph was a Baptist preacher. This is the Baptist minister referred to in the Whitsitt book. He is apparently not kin to the Anthonys that married into the Whitsitt family. The Anthony book states he was a Separatist Baptist.

Traditions have been passed down through his family line of their lineage, but it is unproved.

Sample's History of the Rise and Progress of Baptists in Virginia, by Beale, is quoted in the Anthony book. Joseph was baptized June 1770, by J. Waller, Goochland, and was cast in prison soon after for his preaching. He preached in the Charles City Church, in the Powhatan Church in that county, in the Chesterfield Church where he was again imprisoned. Goodspeed's History of SE Missouri - he was in prison during the Revolutionary War for "speaking out".

Joseph Anthony is on the tax lists of Henry Co VA in both 1790 and 1800 - he had 3 slaves. Henry Co marriage records 1778-1849, found at lists many marriages performed by Joseph Anthony, Minister from 1785-1803.

Martinsville, Henry Co VA
22 Jul 1809 Report of Commissioners wherein they set apart to "Jane Anthony, widow of Joseph Anthony, her part of his estate.

The small book re the history of the Bever Creek Church [see notes of Samuel Anthony] that seems to have personal notes of Samuel Anthony at the back, makes clear that he was appointed guardian for his brothers Josiah and Jacob. He also incurred expenses for William and his sister Jane [Jean/Joan] who were old enough they could have elected to have Samuel serve as their guardian.

Information on his family to include the births of his children, is listed in the History of Beaver Creek Church, Henry Co VA, by Mrs. J. Frank (Stella Anthony) Thompson, 1933, a 13 page booklet as he was the first pastor. This book, too, quoted in Anthony Roots and Branches.

Jane FARRIS and Rev. Joseph ANTHONY had the following children:



Samuel ANTHONY141 was born on 18 February 1781.138 He died circa 1868 at the age of 87 in Texas.

Found on
Copy of History of Bever Creek Church8, 1786, Henry County, Virginia. Copied & published by Mrs. J. Frank Thompson, 1933, Columbia, Mo.

Records of the Beaver Creek Church, Henry Co., contain some vital records of the family. It does appear that Samuel had possession of this book of minutes after the death of his father about 1806. The church minutes date from December of 1786 when the churh was chartered to some scattered notes in 1800. Then the family data is listed and at the end is a list of expenses. Some of the expenses involve Samuel's place as guardian of his younger brothers and sister Jane following the death of their father. Some of them are in relation to Samuel's expense as administrator of the estate of his father-in-law, Richard Brittin.

Samuel Anthony and Hannah Anthony [maiden name not given but she was nee Brittain] were married 31 Jul 1811.
their children:
Jane, b. 16 Mar 1813
Richard B., b. 4 May 1815
Elizabeth, b. 26 Jan 1818
Joseph, b. 16 Jun 1820
Sally, b. 20 Jan 1823
Samuel, b. 12 Sep 1825
Henry, b. 25 Jul 1828
Richard Orland, b. 24 Jan 1831
William Brittian, b. 27 May 1833
Ellinor Amealia, b. 29 Feb 1836

There is a note: Jane Anthony departed this life between the 6th and 7th of August about two hours before day. 1817. [some have interpreted this to mean her grandmother, but I believe it was the child of Samuel & Hannah because if the following entry]
Richard B. Anthony departed this life 11 Oct 1821.

I believe Hannah was nee Hannah Brittin because of the following entries:
Richard Brittin, b. 7 Mar 1771
Elenor, his wife, born 20 Mar 1776
Richard & Elenor married 5 Jan 1791
Elizabeth, daughter of theirs b. 12 Sep 1793
Hannah b. 19 May 1795 [married at 16]
John, b. 11 Feb 1797
Abraham, b. 17 Apr 1799
Polly, b. 18 Mar 1801
Nellie Brittin died 9 Jun 1803 [probably Eleanor, Hannah's mother]

Then I believe Richard, Hannah's father remarried to Susan Turnbull
Susan Turnbull, b. 25 Apr 1785
Richard Brittin & Susannah Turnbull married 12 Feb 1804
William Brittin, b. 23 Jan 1805
Sally, b. 24 Nov 1807
Nellie b. 22 Dec 1809
Amy, b. 4 Mar 1812
Richard Brittin died 3 Jul 1812.

From Anthony Roots and Branches, p.519. Samuel migrated by way of Georgia to Tennessee; and he was living in Smith Co TN 1810-1816, where he married Hannah Brittain, 31 Jul 1811, daughter of Richard and Elenor Brittain. He was administration of his father-in-law's estate in Smith Co TN and guardian of his wife's minor siblings. He wrote notes in his copy of the above history of the Beaver Creek church. His mother-in-law remarried and her new husband took over the responsibility of his younger children, and Samuel Anthony and family moved to Missouri about 1816, along with his mother, his brother William and family, and his brother-in-law Madison Abraham Brittain. They settled in Ste. Genevieve Co MO, in an area which soon became Madison Co. They remained here until 1854. His mother returned to Tennessee about 1822, where she is reported to have lived to age 90. In 1854, Samuel, son Patrick and bride, and unmarried sons Richard and William, moved to Ellis Co, TX, near the Kaufman Co. line. His last document was executed, 29 Nov 1860, DB L, p.157.
DB 1, p.158, names the heirs of Samuel as F. H. [eldest son], R. O. [Richard Orlando], William, Dubart & Elizabeth Murphy, James and Amelia Brittain (children of Sally A. Brittain, decd.)
The book lists 9 children born to Samuel & Hannah, but Joseph, Sally, Samuel, and Patrick had predeceased their father.



Joseph ANTHONY was born on 22 January 1784.138



Elizabeth ANTHONY was born on 16 August 1786.138



Jane ANTHONY was born on 21 January 1791.138



William ANTHONY.



Josiah ANTHONY was born on 5 July 1796.138



Jacob ANTHONY139 was born on 18 July 1800 in Henry County, Virginia.139

Jacob married Eraline Ann Graham, 4th daughter of Alex & Susan Graham on 1 Apr 1825.