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Fifth Generation

312. Tyre A. HADEN44,199,479,480,481 was born on 17 October 1793 in Campbell County, Virginia.1,232 He died on 7 February 1860 at the age of 66 in Ralls County, Missouri.232,482

Married by Leroy Jackson, Baptist, minister.

Found in the Ralls Co MO census in 1830, 1840 & 1850. He was a JP in Ralls Co in the 1840's.

Since he married Eunice in Pike Co MO in 1818, Tyre may have been the first of the family to move to Missouri. His father and siblings followed a few years later.

1830 Census: Tyre A. Haden. 2m 5-10, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 30-40 [Tyre], 3f under 5, 1f 5-10, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40 [Eunice] Tyre lived apart from his father John and brothers Benoni & William who were all enumerated one after the other.

1840 Census: Tyre A. Haden. 2m 15-20, 1m 40-50 [Tyre]; 2f 5-10, 2f 10-15, 1f 40-50 [Eunice]

1850 Census. Tyre A. Haden age 56, born VA. Eunice age 53, b. KY. Celina 20 and Amanda 17, both born in MO. Benoni Mills age 13 [there is also a boy Francis Mills age 7, living with William Haden and marked "of Edmund Bailey's family"] Lucy Whitley age 53, b. KY, Insane. Absalom Reed, 55, b. KY, Laborer, and Rebecca S. Reed age 12.

Tyre and Eunice had other children as indicated by the earlier censuses. There are also marriages in Ralls Co that seem to be too early for any of the children of Tyre's brothers.
Maximilla Haden married Curtis Carter, 15 Sep 1836 in Ralls Co. The 1850 Census in Ralls Co shows her age to be 29, or born 1821 - she could be the female in Tyre's family in 1830 who was between the ages of 5 & 10. Their children reflect some of the names found in the Haden family - the young Carters in 1850 were Silas 12, Mary A. 8, Harrison 7 and Louisa 3.

Other possibilities for daughters of Tyre:
A Ruth Haden married James Epperson, 14 Nov 1841, Ralls Co [not found in 1850]
Sally Haden married William Leonard, 8 Jan 1846. The 1850 census in Ralls Co. lists her as Sarah Leonard, age 26, b. KY - if so she belongs in another family. However, they were living next door to Josephus Haden.
Mary Ann Haden married Charles W. Mills, 12 Nov 1846. In 1850, her age was 26, or born 1824 - they were living in Ralls Co. She is said born in MO.

Death notice lists him as "Judge Tyre A. Haden" They said he died in his 67th year. His stone in the John Haden cemetery gives somewhat different dates - it has born 12 Oct 1793 and died 8 Mar 1866. The stones are apparently very worn - I would not think the newspaper would print a story of his death six years before it happened. He also doesn't appear in the 1860 census.

Tyre A. HADEN and Eunice FISHER were married on 31 December 1818 in Pike County, Missouri.1,124 Eunice FISHER, daughter of Solomon FISHER and Mary Ann PETTY, was born on 4 December 1796 in Kentucky.481 She died on 30 October 1850 at the age of 53 in Ralls County, Missouri.

Birth and death dates are from her grave marker in the John Haden Cemetery, Pike Co, MO.

Tyre A. HADEN and Eunice FISHER had the following children:



Margaret HADEN was born on 24 April 1811 in Kentucky. She died on 22 September 1882 at the age of 71 in Missouri.

Margaret was born 1811 - according to her grave marker and census records - even in 1830, she appears to have been counted in Tyree's household, but Tyree didn't marry Eunice until 1818 - so who really was Margaret? A child of Tyree's or Eunice's from an earlier marriage? A foster child?

I found Margaret listed as a child on She married John B. Truitt and is buried Shirley Cemetery, Elmer, Macon Co, MO.

1850 Census. Dist 52, Macon Co, MO [living next to Jeremiah Biswell who is connected my ggg grandfather's 2nd wife...]
John B. Trewit, age 44, b. Kentucky
Margaret, 39, also b. Kentucky
Born in MO: Welden, age 20. Tyra age 17. James W 10, Eleanor 6 [Mary Ellen], and Cassius age 1.

1860 Census. Walnut Creek Twp, New Boston P.O., Macon, MO, Hh 962
John B. Truitt, age 50, Farmer, b. TN
Margaret, 45, b. TN
Woodson, age 21 [James Woodson], Cassius age 12, and Eunice age 10.

By 1870, Margaret was head of household, age 57, born TN
Casius 21, Unice C. 19, still at home.
FindAGrave states John B. Truitt was born 27 Feb 1806 in Fayette, KY and died 22 Dec 1871 in Ralls Co.

In 1880, Margaret Truitt was in Round Grove, Macon Co, living with daughter Eunice, age 28 and her husband, Josephus Cox, age 48. Margaret still gave her birthplace as Tennessee, although her parents were said born in Kentucky.

A daughter is listed on FindAGrave that does not appear in the census records - a Permelia Janis, born 1833 [she would have been about 17 in 1850 and son Tyra was that age]. Permelia married Frances Milton Carter, 6 Jul 1850 - so likely wasn't still at home with her parents when the enumerator came.



Maximilla HADEN was born in 1819 in Kentucky. She died in Alabama.

Married Curtis Carter, 15 Sep 1836, Ralls Co, MO



Josephus HADEN.



Mary Ann HADEN was born about 1822 in Ralls County, Missouri.

Married Charles W. Mills, 12 Nov 1846, Ralls Co, MO.



Harrison HADEN was born in 1824 in Missouri.483

Harrison Haden married Rebecca Keithley, 26 Oct 1848, Ralls Co MO.

1850 Census in Ralls Co on same page with all the other Hadens. He must belong to Tyre as the brothers aren't old enough to have a son this age. Harrison Haden, age 26, b. Missouri, Rebecca age 20 and Medora age 1.

The 1860 Census. Saverton, Ralls Co MO.
There are two children Madora Heyden, age 11, and Richard, age 9, living with Riland Keithley, age 68, Clarinda Keithley, age 20, and John C. Keithley, age 18.



Celina HADEN was born in 1830 in Ralls County, Missouri.481

A Salena Hayden married John Roberts, 22 Oct 1850, Ralls Co MO. This Celina/Salena would have been about age 20 - this is likely her marriage. However, she seems to be living with her sister Amanda as Salena Hayden in 1860. Another marriage in Ralls Co is for Salina Haden to Squire H. Bailey, 18 Dec 1864. Perhaps the earlier marriage was a bond and the marriage never took place, or John Roberts died soon after the marriage - there doesn't seem to be another lady of this name of marriageable age.

1860 Census. Spencer Twp, Ralls Co MO, enumerated next to Josephus Heyden:
Thomas Barnard, age 28. Amanda, age 26. William, age 5. And Selina Heyden, age 29.



Amanda HADEN was born in 1833 in Ralls County, Missouri.481

There is a marriage record in Ralls Co for Amanda Haden to Thomas Barnard, 25 Nov 1852. Thomas was the brother of Elizabeth who was married to Amanda's brother Josephus.

1860 Census. Spencer Twp, Ralls Co MO, enumerated next to Josephus Heyden and among the households of her uncles:
Thomas Barnard, age 28. Amanda, age 26. William, age 5. And Selina Heyden, age 29.