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Fourth Generation

89. James H. HADEN92,258,259 was born on 13 November 1776 in Goochland County, Virginia.260,261 He died before December 1822 at the age of 46 in Logan County, Kentucky.85,262

The exact date of birth as well as the middle initial "H" in his name are from the papers of Pat Reid, who does not know the source of the information - the papers handed down in her family.

Posted on <> by Sandi Gorin, 3 Apr 2003:
James Haden entered land in Logan Co KY on 29 Sep 1799.
Posted 29 Jan 2004: From Logan Co Order Book 1, 9 May 1797 Deed from Benjamin Shepherd to William Blakey sworn to by oath of James Haden.

Only James and his father William are listed in Logan Co on the 1800 tax lists. I believe he was probably the only son old enough to declare that year.

Court Order Book 2, Logan County KY LDS Microfilm #0364561
p.27 20 July 1801
"Ordered that James Haden, Thomas Proctor, Hugh McCutcheon, & Zachariah Cross be appointed to view and mark out a road the nearest and best way from Logan Courthouse to the County Line of the most direct way to the Warren Courthouse."
p.108 21 July 1801
"Satisfactory proof having been made to the court that a certificate granted by the late commissioners to James Haden also for 200 acres of land, that 100 acres of it entered as appropriated land and ordered to be certified." Note in margin: James Haden to pay.
p.195 18 Jan 1802
"James Haden enters 200 acres of land in Logan County on the waters of the Gaspar River beginning on two hickorys and running as the Law directs for quantity."

A James Hadden was counted in Logan Co KY in 1810 with a peculiar household:
2m -10, 1m 10-16, 2m 16-26, 4m 26-45. 1f -10, 1f 10-16, 2f 26-45, 1f +45
He could actually be James Haden with a blended household. Perhaps some of his siblings or Rebecca's living with them.

Logan County Deed Book C, p.5 19 Jul 1809 William Moody and his wife Jane to James Haden for $500 ..150 a Witnesses: Thomas Proctor, Ben Proctor, John Bailey ... Recorded 10 Apr 1810
p.88 13 Apr 1810 James Haden and Rebecca S. Haden to Sir Francis Drake ...$530 ...2 tracts on water of the Gasper River ...175 a granted to William Moody. Witnesses: West Mauling, John Price, John Wigginton. Rebecca questioned by William Marrs.
p.94 6 Jan 1810 William Haden and Sally his wife to James Haden for $3000 ...350 acres part of a 1000 acres survey entered in the name of John Clark.
Deed Book E: p.332 2 Oct 1817 Trustees of the town of Russellville sell Lot #14 in the James Morrison Addition to James Haden for $32.50. On p.544 2 Oct 1817 James Haden and Rebecca his wife sell the same lot for the same price to John H. Morton
Deed Book F, p.54 14 Jun 1818 John H. Morton and Sarah his wife of Fayette Co to James Haden of county of Logan for $374 ...on the waters of the Gasper River ..180 acres Signed: John H. Morton; Sarah P. Morton
Deed Book G: p.55-56 List of purchasers in Hubbard Sanders addition:
Lot #29 James C. Haden $117 Note executed [This certainly does look like a middle linitial "C" - not seen anywhere else]
Deed Book H p.96 19 Feb 1820 Mentions property sold by James Haden to Sir Francis Drake, dec'd. Descended to Charles & Sarah S. Jackson who is the daughter of Sir Francis Drake; of Simpson Co. [John G. of Butler Co and Taylor B. Drake of Logan are possibly sons of Sir Francis.]
p.173-174 30 Jul 1819. Mary Morton sold 200 acres to James Haden for $700. Land begins at corner to Robert Bell & William Marshall and runs to a stake in William Moody's line. Witnesses: Granville Branham and Jefferson Haden Recorded 28 Mar 1820.
Deed Book I/J p.71 21 Mar 1821. Thos. McClanahan of Simpson County sold to James Haden for $1 the lot in Russellville on the south side of the main Cross Street on which Black Isaac's Blacksmith Shop stands, part of Lot #19.
p.377 18 May 1821 William R. Morton of Fayette to James Haden for $300 on the waters of the Gasper. 100 acres. Patented to Morton 8 Sep 1819.
Deed Book K, p.292 (Date of Book - 1821] Deed of 20 Mar 1815. Geo. W. Neely to James Haden for $1000. 125 acres part of patent granted to Neely.
p.391 Henry Banks of Richmond VA to James Haden; corner to survey laid off for the Methodist Society; 562 1/4 acres for $849. Witness: A. B. Morton, Wm. Haden, Jefferson Haden. William Haden & Jefferson Haden proved deed.

Logan County, Kentucky. Extract of Equity Cases, Vol. II, Montgomery Vanderpool
FamilySearch Books online
EC 8 - 151 - Curd Vs Morton & Haden, Filed 26 Jan 1819
Spencer Curd complains that on 12 Nov 1807 James Haden bound himself to convey
to Armstead Morehead, or sssign thirty feet front on lot no. 14 in Morrisons
addition in Russellville. Haden not having complied with the conditions
of the contract, Morehead for value received assigned the obligation to Curd
of which Haden had due notice. That he was put in lawful possession thereof
and continued to possess it for many years demanding of Haden occassionally
to deed him the ground but Haden refused to make a deed. That Haden has
deeded the whole of Lott No. 14 to John H. Morton. That Morton had knowledge
of Curds title to the 30 feet of front ground.
2 Aug 1819 Answer of James Haden. He states that Morehead had told him that
if he would sell him the land he would build a house on it for a Clerks office.
That the Clerks office would increase the value of the land and would make it
more publick. Haden states he purchased the lot at the original sale by the
Trustees of the town. That previous to his contract with Morehead he had agreed
verbally with the father of his codefendant, to wit John Morton, to let
John Morton have the lott for the price he had given for it.
13 May 1820 It was ordered that a title be made to Curd. Approx 20 pages.

Court Order Book 7, Logan County KY LDS Microfilm #0364562
p.206 February Term 1820
"On the motion of James Haden letters of administration granted him on the estate of William Haden, Sen'r, Dec'd, he having taken the oath required by law and .......with William Whitsett to.....his securities in the penalty of twenty thousand dollars." (James died before this estate settled; he was also administrator of estate of his brother John M. and that was also not settled before his death. George W. Morton & Rebecca Morton Haden became administrators for James and in turn responsible for settling the others. Sally Haden, widow of William, also died after receiving her dower but before her husband's estate was settled.)

1820, Logan Co Census. James Haden. 1m 10-16 [William M.], 1m 16-18 [Jefferson age 17], 1m 16-26 [also Jefferson], 1m 26-45 [James]; 4f under 10 [Elizabeth, Harriet, Mary and ???], 2f 10-16 [Nancy, Emily], 1f 26-45 [Rebecca], 1f +45 [possibly Rebecca's mother who was widowed at this time.] Youngest son James probably not yet born..

Logan County Court Records, Book 8 (1822-1828) LDS #0364563
p.32, 7 Apr 1823 "On motion of George W. Morton & Rebecca Haden Administrators of James Haden Dec'd ordered that Joseph Morton, Arthur Slaughter, Peter Morton, William Comfort & Jacob Ackerman or any three of them be and they are hereby appointed to settle with said administrators of James Haden Dec'd who was administrator of William Morton Dec'd and that they make report."

Logan Co Deed Book M, p.23-28 24 Jul 1823 By Decrees at the May Term 1823, three suits in Chancery Court were settled by William J. Morton, Commission. These appear to be land which perhaps had been sold prior to James Haden's death and deeds not made, or perhaps to settle debts, etc. Benjamin Perkins paid $600 for 197 acres adj Bell, Haden, Neely, John Smalls Survey, Vineyard. $800 paid by the heirs of William Vineyard, dec'd for 465 acres adj Robert Bell, Marshals line now Jacob Ackerman, Survey of James Elder. Jacob Ackerman paid $2.25 for 186 1/4 acres on waters of the Gasper, surveyed for George Morton on 1 Nov 1822. All three deeds signed by Jefferson, Nancy, William, Emily, Elizabeth, Harriet, Mary, James, heirs of James Haden, dec'd and Rebecca S. Haden, widow - all signatures by Wm J. Morton, Commissioner. Recorded 11 Aug 1823.

Logan Co Will Book C, p.39-40 3 Jan 1824
James Wilson, Joseph F. Piper appointed Oct Term 1823 as Commissioners to settle with the Administrators of James Haden dec'd. Accounts listed included amounts for Wm Haden as guardian for Nancy Haden, Thos. Proctor, Eli McLean, Wm R. Morton, Jos. Haden, James Slaughter, Ben Temple, G. W. Morton, Rebecca Haden, J. Breaitt.
5 Jan 1824, produced in open court and ordered recorded.

22 Jan 1824 Logan Co DB M, p.182f Geo. W. Morton Deed of Mortgage to Andrew Caldwell, Danl. C. Caldwell & Abm. B. Morton for their security in his Administration of the estate of James Haden who was also admin. for William Morton, William Haden, and John M. Haden. Administration was appointed to George W. Morton & Rebecca S. Haden for James Haden, dec'd. on 2 Dec 1822 in the penalty of $20,000. Release of this obligation is found 22 Jan 1824, same Deed Book.
10 Jun 1822 - DB M, p.135 Deed of Elijah Morton to Norman Porter was witnessed by James Haden he was still alive at that time.

9 Aug 1824 Haden et al vs. Morton. Nancy Newman, formerly Nancy Haden & Josiah Newman, Jefferson Haden, William M. Haden, Emily Haden, Eliza Haden, Harriet Haden, Mary Haden and James Haden, infants, by their guardian George W. Morton. [Nancy was not a minor since she was married, Jefferson had probably reached age 21 - the others were not yet of age.] Complaint is that their ancestor now deceased purchased about 1814 or 1815 of John H. Morton two tracts of land for $790. There were patents granted Morton on 3 Jan 1809 and 8 Sep 1819. Contain by survey 357 acres. The land was purchased by the tract, not the acre, and containa considerable quantity of surplus acres. The tract was not conveyed to James Haden in his lifetime.
24 Oct 1824 Answer of John H. Morton, Fayette Co KY. He did make a verbal contract with James Haden. A part of the consideration was paid and the other part remains unpaid. When the balance is paid him he is ready and willing to convey title to the land.

p.124 Oct Term 1824 Samuel Wilson, John Barnett & John McCutcheon met at the house of Mrs. Rebecca S. Haden on 16 Oct 1824 to divide Negroes of estate of James Haden dec'd. Lots to: Jefferson, Nancy Haden who married Josiah Newman, to William M. Haden, Emily W. Haden, to Eliza H. Haden, to Harret S. R. Haden, to Mary M. Haden, James Haden.

Court Records, Book 8, p.137 Jan Term 1825 Division of Negroes of James Haden Dec'd returned and ordered to be recorded.
p.356 Jul Term 1828 Division of the land of James Haden decd Returned. Approved by the Court and ordered to be Recorded. It is further ordered that said commissioners be allowed $14 each. It is further ordered that sd commissioners make deeds of partition according to said division of the said Heirs. (These deeds of conveyance were executed in October, p.392 - "to Harriet Haden and to Wm Haden. One to Mary Haden. One to James Haden. One to Eliza Felts wife of Nathaniel Felts formerly Haden. One to Jefferson Haden. One to Emily Haden. One to Nancy J. Newman wife of Josiah Newman formerly Haden")

Will Book D, p.112 20 Aug 1828
Surveyed 1716 acres of land in Logan Co on waters of Gasper River for heirs of James Haden. Sketch of division provided. The tracts were not all adjacent.
Lot 1 to Mary Haden. 118 acres. Corner to the heirs of Perkins
Lot 2 James Haden. 147 acres. Original corner and corner to Lot 1.
Lot 3 Jefferson Haden. Corner to Willm Haden, Lot 1, heirs of Perkins, McNeely head right survey, corn to the dower. 218 acres.. Also part of the 275 acre tract, containing 50 acres.
Lot 4 Emily Haden. Corner to the dower & George McNeelly's headright Survey, 246 acres Also 50 acres timberland from 275 acre tract., corner to Eliza Felts.
Lot 5 Nancy J. Newman, formerly Nancy Haden. Begin corner to George McNeelly's headright survey, corner to the Shakers, in the dower line. 200 acres. Also 25 acres of timber out of the 275 acre tract, corner to Eliza.
Lot 6 Harriett Haden. On the Shakers line. 86 acres. Also a fraction of a Lot in Russellville adjoining William Duncan on the West where black Isaac had his shop.
Lot 7 William Haden. Corner to the Shakers, corner to Lot 6, dower line. 84 acres and a Lot in Russellville in Sanders addition.
Lot 8 Eliza Felts, formerly Eliza Haden. Begin East side main fork of Gaspers, corner to Ackerman, Lot #5. 150 acres.
Samuel Wilson, John McCutcheon & Joseph Morton, Commissioners.
1 Sep 1828 Exhibited in Court and ordered recorded.

Logan Co DB P, p.382 2 Sep 1828 Heirs of James Haden dec'd to JEFFERSON Haden. Corner to James Haden, corner to heirs of Perkins, corner to George McNeely, corner to the Dower, William Haden Senr's line. 218 acres. Another survey of 50 acres, corner to Wilgis. Rec. 6 Oct 1828.
Logan Co DB Q
p.130 2 Sep 1828 Jefferson Haden, Nancy J. Newman who intermarried with Josiah Newman formerly Nancy Haden, William Haden, Eliza Felts who intermarried with Nathaniel Felts formerly Eliza Haden, Harriet Haden, Mary Haden and James, heirs of James Haden Dec'd by Saml Wilson, John McCutchin & Joseph Morton commissioners to EMILY Haden. Description mentions line of the Dower. 246 acres. Also 50 acres of Timber Land bounded by Wilgis, Elijah Felts, corner to Jefferson. Rec. 6 Oct 1828
p.131 2 Sep 1828 Heirs as above to ELIZA Felts. Bounded by East bank of Gaspers, corner to Ackerman & Wilgis, Wilgis' line, up the river meanders. 150 acres
p.133 2 Sep 1828 Heirs as above to MARY Haden. Parcel #1. Corner P. Spences survey, survey in name of Robert Bell. 118 acres.
p.133 2 Sep 1828 Heirs as above to HARRIET Haden. Corner to the Shakers, running with their line, the dower line, back to the Shakers line. 86 acres. Also part of a lot in Russellvile on the South side of Main Cross Street adj William Duncan on the West.
p.134 2 Sep 1828 Heirs as above to JAMES. Corner to William Haden, corner to Mary Haden and with her line. 147 acres. Lot #2.

Logan Co DB Q, p.481 4 May 1831 Josiah Newman & Nancy J his wife of Mississippi to Gideon Childres of Logan Co. $400 for tract alloted to Nancy as one of the heirs of James Haden, dec'd. Adj George McNeely's head right survey, corner to the Shakers, in the Dower line, Emily Haden's line. 200 acres. Another tract of 25 acres of timberland. Signed: Josiah Newman, Nancy J. Newman. Nancy relinquished dower in Madison Co MS; Solomon Higginbotham, Chief Justice. Rec. in Logan Co 6 Jun 1831.
[The deed from the division isn't in the book near the others. However, it's obvious that Nancy received her share.

[Where are the deeds for allotment to Nancy Newman & William M? They may have been in Mississippi when the division was made. William's allotment found in DB T, 1834, when he returned to Kentucky.]

Logan Co DB Q; p.160 7 Nov 1829 By order of the court, heirs of James Haden [Eliza is now married to Joseph Rogers] paid John H. Morton for a tract of 170 acres on the Gasper. On Thomas Johnson's line, corner to John McCarly. And another tract of 187 acres near Bells line. Rec. 2 Dec 1829. [John H. Morton probably their uncle.]

2 Jun 1834 Settlement with administrators of estate of James Haden. Nathaniel H. Felts and "Robert" [sic - must have been Rebecca] Haden. WB E, p.357-364

James H. HADEN and Rebecca S. MORTON were married before 1800.91,262 Rebecca S. MORTON92,251,262,263, daughter of William MORTON and Elizabeth Hite SMITH, was born on 3 July 1781.251 She died before November 1842 at the age of 61 in Logan County, Kentucky.262

Her name given as Rebecca Hite Morton in records of both Irene Cook and Pat Reid. Her mother's maiden name was Elizabeth Hite Smith. In view of the many times her name is listed as Rebecca S. Haden in court records, I'm inclined to believe her name was Rebecca Smith Morton. The Morton data revealed a sister named Elizabeth Hite Morton for their mother.

Logan Co Will Book B, p.484
4 Apr 1823 Alloted dower lands to Rebecca S. Haden, widow of James Haden, dec'd. Survey ot 242 acres, names George McNeeley as a neighbor, metes & bounds for other markers. Saml. Wilson was the deputy surveyor. Commissioners were Presley Morehead, Joseph Morton & John McCarley
The same commissioners with the addition of Benjamin Temple also alloted Mrs. Rebecca Haden her dower in the slaves of the estate of James Haden, dec'd. John, Harry, Green, Hannah, Nelly & her children Presley & Betsey, Amey & her children George & Cecilia. $3500 value, $92.33 less than the one third of the whole value. She agreed to release her claim to the surplus.
7 Apr 1823 Returned to court. Spencer Curd CLCC

On the 7th of Apr 1823, Geo. W. Morton [Rebecca's brother] and Rebecca Haden, Administrators of James Haden Dec'd who had been the Administrator for William Haden, dec'd, and also John Haden, Dec'd, returned several accounts to the Logan Co Court to include the Sale report of the estate of John Haden [date of sale not given], the account balance of the estate of William Haden, and the division of her Dower,

Logan County KY Court Records Book 8 (1822-1827) LDS #0364563
p.138, Jan 1824 "Benjamin Roberts & John J. Marshall & Andrew Caldwell who at the last Term of this Court were appointed Commissioners to certain of the heirs of James Haden Dec'd came into Court and resigned said guardianship & from the same is entirely released, whereupon Emily M. Hayden (sic) made choice of Rebecca S. Haden be appointed guardian to said Emily M Hayden, Eliza H. Hayden, Harriott S. R. Hayden, Mary M. Hayden & James Hayden infant orphans of James Haden Decd whereupon She Executed Bond with Benjamin Temple her security in the penalty of $15,000 conditions according to Law."
p.471 Dec 1829 "On the motion of Rebecca S. Haden, Guardian to Harriett, Mary & James Haden ordered that....(names unreadable)...or any three of them be and they are herby appointed to settle with the Gdn and make report." (these three children are still likely under 14)

1840 Logan County KY Census: R. S. Haden 1f 60-70 (probably Rebecca); 1m 40-50 & 1f 20-30 (one of married children lives with her) 1m -5, 2f -5, 1f 5-10, 3f 10-15

Logan Co DB X; p.461 6 Sep 1841 Thomas Quigley & Eliza M. Quigley his wife of Bowling Green, Warren Co to Rebecca S. Haden of Logan. $1172. $300 payable on 1 Jan 1842. $424 on 1 Jan 1843. $448 on 1 Jan 1844 for which the sd Rebecca S. Haden has executed her several notes payable. Quigley has this day sold to said Rebecca S. Haden all his claim which he has to the land on which the sd Rebecca S. now lives being allotted to her as dower in the estate of James Haden dec'd. In Logna Co on Black Lick Fork of Gasper. Trust conveyed to Quigley by William M. Haden on 2 Mar 1839, being the trust of sd Wm M. Haden, Jefferson Haden & Eliza Haden (then Felts) which the sd Wm M. Haden claims as one of the heirs of James Haden dec'd & by purchase of Jefferson Haden and Eliza Haden, late Felts, also interest of Mary M. Haden, late Devlin, and Harriet Haden, now Harriet Cook, both of which are conveyed to sd Quigley by deed on record. And the interest of James Haden for which the sd Quigley holds his bond for title executed 18 Sep 1839, transferred to sd Thos. Quigley which he transfers to the sd Rebecca S. Haden.
Signed: Thomas Quigley, Eliza M. Quigley
Warren Co KY Ack by Quigleys on 6 Sep 1841
Logan Co. Rec. 22 Sep 1841

Book 10, Nov 28, 1842, p.403 "On the motion of Jefferson Haden....letters of admin is granted him on the good & chattels rights and credits of Rebecca S. Haden Dec'd.
Tues. Dec 27, 1842, p.411 " divide the salves and land belonging to the estate of James Haden Decd being the slaves & land heretofore assigned to Rebecca S. Haden as her dower & their increase and that they make report."
Feb 27, 1843, p.416 Inventory & appraisement of goods & chattels of Rebecca S. Haden Decd exhibited & ordered to be recorded. The sale of goods & chattels of Rebecca S. Haden Decd exhibited & ordered to be recorded.
Jan 22, 1844, p.485 Division of dower lands of Rebecca S. Haden approved & recorded.

James H. HADEN and Rebecca S. MORTON had the following children:



Jefferson HADEN.



Nancy F. HADEN.



William Morton HADEN.



Emily W. HADEN.



Elizabeth H. HADEN.



Mary Morton HADEN.



Harriet S. R. HADEN.



James HADEN.