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Fourth Generation

105. Joseph Peatross HADEN was born on 23 September 1783 in Fluvanna County, Virginia.39,241 He died in 1820 at the age of 37 in Todd County, Kentucky.1,325,326

Baptized 8 Jul 1787

James Porter was bondsman with Daniel Carr as witness. Consent given by Rezin Porter Jr. Witnesses to marriage: Peter and James Porter.

Young Joseph may have planned at one time to move to Lousia Co, or even actually lived there. Among the Unrecorded Deeds:
p.49 [p.3-4 of original] List of John Poindexter, Clerk, dated about 1813: 190 acres Wit: Jos Haden Jr., Wm Clarke, Joanna Clark, Jno Hailey Benja. Harris
p.58 [p.13-14 of original] William Slayden & wife to Jos. Haden, 6 Nov 1802. Wit: Ro. Yancey Wm Kimbrough, R. D. Hayden, M. P. Haden [wife was Sarah Slayden], Jos. Haden of Fluvanna Co. Proven by Yancey & Kimbrough on 13 Jun 1803. Tract was 4 1/8 acres.

Louisa Co VA
Book: L, Page: 28, Grantor: Sally M. Clark, Grantee: , Date: 17-Apr-1777
Sally M. Clark cannot conviently travel to Louisa court and was examined by Henry Garrett and James Poindexter, Justices. DB L. p 29 17 Apr 1777 Isaac Clark and Rebeccah, his wife, of Louisa to John Barker of Goochland 30 Lbs. currt. money 190 acres north side of Fork Creek adjoining Isaac Clarks plantation, Isaac Clarks old line, Thomas Clarks line on Creek. sig. Isaac Clark and Rebecca R. Clark. Wit; Joseph Haden, Jr., William Clark, Louisa Clark. John Hailey, Benjamin Hailey. Rec. 13 Jul 1807.

Lived in Albemarle County VA in 1807. Children born here. By 1814, the family had moved to Todd County, KY

This family was present in Todd/Logan Counties at the same time as the children of William Haden. Rezin Porter and Joseph D. Haden both married in Logan County. There is a note in the Logan County Court Records concerning maintenance of a road: Monday 22 Apr 1839 "and the hands where Rezin Haden formerly lived". Possibly removed to Missouri about the same time as William Franklin Haden. Mary K. Haden Sprout may have made her home in Springfield with Joel Harris Haden when Mr. Sprout died.

Christian County was formed from Logan, 1797. Todd County was formed from Christian & Logan, 1820.

Christian Co KY Court, begun Monday, 1 Sep 1817
On Petition and motion of Joseph Haden for the establishment of a Town on his land in this County on Waters of the Elk Fork and at the crossing of the Road leading from Russellville to Clarksville and from Hopkinsville to Galatin and about 23 miles from Hopkinsville, he having produced satisfactory proof to the Court of his holding a good and undisputed title to the said land and also of his having given such notice of this application as is required by law, and if it seeming to the Court necessary and advantageous for said County and the public at large,
It is therefore ordered that said Town be and the same is hereby established to be known and called by the name of HADENSBERG, which shall be contained within a square of 8 acres, the center of which shall be the present crossing of the roads aforesaid,
Containing 16 half-acre lots and two main streets, and that John Cross, James Allen, William Parham, Henry Gorin, Robert Hagood, William Terry, and Elijah Hayden are hereby appointed Trustees to said town in in whom the rite and title to the same is vested, agreeable to an Act concerning the establishment of Town, Whereupon said Haden with Henry Gorin and James Breathitt, his securities, entered into an acknowledged bond in the penalty of one thousand pounds condidtioned according to law, which bond securities is approved of by the Court.
The map was included in the Court record. Court Order Book C, p.231
Reprinted in TreeBuilders, Vol. 31, No. 4, Winter 2010

Hopkinsville mentioned in the above court order, is today almost the center of Christian Co. Hadensville, but not Hadensburg does still exist, although the crossroads through the center of the town is not there and it is in Todd Co, very near the Logan Co line. Hadensville is on Kentucky State Road 848 which goes from Hopkinsville and across Todd Co, then crosses into Tennessee, eventually to Gallatin. A part of this road is named Hadensville Road. A couple of miles from Hadensville, and running in the opposite direction of KY Highway 848 is US Highway 79 which runs from Clarksville, TN and up to Russellville. There's no doubt that this was the location of Hadensburg. The Elk Fork River crosses KY Highway 848 between Hadensville and the Todd/Logan County line.

Locating Hadensburg reveals another fact. Elijah Hayden, one of the original trustees, was no doubt part of the Hayden family which has no relationship to the Hadens - but it is known that the Haydens settled on the Red River in Logan Co - which is not all that far across the Todd/Logan County line from Hadensburg. The Haydens favored the given names Elisha & Elijah.

"Abstracts of Wills And Settlements Logan County, KY 1795-1838" p.120, , Will Book E p.54, dated 10 Dec 1831, Settlement agreed to by heirs with consent of widow. Division of Estate names widow, Nancy Haden, son Rezin P., daughter Eliza/Elizabeth T., daughter Mary K. and son Joseph D. Widow to have possession of land during her natural life and then it shall pass to sons Rezin and Joseph. Recorded January 1832.

Joseph Peatross HADEN and Nancy Ann PORTER were married on 1 March 1806 in Albemarle County, Virginia.1,327 Nancy Ann PORTER92,164, daughter of Rezin PORTER and Elizabeth TOOLEY, was born on 22 June 1781. She died on 13 May 1850 at the age of 68 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.328

1820 Census. Todd Co KY
Nancy ?Haden, living next door to Wm Porter, and Mary Porter.
1 male under 10, 1 male age 10-16. 1f under 10. 2 females 10-16, 1 female over 45. 6 slaves.
There is a question about her name as written and it may not be Haden, although certainly the first three letters are "Had"
There is also a Jos. Haden in Todd Co - he had 2 males under 10, 1 male 16-26 and 1 male 26-45. and a female age 26-45. 5 slaves.
Neither of these is a good fit as Joseph & Nancy would have both been in their late 30's, but their children in 1820 were Rezin, age 14 and Joseph D., age 6, Elizabeth 12, and Mary age 9. As far as I know, the exact date of death of Joseph is unknown. The first entry is a closer match to the family except there is an extra female age 10-16, and Nancy is a bit too old.
Neither Joseph nor Nancy is listed in Christian or Logan Counties in 1820.

Logan Co DB O
p.352. 22 Jun 1827 James Porter, Geo. R. Dismukes & Jane his wife and Nancy Haden & Wm Porter of one part to David Burks of the other part. For $1400. Tract in Logan Co South of Russellville ...corner of James Williams 290 acres. One other tract in Todd Co. Charles Barkers line . Tract deeded to Reson Porter by Charles Meriweather & Azariah Daviss & allotted by mutual consent of the heirs of said Resin Porter to David J. Burks and Mary Porter, heirs of the said Resin Porter.
Signed: William Porter, George R. Dismukes by Joseph Covington his attorney in fact, Jane Dismukes by her attorney in fact Joseph Covington, James Porter by his attorney in fact Joseph Covington, Nancy Haden.
Deed Ack by Wm Porter & Nancy Haden & Joseph Covington. Rec. 23 Jun 1827.
p.353 Power of attorney. 11 Jun 1827 Humphrey Co, TN James Porter to Joseph Covington of Warren Co KY Transfer all right & title of tract in Logan Co derived through Mary Orindu deceased, sister of the aforesd James Porter. And transfer & convey right & title in three tracts in Todd Co, property of Rezin Porter Decd to 1/7 part of which I am entitled as one of the heirs of sd Rezin, Dec'd. The lotts to be conveyed being designated in the divisions as #2, 3, and 7 and containing each 70 1/3 acres.
Signed: James Porter
Witness: Robt Jarmon, James Teas, Justices of Peace in Humphrey Co TN Rec. Logan 22 Jun 1827
p.355 Davidson Co TN 8 Jun 1827 George R. Dismukes & James his wife late Jane Porter appoint Joseph Covington of Warren Co KY attorney. Transfer right in tract in Logan Co derived through Mary Orindorff dec'd sister of aforesd Jane.. And transfer right in 3 tracts in Todd Co, property of Rezin Porter, dec'd. 1/7 part entitled as heirs of sd Rezin. Lotts designated #2, 3, 7, each containing 70 1/3 acres. Signed: George R. Dizmukes, Jane Dizmukes Ack in open Ct.. Rec. Logan 22 Jun 1827

Beginning in 1826, Nancy Hayden/Haden is listed on the Tax Rolls of Logan Co KY; 100 acres land on the Red River; 7 total slave, 2 horses in 1826. She had a son at home, age 21 in 1828 - this would be Rezin Porter. In 1829 Rezin is listed alone & seems to be claiming ownership of her slaves as she does not state any this year, although she still claims 100 acres of land. In 1830, only Nancy is listed with 200 acres on the Red, 11 slaves, 4 horses - perhaps a joint household with Rezin again.

Logan Co DB Q, p.324 2 Aug 1830 Nancy Haden to Samuel Clinton. Tract near the road, corner to Genl. R. Ewing, on his line. 10 acres. Wit: R. D. Bradley, David Clinton, who proved 4 Oct 1830.
p.326 2 Aug 1830 Robert Ewing to Samuel Clinton for $240. 120 acres south side Red River, near Clintons fence, Bakers, line, on widow Haden's line, corner to sd widow Haden & sd R. Ewing. Signed: Robert Ewing. Wit: R. D. Bradley, David Clinton, Thos. Townsend. Proved by Bradley & Clinton on 4 Oct 1830.

Logan Co DB T, p.66 18 Oct 1830 Richard D. Bradly and Culliman Bradley his wife to Rezin P. Haden. $200.50. Land in the fork of Red River containing the house and 2 acres being the part of Mrs. Hadens tract which was reserved for said James H. when she purchased from Richard D. Bradley as described in her deed. Signed: R. D. Brandly, Caleny Bradly. Wit: Jeremiah Nellms, Adam Pence. Said deed was proven before John B. Slaughter, late deputy for Spence Curd, late Clerk on the 1 Nov 1830 by oaths of Jeremiah Nelmes & Adam Pence. Rec. 12 May 1834.

Bill of Sale from Greene Co MO, DB D, p.57
John De Bruin of Greene Co in consideration of $600 paid by Nancy Haden of same. All interest and claim to the following property [which interest is all I have to the said property by virtue of my intermarriage with my present wife Mary K. De Bruin, formerly Mary K. Sprout] to wit. Negro woman Malinda, age 45, Negro girl Judith Ann, age 10. And I do by these presents convey to said Nancy Haden all title. 16 May 1845. John De Bruin
Missouri, Greene Co. 16 May 1845. John De Bruin acknowledged the same to be his act and deed. Recorded. Joshua Davis, Recorder.
[Mary K. & John DeBruin also married in Greene Co MO. Possibly they went to Missouri before the rest of the family.]

Logan Co DB V; p.457 19 Oct 1837 Nancy, Rezin P, and Joseph D. Haden of Logan Co to David J. Burks of same. $8 per acre. Tract in Logan Co of 100 acres. Corner to Wm Ross, his line; another corner Ross, corner of James Bradley's field. Conveyed to Nancy Haden by Richard Bradley & to Bradly by Amos Milliken and to Millikin by John Trimble and being the same tract where Joseph D. Haden dec'd of his last lived. Reserving the land sold out of the above tract by Nancy Haden to Richd D. brandly and deed to Samuel Clinton.
Signed: Nancy Haden, Rezin P. Haden, Joseph D. Haden
Wit: John P. Burks, John L. Burkes
Proven by oaths of witnesses and rec. 26 Feb 1838.

Letter in "John Haden of Virginia "children were born in Virginia, but moved to Kentucky when young". By 1839, she had gone to Springfield, MO, with her children. Deed #932 from Greene Co MO Deed Index - John Debruin (who would marry Nancy's daughter Mary Kasiah) to Nancy Haden, 16 May 1845.

Hers is the only visible marker in a cemetery in Section 27, Twp.19N, Range 21W in Greene County, Missouri (Greene Co. Cemeteries, Vol. IX, p.221)
Nancy Haden, Consort of Joseph Haden, deceased, born 22 June 1781, died 13 May 1850

Nancy Haden is listed on the slave schedule for 1850 with two slaves, a male age 30 and a female age 12.

Joseph Peatross HADEN and Nancy Ann PORTER had the following children:



Rezin Porter HADEN.



Elizabeth Tooley HADEN.



Mary Kasiah HADEN.



Joseph Douglas HADEN.