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Third Generation

23. Catherine BLAKEY123,124 was born on 24 November 1753 in Virginia.22 She died on 6 October 1825 at the age of 71 in Barren County, Kentucky.19

Joined her husband's church - Dripping Springs Baptist Church - in May 1800

Catherine Stockton, widow of Robert died on 6 Oct 1825. A lawsuit, #476 in Barren Co KY Circuit Court, was filed 1828, by Catherine Garnett and her best fired John Garnett. There was a slave girl, Eliza, still in the hands of, James P. Stockton, the son and administrator of Catherine Stockton. Catherine was asking for the sale of the Slave and distribution of the proceeds to the heirs. The course of the lawsuit and the final payment in twelve parts reveals a great deal about the family of Catherine.
Married daughters still living were: Nancy who married Saml. B. Robertson, Dosha who married Richard Garnett [parents of Catherine], Unity married to William Herrin; Catharine married to Lowry Bishop and Prudence who married James Hall.
Grown sons, living, were Reuben B., James P. and Joseph B. Stockton. These three sons had previously on 7 Jan 1826, conveyed all their right & title in the said slave Eliza to the petitioner, Catherine Garnett.
The deceased children and their heirs were:
Rachel Howard whose children were: John Howard, Betsy Howard married to Joseph Bishop, Nancy Howard married to William Morgan, Catharine Howard married to Matthew Smith, and Martha Howard, daughter of Reuben Howard, a dec'd son of Rachel Howard. [Martha would be a great granddaughter of Catherine Stockton]
Robert Stockton Jr was dec'd; his children were Thomas B., Robert, William Haden, James T., Sally, Betsy who had married William Wilson, and William & James Hall, the two children of Robert Jr's deceased daughter Catharine. Betsy died before the case was settled leaving "unknown" heirs.
Dorothea "Dolly" Thompson had died before her mother, leaving children Robert S. Thompson, John Thompson, William Thompson, the child of Nancy Thompson dec'd named Catharine, and Polly married to Aaron Sandridge.
Fanny Hall, whose children were Robert S. Hall, Clarinda and her husband Samuel Harlow, Fanny Hall, and William Hall.

Catherine BLAKEY and Rev. Robert STOCKTON were married on 7 September 1768 in Virginia. Rev. Robert STOCKTON114,116,123,125,126, son of Richard STOCKTON and Agnes ANTHONY, was born on 12 December 1742 in Albemarle County, Virginia.19 He died on 21 September 1825 at the age of 82 in Barren County, Kentucky.19

DAR Lineage #67603: Served as chaplain in the Virginia Line and was taken prisoner at Brandywine.
The Stocktons lived next door to the Whitsitts in Henry Co VA at the time William Breathitt came from PA to marry Elizabeth Whitsitt - 1782-1783.

Henry Co DB I, p.284
21 Jul 1779 Peter Copland & Elizabeth his wife to Robert Stockton for 2000£. 1000 acres. Lines of Thomas Cooper, Joseph Cooper, Sims' line, crossing branch of Beaver Creek. signed: Peter Copland, Elizabeth Copland. Wit: Thomas Cooper, Joseph Cooper, Joseph Goodwin.

This deed links all the families together - Blakey, Breathitt, Stockton, Whitsitt, before any of them left Henry Co Virginia for Kentucky.
Henry Co DB 4, p. 117
27 Apr 1790 Abraham Penn, William Whitsitt & Elenor his wife of Henry Co to Benjamin Jones of Prince Williams for 225£, land both sides Little Beaver Creek, also Red Bank Creek. 550 acres. Lines of George Blakey, William Brethart, Robert Stockton, Thomas Cooper & James Anthony. Signed: Abraham Penn, William Whitsitt, Elenor Whitsitt.
p.114 23 Sep 1790 Elanor Whisitt, wife William, relinquished dower of deed to Benjamin Jones.

Logan Co Court Record of 26 Jul 1796. Deed from Benjamin Roberts Shephed to William Blakey, oath of Robert Stockden [sic], subscribing witness, recorded.
[Warren Co was formed out of Logan in 1796, then Barren Co formed out of Warren & Green in 1798. This is likely the same property later given as in Barren Co.]

Founded the Dripping Springs Baptist Church, Barren County, KY - oldest church between the Barren Rivers. First meeting at the home of William Blakey 3 Feb 1798. He himself joined the church by letter in Feb 1800.

STOCKTON, Robert, 24 July 1799, cert 1533, Beaver Creek.
STOCKTON, Robert, 1824, Little Barren
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Stockton, Robt 200 9 7/24/1799 Sinks, Beaver Creek
Stockton, Robt 200 27 5/8/1816 Little R
Stocton, Robert 200 G 11/27/1817

25 Mar 1800 George Simple appt. a commisioner of the tax for that part of Barren Co in Major STOCKTON"S batallion.
Tues 24 Mar 1801 Land entries include Robert Stockton Sr, 400 acres
26 May 1801 Road viewing from Mud Lick on Scaggs Creek to intersect road to the Salt Works near Bishops - any three of these: Robert Stockton, Joshua Wilson, Geo. Case & Joseph Tunsatall

Barren Co Message Board:
From: Robert Means of Richmond, Henrico, VA
To: Robert Stockton
Type: Military land headwaters Sinking Spring Branch
Names cited: William Reynolds, Edmund Rogers, Christopher Rogers, William Ballard, Robert George, William Croghan
Date: 26 Feb 1803
Source: Barren Co Deed Book AA, p101.
From: Robert Stockton Sr
To: Robert Stockton Jr and Reuben B. Stockton
Type: Land near Smoking Spring
Name Mentioned: Christopher Road, William Ballard and Robert George.
Date: 18 June 1804
Source: Barren Co Deed Book AA, p. 124.

BARREN CO ORDER BOOK 3 August Court, Monday, 22 Aug 1808.
Patsy JEFFERES granted letters of administration on the estate of her late
husband Daniel JEFFRIES; Robert STOCKTON her security. Wm BLAKEY, Saml
SPENCER, Leonard HALL, Benja SMITH (or any 3) to appraise the estate and
slaves if any of Daniel JEFFERES.

BarrenCo Message Board:
From: John Howe and wife Peggy
To: Robert Stockton Sr
Date: 14 Mar 1809
Type: Land on Beaver Creek
Names Cited: Abel Hennon
Barren Co KY Deed Book B, p. 239

BARREN CO ORDER BOOK 4 Wed, 17 Nov 1813
Robt Stockton exempt from paying county levy and public tax in the future on a Negro woman named Luce for her "infirminity occationed by her having and affliction of fitts".

1824 Robert STOCKTON. James CARTER, Washington SLEMMONS, Henry RAY, Wm
ROBERTSON-lines. James CARTER Jr, cc. Johnston ATKINSON & Sam'l CARTER, hk
1828 William SMITH. Middle Fork. Robt STOCKTON (decd) assigned to him.
James P. STOCKTON, administrator made the assignment. Geo LYONS, Clement
HILL, O'BANNON-lines. Granville WHITLOCK & Elijah EDWARDS, cc. Pleasant

Barren Co KY Will Book 2, p.391
Stockton, Robert Will dated 11 Feb 1820; Probate Oct 1824.
Eldest son Robert, deceased. Sons: Reuben B., youngest - James P. and Joseph B.
Daughters: Rachel Howard, dec'd, Dolly Thompson, dec'd - wife of William Thompson, two daughters, Doshey Garnett, single, children; Unity Lee, Catharine Bishop, Prudence Hall, children, Nancy Robertson, Fanny Hall, deceased & left children.
Wife: Catharine. Grandson: Benjamin Hayden.
Wit: J. Pool, George Yates, Alpheus Yates, James A. Sherley, John M. Sherley, Evard Clark, Edmund Rogers
See Barren Co Message Board at Roots Web.

Marker at Stockton-Ray Cemetery, Barren Co
Site of the home and grave of the Revolutionary War chaplain and pioneer Baptist preacher. Bon in VA 1743. "Submitted to believer's baptism" in 1771. Captured by the British at Brandywine, 1777, and held prisoner two years. Came to this area 1799. Stockton helped form Strawberry and Green River Baptist Associations of which he was moderator. He died here, 1824.

Plaque shown on FindAGrave:
Revolutionary War Patriot
Robert Stockton
Born Dec 12, 1743 - Virginia
Died Sept 21, 1825 - Barren Co, KY
Marker Placed by Edmund Rogers Chapter, NSDAR
June 2012

His headstone says he died Sept of 1824, but the New York Evening Post of Wed, Feb 23, 1825 stated that in Barron Co, KY, Rev. Robert Stockton, 81, had died.

Catherine BLAKEY and Rev. Robert STOCKTON had the following children:






Robert STOCKTON Jr..



Annie "Nancy" STOCKTON.



Dorothea "Dolly" STOCKTON.



Theodocia D. "Docia" STOCKTON.






Reuben B. STOCKTON123 was born on 23 March 1785 in Henry County, Virginia.19 He died in June 1832 at the age of 47 in Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky.19 Joined Dripping Springs Baptist Church April 1801.

Barren Co Rootsweb Message Board:
From: Robert Stockton Sr
To: Robert Stockton Jr and Reuben B. Stockton
Type: Land near Smoking Spring
Name Mentioned: Christopher Road, William Ballard and Robert George.
Date: 18 June 1804
Source: Barren Co Deed Book AA, p. 124.
From: Robert Stockton Jr and Reuben B. Stockton
To: Reuel Custer
Date: 1811
Type: Land - Stockton's militaryline, Mentloe's line.
Barren Co KY Deed Book B, p. 380

Reubin B. Stockton married Maria W. Brooks, her guardian William Thompson, on 19 Apr 1814. Barren Co Marriages posted on <SOUTH-CENTRAL-KENTUCKY-L@rootsweb>

Mon, 27 Dec 2004
Nathan HEATHERY appt surveyor of the road from Woodsonville on the Green
River to Saml ISAAC's in room of Ransom AMOS. Richard MUNFORD and Reuben B STOCKTON to allot hands.



Frances B. "Fanny" STOCKTON.



Catherine B. "Kitty" STOCKTON.



Prudence STOCKTON.



James P. STOCKTON124 was born on 22 January 1794 in Henry County, Virginia.19 He died on 20 June 1830 at the age of 36 in Warren County, Kentucky.19
Barren Co Order Book 4, Monday 15 Aug 1814. James Stockton sworn in as Deputy Sheriff, took oath. <SOUTH-CENTRAL-KENTUCKY-L@rootsweb>

James P. Stockton served as a Private in the War of 1812, Hall's 3rd Infantry according to "Barren Co KY's Military Hall of Fame"

James P. Stockton married (1) Beedy Bishop, her guardian was Laury [Lowry] Bishop on 22 Jun 1819. He married (2) Frances E. Grant on 8 Jun 1828. Barren Co Marriages posted on <SOUTH-CENTRAL-KENTUCKY-L@rootsweb>

James was the administrator of his mother's estate.



Joseph Blakey STOCKTON was born on 24 July 1798 in Henry County, Virginia.19 He died on 31 July 1870 at the age of 72 in Edmonton, Barren County, Kentucky.19

Joseph Blakey Stockton married Emily Hook daughter of Martha Hook; he was a son of Robert Stockton. 22 Jun 1819. Barren Co Marriages posted on <SOUTH-CENTRAL-KENTUCKY-L@rootsweb>
He married (2) to Elina Parrish.