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Seventh Generation

1733. Robert W. HADEN was born on 29 January 1846 in Madison County, Kentucky. He died on 19 November 1923 at the age of 77 in Stockton, Cedar County, Missouri.1140

1870 Census. Jefferson Township, Shelby Co MO, Hh 127
Thomas Hayden, age 44, b. KY. Frances, age 43, b. KY
John 20, Francis 18 [male-Travis], Irwin 16, Andrew 16, Mary 11, Fountin 9, Fanny 7, Addie 4, Tucker 1. [Children are all marked as born in MO, but they weren't.]
next door was Robert Haden, the eldest son; Hh 128
Robert Hayden, age 24, b. KY, Margaret 21, b. MO, Charles, age 2
Joel Million, age 70, b. KY.

1880 Census. Box Twp, Cedar Co MO, Hh 25
R. W. Hayden, age 34, b. KY, parents b. KY
M. W., wife, age 30, b. MO
Charles, son, 12, b. MO. Mary F., dau, 10, b. TX. J. P., son, 7, b. TX
J. E., son, age 4, b. MO. J. T., son, age 2, b. MO. L. E. age 8 month, dau, b. July.

1900 Census. Lynn, Cedar Co, MO, Hh 220
Robert W. Haden, b. Jan 1846, age 54, married 32 years, b. KY, parents, b. KY, merchant
Margaret M., wife, b. Sep 1848, age 51, 7 children, b. MO, father b. England, mother b. KY
Mary F., dau, b. Nov 1872, age 27, b. TX, school teacher
James T., son, Jul 1877, age 22, b. MO, barber
Emma L., dau, Aug 1880, age 19, b. MO
William C., son, Jul 1883, 16, b. MO

1910 Census. Linn, Cedar Co, MO, Hh 233
Robert W. Haden, 62, married 42 yr, b. KY, parents b. KY, Farmer
Margrett M., wife, 60, 7 children, b. MO, parents b. KY
Mary, dau, 38, b. TX, Teacher, Public School
Emma, dau, 28, b. MO

1920 Census. Linn, Cedar Co, MO, Hh 90
Robert W. Hayden, 73, Assistant Postmaster
Margrette, 70
Emma, dau, 35, Milliner, Dress shop

Robert was survived by his wife. Parents were listed as Thomas H. Haden, b. KY and Martha Wright, b. KY. C. H. Haden was the informant.

Robert W. HADEN and Margaret M. JENNINGS were married in 1868.863 Margaret M. JENNINGS1141 was born on 10 September 1848 in Monroe County, Missouri. She died on 26 October 1932 at the age of 84 in Stockton, Cedar County, Missouri.

Margaret's death certificate shows that she was 84 and widowed. She died of kidney disease. Her parents were listed as Robert Jennings, b. England, and Katleen Mellion, b. KY. Jim Haden [probably son James T.] of Stockton was the informant.

Robert W. HADEN and Margaret M. JENNINGS had the following children:



Charles H. HADEN.



Mary F. HADEN was born in November 1872 in Texas.



J. Press HADEN was born in 1873 in Texas.

1910 Census. Linn, Cedar Co, MO, Hh 91
Press Haden, 37, married 12 yr, b. TX; Retail merchant, grocery store
Alberta, wife, 37, b. MO, no children



Joe E. HADEN1142 was born on 8 June 1875 in Missouri. He died on 17 March 1941 at the age of 65 in Stockton, Cedar County, Missouri.

1910 Census. Linn, Cedar Co, MO, Hh 54
Joe E. Haden, 33, married 11 years, Barber
Lizzie Dale, wife, 32, 2 children
Joe, dau, age 10
Aileen, dau, age 7

1920 Census. Linn, Cedar Co, MO, Hh 104
Joe E. Hayden, 43, Barber, Own Shop
Lizzie, 42
E. Joe, dau, age 20, Teacher, Music
Allene, dau, 17
Mary Randolph, mother-in-law, 65, widow

1930 Census. Linn, Cedar Co, MO, Hh 54
Joe E. Haden, 53, married at 22, Barber, barber shop
Lizzie D., 53
Mary Randolph, mother-in-law, 79, widow, b. TN

1940 Census. Linn, Cedar Co, MO, Hh 136
Joe Haden, 65, Same house in 1935, Secretary, Insurance Co
Elizabeth, wife, 63

Joe's death certificate says his father was Robert W. Haden, b. KY and his mother Margrete Jennings, b. Monroe Co, MO. The informant was John A. Smith. He died of pneumonia, age 65. He is listed as married but no wife's name given. He was a secretary at Farmers Mutual.



James T. HADEN.



Emma L. HADEN was born in July 1879 in Missouri.



William C. HADEN was born in July 1883 in Cedar County, Missouri.

1920 Census. Linn, Cedar Co, MO
William Hayden, 36, Mail carrier, Rural Route
Maida, wife, 31, sales lady, drygoods store