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Fourth Generation

126. Richard Gallatin HADEN339 was born in 1798 in Campbell County, Virginia.3,10,339 He died on 17 October 1869 at the age of 71 in Botetourt County, Virginia.10,14

Eloise was a sister to Maria who married Richard's brother Madison. From "Richmond Enquirer" dated 7 Aug 1827, online at Library of VA digital collections: "Married - On August 1, by Rev. Samuel Armistead, Mr. Richard Hayden of Campbell county, to Miss Elioise Watkins, daughter of Joel Watkins of Buckingham County."

The will of Thomas Jones of Campbell Co, dated 18 Feb 1826 [WB 5], mentions a track of land that joins lands of Tarton [probably Tarlton] Jones, Thos. Reid and land that John Reid sold to Richard G. Haden.

Found at the University of North Carolina Library website: "Digital Library on Amercan Slavery"
several Petitions that involved Richard G. Haden and slave trading.

Filed 24 Feb 1826. Ended Oct 1828, partially granted.
Petition 21682620 Filed Superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District, Lynchburg, VA
Honorable Creed Taylor, Judge
On 20 Jan 1826, Richard G. Haden purchased of Caleb B. Jones his title to three slaves, Burwell, Aaron & Dick. Nine days before Jones had purchased the slaves from Alexander Burton, who had bought them a few weeks before from Daniel Price. Haden states that Price, prior to the sales, had several suits instituted against him in Bedford County. As a result the sheriff confiscated the slaves from Haden and plans to sell them to satisfy Prices's debts. Haden petitions that all efforts to claim or sell the slaves be stayed until the matters can be heard in Equity.
Defendants listed in the case were William W. Austin, Alexander Burton, Elizabeth Edgar, Michael Graham, Garnet Lee, William Morgan, Daniel L. Price, and John H. Word [they all appeared to be involved in the various mortgage debts]

Filed 9 May 1826. Dismissed, May 1826
Petition 21682614 Filed Superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District, Lynchburg, VA
Honorable Creed Taylor, Judge
In 1822, Joseph Waller, residing in Spotsylvania county, secretly brought to Lynchburg or the neigbourhood thereof, 12 or 13 valuable slaves to sell for the purpose of defrauding his creditors in Spotsylvania and elsewhere. Waller effected a sale of the negroes to John McReynolds, partner of the firm of James & John McReynolds. They signed a contract, but John McReynolds refused to execute it and went to Spotsylvania to inquire into the title of Waller. McReynolds sold or sent away the slaves without disclosing to Waller that he had done so. Two of the slaves, Sally and Susan, were detained by John Walden Jr., in a suit against Waller, of which McReynolds had knowledge. Petitioner Richard G. Haden purchased Walden's right to Sally and Susan. However, McReynolds has now sold the whole group of slaves, including Sally and Susan, to Luke Matthews of Alabama. Waller has since died. Haden petitions that the McReynoldses by compelled to delived up said negroes with their increase plus damages.

Filed 16 May 1827. Injunction granted 15 Mar 1828
Petition 21682716, Filed Superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District, Lynchburg, VA
Honorable Creed Taylor, Judge
Thomas J. Garden's wife Robina Scott Garden, purchased 197 acres from her brother, Robert Scott, prior to their marriage. Robert had purchased the land and sundry slaves from his brother John, and then conveyed the said land & slaves to his creditors to secure sundry debts. Robert sold the land to Robina for $1200 with the understanding that he would clear the land from the incumbrance. After Thomas & Robina were married, Robert Scott proposed that Thomas should execute his bond instead of his wife. The petitioner did so, believing his payment would go to Robert, but afterwards paper was produced by Robert G. Haden whose name was written as obligee. Thomas does not charge that was any alteration in the paper but charges that Rober Scott fraudulently obtained execution of the bond by concealing the fact that Haden was the obligee. The bond has been transferred to Beverly Scott, who has won a judgment against him by which the land was seized. The petitioner prays that Robert & Beverly Scott and Haden be made defendants and the court enjoin them from proceeding further in the judgment against him.

Filed 20 Apr 1829. Ended Jun 1848 - partially granted.
Petition 21682909, Filed Superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District, Lynchburg, VA
Honorable Creed Taylor, Judge
28 Feb 1828, John D. Urquhart mortgaged a slave named George to Achilles M. Haden to secure a debt of $279. When Urquhart failed to pay, Haden's brother and agent seized the slave [his brother was Richard G. Haden, involved in several petitions in this time period as a "slave trader"]. Urquhart had also mortgaged the slave and his law library to James Bullock to secure a debt. Haden asks for a decree for the sale of George to pay the debt.

Filed Nov 1830; ended 7 Jun 1849 [case discontinued]
Petition 21683029, Filed Superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District, Lynchburg VA
Micajah Clark sold 4 slaves to Roderick Taliaferro in 1820 for the real purpose of protecting them from seizure for nonpayment of dates. Clark kept possession of them. When he died, his widow Keziah, held them and sold a female slave, Charlotte to negro trader, Richard G. Haden. The surviving slaves, including a son of Milly's named John, born after the sale, are now in the hands of Benjamin Taliaferro as administrator of the estate of Roderick Talliaferro. Two of the slaves have died and the petitioners [Thomas Crews, Christopher Isbell, William I. Isbell & John D. Urquhart] request the others be made liable [or be sold for the debt]. They also ask that Haden be ordered to account for the proceeds from the sale of Charlotte.
The slaves named are Charlotte, Elvira, Hager, Milly & John - both Hager & Milly had died before Nov of 1830. Defendants named in the case were Keziah Clark, Nelson C. Dawson, Benjamin Taliaferro, John Warwick, Richard G. Haden [slave trader], and John Taylor [slave trader's agent].

Value of real estate owned listed in the 1850 Census [Goochland Co VA] as $50,000. The only children listed are Mary J., the oldest, and Richard and Florence; I think several of the children were omitted as they are on two pages. Indexed as "Waden".
The Slave Schedule for 1850 lists a total of 58 slaves for Richard G. Haden. The oldest was age 70, the youngest a few months.

1860 Census. Botetourt Co, VA, Hh 369
Richard G. Haden, age 62, Farmer, b. VA. Eloise C., age 50
Joel W., age 24, Attorney. A. J. Haden [male], age 20. Richard G., age 15, Florence E. age 12, Wm. W. age 10, Benj. age 5.

The move to Botetourt Co also shows a reduction in the number of slaves owned. The 1860 Slave Schedule lists a total of 35 slaves with the oldest age 55, the youngest three months. Twenty-two of them were age twelve and under.

Found in the Confederate Applications for Presidential Pardons, 1865-1867 at
To his Excellency the President of the United States.
The Petition of Richard G. Haden of the County of Botetourt and State of Virginia respectfully sheweth.
That he is 67 years of age, is now and has been for the last forty years a farmer, that he has held no office, civil, military or polital, since the Secession of his State, that on the 7th day of August 1865 he took and subscribed before Henry A. Eastman Provost Marshall of the Botetourt County, Virginia, the oath prescribed by the President of the United States in his Proclamation of May 29th 1865, a duplicate of which is herewith exhibited.
He is not aware that he comes within any of the exceptions mentioned in said proclamation except the 13th exception thereof, he being supposed to be worth upwards of $20,000.00.
His property consist of lands on which he resides and two small tract nearby, his Household & Kitchen furniture, farming implements, waggons, cattle, hogs, horses, sheep, bonds, account, etc.
He wishes to continue his industrial pursuits as a Loyal Citizen of the United States and to resume and purse in good faith his Allegiance to the Union and Constitution thereof. He is not aware that any proceedings of Confiscaiont law of the United States have been commenced against him.
He therefore prays your Excellency to grant him full pardon and amnesty both as to person and property under said proclamation and that he be restored in full enjoyment of his Rights Civil and Political as a loyal citizen of the United States. and he will every pray, etc.
Botetourt County
August 1865
Rich'd G. Haden
Pardon recommended. Pard. Aug 25, 1865.
Copy of the oath shows it was made at Fincastle VA on 7 Aug 1865, before Henry A. Eastman, Capt & Asst. Provost Marshall.

Buried in Haden Graveyard.
Haden Graveyard is located between Glen Wilton & Gala.
Eloise C. Haden 1810-1879
Richard G. Haden 1798-1868
Joel W. Haden 1836-1864
Anselm H. Haden 1838-1861
Richard G. Haden 1845-1908
Willie Haden James 1885-1928

There are some discrepancies in the children of Richard. There is a Benjamin, born 1835, shown in some databases - if there was an earlier Benjamin he died as a child. The 1850 census appears to have omitted some of the children which does not help. A book, Related Families of Botetourt County, Virginia by John William Austin and Rebecca H. R. Austin has a list which includes exact dates. A snippet of this book is on Google Books, but I have not seen an actual copy - the snippet now gone but shared with me by another researcher. It has a chapter on Haden and Leftwich. Some of the information therein seems to be more of the brag variety and makes claims for connections which could not have existed. In one place, it claimed that Richard Gallatin Haden was a "cousin" of Albert Gallatin, Sect of the Treasury under Thomas Jefferson. Gallatin came from Switzerland, 1880, and his parents and only sister were already deceased - his sons were approximately the age of Richard Haden but the Gallatins were living in Pennsylvania at the time of their births. This connection would appear to be fabrication.

Here are the children of Richard as listed in the book - they were apparently not listed in birth order. I have resorted but left the originally numbering. The list is believed incomplete as the snippet ended and the younger sons - William W., b. 1850 or so, and Benjamin, b. 1855, are missing. Benjamin's grave in Botetourt can be found on FindAGrave, and he was living with his mother, in 1870, age 14, William was also there at age 20.

1. Mary Justine, b. 12 Aug 1828, d. 12 Jan 1881. Married Corbin Reynolds, son of Archillus & Sara. Said to have had no children.
Note: they are listed in the Botetourt Co 1880 census as Corbius Reynolds, age 60, and Mary, age 51. They were also there in 1860 & 1860 - no children listed.

2. Martha Jane Haden, b. 25 Jan 1831, married William C. Claiborne, 21 Sep 1847.
Note: I find that this marriage took place in Greenbrier Co and that the couple lived in Pittsylvania Co, VA. I believe she is more likely a daughter of William Haden & Edy Shelton who were also in Pittsylvania at that time. The Claibornes named a child Richard H., but William & Edy had a son named Richard.

3. Josephine Haden, b. 12 May 1833, died at age 25, married Schillen Penn. Said to have had two sons.
Note: I do find a Penn male, age 12, living with his grandmother Eloise in 1870 - his given name unreadable. His age would coincide with the approximate death of Josephine at 25. There was also a George S. Penn with two sons living in Botetourt Co, one of whom was the same age as the young man living with Eloise. In 1860, George S. Penn, Sr. had Richard H. age 4 and George S. age 2, no wife. By 1870, he had remarried and the younger son was listed as George S. B., age 12.

6. Joel Watkins Haden, b. 15 Apr 1836, died at age 28 from wounds received on Plank Road, near Petersburg in the Civil War. He refused to allow the doctors to amputate his leg.
Note: other sources confirm he did die at Petersburg during the War.

7. Anselm Henry Haden. Artist and sculptor, b. 26 Nov 1838, died at age 23, 29 Sep 1861. Buried at Haden family cemetery.
Note: His grave appears to have been the only one still marked when the WPA inventoried the cemeteries of Botetourt Co.

5. Maria Elizabeth. b. 23 May 1841, d. 2 Sep 1846. Said to have died of diphtheria and be the reason the family moved from Goochland to Botetourt.
Note: The move took place after the 1850 census when they were still in Goochland, so this seems unlikely.

8. Richard Gallatin Haden, b. 25 Jan 1845, d. 26 Nov 1908. Married Frances Rebecca Watson of Rockbridge Co, 15 Jan 1880. They had a daughter Eloise Watkins Haden, born 1882, who married John Patterson Yeatman.

4. Florence Eloise, b. 2 Nov 1847, d. 14 Jul 1927. Married John Mifflin Hood, president of Western Maryland Railroad and lived in Baltimore. Six children.
Note: 1880 census. Family was in Baltimore. John, age 36, Pres. W.M. Rail Road, b. MD. Florence, age 32. Children: Haden 12 b. VA, Eloise 9 b. FL, Florence 4, Alice 2, John M. age 2 months, born in May. The last three all born in Maryland. By 1900, several of the children were out of the home, but added was Mabel D., b. Mar 1883. Florence's birthdate is given as Mar 1848.

William W. Haden is also omitted from the above list - he was born circa 1850. Claimed in the book to have been a female, although this person is listed as a male in 1860, 1870, and as a "brother" to Benjamin in 1880. The book states "she" married a Joshua Edmond Jones and that she was actually called "Willie". This is obviously a confusion with the daughter of the younger Richard G. Haden - I find in 1900:
1900 Census. Fincastle, Botetourt Co. Hh 110
R. G. Haden [indexed as R. E.], born Jan 1845, age 55, married 19 years
F. W. [for Frances Watkins], born Mar 1846, age 54, has had 3 children
Eloise, dau, b. Nov 1882, age 17
Sallie G., dau, b. Nov 1883, age 16
Willie W., dau, b. Jul 1885, age 14

Richard Gallatin HADEN and Eloise C. WATKINS were married on 1 August 1827.1 Eloise C. WATKINS, daughter of Joel WATKINS, was born in 1810 in Buckingham County, Virginia.10,339 She died on 10 December 1879 at the age of 69 in Botetourt County, Virginia.10

1870 Census. Fincastle, Botetourt Co, VA Hh 334
Eloise Haden, age 60, value of property - $40,000.
Richard G., age 25
William W., age 20
Benjamin, 14

Richard Gallatin HADEN and Eloise C. WATKINS had the following children:



Mary Jo HADEN.



Josephine HADEN was born about 1834 in Botetourt County, Virginia.14



Joel Watkins HADEN was born in 1836 in Botetourt County, Virginia.14 He died on 19 November 1864 at the age of 28.14

Joel was wounded at the battle at St. Petersburg during the Civil War and died from his wounds.
Haden, Joel Watkins (1856) -Joel Watkins Haden, Class of 1856: Genealogy: Born- May 14, 1836. Father- Richard G. Haden; Mother- Eloise Clark Watkins. Pat. Grandfather- Benjamin Haden; Pat. Grandmother- unknown. Mat. Grandparents- unknown. Never married, no children. Military Record- Civil War; 1st Lt., 7th Va. Cavalry, Adjutant. Career: Lawyer. Died- Nov. 19, 1864, in Richmond, Va.

Found at Google Books, Bulletin of Hampden-Sidney College. General Catalogue of Officers and Students; 1776-1906, p.92
Class of 1855
1851-53 - Haden, Joel Watkins, B.L.; lawyer, CSA; killed in battle at Petersburg, VA.

and University of Virginia, It's History, Influence, Equipment and Characteristics with .......and Alumni
Vol. ii, Lewis Publishing, NY, 1904
Joel W. Haden listed as having attended from 1855-1858. Born 1836, Botetourt Co. CSA. Died 19 Nov 1864, Petersburg.
Key Individuals Involved in the Battle of Petersburg:
Union: Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant and Major General George G. Meade
Confederate: General Robert E. Lee and General P.G.T. Beauregard
Confederate Victory. 11,386 total casualties of which 8,150 were Union soldiers.

The Richmond–Petersburg Campaign was a series of battles around Petersburg, Virginia, fought from June 9, 1864, to March 25, 1865, during the American Civil War. Although it is more popularly known as the Siege of Petersburg, it was not a classic military siege, in which a city is usually surrounded and all supply lines are cut off, nor was it strictly limited to actions against Petersburg. The campaign was nine months of trench warfare in which Union forces commanded by Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant assaulted Petersburg unsuccessfully and then constructed trench lines that eventually extended over 30 miles (48 km) from the eastern outskirts of Richmond, Virginia, to around the eastern and southern outskirts of Petersburg. Petersburg was crucial to the supply of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's army and the Confederate capital of Richmond. Numerous raids were conducted and battles fought in attempts to cut off the railroad supply lines through Petersburg to Richmond, and many of these caused the lengthening of the trench lines, overloading dwindling Confederate resources.
Lee finally yielded to the overwhelming pressure—the point at which supply lines were finally cut and a true siege would have begun—and abandoned both cities in April 1865, leading to his retreat and surrender in the Appomattox Campaign. The Siege of Petersburg foreshadowed the trench warfare that would be common in World War I, earning it a prominent position in military history. It also featured the largest concentration of African American troops employed in the war, who suffered heavy casualties at such engagements as the Battle of the Crater and Chaffin's Farm.



Anselm Henry HADEN was born on 26 November 1838.14 He died on 29 September 1861 at the age of 22 in Botetourt County, Virginia.14

Age calculated from grave marker.
Died at 22y 10m 3d. Anselm is buried in the Haden Burying Ground in Botetourt Co. The WPA did an historical inventory in Virginia - Anselm's grave was the only one marked in this burying ground.
Haden, Anselm Henry (1859) -Haden Anselm Henry, Class of 1859: Born- (?) Matriculated from Daggers Springs, Va. At VMI 1 year. Military Record: Elected 2nd Lt, Osceola Guards June 18, 1861. Company became Company K, 60th Va (3rd Regiment, Brigadier General H.A. Wise Legion). Died- September 29, 1861 at his home in Botetourt County from a disease he contracted while in the service.



Richard G. HADEN was born on 5 January 1845.14,339 He died on 26 November 1908 at the age of 63 in Botetourt County, Virginia.14



Florence Eloise HADEN.



William Watkins HADEN.



Benjamin HADEN was born on 30 November 1855.14 He died on 8 November 1921 at the age of 65.

Another Benjamin, born 1835, is seen in databases online. If there was an earlier Benjamin, he died as a child.

1900 Census. Amsterdam, Botetourt Co, VA, Hh 15
Benjamin Haden, widowed, b. Nov 1855, age 44, a Lawyer.
Nelly B., dau, b. Jun 1880, age 19
Eloise G., dau, b. Mar 1885, age 15
Josephine, dau, b. Sept 1886, age 13
Benjamin, son, b. Jun 1991, age 9
Gabriel Gray, father-in-law, b. Nov 1830, age 69, minister
Benjamin Haden
Birth: Nov. 30, 1855
Death: Nov. 8, 1921
Married to Mollie Gray [1862-1899]
daughter: Eloise Gray [1855-1906]
Burial: Godwin Cemetery, Fincastle, Botetourt County, Virginia

Mollie Gray Haden
Birth: May 14, 1862
Death: Jan. 28, 1899