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Fourth Generation

65. Hendley HADEN3,211 was born on 27 September 1776.3,212 He died in 1865 at the age of 89 in Caldwell County, Kentucky.1

1830. Trigg Co KY
Henly Hayden. 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 50-60
1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30, 1f 40-50

1840. Trigg Co KY
Hendley Haden. 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 60-70
1f 20-30. 1f 50-60

Deliberately left out of his father's will.
"Hambly" Haden, age 75, born in Virginia, lives in the household of Nathan O. Hayden in Caldwell Co KY in 1850.
Nathan O. Hayden, age 27, b. Trigg Co, KY. Martha J., 25, b. Caldwell Co KY.
John H. 2, b. Caldwell Co KY
Hambly, age 75, b. VA
James Gale, age 12, b. TN.

1860. Princeton, Caldwell Co KY
N. O. Hayden, age 37, b. KY. Martha 25. John 12. Joseph 9. Jane 5. William 2.
George Teer, 20, farm hand. Tennessee Gray, 18, domestic.
Hendley Haden, age 85, retired domestic, b. VA.

I do not know who this William was but he was living in Trigg Co near Hendley Haden.
1830 Census. Trigg Co KY
William C. Hayden. 2m -5, 2m 5-10, 1m 20-30, 1m 40-50.
1f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 30-40.
1840 Census. Trigg Co KY
Will. C. Haden 1m -5, 2m 5-10, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 50-60
1f -5, 1f 5-10, 2f 15-20, 1f 40-50
Counties of Christian & Trigg, KY, Historical & Biographical., 1884. Online at
At the October term of 1831 it was decided to put up a new brick building and William Haden, James Garnett, Thomas McFarland, Thomas W. Hammone, Philemon Frayser, Lipscob Norvell & William Cannon were appointed commissioners with full powers to fix upon that part of the public square which they should deem most eligible, and to adopt such plans for the building as they should mutually agree upon.

Hendley HADEN and Elizabeth Cave SHIPP were married on 18 October 1804 in Albemarle County, Virginia.14,213 Elizabeth Cave SHIPP, daughter of Laban SHIPP and Sarah "Sally" JOHNSON, was born about 1784 in Fauquier County, Virginia.213

Hendley HADEN and Elizabeth Cave SHIPP had the following children:



Laban HADEN was born on 7 August 1805 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.213 He died about 1815 at the age of 10.213



Sarah J. HADEN213 was born on 11 May 1807 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.213

Married Lemuel Dunning 2 Oct 1831, Trigg Co KY.



John J. HADEN213,214 was born on 1 May 1809 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.213 He died on 3 November 1868 at the age of 59.213

Married Mary A. Miller on 13 Mar 1831, Trigg Co KY.
Found in the 1850 Census in Caldwell Co KY. John J. Hayden, age 40, Farmer, b. Bourbon County, KY, Mary A. age 32 , born Caldwell Co KY, Mary E. age 16, ?Jelius W. age 15, male; Robert H. age 12, Martha E. age 8, James M. age 11/12.



Mary M. "Polly" HADEN213 was born on 25 July 1812 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.213

Married William Teer on 14 Feb 1833, Trigg Co, KY.



Turner Richardson HADEN213 was born on 10 October 1814 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.213 He died on 11 October 1890 at the age of 76 in New Douglas, Madison County, Illinois.213

Married Jane Smart Thompson on 28 Feb 1837, Trigg Co KY, daughter of Adam Thompson.

Turner Richardson HAYDEN
Jane Smart THOMPSON Husband: Turner Richardson HAYDEN / HADEN
Birth: 10 Oct 1814, Bourbon Co., KY
Death: 11 Oct 1890, New Douglas, Madison Co., IL
Father: Hendley HADEN
Mother: Elizabeth Cave SHIPP Marriage: 28 Feb 1837, Trigg Co., KY Wife: Jane Smart THOMPSON
Birth: 23 Dec 1810, Christian [now Trigg] Co., KY
Death: 23 Sep 1899, Kings Hill Farm, Bond Co., IL
Father: Adam THOMPSON
Mother: Jane [SMART?]
Children: — born in Trigg Co., KY:
1. William HAYDEN, b. 22 Feb 1838
— born in Macoupin Co., IL:
2. Charles H. HAYDEN, b. 1 Nov 1839
3. Isabell M. HAYDEN, b. 4 Jul 1842
4. John Adam HAYDEN, b. 7 Mar 1845
5. Virginia Susan HAYDEN, b. 26 Mar 1848
6. Martha Jane HAYDEN, b. 13 Dec 1850
7. Thomas Russell HAYDEN, b. 13 Dec 1850



Joel H. HADEN213,215 was born on 20 July 1816 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.213 He died on 14 December 1882 at the age of 66.213

Married (1) Martha J. Elder on 4 Jun 1838, Trigg Co KY. Married (2) Mary Brown on 7 Mar 1850, Crittenden Co KY.

Found in Caldwell Co KY in the 1850 Census:
Joel H., age 34, born KY; Martha J. age 28; Margaret age 7, Francie, male, age 5, Essah, female, age 3. Two other young men in household - Joel and the men all engaged in the same occupation - could be "Stone cutter". This census page very hard to read.

1860 Census. West Half of Crittendon Co KY. P. O. Marion. Hh 326
Joel Hayden, age 43, b. KY, farmer. Mary C. 34, b. KY. Sarah J. 12, John 10, Polly A. 8 months. Aaron Thralkeld, age 6 [stepchild?]

1870 Census. Todd Co KY, Hadensville
Joel H. Haden, age 54, b. KY. Mary C., age 44, b. KY. Pollie A. 11, John 19, and Susan age 17.



Caroline HADEN213 was born on 17 September 1818.213

Married William Covington on 17 Nov 1837, Trigg Co KY.



James O. HADEN was born on 7 September 1820 in Trigg County, Kentucky.213 He died on 3 July 1824 at the age of 3 in Trigg County, Kentucky.213



Nathaniel O. HADEN211,213 was born on 10 April 1823 in Trigg County, Kentucky.213 He died on 7 February 1863 at the age of 39.213

Married Martha J. Miller on 12 Apr 1847, Caldwell Co KY.
Found in Caldwell Co KY for the 1850 Census. Nathan O. Hayden, age 27, Farmer, born Trigg Cty, KY; Martha J. age 25, b. Caldwell Cty KY, John H. age 2. "Hambly" Hayden age 75, born VA is in the household - this is surely Nathan's father Hendley. James Gale age 12, born in TN also lived with the family. [Nathan and John lived only two households apart.]



William A. HADEN213 was born on 19 October 1826 in Trigg County, Kentucky.213 He died in 1906 at the age of 80.213

Married (1) America E. Finch on 1 Dec 1846, Crittenden Co KY; (2) to Sarah A. Thelkeld on 30 Nov 1858 in Talcondas, Illinois.