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Fourth Generation

70. William Dabney HADEN was born on 9 March 1790 in Campbell County, Virginia.1,3,11 He died on 12 May 1834 at the age of 44.1,3,234

Is this the William D. Haden from Kentucky that served in the was of 1812? And then received Bounty Land in Missouri? Or is it one of the Wm Hadens in Logan County?
From "Historical Register & Dictionary of the U.S. Army, p.485: Haden, William D. KY. 2 Lt 28th Infantry 20 May 1813; 1st Lt. 10 Oct 1813; regt.paymaster 26 Jun 1815; discharged 15 Jun 1815.

1830 Census. Montgomery Co KY
William D. Haden. 1m -5 [Matt], 1m 5-10 [John], 1m 20-30, 1m 40-50 [Wm D]
1f -5 [Mary], 1f 10-15 [Sarah], 1f 40-50 [Elizabeth]

Examination of the pension files of father Anthony Haden reveals that Joel H. Haden stated that his brother William D. had died "some years since". The date of 4 Sep 1833 was given as the death of his brother Nathan. I suspect the date of death given here is an error and that William Dabney died several years earlier - I am also not at all sure he died in Logan Co KY as reported in Irene Cook's files - he appears to have lived in Montgomery Co KY in 1830 and his children were all there in 1850. Perhaps Joel knew Nathan's date of death since his children were also making a declaration for the pension, but wasn't so sure about William.

William Dabney HADEN and Elizabeth Lewis JOUETT were married on 19 August 1817.3,235 Elizabeth Lewis JOUETT236, daughter of John "Jack" JOUETT and Sarah "Sally" ROBARDS, was born on 10 March 1790.3,237 She died on 23 April 1848 at the age of 58.3

DAR Lineage gives name of Elizabeth Jouett's husband as Charles Haden - that is wrong.

Elizabeth and some of her children may have been living in her brother Jack's household in 1840.
1840 Census. Montgomery Co KY
Jack Jouett: 2m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 20-30, 1m 40-50. 1f -5, 1f 5-10, 3f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 2f 30-40, 1f 50-60

William Dabney HADEN and Elizabeth Lewis JOUETT had the following children:



Sarah Ann HADEN.



John Jouett HADEN.



Mary Duke HADEN.



Matt Jouett HADEN.