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Fourth Generation

88. Sally HADEN253,254 was born in 1774 in Goochland County, Virginia.85 She died before October 1808 at the age of 34 in Logan County, Kentucky.255

Most researchers indicate Sally as a daughter of William Haden/Ann Johnson. I have seen one account in the Ancestral File of Sally as daughter of the first wife, Jane Moorman. AFN: 16MV-9CS Gives Sally as child of William's first wife. The Moorman family has a tradition that Jane died in childbirth. The Haden information is that William & Jane Moorman were married only a few months. Date of birth of James, 13 months after marriage of William/Ann, adds to the possibility Sally was issue of first marriage [or that Sally was not the eldest child]. This date for the birth of James is a precise date, but the original source of the information has been lost. Of course, James could have been the first child of William & Ann Haden, and Sally born subsequently, which is what I suspect may be the situation.

When William and Aurura Hoy made an answer to the suit of William & Nancy Porter vs. the Heirs of William Haden, Equity Case 14-303, filed 22 Feb 1822, they gave an eight year period for when her mother and Thomas Proctor had received gifts from William Haden in his lifetime. Presumably this is the number of years they were married before she died. There was a guardianship necessary for the youngest daughter, Sally, as late as August of 1824, during the course of this case. This means Sally was not yet of age - likely 18 for a female. The only child whose birth year is known by descendants is Aurora who was born in January of 1804. Sally, the youngest daughter, was likely born about 1806. Thomas Proctor married Rebecca Maxwell in October of 1808. I would say that the earliest the marriage between Thomas Proctor and Sally Haden could have been was perhaps 1798. If she was the eldest child of William she would have been about 24 - slightly old for a first marriage, and yet the indications are that Thomas had children from a former marriage and was not a young man himself. Sally may very well not be the eldest child.

Thomas Proctor married Rebecca Maxwell in 1808, so Sally was deceased at some time prior to then.

Sally was certainly deceased at time of settlement of her father's estate, as stated in several of the documents. In Logan Co Deed Book F; p.368 & 369; there are two deeds from Thomas Proctor, one to Hezekiah Proctor, one to Edward Collins, both dated 14 Mar 1818. Wife is not mentioned by name. But Samuel Curd, Court Clerk stated "...And having examined the wife of sd Thos separate & apart from her husband She acknowledged that she relinquished her right of dower to the lands..." This is obviously Rebecca Maxwell.

4 Jun 1827 Deed Book O, p.343 The heirs of William Haden sold to Thomas Proctor JR. 150 acres which had been transacted with William before his death but title not made. Commissioners were Edward Collins, Wm. J. Morton and Ben Proctor. Children of Sally Haden Proctor named were: child of Mary, dec'd, Clarke Porter, Aurora & William Hoy, Sally Ewing young widow of William W. Ewing. I believe the three daughters, Mary, Aurora, and Sally were the only children of Sally & Thomas. [This is confirmed in the Equity Case #14-303, William & Nancy Porter vs. the Heirs of William Haden] I believe it's quite likely Thomas' older children Nancy, William & Thomas Jr were from an earlier wife. The younger daughters Elizabeth & Josephine would have had to have been children of wife Rebecca Maxwell.

3 Aug 1829 Deed Book Q, p.121-122 This indenture made this 3rd day of Aug 1829 between Elenor Comfort formerly Elenor Whitsett and William Comfort her husband, and Ann Blaky formerly Ann Whitsitt and Thomas Blaky her husband and Sally Whitsett, heirs of Emily Whitsett dec'd formerly Emily Haden who married William Whitsett, Nancy Porter formerly Nancy Haden and William Porter her husband, and by Benjamin Haden heir at law of Benjamin Haden dec'd and Sally Haden Blaky formerly Sally Haden who married Churchill Blaky and heirs of William Haden dec'd by Samuel Wilson, commissioner, appointed by the Circuit Court of Logan Co to execute deeds of conveyance to the different heirs of William Haden dec'd agreeably to the divisions here before made of the one part and Aurora Hoy formerly Aurora Procter who married William Hoy, Sally Palmore for Sally Procter who married William Palmre, and Clarke Porter heir at law of Polly Porter dec'd formerly Polly Procter who married Benjamin Porter of the other part. Witnesseth that said grantors by said commissioner in obedience to said order of Court do by these presents bargain sell and convey to the said Aurora Hoy, Sally Palmore and Clark Porter heirs of Sally Procter, dec'd, Lot #1 in the said division and is bounded as followeth: Beginning at a dogwood and dead mulberry standing on the North bank of the Gasper River and corner to Thomas Procter's running thence with Procter's line crossing the river S 48 degrees E 130 poles to a black oak and post oak thence S 23 degrees W ninety poles to two hickorys and two post oaks thence S 65 degrees W one hundred and forty four poles cross the river to a red oak standing on the North bank thence down the river with its meanders to the beginning containing one hundred acres. To heirs and tester the above described parcel of land with all its appurtenances to the said Aurora Hoy, Sally Palmore and Clark Porter their heirs and assigns forever free from the claim or claims of the other before mentioned heirs of the said William Haden, dec'd and all persons claiming by the right or under these or other of them the aforesaid grantors by said commissioner will by these presents warrant and forever defend. In testimony of which the said Grantors by said commissioner do hereto set their names and seals the date first herein written.
Signed: Elenor Comfore, William Comfort, Ann Blaky, Thomas Blcky, Sally Whitsett, Nancy Porter, William Porter, Benjamin Haden, Sally Blaky.
By Samuel Wilson, Clerk
Logan Count: At a circuit court continued and held for Logan County. At the Courthouse in Russellville on the 11th day of August 1829. The within deed from William Comfort and other heirs and representatives of William Haden deceased by Samuel Wilson commissioner. We Aurora Hoy, Sally Palmore and Clark Porter heirs exhibited in open court our wish ______by said representative to be his act and deed approved and confirmed by the court and ordered to be recorded. Which is done accordingly. Given under my hand the date above. Spencer Curd.

Sally HADEN and Maj. Thomas PROCTOR were married about 1798. Maj. Thomas PROCTOR77,92,256,257, son of George PROCTOR, was born on 22 April 1766 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.258,259 He died in June 1841 at the age of 75 in Logan County, Kentucky.256

[I have seen that this Thomas Proctor was born in Bedford Co VA. This does not seem possible. I also believe he was older than this year indicates, or born maybe about 1760.] The Bible record I found that I believe may be his family, gave his birth as 22 Apr 1766.

From KY MARRIAGE RECORDS, from the Register of the KY Historical Society, GPC, 1986: Lincoln Co from Formation of County:
1785 - 9,1 Proctor, Tomas & Popley [Polly], daughter of Robert Oneal
Robert Oneal's will from Fayette Co KY, 1820, states that his daughter Mary was deceased by had left two children, William and Nancy Proctor.

COLONIAL AMERICA 1706-1789 CENSUS INDEX [CD-Rom FTM] Thomas Proctor was on a tax list, Fayette Co KY, 1788. Hezekiah and John Proctor were on the same list. A Benjamin Proctor is on a tax list in Madison Co KY 1789.
Robert O'Neal was also on the 1788 tax list - likely his father-in-law. Deeds from Fayette Co - part of the Burnt Records, Vol. 4, p.1-4 - show that Thomas & Mary Marshall sold land to Robert O'Neal which was adjacent that of William Haden and on the same day the Marshalls sold land to William Haden which mentions a boundary on Thomas Proctor's line. Later deeds show that William Haden bought 43 acres from James Wren where Thomas Proctor was then living - Wren had bought the same 43 acres from Thomas & Mary Marshall.

1783-1792 Court Order Books for KY [Supreme Court of Dist of KY while still part of VA]:
p.217; Order Book D, 24 Jun 1789, p.176
Thomas Proctor named to serve on a jury.
p.217; Order Book D, 24 Jun 1789, p.179
George Buchanan v. Thomas Procter in case. Robert Collins of Bourbon Co bail for defendant. Writ of inquiry awarded in Clerk's office set aside. Defendant says he is not guilty. Jury trial ordered and defendant found guilty as complained and assessed damages of 21£ 10sh and costs.

Sometime about the same time that Thomas Proctor moved to Logan Co, his first wife and died and he married Sally Haden - the marriage was not recorded in Logan Co so possibly took place while the families were still in Fayette Co. A court house fire in that county would have destroyed any record there.

Thomas Proctor gave a deposition during a court case of Jonathan Clark's heirs, which suggests he came to Logan Co about 1797.
26 Apr 1823. Thomas Proctor's deposition taken at the home of Benjamin Temple. Stated he had been a resident for about 26 years. He was acquainted with the survey at the head of the Black Lick fork of the Gasper River where Benjamin Temple now lives. It has always been known as Jonathan Clarks 2000 acres Military Survey. He was with Jonathan Clark and William Clark as well as he recollects about Nov 1802 when they had gone around the survey. Burwell Jackson surveyed the land

The 1800 tax lists for Kentucky which serves as something of a census, indicates that Thomas Proctor was in Logan Co by that year.

George D. Blakey described Maj. Thomas Proctor as "a large, portly, fine looking gentleman". He believed he'd had no sons but only listed only two daughters of Sally Haden who was his kinsman - Proctor & Sally Haden had no sons but did have three daughters, but Thomas likely had one son by his first wife, who died prior to 1841 and who was named in Thomas' will, and another son by his third wife, Rebecca Maxwell. He also had two daughters by Rebecca, only one of which was named by Blakey.

"Logan County KY Marriages 1790-1865" gives two marriages for Thomas Proctor: One to Rebecca Maxwell, Oct 17, 1808 and one to Polly Collins, Aug 20, 1810. Major Proctor remarried after Sally died to Rebecca Maxwell and his son Thomas married Polly.
In the division of the Negroes of Wm Haden, 4 Jan 1821, Sally Haden is spoken of as "his former wife Sally, Dec'd" as though he could have had a present wife. Later research shows that Rebecca Maxwell was the third wife of Maj. Thomas. Polly Collins married a different Thomas Proctor.

Court Order Book A1 Logan County, KY LDS Microfilm #0364561
Thomas Proctor allowed 200 acres of land. Dec. 1801
Book 1; p.195..Ordered that Thomas Proctor be allowed 200 acres of land..

[The Blakey Books give Thomas & Sally sons Hezekiah, Benjamin, & John. Also some of the children ascribed to their son Thomas E. in the Blakey Books are listed as the elder Thomas' children in his Will. I believe Hezekiah to actually be older than this Thomas, Benjamin to be a contemporary and John slightly younger. This is based on tax rolls, census, court records, wills, marriages, etc. in Logan County. George D. Blakey in his writings, states that Thomas, Hezekiah, Benjamin and John were brothers - which somewhat agrees with what I had surmised. Also the family pedigree as given in the Ancestral File is taken in part from the Blakey Books; they both seem to have included one too many Thomas Proctor generations for the time period involved.]

Logan Co WB A, p.72
Aug 1804 Inventory of James Simpson, dec'd. Appraisers: William Bailey, Thomas Proctor, Wm. Woodye.

Thomas married Rebecca Maxwell in Logan Co 27 Oct 1808.

1810, Logan Co Census. Thomas Proctor. 4m -10, 1m 26-45 [Thomas abt 40]; 1f under 10, 1f 26-45 [Rebecca Maxwell m. in 1808]. This census is obviously wrong - there should have been at least four little girls under 10 - perhaps the boys/girls were reversed. 10 slaves.

Logan Co WB B, p.189
28 Dec 1818. John Ham, dec'd - inventory and appraisal: Thomas Procter, Thomas Maxwell, H. Procter. Exec: Elizabeth Ham.

1820 Census. Logan Co.
Thomas Proctor, 2m under 10 [Thomas E.], 1m 16-26 [William], 1m +45 [Thomas]. 3f under 10 [Elizabeth, Josephine& probably Sally although she was older, she was not married and should have been still at home], 1f 10-16 [Aurora], 1f 26-45 [Rebecca Maxwell]
All on the same page in 1820: Hezekiah, George, Charles & Thomas Proctor.

Logan Co Deed Book H, p.424; 9 Feb 1820. Andrew Blair formerly of Logan Co sells to Thomas Proctor of Robertson Co, TN, 300 acres on the waters of the clear fork of the Gasper River. [Did the Proctors move to TN for awhile? Robertson is just over the state line from Logan; some in the disputed Walker line area. Thomas Proctor will sell a tract of 250 acres on the line of Andrew Blair in 1823.]
Deed Book I/J p.211 28 May 1821 Thos. Proctor of Robinson [sic] Co TN to Thomas Maxwell. 226 acres for $450. Witness: John Peake, Archibald Felts. Signed only by Thos. Proctor, no wife mentioned.
p.285 14 Nov 1820 Thomas Proctor of Robertson Co TN sold to Joel Maxey 224 acres on the waters of Gasper river for $550. Signed: Thos. Proctor. Witness: Jas. L. Proctor, Charles Proctor. (no wife mentioned) Acknowledged by Thos. Proctor 6 Aug 1821.
& on p.198 14 Nov 1820 Thomas Proctor of Robertson Co TN to Charles Proctor for $1000, 348 acres on the waters of Gasper. Signed Thos. Proctor. Witness: Jas. L. Proctor, John White. Acknowledged by Thos. Proctor 6 Aug 1821.
[None of the deeds of Thomas Proctor of Robertson Co TN were signed by a spouse, the sales don't seem to match the purchases. I'm not completely sure this is the same Thomas Proctor.]

Logan Co Deed Book L, p.244f 5 Jan 1822 [Actually 1821]. The heirs of Wm Haden decd, settled with Samuel who had land laid off by his father & surveyed, but title had not been made. Samuel had also received personal property and negroes. He gives up further claims to the estate & pays the heirs $500 for all property and the 271 acres of land adjoing William Haden Jr & Clark's Military Survey on the Black Lick fork of the Gasper River. Signees are: James Haden, Thomas Procter for himself and as guardian of the children of his former wife Sally Haden decd, William Whitsitt for himself and as guardian of the children of his late wife Milly Haden dec'd, William Haden, Lowry Bishop as guardian of Benjamin R. Haden a grandson, Joseph Haden, Joseph Haden as guardian for John & William sons of John Haden decd, William Porter, Nancy J. Porter, John Wilson, Polly Wilson, Sally Haden, guardian for Sally Haden her daughter. Nancy J. Porter & Polly Wilson relinquished their Dower in Butler Co on Jan 30. [Although this deed was dated 1822, the Dower release was 1821, which I believe is the correct year based on other events.] Acknowledged by Spencer Curd, Logan Co clerk on 3 Mar 1823.
NOTE: William Whitsitt's Milly is referred to as his LATE wife, while Thomas Procter's Sally is his FORMER wife - Thomas Proctor has remarried, William Whitsitt has not.

Deed Book L, p.346 12 Oct 1822 Deed from Thomas Proctor and Rebecca his wife of the county of Logan sell a parcel of land to the Shakers.
NOTE: Rebecca Maxwell does sign this deed with Thomas and they are again from Logan Co KY.
17 Mar 1823 Deed Book M, p.311 Thomas Proctor sold 250 acres on Gasper River to Davis Hardin for $3000. Describes line of Andrew Blair. [See deed of 9 Feb 1820] Nephew James S. Proctor was a witness. Ack. by Proctor on 2 Jun 1824.
[This deed not signed by a spouse.]

Logan Co WB B, p.343
4 Jan 1821. Division of slaves of William Haden. Named as a daughter, Sally Haden Procter, deceased, who married Thomas Procter.

Logan Co WB D,
p.14-18. William Ewing, appraisal and sale, dated May 1827, filed 3 Sep 1827. Exec: Thomas Proctor.
15 May 1827. Inventory of William Ewing, dec'd. Commr: Spencer Curd, M. B. Morton. Executor: Thomas Proctor. [William Ewing was a son-in-law]

4 Jun 1827 Deed Book O, p.343 The heirs of William Haden sold to Thomas Proctor JR. 150 acres which had been transacted with William before his death but title not made. Commissioners were Edward Collins, Wm. J. Morton and Ben Proctor, who signed the names of each of the heirs. Living children were William, Samuel, Nancy & William Porter, John & Polly Wilson & Sally Haden.
Grandchildren were the children of James: Jefferson, Nancy & Josiah Newman, William M., Emily, Eliza H. & Nathaniel H. Felts, Harriot, Mary and James;
the son of Benjamin, another Benjamin;
children of Emily Haden Whitsitt: Eleanor & William Comfort, Ann & Thomas Blakey, Sally Whitsitt;
children of John: John and William;
children of Sally Haden Proctor: husband of Mary, dec'd, Clarke Porter, Aurora & William Hoy, Sally Ewing young widow of William W. Ewing;
children of Joseph: George and Rainy
[This deed proves that the two younger daughters of Thomas, Elizabeth & Josephine, were children of the 2nd (or most likely, third) wife, Rebecca Maxwell. Other children named in the will of Thomas that were not included here were Nancy & William who were the children of first wife Polly O'Neal. No determination can be made about Thomas Jr. since he would not have signed a deed to himself even if his mother was Sally Haden, but I suspect he also was not Sally's based on his age.

1830 Census, Logan Co KY, p.73 Thomas Proctor with 2m age 10-15, 1m 50-60 [himself], 1f 5-10, 2f 10-15, 1f 30-40, and 1f 50-60. He was enumerated next to Thomas Maxwell.
p.74 Thomas Proctor [noted in the margin next to his name is "Little" for Little Thomas Proctor] 1m -5, 2m 5-10, 1m 15-20, 1m 40-50 [This could be the Thomas Junior who married to Polly Collins age 47] 1f -5, 2f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 20-30, and 1f 30-40 [Polly]

Logan Co DB T, p.153 2 Oct 1831 George Tanner by Spencer Curd commissioner to Thomas Proctor. Whereas by decree of the Circuit Court in the case Thomas Proctor agt. George Tanner the sd commissioner was directed to make of the house & lot where George Tanner now lives in R. Lathams addition, being the same house & lot by sd Thos. Proctoer to sd George Tanner. Sold to highest bidder; Thomas Procter became the purchaser at $87.50. Rec. 16 Jul 1834
p.187 14 Jul 1834 Benjamin Frizell & Eliza his wife to Thomas Proctor. $200. Tract on waters of Gasper R. in line of Lees Military survey, running with his line. 200 acrs being same as land surveyed in name of Samuel Wilson & patented to him and devised by said Samuel Wilson to his daughter the said Eliza Frizell. Signed: B. B. Frizell, Eliza Frizell. Eliza relinquished dower. Rec. 13 Aug 1834.
p.225 16 Jul 1834 Thos. Proctor & Rebeca his wife to Wm. E. Warren. $100. Lot in plan of Robert Lathams Addition to Russellville. Same as conveyed to Proctor on 2 Oct 1831 by Spencer Curd, Commissioner. Re George Tanner. Rebecca released dower. Rec. 16 Aug 1834

Logan Co DB V; p.397 2 Aug 1837 Thomas Proctor to Thomas Blakey. $335. Convey to sd Thos Blakey, Wm Hoy & Wm L. Palmer shares in an undivided tract of land containing in the whole 100 acres being the tract whereon John Wise now lives & was conveyed to Wm Hoy & wife, Wm L Palmer & wife & Clarke Porter by Samuel Wilson, Comm. Appointed by the Circuit Court of Logan Co to execute deeds of conveyance to the different heirs of Wm Haden dec'd lying & situated in the co of Logan on the Black Lick Fork of Gaspers River. Said two shares of the aforesaid hundred acres. Signed 18 Dec 1837. Thos. Proctor. Wit: Wm Barnett, Robert E. Collins
Proved by oaths of witnesses. Rec. 25 Dec 1837
p.571 2 Apr 1838. Robert J. Roberts and Lewis T. Roberts infant heirs of Alfred Roberts dec'd by Richard M. Hannum Comm. To Thomas Proctor of Logan Co. $1. Decree of Logan Circuit court appt Hannum to convey the land. Tract on Gasper River. By a bluff near the river bank. Corner of lot #7. Meanders of the river. 109 acres..
Rec. 3 Apr 1838

Logan Co DB X p.157 2 Jul 1840 Thomas Proctor to Burkett F. Ray. $135. All that parcel on waters of Gaspers R containing 200 acres. Post oak on line of Lees military survey & with his line. Land granted to Samuel Wilson assignee of Elizabeth Dean by patent dated 11 Oct 1808. Signed: Thos. Procter
Wit: W. C. Payne, W. Boliver, Wm Barnett
3 Sep 1840 proved by William Barnett. 7 Oct 1840 proved by W. Bolivar & rec.
[This 200 acres purchased 14 Jul 1834 from Benjamin Frizell & Eliza his wife recorded in Deed Book T.]
Logan Co DB X p.157 2 Jul 1840 Thomas Proctor to Burkett F. Ray. $2. All that parcel in Logan on Gasper R containing 324 acres. Line of Edmond Clarks military survey of 1000 acres; with said Clarks line; corner to the heirs of James S. Procter; then with the Shakers line, another line of the Shakers; corner to the Shakers; East side Butler road. Signed: Thos. Procter.
Wit: W. C. Payne, W. Boliver, Wm Barnett.
3 Sep 1840 proved by William Barnet. 7 oct 1840 proved by W. Boliver and rec.
[I don't know how Thomas Proctor obtained this tract]

Logan Co DB X; p.349 2 Jul 1840 Thomas Proctor to Thomas L. S. Proctor. $1000. All that parcel on the water of Gasper River. 105 acres. Begin by a bluff near the river bank in a line of Lot #7. Meanders of the river; passing the mill house. Signed: Tho. Proctor
Teste: W. C. Payne, B. F. Ray.
1 Nov 1840 proved by oath of Wm. C. Payne. 5 Apr 1841 proved by B. F. Ray.

Will in Logan County KY 3 Nov 1837. Probated 28 Jun 1841. No wife mentioned. to receive $1 plus what thay have already received are the heirs of William Proctor, dec'd son; Nancy Anderson, dau; heirs of Mary Porter, dec'd dau; Aurora Coy [sic-should be Hoy], dau; Sally Palmer, dau. Elizabeth Mitchel, dau to have 257 acres in Logan Co. Josephine, dau, 400 acres, slave, horse & saddle. Thomas E., son, to have 2 slaves, horse & saddle. Last three children seem to get special treatment in will - these last two daughters and probably Thomas E. are children of Rebecca Maxwell rather than Sally Haden. Remainder to be divided so as to make an equal inheritance for the last three children. The Haden descendants had earlier received property from their grandfather. Hiram Mitchell & Thomas E. Proctor, executors. Wit: William Barnett, Joseph Quigley

The 1840 census, did indicate a young man, Thomas E. Proctor, living alone, age 20-30, or born 1810-1820. An older Thomas Proctor was age 70-80, or born between 1760-1770.

There was another Thomas Proctor living in Logan Co KY at the same time, for a total of at least five identified Thomas Proctors. He married Polly Collins, on 20 Aug 1810. He was referred to in most records as Thomas Proctor Junior, but I cannot think he was the son of the Thomas Proctor who married Sally Haden and then Rebecca Maxwell, unless that Thomas had two sons he named Thomas. Thomas Junior was likely called Junior to differentiate him as the younger Thomas Proctor living in Logan Co. He doesn't seem to be a nephew, as the brothers of Maj. Thomas did not seem to have children early enough. Thomas Junior does maintain contact with many of the same families as the other Proctors. There was a nephew Thomas L. S. Proctor, the son of Benjamin Proctor, born about 1809 and too young to create some of the records found, and he always seemed to be recorded as Thomas L. S. Proctor. The man referred to as Thomas, Junior, is not the same as the Thomas E. Proctor named in the will of 1841 above. He was older and moved away to Missouri about 1838. The censuses in Missouri indicate that this Thomas Proctor with wife Polly was born about 1783 in Kentucky - given that Maj. Thomas was born between 1760 and 1770, that does still leave the possibility he was old enough to parent Thomas Junior. And Maj. Thomas' last wife Rebecca Maxwell did have a brother named Thomas - the name being used in the Maxwell family and she might have wanted the name used by her son. Here are the records of Thomas Proctor, JUNIOR:

He seems to be the Thomas Proctor, Jr. that purchased some of the Haden land from William Haden that was later deeded by his heirs.
4 Jun 1827 Deed Book O, p.384 The heirs of William Haden sold to Thomas Proctor JR. 150 acres which had been transacted with William before his death but title not made. Commissioners were Edward Collins, Wm. J. Morton and Ben Proctor. Children of Sally Haden Proctor named were: child of Mary, dec'd, Clarke Porter, Aurora & William Hoy, Sally Ewing young widow of William W. Ewing. I believe the three daughters, Mary, Aurora, and Sally were the only children of Sally & Thomas. [This is confirmed in the Equity Case #14-303, William & Nancy Porter vs. the Heirs of William Haden] I believe it's quite likely Thomas' older children Nancy & William, deceased, as named in his will, were from an earlier wife. The younger daughters Elizabeth & Josephine, and son Thomas E., would have had to have been children of wife Rebecca Maxwell.

Logan Co DB P, p.365 18 Apr 1829 John McCutchen & Anna his wife to Thomas Proctor Jr. for $105. 15 acres on the Gasper, adj John McCutchen's line, corner of 200 acre survey made in the name of McCutchen. Anna relinquished dower. Ack. 18 Apr 1829.

Logan Co DB U; p.353 4 Jun 1836 William Soyars to Thomas Procter. $18. Tract on Black lick fork of Gaspers. Edward Clarks Military survey, corner to Arther Slaughter, Slaughters line. 36 acres. Ack 4 Jun 1836.

Logan Co DB V; p.273 2 Sep 1837 I Thomas Proctor Jr of Logan Co KY do appoint Robert E. [Collins?] Collier [can't distinquish, looks most like Collier but I believe it should be Collins] my attorney in fact. I am about to remove to the state of Missouri and have unsettled business in KY. Authorize to receive or pay all sums of money & empowered to settle all unsettled business in state of KY. Signed: Thomas Proctor. Power of Attorney from Thomas Proctor Jr ack 22 Sep 1837.

Logan Co DB W, p.140
10 Aug 1838 Thomas Proctor & Polly his wife of Johnson Co, Missouri, to Robert Jamison of Logan Co for $1368. Tract in Logan Co on Black Lick Crk where the sd Proctor formerly lived. Begin McCutchens 200 acre survey; 100 acres, 24 pole. 2nd tract begins corner William Haydons 1000 acre survey. Fifty acres being part of Wm Haydons 1000 acre survey. 3rd tract of 15 acres. 4th tract of 36 acres. Another tract of 4 acres, corner to John McCutchen. From descriptions these are all actually part of the same property. Markers mentioned refer to property of Patrick McCutcheon's headright, William Haden & Edmond Clark's Military Surveys, John & William McCutcheon, Arthur Slaughter, Collins [perhaps the family of his wife Polly Collins].
Signed: Thomas Proctor, Polly X Proctor
Johnson Co MO - ack by Thomas Procter, Polly his wife relinquished dower to William Campbell and Edward Collins.
Rec. Logan Co KY 28 Jan 1839
[The first two tracts described in this deed are exactly the same as the tracts deeded to Thomas Proctor Jr by the heirs of William Haden on 4 Jun 1827, found in DB O, p.384 The 15 acres had previously been purchased from John & Ann McCutchen on 18 Apr 1829, DB P, p.365. The 36 acre tract was bought from Soyars on 4 Jun 1836, DB U, p.353.]

Found Thomas & Polly in the 1850 Census in Missouri. He was listed as age 67, born KY, and she age 68 but based on the ages of the children in the household, I think it's quite likely Polly was at least 10 years younger. James Proctor, "Taylor" by profession, age 26. Sarah J. Simmons age 25, b. KY, probably a widowed daughter because there are also two children Susan A. Simmons age 8 and Charles W. Simmons age 6. Lucinda A. Proctor age 17 and Missouri A. age 13. These last two seem a bit old for grandchildren, yet if Polly was really 68 they cannot be her children.

In 1860, still in Lafayette Co MO, SinaBar Township. Thos Procter, age 78 and Polly age 68 which does explain the age problem in 1850. James P. was now age 37 and a 5-year-old boy, Edward, b. in MO was living with them.

1870, Thomas, now 87 was living with son James. in Sinabar Twp, Lafayette MO. Or perhaps James now was just listed as head as household and they were still in the same house. James was age 48, Rachel age 27 who was also b. in KY, Sallie 3, Thomas 4 months. Mary Helm age 30 lived there with 9 year old Arl [male child]. George Campbel age 20 was boarding with the family. Thomas Proctor had an occupation at age 87, stated as carpenter.

Sally HADEN and Maj. Thomas PROCTOR had the following children:



Mary "Polly" PROCTOR.



Aurora DeGosma PROCTOR.