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Sixth Generation

1388. James D. HADEN687,1091 was born on 4 November 1845 in Cumberland County, Kentucky.686,689,1092 He died on 22 January 1888 at the age of 42 in Bonham, Fannin County, Texas.1092

In 1850, James was listed in the census as James W., James D. in 1860, buried in Texas as James D. Haden. I wonder if this James changed his middle name or even if he had three names - perhaps James William Douglas Haden.

I believe it must be this James who did move to Fannin Co TX, especially since he named children Sophia & Richard and his eldest son was William Jackson Haden.

In 1860, James was still living with his parents in Kentucky.

There is a marriage Record, Fannin Co TX. A James W. Hayden married Mary E. Melton, 21 Dec 1864. However, death certificates in Texas of some of their children give Mary's name as Mary Morrison. And there is no reason to believe James was in Texas this early unless he was with the Western Confederate Army when it was stationed at Bonham. There were other Haden/Hayden/Hadden families in the area whose relationship is unknown. And of course Mary could have been a young widow when James married her.

I never found the family in 1870, although the 1880 census and birth places of the children would seem to indicate the family was in Kentucky.

1880 Town of Bonham, Fannin Co, TX, p.322C, Hh 347
James Haden, age 34, b. KY, father b. VA, mother b. KY
Mary, age 32, wife, b. KY as were her parents
William, age 12, b. KY
Elijah, age 11, b. KY
Sophia, age 10, b. KY
John age 6, b. KY
Robert age 4, b. TX
James age 2, b. TX

Mary died in Jan of 1885. There is a marriage in Fannin Co for J. D. Haden to Frances C. Sloan, 15 Dec 1886. I can find no other Haden male with these initials to whom this marriage could refer.

An online database says that James Haden [no middle initial] was born 4 Nov 1845 in KY, died 22 Jan 1888 in Fannin Co TX and is buried at Willow Wild Cemetery in Bonham. His wife Mary was born 25 Oct 1847 in KY.
Children are: William Jackson, b. 15 Aug 1867, KY; Elijah Douglas, b. 19 Oct 1868 KY; Sophia, b. 5 Jul 1870, KY; John C., b. Mar 1874, KY; Robert Richard, b. 25 Dec 1875 in Bonham; James A., b. 26 Jul 1877, Bonham. There was another infant, perhaps stillborn, and Edwin W., b. 2 Aug 1882, Bonham.

Will J. Haden married Donnie Keeton, 14 Nov 1892, Fannin Co TX
Elijah D. Haden married Vie Keeton, 2 Mar 1890, Fannin Co, TX
Sophia Haden married A. T. Pennel, 15 Sep 1887, Fannin Co, TX

James D. HADEN and Mary MORRISON were married circa 1865. Mary MORRISON was born on 25 October 1847 in Kentucky.1092 She died on 6 January 1885 at the age of 37 in Fannin County, Texas.1092

Mary's surname is listed by her son Elijah when he gave the information for the Death Certificate of his brother A. James, as Mary Keene. Other Death Certificates of the children, including Elijah, give her name as Mary Morrison - even the youngest daughter, Mattie. [A. James was born between Elijah and Mattie] There is not significant gap in the ages of the children as one would expect if James Haden had been married to two different Marys.


James D. HADEN and Mary MORRISON had the following children:



William Jackson HADEN.



Elijah Douglas HADEN.



Sophia HADEN.



John C. HADEN.



Robert Richard HADEN.



Andrew James HADEN.



[Infant] HADEN1092 died on 25 April 1879 in Fannin County, Texas.

Cemetery record in Willow Wild says Haden Infant of J. D. and M. A. died 25 Apr 1879.



Mattie HADEN.



Edwin W. HADEN was born on 2 August 1882 in Fannin County, Texas.1092 He died on 27 September 1885 at the age of 3 in Fannin County, Texas.1092