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Third Generation

55. Robert D. HADEN1,184 was born on 10 August 1765 in Goochland County, Virginia.1 He was christened on 16 July 1767 in Goochland County, Virginia.1,39 He died after 1832 at the age of 67 in Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi.1

I am not sure this man had the middle initial - that his son was Robert Douglas Haden is certain.

Goochland DB 15, p.121
1 Jan 1788 Between Zachariah Haden and Robert Haden his son. In consideration of natural affection but more especially in consideration of the said Robert having undertaken to support and maintain the said Zachariah for and during his life as likewise provision for younger children agreeable to and is more particularly specified in a bond executed from the said Robert to the said Zachariah of equal date. Sold to the said Robert all his lands lying in Goochland Co also the following Negroes, Jeffrey, Voilet, Bel, Peter, Isaac, Rowlen, Ned and Nance, Pey and Lyd and all his cattle, horses, hogs & household furniture.
Signed: Zach. Haden.
Wit: Benj. Crenshaw, Callom Bailey, John Henderson
19 Aug 1788 Deed was presented and Acknowledged by sd. Zachariah.

Goochland DB 15
p.307 28 Jul 1789 Henry Wood to Robt. Haden. 150£. parcel on Lickinghole Creek. Begin on Creek, Woods line, Stephen Southalls line, corner in Robert Haden's line, David Ross's line, three chopped Road, Bridge on Lickinhole Crk, down the crk. 125 ½ acres. Signed: H. Wood
Wit: David Mullins, Robert Cardin, Jesse Page, Jesse (x) Cardin, Wm (x) Rigsby
Ack by Wood 19 Oct 1789

Virginia County Court Records: Goochland County Virginia Land Tax Books, 1789-1794; Ruth & Sam Sparacio, 1997
p.3 Land Tax Return of Thomas Miller for 1789
Robert Hayden (of Zachariah) 1036 1/2 acres
Robert Hayden, of Henry Wood 9 acres
Transferences & Resurveys within the District of Thomas Miller, 1789
p.71 Zachariah Hayden to Robert Hayden 1036 1/2 acres
p. 73 Henry Wood, 1864 3/4 acres to Robert Hayden - 9 acres; to Susanna Holland - 4 3/4 acres; to Ann Whitlock - 100 acres; to Stephen Southall, Lower District - 153 1/2 acres
p.16 Land Tax Return of Thomas Miller for 1790
Robert Hayden 1045 1/2 acres
p.29 Land Tax Return of Thomas Miller for 1791
Robert Haden 1045 1/2 acres
p.43 Land Tax Return of Thomas Miller for 1792
Estate of Zachariah Hayden, dec'd. 1045 1/2 acres
p.56 Land Tax Return of Robert Lewis, Junr. for 1793
Zachariah Haden, dec'd. Estate 1045 1/2 acres
p.81 Land Tax Return of Robert Lewis, Junr for 1794
Zachariah Haden, dec'd, Estate 1045 1/2 acres

William Miller was surety on marriage bond in 1792, Prince Edward County; Mary Miller's father, John Miller, consented.

#2024552 Goochland VA Personal Property Rolls; 1800-1815
There were two districts - Hadens were always in the same one - primarily Robert, his widowed mother Elizabeth, his brother Jesse, and John N. Haden, Robert's 1st cousin, once removed - son of Joseph Haden & Mary Peatross who had moved back to Goochland from Fluvanna in the 1790's
1800 White males, Blacks above 16, Blacks above 12, horses
Robert Haden 1-5-0-4
1801 - did not find Robert, some entries very faded
1802 White, Blacks over 16, Blacks 12-16, horses
Robert Haden, 1 white male, 6 slaves over 16, 5 horses
1803 Whites, Blacks over 16, 12-16, horses
Robert Haden 1-6-0-4
1804 (new commissioner - new handwriting - and he puts the "y" in Hayden)
Robt Hayden 1-6-3-6
1805 White males over 16, Blacks above 12, under 12, ordinary license, horses
Robt Hayden 1-9-0-0-6
1806 White males over 16, blacks above 16, black boys 12-16, horses
Robt Hayden 1-9-0-6
1807 White males over 16, blacks over 16, blacks over 12, ordinary license, horses
Robt Hayden 1-10-0-0-6
1808 Tax list missing
1809 White males over 16, blacks over 16, blacks over 12, ordinary license, horses
Robt Haden 1-9-0-0-5
1810 Whites over 16, blacks over 16, blacks over 12, horses
Robt Hayden 1--9-0-4 [This is the last year he appears]

This is Robert in the 1810 census, still counted in Goochland.
Robert Haden: 3m under 10, 2m 10-16 (William & Robert Douglas), and 1m over 45 (Robert D. would have been age 45)
2f under 10, 2f 10-16, and 1 female 26-45 (making Mary a little younger than her estimated age as found)

Moved to Madison County, Alabama about 1811; Monroe County MS about 1831-32

OLD LAND RECORDS of MADISON CO ALABAMA, by Margaret Matthews Cowart, taken from Receiver's Ledgers & Sale of Public Land, has the following land sale records for Robert Haden:
Twp 3, Range 1 East: NE 1/4, Section 22, 159.06 acres, #307, 13 May 1810
and Robert Haden, Assignee, NW 1/4, Section 22, 159.06 acres, #674, 9 Apr 1810
and NW 1/4, Section 10, Twp 3, R 1, 160.66 acres, #491, 10 Aug 1812
Twp 3, Range 1 West: Robert Haden, Assignee NE 1/4, Section 2, 160.3 acres, #734, 3 Mar 1813
and E 1/2 of NW 1/4, Section 2, 80.15 acres, #1764, 1 Sep 1817
Receiver's Ledger B, Book 102, Sale of Public Lands
p.249 1811 Robert Haden (no place stated) S2, T3, R1W
p.252 1812 Robert Haden of Madison Co, M.T. S7, T3, R1E (Section doesn't agree)
p.259 1817 Robert Haden S2, T3, R1W

Madison Co AL Orphans Court Minutes 1810-1817, by Dorothy Scott Johnson, no date
p.24 Nov 20, 1815, p.132 Last Will & Testament of Michael Choil/Coil, proved in open court by oaths of Thomas Eldridge and Robert Haden, two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Letters Testamentary issue to Thomas Eldridge. Robert Haden, David Uselton, Samuel Acles, Samuel Standefer & Peyton Cox appointed appraisers of Estate.

Madison Co AL Deed Books A, B, C, D, E 1810-1819 (Territorial), Dorothy Scott Johnson, 1979
Item 116 DB A Will of Michael Coil ….see earlier, 20 Nov 1815. Robert Haden, witness & proved along with Thomas Eldridge
Item 239 DB C 16 Aug 1816 John Brahan, Peter Perkins, David Moore, & Lewis Winston, Commissioners to John K. Lyle for $400. ½ acres, Lot #64 Proved 26 Dec 1816. Wit: R. D. Haden, John Martin
Item 365 DB D 13 Jun 1815 John Brahan, David Moore & Louis Winston, Commrs. to Willis Pope for $367.50 ½ a with tenements in Huntsville, Lot #39. Proven 28 Nov 1817. Wit: N. B. Rose, John Martin, Robert D. Haden
Item 366 DB D 13 Jun 1815 John Brahan, David Moore, Peter Perkins & Louis Winston, Commrs, to Willis Pope for $105. Deed to Lot #40 with tenements in Huntsville, ½ acre. Proven 28 Nov 1817. Wit: N. B. Rose, John Martin, Robert D. Haden
Item 525 DB E 12 Dec 1818 John & Mary Brahan and Neil B. & Mary Rose to John McKinley of Lexington, KY. $18,000. Two lots in Huntsville, #34 & #38, part of #33 and #37 on east side of public square, next to house of John M. Taylor & the 3-story brick house occupied by Clayton Talbot as Tavern fronting on the square. Proven 14 Dec 1818 by John Brahan & Neil B. Rose. On 29 Dec 1818 by Mary Rose & Mary Brahan. Wit: Will Atwood, John M. (X) Queak, Ro. Haden
Item 546 DB E 5 May 1817 Robert & Mary Haden to William Moore for $3000. Deed NW ¼ & NE ¼, S 22, T3, R1E. Proved by Robert Haden, 30 Jul 1818 and by Mary Haden, 13 Jan 1819. Wit: Gross Scruggs, C. B. Rountree. Same deed from LDS Filmstrip #1305808-Item 3, DB E, p.200 5 Jun 1817 Robert Haden & Mary, wife, of Madison Co & Mississippi Territory to William Moore of the same, for $3000. Two quarter sections. Signed: Ro. Haden, Mary Haden.

LDS Microfilm #1305810-Item 1, DB H
p.561 27 Jun 1823 John R. B. Eldridge as Executor of the last Will & testament of Thomas Eldridge, dec’d of Madison Co to Robert Haden of same. John T. W. Lewis and his wife did by deed dated 27 Mar 1822 sell to Thomas Eldridge, among other things, two tracts of land in Madison Co in Trust and for the purpose of securing and paying to Littleberry H. Jones a certain sum of money, which said deed is recorded in the clerks office. John T. W. Lewis failed to pay and satisfy the amount. John R. B. Eldridge as Executor, did after giving public notice by advertisement in the Alabamian printed in Huntsville expose the tracts to sale at the highest bidder in the Town of Huntsville. The same was knocked off to Robert Haden at ten hundred and fifty dollars, he being the highest bidder. John R. B. Eldridge does sell and release to the said Robert Haden. First parcel being the North part of the NE ¼ Section 18, Twp 3, Range 1 E. The second the third part of the SE ¼ of Section 7, same township & range. The first containing 121 and ½ acres; the second, 53 acres. However, reserving the right of dower of Eliza Hodge to one third part of the parcel of 53 acres. Signed John R. B. Eldridge
27 Jun 1823 John R. B. Eldridge acknowledged before Thos. Branson. Delivered 27 Jun 1823 and recorded the 28th. Thos Branson, Clk.

Alabama Records, by Gandrud; Vol 149 "H' Surnames
p.84 & p. 86 Deed Book EEE. Land Patents to Robert Haden dated 9 Apr 1810, 13 May 1810, 10 Aug 1812, 3 Mar 1813, 1 Sep 1817
Vol. 147 "H" Surnames
p.79 Deed Book E, p.200 - 5 Jun 1817 Robert Haden and wife Mary to Wm Moore
Deed Book N, p.231 - 18 Dec 1829 Robert Haden, for love and affection to his son William M. Haden and wife Mary, to John R. B. Eldridge (his brother-in-law) as trustee, slaves
Deed Book N, p.366 - (no date) Robert Haden and wife Mary to David Humphrey
Deed Book N, p.548 - 4 Feb 1832 Robert Haden and wife Mary H. Haden to John O. Connally

1830 US Census, Madison Co AL
Haden, Robert 1m 5-10, 1m 20-30 (Richard?), 1m 60-70 [Robert]; 1f 15-20 (???), 1f 50-60 [Mary]

LDS Microfilm #1305812, Madison Co DB N, p.366-7
2 Jul 1831 Robert Haden & Mary his wife of Madison Co to David Humphrey of same. For $3,500 all the parcels in the county afore’d, surveyed, known by the following numbers: NE ¼ and the East half of the NW ¼ of Section 2, Twp 3 of Range 1 West. And the NW ¼ of Section 7, Twp 3, R 1 East. Lands with tenements thereunto. Signed: Ro. Haden, Mary H. Haden
Wit: Tho. Brandon
4 Jul 1831. Before me, Thomas Brandon, Clerk of Co Court of Madison, came Robert Haden who acknowledged the same. Mary H. Haden, examined and likewise acknowledged, freely and voluntarily and reliquished right of Dower.
Delivered to office 4 Jul 1831, Recorded 19 Jul 1831, Thos. Brandon, Clk
p.367-8 Deet of Trust. David Humphrey is indebted to Robert Haden for $1900 in two notes with from date 4 Jul 1831. One for $950 due 25 Dec 1832. The other for $950 due 25 Dec 1933. Indenture made 4 Jul 1831 between David Humphrey of first part and John R. B. Eldridge Trustee for the use of Robert Haden for the 2nd part, and Robert Haden of the third part, all of Madison Co. For $5 sell to said Eldridge, Trustee (the above described lands). If Humphrey shall pay Haden, this deed to be void. If he shall pay, Eldridge shall expose to auction at the Court house door in Huntsville, after giving 30 days notice in the Democrat or some paper in Huntsville.
Signed: David (x) Humphrey, John R. B. Eldridge, Ro Haden
Wit: Geo H. Graham
4 Jul 1831 The parties acknowledged same. Delivered to be recorded same day. Recorded 20 Jul 1831, Thos. Brandon, Clk.

DB N, p.548
4 Feb 1832 Robert Haden & Mary H Haden his wife of Madison Co AL to John O. Connally. For $2000, in hand, receipt acknowledged. Two tracts of land in Madison Co. The North part of the NE ¼ of Section 18, Twp 3, Range 1 East, 120 acres, bounded by Thomas Strong on the East, at a marked Corner, Rock, thence, West with marked trees to the Spring, through middle of the Spring following manders of the Spring branch until it enters John Connally line on the West, thence North by the road leading to three forks of Flynt and Pleasant Hodges line. The other tract, the third part of the SE ¼ Section 7, Twp 3, Range 2 E, 53 acres. Bounded by on East, Pleasant Hodges, West by Richd Hodges, South by the Winchest Road, North by the Road leading from Thomas Strongs to Anthony Smiths.
Signed: Ro Haden, Mary H. Haden
Acknowledged & dower relinquished on 4 Feb 1832 before Richd B. Purdom, Clk
Delivered on 4 Feb 1832, registered, 8 Feb 1832. Richd B. Purdom, Clerk CC

The above seems to be the last transaction of Robert D. Haden in Madison Co AL - he is said to have died in Lowndes Co, Mississippi where it is certain his son Robert D. was living. The Lowndes Co deed index, LDS Microfilm #901929, has a number of entries for R. D. Haden, but no designation of Sr or Jr is noted. The following deeds apparently was transacted in Madison Co and recorded there. I am not sure why they was also recorded in Lowndes Co.
#0901930 Lowndes Co MS Deed Book 1 1830-1838
p.63 Deed of Gift. John McGowen for natural love and affection for dau Mary, wife to William Haden of Madison Co, AL and in consideration of $10 paid by Robert Haden Senr of the County and State aforesaid, and acknowledged by me, John McGowen of Monroe Co, MS, have sold and delivered to Robert Haden Senr one negro woman named Betty, black color and about 20 years old with her child George about two years old. To have with their increase in Trust for the benefit and use of my daughter Mary Haden and the heirs of her body. Robert Haden does hereby bind himself to hire out said negroes or keep them employed in some profitable way for the support of said Mary Haden and her natural children. 23 Aug 1826. Signed: John McGowen, Ro. Haden
Aug Term, 1826, Madison Co Court - acknowledged by John McGowen & Ro. Haden
Rec 23 Aug 1826, Madison Co, Tho Branson, Clerk. Book K, p.329
LowndesCo, MS - Robert D. Haden clerk, recorded 11 Jul 1831.

p.64 Deed of Trust. For Natural love and affection for my son William M. Haden & his wife Mary of Madison Co AL, and in consideration of $2 paid by John R. B. Eldridge of the same, have sold to sd John R. B. Eldridge one Negro man named Joe, black color and about 20 years old, one ball mare and Gigg, two feather beds, two trunks and their contents and about 800 pounds of pork. To hold in trust for the benefit of my son William M. Haden and his wife Mary Haden and their natural born heirs. Eldridge obligates to hire out said Negro or keep him profitably employed for the support of said William & Mary. 11 Dec 1829.
Signed: Ro. Haden, Jno. R. B. Eldridge.
Acknowledged before Thos Branson, Clerk, Madison Co AL, 14 Apr 1830. Recorded in Madison Co 23 Feb 1831, Deed Book N, p.231
Recorded Lowndes Co MS by R. D. Haden, Clerk, 11 Jul 1831.

Tax Records of Lowndes County Mississippi, 1833-1840; Logan & Webb, 1992
Names listed include those who paid only a poll, as well as landowners. This list raises more questions than it answers as there are several Haden/Haydens who do not appear in the 1830 or 1840 censuses in Lowndes. There is also no way to tell if this Robert was ever listed, all entries or for his son of the same name, or a combination of the two.
1833 - R. D. Haden, no land. Robert D. Haden, 120 acres - Bigby R (Tombigbee River) [without being able to see the original it is impossible to tell if this might be the same person, or father and son]
1834 - H. W. Haden (no land, no clues to identity) R. D. Haden - 160 acres on Looksapalia (Luxapala Creek)
1835 - R. D. Haden (no land, or omitted/unreadable), Rich'd Haden (no land)
1836 - R. D. Haden, 80 acres on McCrory Creek
1837 - R. D. Haden (no land, or omitted/unreadable) James Haden (no land - likely the James Hayden that married Parthenia Irions, sister-in-law of McKinney Holderness) David Haden (the 1840 census does have a David Harding - I suspect the name misunderstood).
1838-1840 - no land is listed, no explanation recorded.
1838 - Robert Hayden R. D. Hayden as trustee for William Hayden
1839 - William M. Haden/Hayden. R. D. Hayden, Trustee, 30 acres, Bigby River. James Hayden. David Hayden.
1840 - R. D. Hayden, Trustee for William. R. D. Hayden. William M. Haden. David Hayden.

Possible daughter for Robert & Mary is a Susan who married in Madison Co AL in 1818 as found online "Marriages-Alabama to 1825" ;
Haden, Susan M. married Woodfin, William on 31 Aug 1818 in Madison County, Alabama
She could also have belonged to other Hadens who were in the area - there is no tradition of Robert & Mary having a daughter.

A possible son is the Charles F. Haden who married Susanna Murrell, 11 May 1830 in Madison Co.

Another possible son is Richard Eustace Haden whose desendants have long searched for his parents. The DAR has him as a son of William Haden (Logan Co KY) and he certainly was not - the dates don't work and neither do any of the locations.

Robert D. HADEN and Mary H. MILLER were married on 3 November 1792 in Prince Edward County, Virginia.1,185 Mary H. MILLER, daughter of John MILLER, was born about 1770 in Goochland County, Virginia.1

Robert D. HADEN and Mary H. MILLER had the following children:



William M. HADEN.



Hon. Robert Douglas HADEN.



Susan M. HADEN.



Dr. Charles F. HADEN.



Richard Eustace HADEN.