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Fifth Generation

436. George W. HADEN92,268,271,619,620 was born on 4 December 1813 in Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland.82 He died on 10 November 1904 at the age of 90 in Greenville, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.272,621

July 1814 - born in Maryland, but carried home to Kentucky at six months of age on horseback.
Article says they lived in Logan County until George was four, then moved to Todd County circa 1818 for three years; then they went to Maryland where his father died in a short time. Logan County Court Records show that Joseph certainly lived in Todd County nearby to Logan County - he was there attending to guardianship of brother's sons, settling estates, etc. Joseph's estate was settled in Logan County, but mentions his personal property being at the home of his brother Samuel.

By 1837, George had moved to Muhlenberg County KY
1840 Census. Muhlenberg Co. p.359. George Haydon. 2 males 20-30 [George & Raney], 1 female 40-50 [Ellen]. Slaves: 5 m under 10, 4 m 10-26, 1 f under 10, 1f 10-26, 1f 26-35. Total of 15 in household.

1850 Census. Muhlenberg Co. George, age 36 born in MD; Raney age 34 born in MD; Ellen age 58, born KY.

Kentucky History gives date of marriage as Apr 29 1850, but there was no wife in the 1850 Census. The year should have been 1851.

Papers found among Confederate Papers Relating to Citizens or Business Firms, 1861-65, NARA M346, digital images on, would seem to belong to this man. There wasn't another G. W. Haden that I know of that would have been near Russellville.
29 Sept 1861, $250 paid to G. W. Haden. Note says " These expenses were necessarily incurred for the subsistence of troops under my command on a march made when separated from supplies and without transportation. Signed: S. B. Buckner, Brig.Gen, CSA" The invoice says "Beef Bill - $250." Paid at Russellville, KY Receipt signed: G. W. Haden, M. H. Christian.
$80.55 paid 17 Dec 1861 to G. W. Haden for subsistence - sugar received at Russellville.

1880 Census. Muhlenberg Co. George, age 66 and his son Roy are living with Amanda and her husband J. G. Bohannon. Lucy deceased. Amanda's grandmother, Amanda Morton Slaughter Loving, is also living with the Bohannons.

1900 Census. George W. Haden was living with son Joseph. 86 years old, born in Maryland.

Logan Co DB U; p.17 Sale of real estate of Cardwell Breathitt. Tract to George & Ranny Haden. 15 Apr 1835 $1570.00
Lucellin J. Ewing, David Banks & wife Ellen B, Carolina & Susan R. Breathitt heirs & devisees of C. Breathitt to George & Ranny Haden by Jas. Breathitt Exr of John Breathitt sd John having been adm of Jos Haden & Guardian of the said George & Ranny . The said $1570 having been settled by Jas Breathitt Exr etc. with D. Banks, adm of the said C. Breathitt. A part of the debt due from the Estate of Cardwell Breathitt to John Breathitt. Signed: Lucellia J. Ewing, David Banks, Ellen B. Banks, Caroline N. Breathitt, Susan R. Breathitt. Rec. 6 May 1835

Logan Co DB V; p.373 3 Jun 1837 Thos. S. Slaughter as Admin of James C. Slaughter dec'd & Richd W. Counts admin of Wiliaim L. Sands Decd, Charles W. Counts & Amanda his wife; Richard W. Counts & Emily A. his wife; Charles G. Wilcox and Robert P. Harrison and Almira C. Harrison his wife by M. B. Morton their attorney in fact and Nathan M. Wilcox and Mary his wife, and Eleanor Sands, widow of Wm L. Sands dec'd and Thos S. Slaughter of the first part to George W. Haden of the 2nd part. On 2 Oct 1835, the above admin reached an agreement with sd Haden & sold to him a certain steam Saw Mill together with the land, 1 ¼ acres. 4 miles NW of Russellville formerly belonging to said Slaughter and Sands dec'd. The land, Mill, cow & calf, oxen, Waggon and ?? log together with the use of all hands then employed until the 25th dec next. All the lumber then on hand. The said Haden executed his notes to the said administrators for the sum of $3000 payable: One note payable to Thos. S. Slaughter & R. W. Counts Admrs of Slaughter & Sands decd for $180 due 25 Dec 1835. Other notes payable to Richard W. Counts admin of W. L. Sands decd each for $270 due 25 Dec 1836, 25 Dec 1837, 25 Dec 1838. Three other notes payable to Thomas S. Slaughter Admr of James C. Slaughter dec'd each for $420 due 25 Dec 1836, 25 Dec 1837, 25 Dec 1838, making in all the sum of $3000. Moveable property etc est at $1200 and the land & mill at $1800. Petition has been filed by Guardian of the infant daughter & only heir of James C. Slaughter dec'd & decree for the sale of her interest in the said land & mill [being one undivided moity]. The said Heirs & Widow of the sd William L. Sands together with the husbands of the females who have married covenant with the sd George W. Haden to warrant the one undivided half of said land to sd Haden.
Signed: Thos S. Slaughter admin of James C. Slaughter
R. W. Counts admin of W. L. Sands
C. H. Counts, A. M. Counts, Richard W. Counts, Emily A. Counts, Charles G. Wilcox by M. B. Morton, Robert J. Harrison, Almira C. Harrison by M. B. Morton, E. Sands, N. M. Wilson., L. M. Wilcox, Thos S. Slaughter.
Exhibited 6 Jun 1836 . Rec. 7 Dec 1837
[James C. was a son of Thos. S. Slaughter; died of cholera in 1835]
p.377 3 Jun 1837 George D. Haden of 1st part & Richard W. Counts as Adm of William L. Sands Dec'd & Thos. S. Slaughter as Admin of James C. Slaughter dec'd. Sum of $1. Tract on waters of Muddy River about 4 miles NW of Russellville containing 91 ½ acres whereon there is a steam saw mill being the same conveyed this day.
Deed of Mortgage. Rec. 6 Jun 1837
p.410 21 Oct 1837 George W. Haden and Ranney B. Haden of Logan Co KY to Henry F. Cornelius. $1569. Begin at hickory marked "IA", the place when the original corner of a 200 acres tract entered, surveyed & pateneted in name of John Armstrong. 261 ½ acres. Signed: G. W. Haden, Ranney B. Haden
Ack by both 21 Oct 1837 and rec. 1 Jan 1838
[Sold by heirs of Cardwell Breathitt and rec'd as part of the debt. DB U, p.17 13 Apr 1835]
p.601 I Henry F. Cornelius do hereby acknowledge myself fully paid and satisfied by George W. and Ranney B. Haden for thirty six and one fourth acres of land which was found by survey to be deficient in the within tract of land. Given under my hand & seal this 22 May 1838. Signed: Henry F. Cornelius. Wit: Ack by Cornelius on 4 Aug 1838
Rec. 4 Aug 1838.

Logan Co DB W, p.151
On 13 Apr 1835 David Banks, as Commissioner for heirs of Cardwell Breathitt conveyed to Geo. W. & Ranny B. Haden a tract of land, DB U, p.17. There was a difficienty of 36 1/4 acres which at $6 per acre amounts to $217.50 which made up by C. A. Wilson as administrator to C. Breathitt, Dec'd. Settled and paid. Signed Geo. W. Haden, Ranney B. Haden. 23 May 1838.

Logan Co DB U
p.467 26 Jan 1841 George W. Haden of Muhlenburg Co to Thomas Nash of Logan. $200. The following tracts in Logan Co. 1st on waters of Edgars Creek, branch of Muddy River. 117 acres. Formerly property of Reuben Jackman, conveyed to sd Jackman by Bartholomy Jones & Duncan McDaniel by deed dated 7 Mar 1816. Conveyed to sd Haden by the Bank of KY on 18 Nov 1837. 2nd tract. 91 ¼ acres, 4 miles NW of Russellville conveyed to sd Haden by Thomas S. Slaughter, admin of James C. Slaughter Dec'd, 3 Jun 1837 Logan DB V, p.373. The parcel on which the steam mill formerly stood.
Signed: Geo. W. Haden
Ack by sd Geo. W. Haden & rec. 26 Jan 1841 A History of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky [database online]. Provo, UT:, Inc., 2001. Original data: Rothert, Otto A. A History of Muhlenberg County. Louisville, KY: 1913
A History of Muhlenberg County
XX, Paradise Country and Old Airdrie
Among the influential men who began an active career in the Paradise country during the second quarter of the last century was George W. Haden, who was born in Maryland December 6, 1813. He was a son of Joseph Haden, a pioneer of Kentucky, who at the time of the birth of his son was temporarily located in Hagerstown, Maryland. His parents made the return trip west over the mountains and through Kentucky on horseback, carrying their little son George with them. George W. Haden's mill was the first saw mill erected in the vicinity of Paradise. After running a horse-power "upright saw" or "sash saw" for a number of years he put in a circular saw run by steam, the second of its kind in the county. His mill business was well established when Alexander began building Airdrie. He sawed all the lumber used in the erection of its houses. He also built the first flat-boats used by the various coal operators who mined at Airdrie before the arrival of Alexander. Mr. Haden lived on his large farm east of Drakesboro, and for almost a half century was connected with various saw mills in Muhlenberg. He was a Southern sympathizer, and made many sacrifices for the Lost Cause. Mr. and Mrs. Haden were the parents of Joseph C. Haden, Mrs. Amanda (Doctor J. G.) Bohannon, and Roy Haden, Mr. Haden died in Greenville November 10, 1904.George W. Haden, 1895

Buried in Haden Cemetery, Muhlenberg Co KY

LDS film # 09962913, Excerpts from History of Kentucky, Illustrated, 1885, by
Battle, Perrin, and Kniffin. Appeared in the Central City Messenger and
Times-Argus, Central City, Kentucky, in seven installments during May, June,
and July 1959.

George W. Haden's Mother Brought Him From Maryland by Horse Back

G.W. HADEN, Muhlenberg County, was born December 6, 1813, in
Maryland, and is the eldest of two children born to Joseph and
Ellen (Thomas) Haden, natives of Logan County, KY, and Washington
County, MD, respectively. Joseph Haden was the son of Capt.
William Haden, who first married Jane Moman of Virginia, and who
died about six months after marriage. He then married Nancy
Johnson of Virginia; six boys and four girls were born to this
union. William Haden and wife immigrated to Kentucky and settled
near Lexington; in 1778, moved to Logan County, and settled on
Black Lick Creek, where he entered and improved a farm and built
the first brick house in Logan County. He died in 1819, after
rearing one of the most interesting and influential families in
Logan County. William Haden was a son of John Haden, who had
four sons. John Haden was the son of Anthony Haden of England,
who married Margaret Douglas of Scotland. Their sons were John,
William, Joseph, Thomas and Zachariah. George W. Haden was
reared on the farm. When but six months old, his mother carried
him on horseback from Maryland to Logan County, KY, where his
parents lived until he was four years old, when they moved to
Todd County , and lived three years. Then they went to Maryland,
George W. returned to Logan County, KY, with his mother. In
1837, he moved to Muhlenberg County, where he owned about 500
acres of land and about thirty negroes at breaking out of the
war. He was married April 29, 1850, to Lucy R. Slaughter, a
native of Russellville [a bunch covered up here by folded paper
during microfilming]... Whig ticket from 1840 to 1860. In
1864, commenced voting the Democratic ticket.

George W. HADEN and Lucy R. SLAUGHTER were married on 28 April 1851 in Logan County, Kentucky.271,622 Lucy R. SLAUGHTER, daughter of James Clayton SLAUGHTER and Amanda Pocahontas MORTON, was born on 1 June 1830 in Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky.271,272 She died on 1 March 1880 at the age of 49 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.272

George W. HADEN and Lucy R. SLAUGHTER had the following children:



Joseph C. HADEN.



Alice HADEN271 was born on 12 August 1854 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.272 She died on 7 July 1857 at the age of 2 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.272



Amanda M HADEN.



Nellie HADEN271 was born on 8 July 1859 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.623 Muhlenberg Co KY
1859 Births
8 July 1859 Nellie Haden Female G.W. Haden and Lucy R. Slaughter
Later in the same year, a mulatto slave was born to G. W. Haden:
5 October 1859 (Jackson) Male G.W. Haden



Harriet L. HADEN271 was born on 21 May 1861 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.272 She died on 15 January 1865 at the age of 3 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.272



George HADEN271 was born (date unknown).



Melley T. HADEN82,272 was born on 2 April 1869 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.272 She died on 2 June 1871 at the age of 2 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.272



Roy HADEN624 was born on 20 December 1871 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.272,620 He died on 8 September 1896 at the age of 24.272

Roy's mother died early in 1880. In that census, he and his father are living with his older sister Amanda.

He is buried Haden Cemetery, Drakesboro, Muhlenberg Co, KY.