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Fifth Generation

534. Emilia Leftwich HADEN715 was born in 1837 in Evington, Campbell County, Virginia.338,716 She died in 1911 at the age of 74.109

In the 1860 Slave Schedule, Emily Hayden is listed with a single slave woman, age 30. In another place Emily Haden has two males slaves, age 35 and 25. Her mother's slaves were listed as belonging to "Amelia L. Haden"

1870 Census. Western Division, Campbell, VA, Hh 1515
E. L. Haden, age 54, female, pers prop $1000
E. L., 33, female, no occupation
M. A., 28, male, lawyer
Martha J., 18, no occupation

1880 Census. Otter River Dist, Campbell Co VA, Hh 41
E. L. Haden, age 42, female, b. VA
Grant Douglas, 14, Black, servant
Mark A. Haden, age 38, brother, Farmer.
In the previous household 40 was:
C. V. Haden, 40, Farmer.
Anna L., dau 10. C. V. Jr. 8, son. T. K. 4, son. Wm G. 1, son. Ella Leftwich, Black, age 12, Servant.
Note: I couldn't help be ut notice the family of Daniel Douglas, Black, age 48, next door. Chances are good, that Grant was another child of this family.

Emilia was responsible for some of the erroneous material about the Haden family. She left a letter and a four-page paper about the family history. In both of these she stated that her grandfather Benjamin Haden was a son of John Haden & Margaret Douglas, a descendant of Lord Douglas of Scotland. Emilia was wrong in that John Haden's wife was Jean Mosley - his mother was Margaret, probably Margaret Douglas but probably not a descendant of any Lord Douglas. Dorothy K. Haden placed an article in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 52, Number 2, June 1964, which fully describes the writings of Emilia as well as the records which disprove the conclusion that John Haden's wife was Margaret Douglas.

Emilia Leftwich HADEN and James Gray HADEN were married on 28 July 1863 in Evington, Campbell County, Virginia.14 James Gray HADEN, son of Anselm Lynch HADEN and Frances Scott GRAY, was born about 1840 in Alabama.14 He died on 22 July 1864 at the age of 24 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia.14

Quote from, "John Haden of Virginia" by Dorothy K. Haden: "Emilia married her first cousin, James Gray Haden, son of her father's brother, Anselm. Anselm and his family had moved from Campbell County when the children were young. Gray was in the Confederate Army and stopped by Campbell County to meet his kin there. He fell in love with his cousin, Emilia, and they were married. They lived together for less than a month then Gray went back to the War and was killed in the fighting around Atlanta."