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Fifth Generation

444. John M. HADEN92,636,637 was born on 12 February 1815.638 He died before February 1852 at the age of 37 in Jasper County, Missouri.

Logan County Court Records, Book 7 p.241 April Term 1820:
Guardianship of William and his brother John was first their uncle Joseph.

Logan County Court Records, Book 8 p.409 Dec Term 1828:
After Joseph's death guardian became Cardwell Breathitt at the written instructions of Sam'l D. Sublett & Margaret C. Sublett (his mother). The Subletts are found in the 1830 Census in Logan County, KY, with male children of an age to possibly be John and William F. and also several younger children.

Logan Co WB D
p.288 In relation to guardianship for John & Wm Haden, I make the following report. Two Negroes, Green & _____ put in the hand of Mr. Sublett for the maintenance of the children for year 1829. In a suit in chancery in the Logan Circuit Court amongst the heirs of Wm Haden deceased there was allotted to the said heirs of J. M. Haden the sum of $1287.61. Suit is now in the court of appeals and a Super sedus has been granted, result cannot now be stated. Some Negroes had been sold in that suit & notes to the amount of $951.76 came into my hands. It is uncertain whether the said heirs will be entitled to the proceeds as that depends upon the opinion of the court of appeals. Should the case be affirmed that amount will be in my hands. Of the other $335.85 as in the hands of the Admin do bonos non, Wm Haden, he has paid me which will also be in my hands in case the Judgment is affirmed. There was also a decree in Logan Circuit Court agt. Jas. Haden admr for the Sum of $560.09 that is enjoined by Jefferson Haden and no part of it has been recorded. Sworn to according to law. Card. Breathitt
5 Apr 1830. Report was exhibited & ordered to be recorded.
p.333 Jefferson Haden Guardian for John M. Haden son of John M. Haden reports that he has in his as guardian a Negro boy named Green supposed to be 15 years old which he has hired out for the sum of $45 payable next Christmas.
5 Jul 1830
Jefferson Haden.
5 Jul 1830. Produced & ordered recorded.

....Book 8 p.471 Dec Term 1829
John M. Haden (now over 14) makes choice of Jefferson Haden (his cousin,
son of James) as his Guardian.
....Book 8 p.499 Jul Term 1830
Jefferson Haden makes report of property received for John M. Haden

Logan Co DB V, p.306 17 May 1837 John M. Haden. Deed of Mortgage. $1000. Sold to William Haden. Horses, 100 acres of land, my interest in 200 acres formerly owned by my Father on waters of Gasper, all my interest in a claim of the heirs of my father John Haden have against the estate & heirs of James Haden dec'd who was adm of my Father. Wm Haden is my security. Signed: John M. Haden. Test: Wm. C. Poor, Wm Soyars. Only In witness: Jos. B. Bigger. Deed of Mortgage.

Logan Co DB X, p.147 17 Sep 1840 Samuel D. and Margaret C. Sublett his wife of Logan Co sold 185 acres to William H. Stokes for $700. The land is that which belonged to Margaret as her dower from her first husband, John M. Haden. The deed also states that they are including the right that had belonged to William F. Haden as son and one of the heirs of John M. Haden - this deed had appeared in DB W, p.533 on 17 Jan 1839; William F. had sold to the Subletts for $100 his interest in the lands from his father, 100 acres except for 15 acres which he had previously sold. Then the deed states that the balance of the right in the tract is in the hands of John M. Haden and said Sublett is transferring the obligation [mortgage] which is held by William Haden, Senr [uncle, brother to the dec'd John M.]. Margaret C. Sublett was examined and relinquished her dower.
Following this deed, on p.138, and made in Warren Co on 4 Sep 1840, was the recording of a release of any right and title from John Jackson & Mary Jackson [parents of Margaret C. Sublett.] John & Mary Jackson had previously held a mortgage on Margaret's dower lands.
[I believe that John M. basically received his "inheritance" from his uncle William when he mortgaged his property to him and likely left Logan Co. That's why he was not there to take part in this land transaction. William F. Haden had sold out everything he owned by this time and likely was moving to Missouri. Since the Subletts are also selling the only property I can determine that they ever owned [even that was hers], I strongly suspect they were also leaving Logan Co.]

Also in Logan Co DB X, p.334. 23 Nov 1840. John M. Haden, by Alexander Hull, Commissioner appointed by the Logan County Court. A decision was rendered in favor of James Blakey, Jonathan Freedy & George Brown as Administrators of the estate of Wilton Brock, dec'd against John M. Haden. As a result all claims Haden had in 200 acres on the Gasper River which had descended to John M. Haden and his brother William F. Haden from their deceased father, was sold at the courthouse to the highest bidder, who was George Brown in the amount of $10. Deed signed as John M. Haden by Alexander Hull.
[This deed offers further proof that John M. Haden was no longer present in Logan Co. I suspect this may be the old mortgage - by this time his uncle William had also mortgaged property and transferred his own notes. Chances are good that the parties were well aware that the land itself had already been sold by the Subletts, and this court case is basically serves as an attempt to clear up the mortgages and the title to the tract of land.]

INDEPENDENT DEMOCRAT of Canton MS. Married by James Priestly, Esq. on May 5, 1843, John M. Haden of Kentucky to Miss Francis A. White, daughter of John White, Esq. formerly of KY now of this county. [As the Comforts, 1st cousins, lived in Canton as well as others, including a John White, from Logan Co - I believe this is the same as the John M. Haden of Logan Co KY.]

Then a picture in the old Haden album from the Haden House in Ladonia had on the back "Fendle Haden, age 17, Starkville, MS". Other identified pictures in the album were of family in Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. An attempt to identify Fendle Haden resulted in the following:

1880 Census, Kosciusko, Attala Co , MS p.39A
W. A. Haden, lawyer, age 31, b. MO, Father b. KY, mother b. KY [born about 1849]
Lina Haden, wife, age 27, b. MO, father/mother b. unk
Rosa C. Haden, dau. age 6, b. MS
Suda M. Haden, dau. age 3, b. MS
Lina Lee, dau, age 1 month, b. MS
F. A. Haden, mother, Teaching, age 60, b. KY, father b. VA, mother b. KY
Peggy Wells, Servant, Black, age 40 b. MS
Nicholas Wells, Servant, Black, age 11, b. MS
[Is this mother, Frances A. White Haden?]

1900 Census, Beat 1, Kosciusko Town, Attala Co MS p.12b
Wm. A. Haden. B. Oct 1847, age 52, married 27 yrs. b. MO, parents b. KY, Lawyer
Lina H. wife, born Mar 1852, age 48, 5 children, 3 now living, b. MS, father b. GA, mother b. MS
Sudie M. dau. b. Aug 1876, age 23, b. MS, Teacher, public sch
Lina, dau b. Apr 1880, age 20, b. MS
Fendle A., son b. Jul 1882, age 17, b. MS, At School

Notice that the mother is listed in 1880 as F. A. Haden [Frances A. ?] And of course, John M. could very well name a son for his Revolutionary soldier grandfather, William Haden. Also the note on Fendle's picture says "Starkville, MS". That's the home of Mississippi State - the picture was probably taken his freshman year at school. Again, there's no reason for this picture to be in a album in Ladonia, TX, unless there's a connection. Also interesting that Wm A. Haden of the census was born in MO in 1847 - the best I can figure out, William Franklin Haden moved to Missouri about 1845 or so. It may very well be that John M. & wife also moved to Missouri, Frances later returning after his death to Mississippi where perhaps she still had family living.

Then I found:
1850, Jasper Co MO, p. 395b
John M. Haden, age 36, Farmer, b. KY
Frances A., age 27, b. KY
Mary O. age 5, b. MO
Wm A. age 2, b. MO

Jasper Co Bond Book: William D. Alexander & John D. Watters were securities for Francis A. Haden in the sum of $700. 5 Feb 1852. Francis A. Haden, administratrix of the estate of John M. Haden deceased. Signed: Frances A. Haden, W. D. Alexander, John D. Watters. Filed 5 Feb 1852.

Jasper Co Court Minutes Book B, p.53.
In Vacation Feb 5, 1852. This day came Frances A. Haden and applied for letters of Administration on the estate of John M. Haden deceased. She presented her administration bond. The oath was administered and letters of administration granted.
Jasper Co Court, Tuesday, feb. 24th 1852.
p.61 Samuel Rice & Wm M. Chenault vs. John M. Haden's Administratrix. Wm. M. Chenault filed for Samuel Rice & himself to recover $38.68
p.62 John Purcell vs. John M. Haden's Admx. Said Purcel to recover $7 and his costs.
p.63 Gabriel Johnson vs. John M. Haden's Admx. Johnson to recover $29.70 and his costs.
p.67 Gabriel Johnson vs. John M. Haden's Admx. Recover $1.75 and costs.
Jasper Co Court - Feb 25th 1852
p.67 Ordered by the Court that the administratrix of John M. Haden deceased who is the widow of the deceased be authorized to appropriate twenty five dollars of the assets of said estate to buy provisions for herself and the children of the deceased residing with her and to make report to this court.

John M. HADEN and Frances A. WHITE were married on 5 May 1843 in Canton, Madison County, Mississippi. Frances A. WHITE639, daughter of John WHITE and Frances "Fanny" PROCTOR, was born in 1825 in Logan County, Kentucky.

1860 Census. Kosciusko, Attala Co MS.
Frances White, age 65, Frances A. Haden age 39, Teacher. Both born in Kentucky. Mary O. age 14 and. A. W. age 12, both born in "Misouri" and attending school. Louisa White, age 24 and b. in KY was also living in the household.
Apparently Frances [White] Haden had gone back to live with her mother in Mississippi after the death of her husband.
On the same page was also the family of Dr. Ozias Lewis - whose wife was Emily Comfort, a daughter of Eleanor Whitsitt who was a daughter of Emily Haden and William Whittsitt.

1870. Still in Kosciusdo. Frances White, age 75, was living in the household of E. H. & Rachel Wells. Have not found Frances Haden in 1870. In 1880 she was living with her son William and his family.

John M. HADEN and Frances A. WHITE had the following children:



Mary O. HADEN was born in 1845 in Missouri.



William Alonzo HADEN.