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Fourth Generation

95. Samuel H. HADEN44,92,94,111,194,218,262,295,296 was born on 30 July 1790 in Kentucky.297 He died on 20 November 1865 at the age of 75 in Simpson County, Kentucky.

If this is the Samuel H. in Simpson Co. Census in 1850, he was 60 at that time; listed in 69 in 1860. His birth year has been assumed from those censuses.

27 Oct 1820 Samuel Haden baptized. First Baptist Church, Russellville.

Court Order Book 7, Logan County KY LDS Microfilm #0364562
p.188 December Term 1820
"On the motion of Samuel Haden ordered that he be appointed guardian to Sally Haden infant orphan of William Haden Sen'r Dec'd his having executed bond security according to Law."
William & last wife Sarah/Sally had a child named Sally, his older daughter Sally was probably already deceased before this child was born. In the division of the negroes of William Haden, a child Sally receives her share as well as the Proctor children, the children of the first Sally, deceased.

Deed Book L, p.244. 5 Jan 1821. The heirs of William Haden make out deed to Samuel for 271 acres that his father William had given him. The land had been surveyed for Samuel but deed not made when William died. The land borders that of William Haden Jr, Samuel's brother. This deed lists all the heirs of William Haden and the guardians of the minor children.

Logan Co Deed Book L, p.215 29 Jan 1823. Samuel H. Haden to William Haden. 42 acres for $265.50. ..Land description begins at a stake by William Haden's fence. Samuel H. Haden's wife examined but not named.

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010
From: Sandi Gorin <>
Samuel STEPHENSON - Monies due: Names includes were James MAXWELL,
Simeon HIETT, Samuel HADEN, Saml SUBLETT, Arthur SLAUGHTER, Sarah
HADEN, Jonathan FERGUSON, William SAWYERS. Signed by John STEVENSON
[spelled both ways], Executor, recorded May term 1824.
Note: Sarah Haden, widow of William, was deceased - her daughter of the same name was about age 14 in 1824, but Samuel was her guardian. Samuel Sublett was married to the widow of Samuel Haden's brother John M. Haden.

Court Order Book 8, Logan County KY LDS Microfilm #0364563
p.246 August Term 1826
"On the motion of Churchill H. Blakey moved appointed settle with Sam'l Haden administrator of Sally Haden, deceased (this would be William's widow) and guardian to Sally Blakey late Sally Haden and make report. Churchill H. Blakey married Sally Haden and Samuel's gaurdianship no longer necessary.
p.352 Jan Term 1828 On the motion of the Baptist Church at Bethany meeting house in Logan County by P. Warden their moderator and producing the following....of sd church. Towit. At a meeting of the Baptist Church of Christ at Bethany meeting house in Logan County on the Saturday before the first Sunday in January 1828 Appointed Brethren Robert Woodward, Millis Hall, SAMUEL HADEN & Wm Haden Trustees to this meeting house in place of Edward Collins and John Proctor which we certify to the Logan County Court agreeably to an act of Assembly in that case made and provided.
Phillip Warden Moderator
Wm Haden Protem Clerk
It is now ordered that said persons named in sd order of the church stand as Trustees to sd meeting house agreeably to an act of assembly in such case made provided.

US Census 1820 Logan County
Samuel Haden 3 males under 10 [Wm, Robert & Tyree]; 1 male 26-45 [Samuel]; 1 female under 10 [Ann]; 1 female 26-45 [Rebecca/Frances]

1820 Tax Roll: Samuel Haden, 1 white male over 21; total blacks 3; horses 4; 211a on the Black Lick (fork of the Gasper R)

Logan County Court Records Book 8, p.192 Oct Term 1825 Samuel H. Hayden came into Court and gave in the following property for Taxation for the year 1824 collectable in 1825. To Wit, 228 Acres of Land Logan County Gasper River entered Living; patented in the name of Jonathan Clark @$7 $1596
2 Blacks over 16 3 Total Blacks $1842
6 horses
1 white over 21 [Samuel] Total $3438
[This 228 acres is very close to matching the 271 acres deeded to Samuel from the heirs of his father, less the 42 acres sold to his brother William.]

On the 1829 Tax Roll, Samuel Haden declared 5 children between 15 and 4 [The tax roll was for the the previous year, 1828]. In 1828, he had Mary E. age 2 so she wouldn't be counted; Catherine age 4; Benjamin age 7; Tyree age 9; Ann age 11, Robert age 12, William age 14. That would be 6 children, but then he was reporting in 1829 so William would have turned 15 - if he was omitted that's 5 children between 15 and 4.

US Census 1830 Logan County.
Samuel G. Hayden (sic) 1 male under 5 [Joseph]; 1 male 5-10 [Benjamin]; 2 males 10-15 [Tyree & Robert]; 1 male 15-20 [William]; 1 male 40-50 [Samuel]
1 female under 5 [Mary E.]; 1 female 5-10 [Catherine]; 1 female 10-15 [Ann]; 1 female 30-40 [Rebecca/Frances]
6 Slaves

1830 Tax Roll: Samuel H. Haden, 1 white male over 21; 3 blacks over 16;
total blacks 5; horses 5; 206a on the Gasper River

The last year Samuel Haden appears on the Logan Co Tax Rolls with land on the Gasper is 1836.

Logan Co KY Deed Book U, p.231-233
Dated 28 Jan 1836. Samuel H. Haden & Francis [sic] Haden his wife of Logan Co KY of the one part to Samuel Smith Perkins of the other part. Sum of $1350. Tract in Logan Co on Black Lick fork of Gasper River where the said Haden now lives. 206 acres. All of tract of land conveyed to said Samuel H. Haden by James Haden & other heirs of William Haden Dec'd on 5 Jan 1821 except about 25 acres conveyed by said Samuel H. Haden to Phillip Warden and 42 acres 100 poles conveyed to William Haden by said S. H. Haden as per deeds of record in Logan Co court clerk's office. The description includes metes & bounds as well as the following: Begin at tree on the Black Lick Fork, corner to William Haden Junr thence with his line; corner to Drake's line; Clark's Military survey. Originally 271 acres more or less. Signed: Saml. H. Haden, Frances Haden. Wit: M. J. Price, Thos Blakey.
Witnesses were also the Justices of the Peace that examined Francis Haden, wife of Samuel H. Haden, and she consented. 28 Jan 1836.
Proved on 9 Feb 1836 on oath of Major J. Price and Thomas Blakey. Rec. by Marmaduke B. Morton 8 Mar 1836

Simpson Co was formed from Logan Co in 1819 - there is no indication Samuel lived there at that time but moved to Simpson Co approximately 1836/7 [Simpson Co marriage & deed records lost in fire in 1882.]

Email from Mark Hayden contained the following tax information for Simpson Co in 1837:
Saml. H. Haydon, 193 acres, 1 white male over 21, 5 blacks, 6 horses. Also a listing: Samuel Haydon for Haydon's Heirs, 197 acres valued at $1200 [If Samuel's 1st wife died in 1835 as believed, this may be her children's inheritance from her father. However there is also a Samuel Haydon in the 1830 Simpson Co census.]

1840 Census, Simpson Co KY; p.188
Samuel H. Hadin
3m 5-10 [Joseph, Samuel & Joshua ages 10, 8 & 6]; 1m 20-30 [Robert; Tyree married to Mourning because he had a 20-year-old by 1860; Wm married to Elizabeth Proctor in 1837]; 1m 50-60 [Samuel himself]
1f 10-15 [Mary E. age 14]; 1f 15-20 [Catherine age 16]; 1f 20-30 [Ann age 23]; 1f 40-50 [wife F. was 56 in 1850 so would be abt 46 this year]
There were 5 slaves.
[Phillips Cemetery, Simpson Co: Joshua Hayden, 19 Nov 1834-11 Jun 1840]

1850 Census, Simpson Co KY (1st names of family are initials only in this census). Frances has been mentioned as a given name for the wife of Samuel; she would have to be a second wife.
Household #246:
Haden, Saml. H. 60 $1000 b. KY [he was likely born in Kentucky when it was still a part of Virginia - Kentucky not a state until 1792]
Haden, F. 56 f b.KY (Frances?)
Haden, M. E. 22f b. KY [Mary E.]

Household #309 [This entry is totally "off" on the page; I have adjusted to make it read correctly]
R. H. Haden, age 35, M, Carpenter, b. KY
J. E., age 28, F, b. LA
I.W., age 5, F, b. LA
L.G., age 4, M, b. LA
M.C., age 1, F, b. KY
E. S., age 2/12, M, b. KY
[H. Haden married Jane Curtis on 9 Nov 1843, East Feliciana Paarish, LA

The 1850 Slave Schedule has S. H. Haden with 5 slaves. 4 males, ages 38, 24, 11, & 10 and 1 female age 23. R. H. Haden had two slaves, both female, ages 50 and 11.

1850, Logan Co KY William Haden, age 36. His wife was listed as Elizabeth J., age 30. [There is a marriage in Logan Co - 11 Sep 1837 - William Haden to Elizabeth J. Proctor.] Oldest child of this couple is Rebecca H. age 10. His other children are named Elizabeth F. age 8, Henry C. age 5, Charles S. age 4, Robert H. age 2.
The birth year of this William would seem to indicate that he was the son of Samuel but some information lists his wife as "Amanda" with no other information known. William also could fit into the family of William Haden & Pamela Blakey of Logan Co. Further research will perhaps conclusively solve the mystery of which of the Hadens was his father.

1857 births in Simpson Co - Feb 7 J. V., Male, to S. H. Haden and Sarah Rosten? [The next name in the list was Rosten, I believe there's some recording confusion here. The next entry is a Rosten family. All other records indicate a Margaret to be Samuel Jr's wife.]

1860 Census Simpson Co KY
Household #23: R. H. Haden, 44, b. KY; Jane E., 38, b. LA, Indiana E., 15, b. LA; Lewis G., 13, b. LA; Mary C, 11, b. KY; Eugene S. 10, b. KY; Joseph T. 8, b. KY; William H. 6, b. KY; Frances R. 5 or 3, [F], b. KY; John R. 8/12 b. KY
Household #74: Samuel H. Haden Sr age 69 and Jane Haden age 47.
#75: William Haden age 75. Indicates he was living with Samuel & Jane. (Is this the brother Wm who was married to Pamela Blakey? He's about the right age. Was in Logan Co in 1850. Pamela Haden is living in Logan Co in 1860 with her daughter and grandson, in the grandson's home. They had a separation agreement in the Logan Co records.
Phillips Cemetery, Simpson Co has William Hayden, 21 Jan 1786-13 Nov 1865.]
#76: Samuel H. Haden Jr. age 27, Margarett L. age 24, Joseph V. age 3, Robt H. age 2, Jannie 1/12.
Household #159: Tyree Haden, age 40, b. KY; Mourning age 42, b. KY. All the children born in Missouri: Mary E. - 20; Samuel H - 18; Tabitha - 16; Ann E - 14; William - 12; Sarah C. - 6.
[Phillips Cemetery, Simpson Co, is the following: Morning Hayden, 14 Feb 1818-15 Jun 1861; Mary E. Haden, 9 Dec 1840-11 Jun 1861; Ann E. Haden, 24 Jan 1846-23 Jul 1861]
Household #698: William Haden Jr., age 46, b. KY as were all the rest; Henry C. - 16; Charles S. - 15; Robt H. - 12; Mary C. - 10; William J. - 8; John T. - 4.

1870 Census Simpson Co KY: Haden, Samuel H. age 37, Margret L. age 33, Joseph age 13, Jane age 10, Thomas H. age 5, Jannett age 2, Mary C. age 19. [Son Robt H. has died - see cemetery listing below. Mary C. is unknown]
Phillips Cemetery in Simpson Co:
Robert H. Haden, son of S. H. & M. L. Haden 21 Mar 1858 - 12 Aug 1862.
Nanna H. Haden, dau of S. H. & M. L. Haden 14 Jan 1863 - 17 Jul 1863
Dwelling 50: Robert H. Haden, 57, KY; Jane E. 48, LA; Indiana E. 25, LA; Lewis G. 23, KY; Mary C. 21, KY; Eugene S. 19, KY; Joseph C 17, KY; William H. 16; KY; Rebecca F. 14, KY; John R. 12, KY; Jane B. 9, KY; Robert H. 4, KY.
Dwelling 160. Tyrie Hayden, age 50, Farmer, b. KY Henry, age 26 [Samuel H?], Tabitha age 25, b. MO, William age 21, Sarah C age 13. Also Jane, age 58, Value of personal property $1700, b. KY - she would appear to be the Jane Haden that was living with Tyree's father Samuel in 1860. Was she Samuel H.'s 2nd or 3rd wife?
Dwelling 161. William Haden age 55, Farmer, b. KY Amanda E. age 31 [This seems to be the William who married Elizabeth Proctor in 1837. She wasn't present in 1860. William has remarried?] William J. age 16, James M. age 7, Sarah age 5, Elizabeth Law age 19, Jane Maud/Mand age 9. [This youngest girl with a different surname could be a stepdaughter. No clues to the older girl.].

1880 Census Simpson Co KY; Pilot Knob; p.396C: Samuel H. Haden, age 47; Margrett L., wife age 43; Joseph V., son age 23; Thomas H. W. son age 15; Gennettie [Jannett] dau age 12, Susannah B. dau age 8; Effie dau age 5 months. All born in KY as were Samuel & Margaret's parents.

Also on p.396C, District 215, Simpson Co is Henry C. Lawler, age 39 with wife Angeline L., age 36, several children, Henry's brother Samuel F. Lawler age 55, and a aunt Jane Haden age 66, who can only be the Jane living with Samuel H. Haden in 1870. I cannot figure out these relationships.
There was also Sarah A. Haden, niece age 29, living in the household of Robert M. Stuart, age 43 and Mary E. Stuart, age 30, and two small daughters. This was on p.396D. Sarah A. Haden was seemingly more of an age to be a sister, not a niece.

1880 Census, Allen Twp, McLean Co, Illinois. p.26d
Eugene Haden [son of Robert H.] age 30 b. in KY, Father b. KY, Mother b. LA; wife Catherine age 27, b. PA as were here parents; Walter C., son age 1, b. KY

This is Garretsburg which is Enumeration District 16 in 1880, Christian Co KY. Page 299, the first page of this district. The enumerator was G. M. Quarles and he listed himself and his family first.
Next as Dwelling & family #2 is:
L. G. Hayden, age 33, farmer, born LA, father b. KY, mother b. LA, married
M. H., age 30, wife, "house keeping", b. KY as were both her parents, married
Dwelling & family #3
R. H. Hayden, age 64, farmer, b. KY, Married
M. C. House, age 30, Daughter, b. KY father b. KY, mother b. LA, Widowed
M. H. wife, House keeping, Ohio, parents born PA, Married
R. F., age 22, Dau, KY, KY, LA
J. R., 20, Son, Farm Labor, KY, KY, LA; attended school during the year
J. B., 18, Dau, KY, KY, LA; attended school
R. H., 16, son, Farm Labor; KY, KY, LA attended school
W. W. Kincheloe, 9, StepSon, Works on Farm, KY, KY, OH; attended school
A. B. Haden, 1 dau; KY, KY, OH
C. Southall, Black, Female , age looks more like 48 to me, Servant, can't read or write, b. KY as were both her parents.

After several years of trying to find out what happened to Samuel H. Haden after the early years in Logan Co, I finally made contact with Mark Hayden <> who is descended from Samuel. He in turn found other descendants. The children of Samuel, birth dates, etc. and those of his son Robert H. have been handed down from Robert's daughter Frances Rebecca. A typed manuscript was found in a roll of papers behind her desk after Frances Rebecca died 25 Aug 1945 at the age of 88. The exact dates would indicate that perhaps at some time there was a Bible. Certainly these children fit into the early census data and the similarity of names would seem to add weight to the accuracy of these children and Samuel H. of Logan Co being the same as Samuel H. of Simpson Co.

Samuel H. HADEN and Rebecca HARRIS were married on 30 July 1813 in Madison County, Kentucky.85,298,299 Rebecca HARRIS was born on 14 January 1792.300 She died on 4 January 1835 at the age of 42.300

The only marriage for a Samuel Haden in Logan County is to Margaret Hughes 7 Apr 1806. In "Men Whom I Remember" by George D. Blakey: Samuel married a "Miss Harris"
The Samuel that married Margaret Hughes is most probably of the Hadden line, son of Elisha, William or Thomas Hadden. The marriage is a little too early to be that of Samuel Haden.

A Samuel Hayden m Rebeccah Harris 30 Jul 1813, Madison County, KY. The date given is the bond date; Robert Harris was bondsman and as father of the bride, gave consent. I first thought this was one of the Hadden descendents of the Samuel Hadden from Montgomery Co KY; one of that Samuel's sons, Nicholas Hadden, married Nancy Noland daughter of Jesse Noland and Sarah Barbara Turner in Madison Co KY.

There is one problem I have not been able to resolve. In the book, Madison County Kentucky Court Order Book B, p.131 [and not indexed], there is the following:
Court meeting 3 Nov 1795
Agreeable to a writ of ad quod damnum directed to the sheriff of Madison County for the view of seat for a water griss mill for Samuel & Richard HEADEN on Muddy Creek, do report the followeth: The acres of land, the property of James Lackey, valued at 12sh and no other damages found. Signed, Edward Bullock, David McCord, Samuel South, Thomas Thorp, William Jones, Joseph Bennett, Jonathan West, James Lowry, Benjamin Baxter, Richard West, William West and John Davis.
Headen is a spelling sometimes seen for members of the Haden family. However, I find not Samuel & Richard of the age to be these men, that would have been in this location, in the Haden family. These names also do not appear in this book anywhere else. The names of Thomas Thorp & William Jones who apparently served on this "jury" for the viewing of the grist mill, are both associated with the Harris family.

Descendants of Samuel H. say he did indeed marry Rebecca Harris. Madison Co seems to be a distance away from Logan Co where Samuel lived; however, he had Haden cousins in Madison Co - John Haden who married Rachel Reynolds and whose father Anthony Haden [the younger] was Samuel's father's older brother. The Harris family had come to Madison Co from Albemarle Co VA and could have been known to the Hadens in earlier generations. There are in fact intermarriages between the family of Anthony Haden and the Harris family.

The 1810 Madison Co KY has two men named Robert Harris. Both are 45+ One of these has no children in his household. This could be the Robert, son of Christopher Harris if his children were all grown by 1810. The other with margin note that says "Tate's Crk" has 2 boys -10, 1 young man 26-45, himself 45+, 1 girls -10, 2 girl 16-26 [one of these could be Rebecca], 1 lady 45+.

The biggest problem with this marriage to Rebecca Harris is that on 28 Jan 1836, Samuel H. Haden sold his land in Logan Co, and at that time his wife was listed, signed and released her dower as FRANCES Haden. The 1850 census does not have her name but has the initial "F". Samuel could have been married twice, or perhaps Francis was a Harris and that is not his marriage in Madison Co at all.

In at least one database online, Fanny [nickname for Frances] Harris, b. 10 Sep 1793 in Madison Co to Christopher Harris [the younger Christopher] & his wife Elizabeth Ann Grubbs, is shown as married three times - to Joseph Black, 26 Feb 1815, by whom she had three children born by 1819, to Thomas Ernest, and to Samuel "Hayden". The order of the marriages is not clear and I find nothing to indicate she married Thomas Ernest at all. As the widow, Frances Black, she was in Simpson Co in 1830. I do think there is an excellent possibility that Samuel married two Harris ladies. It is true that some of the granddaughters were named Rebecca Frances, using both names and some believe it was the same person - but that does not explain the death date of Rebecca in 1835, nor the fact that Frances was obviously married to Joseph Black at the time Samuel Haden's children were born.

Samuel H. HADEN and Rebecca HARRIS had the following children:



William HADEN.



Robert Harris HADEN.



Ann H. "Nancy" HADEN.



Tyree Joseph HADEN.



Benjamin HADEN was born on 3 October 1821 in Logan County, Kentucky.300



Lucy Catherine HADEN.



Mary E. HADEN300 was born on 8 December 1826.300 She died on 16 May 1890 at the age of 63 in Kansas City, Missouri.300

Said to buried in Union Cemetery in Kansas City. No married name given. How did she get there?



Joseph T. HADEN was born on 8 February 1829 in Logan County, Kentucky.300



Samuel H. HADEN Jr..



Joshua S. HADEN was born on 19 November 1834.300 He died on 11 June 1840 at the age of 5 in Simpson County, Kentucky.300

Buried Phillips Cemetery in Simpson Co. The last examination of the cemetery revealed the marker to no longer be present.

Samuel H. HADEN and Frances "Fanny" HARRIS were married after 1835 in Simpson County, Kentucky. Frances "Fanny" HARRIS, daughter of Christopher HARRIS and Elizabeth GRUBBS, was born on 10 September 1793 in Madison County, Kentucky. She died on 11 November 1888 at the age of 95 in Simpson County, Kentucky.

Some believe this lady to have been the wife of Samuel H. Haden, son of William and Ann Johnson Haden. It is possible she was his second wife, as I believe his first wife, Rebecca Harris, died circa 1835. It does solve the problem that they both had the Harris surname and I have found proof that Fanny was available.

Fanny Harris married Joseph Black, 24 Feb 1815. Christopher Harris was father of the bride and security for the bond.

Online databases show three children:
Margaret "Peggy", b. 28 Dec 1815
Christopher, b. 17 Feb 1817
Joseph, b. 25 Mar 1819

In 1830, there was in Simpson Co KY:
Frances Black: 2 males age 10-15. 1 female age 10-15, 1f age 30-40. Frances Harris would have been about age 37. p.298. She was counted two households from:
Christopher Harris: 1m age 20-30, 1m age 70-80; 1f age 70-80
This certainly puts Frances, now a widow, in the right place to meet and marry Samuel H. Haden.