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Fourth Generation

71. Nathan O. HADEN218 was born on 9 February 1793 in Campbell County, Virginia.1,3,11 He died on 4 September 1833 at the age of 40 in Todd County, Kentucky.234
Nathan and Margaret were married by his brother, Joel.

1820 Census. Christian Co KY
Nathan O. Hayden. 2 males under 10 (George & James), 1 male 26-45. 1 female under 10 (Nancy). 1f 26-45. 4 slaves.
Brother Joel was far down, but on the same page.

Counties of Christian & Trigg, KY, Historical & Biographical., 1884. Online at
"The first recorded vote in the county was for members of Congress and for members of the Legislature at the August election of 1822.....candidates for the Legislature were Benjamin Patten, Nathan O. Haden, Thomas Raleigh & Thomas Barnett. Patten & Barnett were elected.

Found at the University of North Carolina Library website: "Digital Library on Amercan Slavery"
Filed 17 Aug 1827. No result recorded - this is the preliminary case that later came before the Court of Appeals, see next.
Petition 20782713, Christian Co Circuit Court in Chancery, Christian Co KY
25 Jul 1827, Nathan Haden sold Samuel Hopkins five slaves, Betsy and her four children, for which Hopkins executed his note for $850. Since the purchase, Anthony Haden, father of Nathan, has instituted an action of detinue for the slaves, claiming them as his own. Hopkins believes they do indeed belong to Anthony and asks the court to set aside the contract between himself and Nathan Haden and to compel Nathan to return his note and be enjoined from assigning or transferring said obligation.
Slaves were named with approximate ages in 1827: Betsy age 24, Charles age 6, Jeremiah age 5, Minor age 2, and Celia age 1.

I found the following court case which came before the Court of Appeals of Kentucky 14, Nov 1831. It had originally come before the Todd Circuit Court. Thomas Arbuckle was appealing the opinion of the lower court which had returned ownership of slaves to the children of Nathan O. Haden, objecting that the slaves had in fact been in possession of N. O. Haden and were subject to being sold at sheriff's sale and that also the sixth child had no ownership. The slave Betsey and her four children had been given to the children of Nathan by their grandfather, Anthony "Hayden". Nathan Haden had sold the slaves to a man named Hopkins. Anthony Haden insisted that the son had no right to sell or dispose of them and instituted action against Hopkins to recover them. While the action was pending, 28 Aug 1828, he conveyed them by deed of gift to the five children of N. O. Haden viz. G. S., Nancy H., James L., Sibellas W., Sally Ann and Mary Jane [this is actually six children]. Anthony stated that a marriage was contemplated between Nathan O. Haden and Ann Porter, daughter of his old friend, and he wanted any children from their issue as well as the children of Nathan then living to share in his bounty. The children were to share equally, and if the marriage to Ann Porter was consummated, the slaves were to remain with her. If Nathan died and she remarried, then the grandchildren were to have immediate possession. Hopkins and N. O. Haden rescinded their contract and the possession of the slaves remained with the children. Anthony Haden made out his will, Dec 1827, in which in mentions and confirmed the deed of August 1828. The marriage did take place and a sixth child was born after the death of her grandfather. In November of 1827, the slaves in controversy were sold by the sheriff under executions against Nathan O. Haden and Thomas Arbuckle purchased them. In 1828, James C. Haden, next friend [and uncle] of the six children pursued an action of detinue and Arbuckle was forced to give up the slaves. He then appealed. The Court of Appeals ruled that Arbuckle had no valid title to the slaves and the slaves should be recovered from him by Nathan O. Haden and wife. The youngest daughter was provided for in both the deed and will of her grandfather and did share in the ownership of the slaves. The judgment of the lower court was affirmed.
30 Ky. 94; 1831 WL 2444

Found in the Christian Co KY census, 1820, p.43, living on the same page with his brother Joel. Two sons under 10 [born between 1810-1820 - G. S. & James], himself as 26-45; 1 female under 10 [Nancy] and wife, age 26-45.

In 1830 in Christian Co, p.30:
1m under 5, 1m 10-15, 1 m 15-20, 1m bet 30-40. 1f -5, 1f 5-10, 2f 10-15, 1f 20-30.

1840 Census. Todd Co KY
Ann Haden: 2m 5-10, 1f 10-15, 2f 20-30, 1f 30-40 [possibly widow of Nathan O. Haden]
There was also an R. B. Haden listed in 1840 in Todd Co.
R. B. Haden: 1m 15-20, 3m 20-30 1f 5-10, 2f 15-20, 1f 20-30, 1f 30-40

Nathan O. HADEN and Margaret SMITH were married on 25 April 1813 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.3 Margaret SMITH died on 24 December 1826 in Todd County, Kentucky.234

Nathan O. HADEN and Margaret SMITH had the following children:



George S. HADEN died before September 1833.

This child of Nathan's was undiscovered until I found the case in the Court of Appeals of Kentucky concerning a slave which stated that Nathan O. Haden had five children at the time the grandfather Anthony Haden gave them a slave, but a sixth child had been born after the death. It listed the children as G. S., Nancy H., James L., Sibellas W., Sally Ann and Mary Jane Haden. Presumably G. S. was the eldest and probably a male child. He probably predeceased his father - Nathan died in 1833. A statement by Nathan's brother, Joel H. Haden, was that four children were living at the time of Nathan's death - Nancy, James, Sibella, and Sally Ann.



Nancy H. HADEN.



James C. HADEN.



Sibella W. HADEN14,234,238,239 was born about 1821.238

I would think her name was likely Sibella, but it is spelled Sibellow or Sibelow in the records found so far.

Married Greenberry "G. B." Wray

1850 Census. Christian Co. Greenberry Wray, age 31, overseer. b. KY. Sibbellow W. age 28. Margaret O. age 4 months.



Sally Ann HADEN14,234 was born about 1825.238

When James and Sibella made application for their grandfather's pension, they mentioned other heirs as Joel H. Haden [their uncle] and Nancy Prewitt [probably their sister Nancy who had married Joshua C. Prewitt] but made no mention of Sally Ann. They did list her as a child of Nathan, their father. It is possible she was deceased by 1853.

Nathan O. HADEN and Hanna Ann PORTER were married on 30 August 1827.1 Hanna Ann PORTER was born (date unknown).

Nathan O. HADEN and Hanna Ann PORTER had the following children:



Mary Jane HADEN14 was born after April 1828. She died before September 1833 at the age of 5.

Mary Jane probably died before 1833. She appeared in a court case concerning a slave given to Nathan's children by their grandfather Anthony Haden and had been born since the death of Anthony in 1828. Statements by Joel H. Haden [brother of Nathan] was that four children were left when Nathan died in 1833 - Mary Jane was not one of those four.