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Fourth Generation

61. Jane or Jenny HADEN92 was born on 9 January 1768 in Goochland County, Virginia.3,47 She was christened on 16 February 1768 in Goochland County, Virginia.23,47 She died in 1836 at the age of 68 in Johnson County, Missouri.1

Marriages of Campbell Co VA, 1782-1810,
7 Sep 1786, Marriage bond of Charles Gilbert and Jenny Haden. Anthony Haden was bondsman.

1830 Census. Logan Co KY
Jane Gilbert. 1m age 20-30. 1f age 20-30. 1f age 60-70 [Jane]

Logan Co DB T: p.128 12 Oct 1831 between Jane Gilbert and Thomas Gilbert. $100 to Jane. Sells to Thomas Gilbert his son all her right & title to tract land by her late husband devised to her during her life. 186 acres. Jane (X) Gilbert To be for the benefit of Thomas Gilbert at her decease. Wit: Allen Campbell, Alexander Campbell. Allen Campbell proved 3 May 1832

From researcher Ludwig Gritzo, June 2015:
Jane or Jenny Haden, daughter of Anthony and Druscilla, died in 1836 in Johnson County MO.She was living with her daughter Mary (aka Polly) Gilbert Oglesby, and is presumably buried in the Oglesby family farm cemetery. Our source is online:“History of Johnson County, Missouri.”

Jane or Jenny HADEN and Charles GILBERT were married on 7 September 1786 in Campbell County, Virginia.192 Charles GILBERT44,78,193,194,195, son of Aquilla GILBERT and Elizabeth BUTTERWORTH, was born on 13 July 1758 in Bedford County, Virginia.44,124,196 He died on 20 April 1824 at the age of 65 in Logan County, Kentucky.124,196

[Year of birth was given as 1728, but his father's was given as 1727. Other children in family born 1750s. 1758 is a guess.]

Campbell Co VA Deed Book 1784-1790, p.312. On 26 Sep 1788 Thomas Clark bought 330 acres on both sides of the south fork of Seneca Creek from Charles and Jane "Jenny" Gilbert.

No Gilbert was listed on the 1788 Tax list for Fayette Co KY, but by 1790, he was living there.

Fayette Co KY, Burnt Records
Vol 3, p.92 Thomas Marshall Senr and Mary his wife of Woodford Co to Andrew Elder. Tract on waters of Thomas run in Fayette Co - 143 and ¾ acres. Begin corner to Hadons and running thence; Ashersts corner; Gilberts corner. Wit by Jacob Todhunter, Charles Gilbert, Hugh Cochran. Proved in Court by the witnesses April, 1792.
Vol. 3, p.94 31 Mar 1792 Thomas & Mary Marshall to Charles Gilbert of Fayette Co for 150£ Tract of 100 acres in Fayette Co on waters of South Elkhorn. On Parkers line, at Todds fence. The place whereon the said Gilbert now lives …part of William Peeches survey of two thousand acres. Wit: Jacob Todhunter, Andrew Elder, Hugh Cochran. Proved by witnesses, April Court 1792.
There is also a deed dated 14 Apr 1795, Samuel & Sally Lusk to Aquilla Gilbert, father of Charles.
These deeds place the Gilberts in Fayette Co at the same time as Jenny Haden Gilbert's first cousin William Haden.
Vol. 4 p.181 Apr 1790
Charles & Janny Gilbert of Fayette to Adrian Davenport. 400 £, current money. Tract in Fayette on waters of South Elkhorn, Parkers Line, Thomas Proc….[some doubt about this word], Ashers line. ___bert now lives & conveyed by Thomas _____ [Marshall]. 100 acres
Ack by Gilbert, May Court 1798
Vol. 4, p.277
Gilbert's corner on Elder's line. Being the place where Thomas Proctor now lives, part of William Peaches military survey of 2000 acres unto the said James Wren. 43 acres.
Sept Court 1790.
Vol. 5, p.91
Charles Gilbert. Fragment from Adrian & Nutty Davenport. Ack Dec Court 1798. Gilbert had previously sold to Adrian Davenport land tract on South Elkhorn - see Vol. 4, p.181-182
These next deeds in Vol. 5, seem to be part of the series of deeds that were found in Volume 3, p.92-94.
Vol. 5, p.275 Deed from Thomas & Mary Marshall produced in court April 1792, proved by Charles Gilbert, Andrew Elder, Hugh Cochran
p.276 Deed from Thomas & Mary Marshall to Hugh Cochran. Begin line of McDaniels Military survey, with Smithys, corner to John Porter, with his line, line of McDaniel's, 144 acres. Part of William Peachys military survey. Also produced in court April 1792, proved by Jacob Todhunter, Charles Gilbert, and Andrew Elder.

Most of children possibly born in Fayette County KY.
1809 Charles Gilbert and Jenny his wife of Logan County sold land in Warren County on the Big Barren River to Adrian Davenport of Ohio for $1. Logan Co Deed Book B, p.580.
Also recorded Warren Co DB E, p.217. Tract of 333 1/3 acres in district for officers of the Continuental Line, above mouth of Jennings Spring Branch, Col. Burford, Cook's Spring. Granted to Chas Gilbert, assignee of Wm Tompkins. Wit: Geo Moore, Anthony Gilbert, John B. Smith 16 Oct 1809.

1820 Census in Logan County KY. Charles Gilbert with 1 male child under 10, 1 age 16-18, 1 age 16-27 and himself, over 45; 2 girls between 10-16, and 2 females over 45. Can't imagine who the other older lady is - Jane's mother is deceased. In 1830, Jane Gilbert is listed as a widow age 60-70 with 1 male between 20-30 and 1 female between 20-30 - either unmarried children or a married child living with her.

Will dated 4 Mar 1824. Probate: 3 May 1824. Names Jane, wife, children. Executors: Sons, Anthony, Benjamin & Thomas. Witnessed by: Martin Gilbert, Anthony Haden, J. H. Thomas.

WILLS - GILBERT, Charles, Logan County, Kentucky
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 22:06:26 +0000
From: Renee Koechner
Will Record of Charles GILBERT,Logan County,Ky.
To Jane,wife,home and land for her lifetime,slaves;to Rebecca,
daughter,furniture;to Anthony,son,100 acres;to Benjamin,son,
100 acres;to Elizabeth Campbell,daughter,93 acres;to Thomas,
son,stock,tools,land willed to wife after her death;to Polly
Gilbert,daughter,money to buy her a big coat,livestock,
featherbed,1 slave,;Amelia Truitt,daughter,$100.00,1 slave;
to Drucilla Gilbert,daughter,1 slave;to Sarah Hickman,daughter,
1 slave.When his estate receives estate of his deceased brother,
Benjamin Gilbert,the wife is to get 1/5 with the rest divided to
make amount of land inherited by children equal.
Written 4 March 1824.
Exec,:sons,Anothony,Benjamin and Thomas
Wit.:Martin Gilbert,Anothony Haden,J.H.Thomas.
Signature is written.
Date of probate:3 May 1824

p.57 Will of Charles Gilbert 4 Mar 1824
Wife Jane – tract & plantation where I now live, 200 acres wi farm utensils & household & kitchen furniture and Negroes. Stock of horses, cows, hogs & sheep.
To dau Rebecca Gilbert, feather bed & furniture & to be supported out of property leant to wife.
Son Anthony D. Gilbert the tract where he lives, 100 acres
Son Benjamin Gilbert, the tract where he lives, 105 acres
Dau Elizabeth Campbell tract she lives on, 93 acres
Son Thomas, horse, saddle & bridle, feather bed, plow, etc, also the tract after my wife dies
Dau Polly Gilbert, horse, saddle & bridle, feather bed, cow & calf, money for a coat, slave to go to the heirs of her body after her decease
Dau Amelia Truitt, $100 which she has sec'd and Negro boy at death of her mother
Dau Drucilla Gilbert, Negro boy which she has rec'd
Dau Sarah Hickman, Negro girl which she has rec'd
At the decease of wife Jane, all property not otherwise disposed of shall be divided to make all children equal.
A legacy due me from brother Benjamin Gilbert. To wife Jane 1/5 part, the balance so that the children who have no land may come equal with those that have
Three sons: Anthony H., Benjamin & Thomas, my sole Executors.
Signed: Charles Gilbert
Wit: Anthony Haden, Martin Gilbert, J. H. Thomas
3 May 1824. Probate. Proved by witnesses. Certificate granted.

p.87 Buyers at Sale of Charles Gilbert Estate include:
Ant. H. Gilbert, Benj. Gilbert, George Hickman, Ant. Haden [cow, saddle bags], Wm Gilbert, Michael Gilbert, Major A. Price, Thos. Gilbert

Gravemarker gives death as 20 Apr 1823, but since he wrote his will on 4 Mar 1824, the marker is wrong.

Jane or Jenny HADEN and Charles GILBERT had the following children:






Anthony H. GILBERT.



Elizabeth GILBERT.



William GILBERT197,198 died before May 1816.198

The following cannot be this William as the children are too old, but I do not know another William Gilbert in Logan Co at this time. Perhaps someone will see these notes and find the answer.

Names and birthdates of children of a William Gilbert proven in Logan Co Court by two credible witnesses. Stated that these are "Children of Wm Gilbert dec'd who died in the Service of the U.S. are the only Legitimate heirs at Law of said William Gilbert..." The oldest child born in 1796.
William, b. 27 Jan 1796; John b. 27 Apr 1798; James b. 14 Apr 1800; Samuel b. 26 May 1802; Benedict, b. 28 Jul 1804; Peter b. 30 Oct 1809; Richard M. b. 21 Feb 1811.

Inventory and sale of goods reported to Court. 10 May 1816. Executor is Milley Gilbert - no doubt his wife.



Sarah "Sally" GILBERT.



Benjamin GILBERT.



Drucilla GILBERT.



Mary "Polly" GILBERT was born (date unknown).

Married name was Oglesby. Her family moved to Johnson Co, MO.



Thomas Hopkins GILBERT.



Rebecca GILBERT193 was born on 14 September 1806.196 She died on 30 April 1830 at the age of 23 in Logan County, Kentucky.196