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Sixth Generation

1144. Sophia Selina HADEN was born on 1 November 1856.533,555 She died on 22 July 1896 at the age of 39 in Blount County, Alabama.

Sophia Selina HADEN and Absalom B. ELLETT were married on 4 February 1875 in Madison County, Alabama.555 Absalom B. ELLETT was born (date unknown).

Sophia Selina HADEN and Dr. Patrick Griffith ALLDREDGE were married on 18 September 1886 in Blount County, Alabama.555 Dr. Patrick Griffith ALLDREDGE was born (date unknown). Blount County AlArchives Biographies.....Alldredge, P. G. June 13 1853 - after 1893
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Author: Brant & Fuller (1893)

P. G. ALLDREDGE, a physician and merchant at Brooksville, Ala., was born
June 13, 1853, a son of Jesse J., and Manila (Scott) Alldredge, both natives of
Alabama. The father was a son of Enoch and Amelia (Pace) Alldredge, both natives
of Tennessee. The grandfather came with his parents to Alabama when but eight
years of age and grew to manhood on the farm. He was elected justice of the
peace about two months before he was twenty-one years of age, represented Blount
county in the legislature twenty-one years in succession, and retired from
office in 1876. He was a son of Andrew J. and Leah (Chaney) Alldredge. The
great-grandfather came to Alabama quite early and settled in the woods among the
Indians and opened up a farm, being the first white man to drive a wagon into
Blount county. He was a very religious man and for many years administered to
the people's spiritual wants in the days of log cabins, when the people would
assemble in each others houses for religious worship and would have to carry
their trusty rifles with them for protection. Grandfather Enoch Alldredge was a
soldier in the Blackhawk war and Seminole war. Mrs. Manila Alldredge was a
daughter of Patrick and Elizabeth (Berry) Scott. Grandfather Scott was a native
of North Carolina and went to Tennessee in a very early day; from there he came
to Alabama, and settled in Blount county, and on its oragnization was elected
its first county judge and served about twelve years. He was also an officer in
the state Militia for many years. After he retired from the bench he went back
to the farm, where he remained till his death. In his day he was known as a
great fighter when people fought with their fists. He was not a quarrelsome man
at all, but if a bully came into the country, even while he was judge, he would
step down off the bench long enough to teach him a lesson by giving him a decent
flogging. Grandfather Alldredge entered a tract of land near Brooksville, which
has never passed out of the family. P. G. Alldredge now owning a part of the
same land. The latter was reared on the farm. He attended the common schools of
the neighbor-hood and finished a high school course at Summit, when he was but
sixteen years of age, and at seventeen he began the study of medicine, and had
as his preceptor John F. Bellinger, the present representative of Blount county,
and in 1874 he entered the old Atlanta school of medicine and graduated in 1875;
after graduating he first located at Brooksville, where he remained two years;
then moved to Blountsville, where he remained one year; then to Texas, where he
remained fourteen months; then to Lawrence county, Ark., where he remained until
1881, then returned to Brooksville, where he again entered into the practice and
has continued since that time, but for the last few months his health having
failed, he has partially withdrawn and now the most of his practice is confined
to the office. In 1891, he engaged in the mercantile business at Brooksville,
and since that time has conducted a large and lucrative business. The doctor is
an ardent democrat and always takes a great interest in politics, but never was
a candidate for any office. In 1873, he married Louvicie E. South, daughter of
John and Martha (Murphrey) South. They were natives of Tennessee, but came to
Alabama and settled in the woods among the Indians. To this union were born
three children: Eugene P., Hugh H., and Homer. The mother was born and reared
near Blountsville, Ala. She died in 1881, and in 1886, Dr. Alldredge married
Mrs. Sophia S. Ellett, daughter of John and Jane (Pickens) Haden.
They were
natives of Virginia, but early settled in Alabama. The father represented
Madison county in the legislature several years. To the union of Dr. Alldredge
and Mrs. Ellett three children have been born - Haden, Daisy and Lela. The
mother was born and reared in Madison county, Ala. She is a member of the
Methodist Episcopal church, while her husband is a member of the Baptist church.
Grandfather Enoch Alldredge was a major of the Forty-eighth Alabama regiment and
was wounded in 1862, at the battle of Bull Run, being shot through the calf of
the leg, which rendered him unfit for further duty. After returning home and
recuperating he was made an aid to the governor, retaining that position until
the close of the war. Jesse J. Alldredge was also a soldier in the late war in
Capt. Skinner`s company, Nineteenth Alabama infantry, under Col. Wheeler. He
served about six months in this company when he was transferred to the
Forty-eighth Alabama regiment and was elected second lieutenant; was promoted to
be first lieutenant and after the second battle of Manassas, where he was
wounded, and returned home, was promoted to be lieutenant-colonel over five
senior captains, for meritorious conduct on that field. After he recovered he
returned to the corps, but was unfit for duty and was discharged. He was then
appointed recruiting officer for northern Alabama which position he occupied
till the close of the war. The doctor was a member of the board of examiners of
Blount county several years, also a member of the Medical association, and is a
bright Mason to this day.

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from "Memorial Record of Alabama", Vol. I, p. 499-501