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Fourth Generation

96. Mary "Polly" HADEN218,301 was born about 1800 in Kentucky.44,218 She died in 1867 at the age of 67 in St. Louis County, Missouri.

The censuses in Missouri seem to indicate that Mary was the youngest child of William & Ann Johnson Haden. Traditionally she is placed as next to the youngest, perhaps because her marriage took place about 10 months before her sister Nancy's marriage. She could have been the youngest child.

In the division of the Negroes of William Haden, John Wilson and wife Polly declined to claim part, but not waiving their rights to further division of property. (The land was not divided at this time, nor did I find the actual record of that - many of the court records are too faded to read) This list of children of John and Polly from email seemed doubtful - but finding the family from 1850 indicates this is the same family. Came from the HAYDEN-L Mail List 6 Mar 1997 from <> who did not respond to my inquiry.

Logan Co Deed Book L, p.244f 5 Jan 1822 [Actually 1821]. The heirs of Wm Haden decd, settled with Samuel who had land laid off by his father & surveyed, but title had not been made. Samuel had also received personal property and Negroes. He gives up further claims to the estate & pays the heirs $500 for all property and the 271 acres of land adjoining William Haden Jr & Clark's Military Survey on the Black Lick fork of the Gasper River. Signees are: James Haden, Thomas Procter for himself and as guardian of the children of his former wife Sally Haden decd, William Whitsitt for himself and as guardian of the children of his late wife Milly Haden dec'd, William Haden, Lowry Bishop as guardian of Benjamin R. Haden, son of Benjamin Haden, dec'd, Joseph Haden, Joseph Haden as guardian for John & William sons of John Haden decd, William Porter, Nancy J. Porter, John Wilson, Polly Wilson, Sally Haden, guardian for Sally Haden her daughter. Nancy J. Porter & Polly Wilson relinquished their Dower rights in Butler Co on Jan 30. [Although this deed was dated 1822, the Dower release was 1821, which I believe is the correct year based on other events.] Acknowledged by Spencer Curd, Logan Co clerk on 3 Mar 1823.
NOTE: Both the Porters and Wilsons lived in Butler Co in January of 1821.

Mary Wilson was counted twice in St. Louis Co MO in 1850.
The next door neighbor is Francis Carman on one of these; he's Francis Karman on the other. I would guess the two families lived down a common road and the enumerator for one of the districts did indeed become confused. It's also obvious that the two enumerators questioned two different people!

82nd Dist, St. Louis Co MO, p.530, Household 1922
Mary Wilson, age 51 [I think ....hard to read.], b. KY [Oh goody, just where we wanted her!]
Then all the "children" are listed as born in KY, too, which wasn't the case at all. No relationships are given until 1880 but I guess all of us make a lot of assumptions.
Nancy age 29, Agnes E. age 23, Sally age 21, Mariah J. age 18, Polly age 14.
Then there's Albert M. age 5, marked with dittos as a female and I think it says he was born in Ireland, but then that's marked over and "Mo. written in". He doesn't have a different surname. But following Albert is John Collins age 21, a Laborer, definitely b. Ireland.

Manchester/Bonhomme Township, St. Louis Co MO, p.357, Household 1176
Mary Wilson, age 49, b. KY
Benjm, age 31, Carpenter, b. KY
Isabella, age 31, b. KY
Anna E. age 7, John 5, Arabella 4, Elvira 3 - all b. MO
[obviously Benjamin & family are living with Mary - perhaps in a separate house on the place since they weren't counted by the other enumerator]
Nancy age 28, b. MO as are all the rest of the children
Acurtes, age 27 [probably Lycurges]
Leonidas age 25 [wonder where the boys were when the other enumerator was there ....or did this enumerator have Mary list ALL her children whether or not they were living at home? see next...]
Agnes, age 22
Sarah, age 19
Jane age 16
and Mary age 13.

The above enumerations are so strange, I spent some time on them. The one that seems accurate - with the right children living at home - was taken by Cornelius Vanausdal on Oct 16th . The other with names of grown children who also appear in other places with their own families, was taken by F. Pollitz and the date is earlier, Sept 2nd. It is likely Mary lived close to the dividing line between enumerator's districts. There could also be more that we don't know about the dates on the census sheets - many of the enumerators took notes on paper, then later recopied their notes onto the official sheets. I'm sure in some cases the date on the official sheet did not match the date they were actually there. And surely they just made errors. In 1850 when F. Pollitz counted Manchester/Bonhomme Twp, only three pages after Polly's listing on Sept 2nd, the date appears to be Nov. 3rd. - a bit odd. And he's the one that got all the children and omitted the five-year-old Albert and the Irish boarder. Then Polly's other counting has the date of Oct 16th and a District number, not a township ...all quite strange. And this enumerator, Cornelius Vanausdal has consecutive dates if you go backwards and forwards - much more sensible - he seemed to be working carefully through the neighborhood day by day. It's interesting, too, that the two entries don't agree on where the children were born - seems the inefficient Pollitz may have made the most errors - somehow I doubt that he was even at Polly's on Sept 2nd.... Or if he was, he didn't know what exactly he was doing....
I think Mr. Pollitz was not a very good enumerator and made errors. [just maybe he didn't speak very good English?] I checked the Carman/Karman family, too, on both entries, since they were on both. Pollitz had a different spelling for Carman [the "K" would be German], had his age different, had the much younger wife born in a different place [same place as her husband - NJ - but the other entry had her born in NC]

Just for fun, I went looking for F. Pollitz in the census in St. Louis. In St. Louis Ward 3, I found Frederick Politz, age 35, a clerk, born in Germany. Henrietta, age 28, born in Germany. Johanna Ficke, age 21, b. Germany. Frederick Politz, age 5, b. MO. Hermann Politz, age 1, b. MO.

I also found Cornelius Vanausdal. He lived in District 82 - the same district where he counted. Polly was in household 1922. Cornelius was a boarder in household 772. He was age 57, an Asst. U.S. Marshal, born in Virginia. He was possibly a widower because living in the same household was also Eliza J. Vanausdal, age 4 and born in MO. And living in the house listed just before was Cornelius J. Vanausdal, age 7, b. MO. Both these households are made up of various persons. These children are so much younger than Cornelius I would suspect they are grandchildren - perhaps one of the females is a remarried daughter-in-law and these children were born of a deceased son. Listed between Cornelius and Eliza was Margaret A. Keal, age 25, b. KY. Who knows. But I would think he might do better as an enumerator, given his "credentials". I believe his count is the more correct and the married sons were at home with their families.

I also found in 1850 in Bonhomme Township, St. Louis Co, p.369, Household 1355. This may also be Leonidas, counted twice, based on information from 1880 - see his notes.
Lee Wilson, age 25, Farmer, b. KY
Dorothea age 27, b. MO
John age 3, Agnes E. age 1 - both born in MO
living with the family is Wesley Price age 65, born in Maryland [probably Veazy Price, father of Dorothy]

Lycurgus is also listed at home with his family in Ohio Co, KY, 1850.
District 1, Hh 275
Lycurgus Wilson, age 28, carpenter, b. KY. Mary, age 22. John, age 1.

and Benjamin was at his home as well
1850 Census. 24th Dist, Lafayette Co, MO, Hh 135
Benjamin H. Wilson, age 31, carpenter, b. KY [his brother Lycurgus was also a carpenter]
Isabella, age 31, b. KY
Ann E. 9, John S. 7, Elvira H. 4, Arabella 2, all b. MO
John McGinnis, 23, laborer, b. MO

1854. Deed #3, Book 155, p.270 [sent from a researcher & descendant]
West Half of the NE Quarter of Section 31, Twp 44, Range 5, East. Polly, Leonida and Lycurgus purchased this tract [prob about 80 acres] from Benjamin H. & Isabella Haden.

1860 Census. Manchester/Bonhomme Twp. Fenton is the P.O.
Hh 124
Mary "Willson", age 57, b. KY.
Nancy, 37, b. KY
Agnes E. age 27, b. KY
Ann E., age 19, b. MO [this would seem to be the daughter called Polly in 1850, but I can't explain the name change nor the age.... most of the ages are off; math may not have been the strong suit of whoever may have given the info to the enumerator. I did find a marriage record for a Mary Wilson in 1859 so she was likely already married. There was a granddaughter, daughter of Benjamin but of this age and perhaps named Ann Eliza, but she was counted in her father's household in Lafayette Co.]
Albert McCane/McCune, age 14, b. MO [Obviously the young boy from 1850]

Mary "Polly" HADEN and John WILSON were married on 10 January 1817 in Logan County, Kentucky.302 John WILSON124,194,218,253,301,303 was born between 1785 and 1790. He died in 1837 at the age of 52 in St. Louis County, Missouri.

Logan County KY Court Records Book 8 (1822-1827) LDS #0364563 p.127 5 Oct 1824 Inventory, appraisement and sale of goods & chattels of John Wilson Decd was this day return and ordered to be recorded... (but if this is this John Wilson he could not have had the children shown; perhaps his father? Also John Wilson was still living during the estate settlement of his father-in-law William Haden so this cannot be the same.)

Neither is the following the right John Wilson:
Logan County Census of 1820 shows: John Wilson with 1 male under 5, 2 males 16-26, one male 45 up;1 female between 10-16, 1 female 26-45
John S. Wilson with 1 male 16-26, 1 male 26-45, 1 male 45 up; 1 female under 5, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 45 up.
Tax List for 1820 in Logan Co shows a John G. Wilson, one white male over 21 and one horse, no property. John S. Wilson has two white males over 21 (agrees with census) 12 slaves, 1400 acres in Shelby Co

None of these works out too well with this John who married Polly Haden. No John Wilson found in Logan Co 1830. Since they didn't want to "travel" to the settlement of slaves of Polly's father, perhaps they lived in another county. In an 1821 deed, they were living in Butler Co. The censuses from Butler Co also indicate that is where they were living in 1820 - by 1830, they were in Missouri.

1820 US Census, Butler Co KY John Wilson: 1m -10, 1m 26-45, 1f -10, 1f 16-26 [There is no daughter known of this age, living in later censuses, but there was time for John & Mary to have had two children since they married. John was also likely older and could have had an earlier marriage.] 2 slaves.
Note: They had received slaves from Mary's father William Haden and chose not to participate in the slave division after his death.

1830 Census. St. Louis Co MO; Bonhomme Township, p.320
John Wilson: 1m under 5 [Leonidas age 4], 1m 5-10 [Lycurgus age 7], 1m 10-15 [Benjamin age 11], 1m age 40-50 [John, several years older than Mary in 1820]
2f under age 5 [Agnes age 2 and unknown daughter], 1f age 5-10 [Nancy age 8], 1f age 20-30 [Mary "Polly" age about 30]
They did still own 1 slave, a female child under 10.

John is thought to have died in the late 1830's. The widow is found in St. Louis in the same township in 1850. There was a Bonhomme Twp in St. Louis Co in 1840 but there is no Wilson listed at all. A total of 4 John Wilsons can be found elsewhere in St Louis Co in 1840, but none seem to "fit" this family - the only John Wilson with several young children was age 30-40, his spouse 20-30 and the children were a bit too young as well.

Mary "Polly" HADEN and John WILSON had the following children:



Benjamin H. WILSON.



Nancy WILSON301 was born about 1822.218

I found no likely marriages for Nancy in St. Louis Co. - she seems to have never married.
[St. Louis, Mo Marriages, 1804-76 - database on]

In both 1850 and 1860, Nancy was with her mother.

1870 Census. Ballwin P.O., Bonhomme Twp, St. Louis Co MO, Hh 2
[indexed as Wilson Leonidas]
Leonidas, age 45, b. KY Dorothea, age 48, b. MO
John 23. Aleisa 21. George 16. Mary 15. Thomas 10. Joshua 8.
Nancy, age 50. [his sister]



Lycurgus WILSON.



Leonidas WILSON.



Agnes E. WILSON301 was born about 1828 in St. Louis County, Missouri.218

Agnes seemed to be still living with her mother in 1850.

1860 Census. Manchester/Bonhomme Twp. Fenton is the P.O.
Hh 124
Mary "Willson", age 57, b. KY.
Nancy, 37, b. KY
Agnes E. age 27, b. KY
Ann E., age 19, b. MO [this would seem to be the daughter called Polly in 1850, but I can't explain the name change nor the age.... It is also possible Polly was already married. There was a granddaughter, daughter of Benjamin but of this age and perhaps named Ann Eliza, but she was counted in her father's household in Lafayette Co]
Albert McCane, age 14, b. MO

I found the following marriage but have not found the couple in a census.
Agnes E. Wilson married James McFarland, 8 Mar 1861, St. Louis, MO
[St. Louis, Mo Marriages, 1804-76 - database on]



Sarah "Sally" WILSON301 was born about 1831 in St. Louis County, Missouri.

Possible marriages for Sarah:
Francis Elliott married Sarah Wilson, 8 Mar 1852, St. Louis, MO [she would have been age 21 - this is the most likely]
G. W. Stewart married Sarah A. Wilson, 11 Sept 1861, St. Louis, MO
[St. Louis, Mo Marriages, 1804-76 - database on]

1860 Census. St. Louis Ward 10, MO. Hh 622
Frank Elliott, age 25, laborer, b. Ireland
Sarah, age 28, b. Ireland [she's the right age to be Sally Wilson and there was no other Sarah or Sally married to a Frank or Francis Elliot in St. Louis Co in 1860]
Mary Ann, 4, b. MO. George, age 5 months, b. MO.



Mariah Jane WILSON.



Mary "Polly" WILSON.