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Fourth Generation

94. JOHN MOSELEY HADEN92 was born about 1788 in Virginia. He died on 9 February 1817 at the age of 29 in Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky.290

LDS Ancestral File says born in Logan Co KY
LDS Ancestral File gives an actual date for death. If this date is correct and the date of William Franklin's birth is correct on his grave marker, William F. was born several months after his father's death.

Name listed as John Mosley Haden in LDS family records of birth of William Franklin Haden. John M. Haden in Logan County Court Records.

Joseph Benjamin Haden (July 21, 1930): "My paternal grandfather was John Haden of Kentucky. He was thrown from a horse and killed before he reached the age of thirty." Logan County Court Records show that a John M. Haden died young, leaving two sons, John M. and William F.

Warren Co Deeds
DB F, p.76 20 Jun 1812 William and Sally his wife of Logan Co KY to Edmond Sweeney for $600. Land on Big Barren River, 200 acres. Wit: John Rice, Daniel Jones, Wm Rice, Joseph Haden, John M. Haden.

John Haden, over 21 and Margaret Jackson, 7 March 1814. Margaret, dau of (John Jackson) Sec. (security)
Married by Robert Daugherty. Have copy of his return to the Court.

Logan Co KY Deed Book K; An Indenture made this 4th day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifteen between William Haden, Jr and John M. Haden both of the State of Kentucky and County of Logan. Witnesseth that the said William Haden Jr. for and in consideration of the sum of nine hundred dollars, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by the Sd William Haden jr hath granted, bargained and sold and by these presents do bargain sell and convey to the aforesd John M. Haden his Heirs or assigns forever all that tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Logan bounded as follows. Viz: Beginning at a post oak marked T.B. running thence north twelve and a half west one hundred and thirty eight poles to a red oak and sugar tree South twenty seven West two hundred and fifty poles to two red oaks on Readings line thence South twenty East one hundred poles to a black Oak and two hickories thence South sixty seven East sixty two poles to two post oaks and black Oak thence north twenty seven East one hundred and ninety poles to the Beginning containing by calculation two hundred acres be the same or less or more to have and to hold the sd tract or parcel of land with all appurtenances as above described etc The sd William Haden jr do covenant bargain and agree to warrant and forever to defend the aforsd tract of land with all its appurtenances to John M. Haden and his heirs etc forever from me My Heirs and assigns from all manner of claim or claims that may appear through me or under me or My heirs or assigns forever. By these presents Testimony hereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this the day & date above written. Signed Sealed and delivered In presents of us:
Jno. McCutchen
Jno. Barnett William Haden jr [seal]

I do assign all my right title claim and interest of the within tract or parcel of land to John M. Haden and his heirs forever being for the consideration of nine hundred Dollars jointly with William Haden Junr my husband Witness my hand and seal the fourth day of May one thousand eight hundred and fifteen
Jno. Barnett
Jno. McCutchen Pamela Haden [seal]

Logan County Ct
I Spencer Curd Clerk of the County Court do Certify that the foregoing Indenture was this day acknowledged before me in My office by William Haden Junr to be his act and Deed And having examined Pamela his wife separate and apart from her said husband She voluntarily relinquished her right of dower to the premises contained in said Deed and was willing the same should be recorded. In Testimony whereof and that the same together with the assignment thereto subjected; and this certificate stand truly recorded in My Office. Thereunto Set my hand this 11th day of May 1822 Spencer Curd

This would appear to be the land possessed by John M. Haden at the time of his death. A Deed in Book Q regarding land sold by Samuel & Margaret Jackson Haden Sublett in 1828, was for 61 acres, approximately 1/3 of the above tract. The description says the land was entered, surveyed and patented by Thomas Buchanan - "T.B." in the above description. Sons John M. and William Franklin should also have title to property about the same acerage.

Court Order Book 7 Logan County KY LDS Microfilm #0364562
p.241 April Term 1820
"Ordered that Joseph Haden be appointed guardian to John and William Haden infant orphans of John Haden Dec'd whereupon he executed bond in the penalty of $1000 with Samuel Haden and Cardwell Breathitt his securities."
Logan County Court Records, April Term 1823, copied in Russellville, KY, shows final settlement of estate of John M. Haden, rent from his farm in 1817 & 1818, rent of a negro, various payments, Includes payments from estate to Mrs. Margaret C. Haden and to Samuel D. Sublett, who became her second husband.

Logan Co Will Book B, p.494. Returned to Court on 7 Apr 1823, the report of sale of goods and chattels of John Haden, Dec'd. This was the same day that George W. Morton & Rebecca Haden, administrators of James Haden, dec'd returned several reports to the court.
Signed "a True and perfect inventory", James Haden, Admr. of John Haden, dec'd.
There is no date for the sale.
Buyers included: Arthur Slaughter, William Price, John Barnett, Benjamin Perkins, Saml Haden, John Wilson, Thomas Proctor, Chas. Moorman, Wm Haden, Taylor B. Drake, Thomas Buckhannon, George Proctor. Margaret Haden bought a cow & calf, a decanter & ladle, bed & furniture & sundry other articles - about $100 worth of items. [Since she remarried in Feb 1819, her name as still Haden would suggest the sale was prior to that date.] James Haden bought a table cloth. Jacob Williamson rented land and bought sheep. Walter Jones bought the horse. George Cook bought the rifle Gun. Val Mearewither hired Negroes. Total of sale was $678.78 1/4.

Logan Co Will Book C, p.11-12 1 May 1823.
John Barnett, Arthur Slaughter and Peter Morton, commissioners appointed to assign to the widow of John M. Haden dec'd her dower. Surveyed the tract of 200 acres. Laid off 61 acres. Sketch shows division roughly in thirds with her portion as being taken from the center. The commissioners met at the house of Saml. D. Sublett now the husband of the sd widow and proceeded to allot to Mrs. Sublett, late widow of John M. Haden dec'd her dower. They further proceeded to allot the negroes. The Negro woman Hannah had been sold by said Sublett so that she could not be had. Saml H. Haden was sworn and examined in the presence of Saml. D. Sublett and William Whitsitt, acting as agent for the guardian of the heirs of John M. Haden, and we are of the opinion that the said Negro was worth $500 and she is alloted to sd Mrs. Sublett as her dower of sd Negroes of the afsd. estate by the paying over to the guardian of the Haden heirs $66.66.
2 Jun 1823. Assignment of dower was produced and ordered to be recorded.

WB C, p.15-17
Commissioners appointed at the Apl. Term 1823 to settle with Geo. W. Morton & Rebecca Haden, admrs of James Haden who was the Admr of John M. Haden, dec'd. to make report.
Accounts follow: John M. Haden's note. Saml. D. Subletts acct. John M. Haden & Thos. Proctor note. Calwell acct agains Mrs. M. C. Haden [Margaret], Mrs. Margaret C. Haden's acct. Arthur Slaughter's note. Benj Perkins & William Haden's note. Joseph Haden as admr of Jno. M. Haden dec'd. Compensation to James Haden, admr of John Haden dec'd. Rent of John M. Haden's farm for the year 1817 to the Gaithers. Rent of John M. Haden's farm for 1818 to William Sawyer. Hire of Negro boy, Green, for 1818 to Taylor B. Drake. Hire of Negro boy, Green, for 1819 to John Wilgis. The four last items [the rents] were not included in the list of sales of Geo. W. Morton Admr of James Haden and he refused to account for them on the ground that there was no evidence that could be produced at this time, showing that the estate of James Haden Dec'd was accountable for it. Therefore, items are left open for investigation. 31 May 1823. Signed: Peter Morton, Jno. Barnett, Arthur Slaughter.
1 Sep 1823. Settlement presented in court and ordered recorded.

JOHN MOSELEY HADEN and MARGARET CALDWELL JACKSON were married on 7 March 1814 in Warren County, Kentucky.291,292,293 MARGARET CALDWELL JACKSON262, daughter of JOHN JACKSON and MARY COOK, was born on 1 February 1795 in Mercer County, Kentucky.294 She died on 10 November 1859 at the age of 64 in Whitesville, Daviess County, Kentucky.

John Haden, over 21 and Margaret Jackson, 7 March 1814. Margaret, dau of (John Jackson) Sec. (security)
Married by Robert Daugherty. Have copy of his return to the Court.

Logan County Court Order Apr 7 1823, p.33: "On motion of Samuel D. Sublett ordered Peter Morton, Charles Morehead, Benjamin Roberts, Arthur Slaughter & John Barnett or any three of them be appointed commissioners to assign to the widow of John M. Haden Dec'd her dower in the estate of said decedent and that they make report."

1820 Census, Warren Co
Samuel D. Sublett, 2m under 10 [Haden stepsons - John & William], 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45 [Samuel was 29]
1f under 10 [Mary], 1f 16-26 [Margaret]

The following deed of gift suggests that William F. first took his family to Jasper Co MO, where his brother John M. also lived.
Greene Co MO, DB E, p. 30-31 Deed of Gift
Know all men by these presents that I Margaret C. Sublett of the County of Logan and State of Kentucky for and in consideration of the sum of $1 to me in hand paid, and the further consideration of the Natural affection I bear to my Daughter in law Mary Jane Haden, my grandchildren Elizabeth Margaret Haden, Sarah Mildred Haden and Maryetta Clay Haden of Jasper County in State of Missouri [the first two girls are the daughters of the first wife, Maryetta the oldest child of William F. & Mary Jane; Jasper Co is where William F.'s brother John was living.] I hereby give and grant to my said Daughter in law, and grandchildren and any other children my said Daughter in law may have the sum of Two hundred dollars to be vested in the hands of Trustee herein named and by him vested in Cattle and their future increase to be held and used by said trustee for the sole use and benefit of my said Daughter in law and my said grandchildren forever, and the use and benefit of no other person or persons whatsoever as it is expressly and agree that no other person is to be benefitted thereby and I do by these presents constitue and appoint my son William F. Haden trustee to carry into effect the object and design expressed in this Deed. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 16th day of August 1848. Signed: Margaret C. Sublett
Wit: John W. Price, James W. (X) Sublett [oldest son of Margaret by her 2nd husband]
I William F. Haden agree to act as Trustee under the provision of the above deed and bind myself to discharge said trust faithfully and agreeably to the requisistions in said deed. Given uner my hand and seal this 16th day of August 1848.
Signed: W. F. Haden
Witness: John W. Price, James Sublett
State of KY, Logan Count Sct. I Marmaduke B. Morton as Clerk of the said Logan Co Court being a Court of Record do hereby certify that this deed of gift from Margaret C. Sublett to Mary Jane Haden and her children at a County Court held for Logan Co at the Court house in Russelville on the 18th day of August 1848 produced and proven in open Court by the oaths of John W. Price and James W. Sublett subscribing Witnesses thereto to be the act and deed of the said Margaret C. Sublett, the said John W. Price and James W. Sublett being personally know to me to be respectable citizens of this County and the instrument signed by William F. Haden at the bottom of said deed of gift was at the same time and place in the same manner proven in Open Court by the same Witnesses to be the act and deed of William F. Haden. In testimony of which I hereto set my name affix the seal of said County Court this 28th day of Aug 1848 and in the 57th year of the Commonwealth.
Marmaduke B. Morton, Clerk of Logan County Court.
Thos. Blakey, JP of Logan Co KY certified that M. B. Morton was the clerk.
21 Dec 1848. Recorded in Greene Co, Missouri by Joshua Davis, Recorder.

Some family records give her date of death as 10 Nov 1859 in Whitesville.

Kentucky Death Records,
Davies County
Margt. C. Sublett, 65 year old female, Married, died Nov. 10, 1859, of Pneumonia. Parents were Jno &
___ Jackson




John M. HADEN.