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Fourth Generation

69. Rev. Joel Harris HADEN97,222,223,224,225,226 was born on 14 November 1788 in Campbell County, Virginia.3,11,14 He died on 7 February 1862 at the age of 73 in Howard County, Missouri.3,227 He was a Minister, Christian Church.

Found on Don Carolus Dixon & Mary Jouett Allen were married by the Rev. Joel Haden, Wed Nov 1, 1815 at the residence of Maj. Thos. Allen in Mercer Co KY. Dixon was a son of Capt Tilghman Dixon, brother to Lt. Col Henry Dixon - both sons of Henry Dixon (1720-1795) and Elizabeth Abernathy. Robert Dixon, a son of Lt. Col. Henry was the second husband of Jane (Flippen) Brooks of Caswell NC.

Found in Christian Co KY 1820 Census Index along with his brother Nathan, p.43.
1m under 10 (Charles - should have been two! John born 1817.), 1m 26-45 (Joel), 1m over age 45. 2f under 10 [Martha & Ann], 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45 [Patsy]

1830 Census. Howard co MO
Joel H. Haden: 1m 5-10 [James], 1m 10-15 [John], 1m 15-20 [Charles], 1m 40-5 (Joel H.). 1 f 10-15 [Martha], 2f 15-20 [Ann and ?], 1f 40-50 [Patsy)

Oct 1830 Supreme Court of Missouri, Fayette District
Error from the Howard Co Circuit Court. Alexander v. Haden. At July term, 1828, of Howard Circuit Court, Joel H. Haden, the defendant, had instituted sued and sued an attachment against Alexander who failed to appear at the return term of the writ. Publication was awarded and duly published and at the Nov term, 1828, judgement was entered against Alexander. At the last July term, Alexander moved to set aside the judgement on account of irregularity. The court below overruled and this writ is prosecuted to reverse the decision. The only point made by plaintiff Alexander was that the affidavit on which the attachment was sued is insufficient [defective]. The court stated that it was indeed defective and the lower court erred in overruling and the therefore the judgement is reversed and the cause remanded [sent back to lower court]. Reporter: 2 Mo.228. I found this case cited many times in subsequent years.

Helped to organize the Christian Church in SW Missouri. Helped some members of family to resettle in area as well. A story related by a contemporary and printed in Opening the Ozarks, 1835-1839, p.881, says that he was "one of the finest specimens of manhood I have seen; a splendid speaker. He was six feet tall, 225 pounds, blue eyes, large mouth and nose. His slaves took care of the church building and Father Haden never considered receiving pay for his preaching."

1 Sept 1835 Joel H. Haden of Howard County was 1st Register at the US Land Office in Springfield; he became a permanent resident of Springfield.
Land patents in his name in Greene Co MO beginning 10 Sep 1844.

Senate Executive Journal, Friday, June 27, 1834
To The Senate:
I also nominate Joel H. Haden to be register of the new land office created in the southwestern part of Missouri, and Robert T. Brown to be receiver of public moneys arising from the sale of public lands at the same office.
Senate Executive Journal, Monday, June 30, 1834
Resolved, That the senate do advise and consent to the appointment of ....Joel H. Haden and Robert T. Brown, agreeably to the respective nominations.

Senate Executive Journal, Monday April 23, 1838
Washington, April 20th, 1838
To the Senate of the United States:
I nominate for reappointment the following land officers, whose commissions will expire at the dates respectively affixed to their names:
Joel H. Haden to be register of the land office for the district of lands subject to sale at Springfield, in the State of Missouri, from the 30th of June 1838.
Thursday, May 24, 1838
Resolved, That the Senate advise and consent to the appointment of ....Joel H. Haden...

Senate Executive Journal, Monday, December 29, 1945
Washington, 29th December, 1845
I nominate to the Senate the persons herein named for the offices to which they have been appointed during the last recess of the Senate: James H. McBride to be register of the land office for the district of lands subject to sale at Springfield, in the State of Missouri, vice Joel H. Haden, removed.

Marriage Records of Greene County, MO 1833-1847 shows many marriages performed by Joel H. Haden, Elder in the Christian Church (E.C.C.)

Greene Co MO, DB A, p.191. 25 Jun 1839. Joel H. Haden & Patsey Haden his wife of Greene Co sold to Peter Apperson a tract in Polk Co. No 1/2 of SW Quarter of S18, T36, R25, containing 83.43 acres. "understood that we have not the patent as yet"
Signed: Joel H. Haden, Patsey Haden.
Ack 25 Jun 1839 and dower relinquished before Cornelius D. Terrell, Clerk Greene Co Circuit Ct

1840 US Census, Greene County MO
Hayden, Joel H. 1 m (10-15); 2 m (20-30); 1 m (50-60) 1 f (10-15), 1 f (50-60)

Besides founding churches, did Joel H. Haden also found Mason chapters?
History of Washington Co, AR, 1989, copy in Shiloh Museum, Springdale.
"Clubs & Organization", p.792
17 Sep 1841
Far West Chapter #1 of Royal Arch Masons
1st in Arkansas. Petition signed by Onesimus Evans, Archibald Yell, Thomas J. Pollard, Wm. Stirman, Joel H. Haden, Samuel Harris, Joseph Hawking, Alfred A. Stirman, Richard Pulliam. charter grated 17 Sep 1841.

1850 US Census, Greene County, City of Springfield
Joel H. Haden, age 62, Minister CC, $40,000, born VA
Margaretta (sic), age 62, born KY
Martha E. [Cooper] age 13, born MO
Joel H. Cooper, age 10, born MO
James H. Cooper, age 7, born MO [the Cooper children are grandchildren]
[Strangely enough, Martha, Joel & James Cooper were also listed in the household of their uncle James H. Haden in Howard Co MO in the same census.]
Joel also owned three slaves in 1850, all mulatto - two females age 20 and 12, and a 17 year old male.

1860 Census. Howard Co MO, Chariton Twp, P.O. Glasgow, Hh 725
James H. Haden, age 37, b. KY, Farmer. Priscilla F., age 32, b. KY
Children born in MO: John J. age 8, Joel H. 4, Martha J. 2
Joel H. Haden, age 74, b. VA, Minister, real estate $25,600; personal property $27,500
Jas H. Cooper, 19, Laborer, b. MO
William H. Roberson, 27, Overseer, b. MO
Joseph H. Miller, 72, Farmer, b. VA

Son John S. Haden, lived in the next household.

Death notice: Elder Joel H. Haden in Howard County in Feb. in his 80th year. Pioneer of Missouri, minister in Christian Church
Another death notice in "History of Greene County MO" gives the following under Deaths During 1862: Feb 7, Rev. Joel H. Haden, so long connected with the Springfield Land Office, at his home in Howard County, Missouri.

Google Books:
Personal Reminiscences and Fragments of the Early History of Springfield and Greene County, Missouri Related by Pioneers and Their Descendants at Old Settlers' Dinners Given at the Home of Capt. Martin J. Hubble, March 31, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911.
Inland Printing Co, Springfield, MO, 1914.
p.31 Father Haden was the organizer of the Christian Church in Southwest Missouri and in the latter part of July of each year, one week before the election, all Christians attended the protracted meeting of Father Haden, and for many years that meeting decided the election. Father Haden aspired to the gubernatorial chair of the State in 1846.... Southwest Missouri was solid with her seven delegates for Haden in a convention of 113.

Joel's will is abstracted in Opening the Ozarks: First Families in Southwest Missouri 1835-1839, Vol. II, p.884-885
His will was dated 17 Nov 1860 and he had made several deeds to his children that had not been delivered and asked his executor to do so. He desired to make his bequests to his children as equal as possible, with the grandchildren to share the portion due their deceased parent. He mentioned advancements of $9500 each to daughter Martha J., wife of James A. Shirley, son Charles A., son John S., son James H., and his grandchildren Martha E. Pollard, Joel H. Cooper, John S. Cooper, and James H. Cooper. The son John S. Haden was to have a tract of land, subject to the use of his brother James H. Haden. Granddaughter Martha Pollard to have negro woman Sarah and her child Bill. Charles A. Haden to have the boy Tinker, a blacksmith, and was to be charged accordingly. Property of James H. Haden included the woman Mariah, with all her children, a negro man Doctor, a horse named Touchstone, Peter, and the old blooded mare. The balance of the estate to be sold and applied to making all children equal. That part given to Martha J. Shirley was to be held in trust by James H. Haden and not subject to her husband's control or debts. James H. was to maintain a trust for all the grandchildren, except the slave given Martha Pollard. The negro boy John was not to be sold but to go to which of the children offered $1250 for him. Executors: sons Charles A. and James H. Haden. Wit: William C. Boin, W. F. Disernica. Will proved 17 Mar 1862.

Rev. Joel Harris HADEN and Martha Ann "Patsy" SMITH were married on 15 July 1812.3 Martha Ann "Patsy" SMITH228, daughter of Charles SMITH and Elizabeth MOSBY, was born on 26 January 1789 in North Carolina.229,230 She died on 2 October 1857 at the age of 68 in Howard County, Missouri.231,232

Charles A. P. Haden stated in the 1880 census that his mother was born in North Carolina.

Death Records From Missouri Newspapers,
"Haden, Martha, wife of Elder Joel H. of Howard County. 2 Oct. 15 Oct 1857."

The Hall Manuscript Collection, Ozarks Genealogical Society, says her parents were John and Mary Porter Smith - no documentation. Springfield, Greene County, Missouri Inhabitants, p.258, states her father was Charles Smith of Bourbon Co KY, whose wife was Mary Porter.

Rev. Joel Harris HADEN and Martha Ann "Patsy" SMITH had the following children:



Charles Anthony Preston HADEN.



Ann Elizabeth HADEN.



Martha Jane HADEN.



John Smith HADEN.



Joel Henry Harbour HADEN was born on 10 December 1820 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.1 He died before 1862 at the age of 42.233

Not mentioned in father's will; he may have died as a child. Even in the 1830 census, he does not seem to be present with the family.



James Hambleton Marquis HADEN.