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Fourth Generation

90. Joseph HADEN264 was born about 1778.265 He died before October 1824 at the age of 46 in Washington County, Maryland.262,266

Irene Cook from Sandra Boucher: Born 10 Jan 1777, probably Goochland.

"John Haden of Virginia" book quotes the Blakey article stating that Joseph Haden's wife was a Miss Breathitt of Maryland. They settled Hadensville in Todd Co. KY according to Blakey. Never have found a record of such marriage although some of the Breathitts lived in Logan County - the marriage record was Joseph "Hadin" to Nelly Thomas . Was Ellen's maiden name Breathitt and she had been married to a Thomas? Their son George was born on a visit to Maryland and brought back to Kentucky at six months of age according to "History of Kentucky" by Battles,etc. - this source also names her as Ellen Thomas.

Tree Builders, published by the Christian County, Kentucky, Genelogial Society, has the "Petition of Joseph Haden to create town of Hadensberg, 1817", including a map and plan - Winter, 2010.

Joseph Haden is in 1820 census in Todd County. He is mentioned throughout Logan Co Court Orders 1820-1823 while father's estate is being settled.

Court Order Book 7 Logan County KY LDS Microfilm #0364562
p.241 April Term 1820 "Ordered that Joseph Haden be appointed guardian to John and William Haden infant orphans of John Haden Dec'd whereupon he executed bond in the penalty of $1000 with Samuel Haden and Cardwell Breathitt his securities."
p.399 Apr 1822 "On motion of Joseph Haden guardian to the heirs of John M. Haden Dec'd ordered that Jno Barnett Jm McCutcheon, Edward Collins, Hezekiah Proctor, Chas Morehead or any three of them being first sworn do settle with James Haden, administrator of sd decendant and they make report.
In Jun 1822 Sally P. Whitsitt,a niece, chooses Joseph Haden for guardian; he posts $2000 with Cardwell Breathitt

Book 8; p.33; 7 Apr 1823 Appointed administrator for Goods & Chattles of John M. Haden, Dec'd - James his brother had been; then George W. Morton & Rebecca S. Haden

Logan Co WB C
p.210 Appraisement of Estate of Joseph Haden dec'd
chest, dining table, dressing table, bedstead, shot gun, Large Bible, reel, drawing knife, dinner pott, kettle, dishes, etc.
13 Oct 1824
There is some other property not yet appraised the Widow wrote me to purchase for her – consisting of beds He left in C. Breathitts possession. Signed Jas. Breathitt.
p.211 Sale of Property of Joseph Haden dec'd. Purchasers included:
William Barham, Wm H. Taylor, Jessee Irwin, James Mc??, Lewis Hutcheson, Cardwell Breathitt
John Breathitt, Admr of Jos Haden dec'd
6 Sep 1825
p.212-213 List of Notes belonging to estate of Jos. Haden.
Wm Greenfield, John Saunders, H. Roberts, Sally Gray, Wm Whitsitt, B. McKenny, W. Haden, etc.

"History of Kentucky" article says Joseph died right after going back to Maryland which is possible. However, he obviously still owned property in Logan County KY.

Logan County KY Court Records Book 8 (1822-1828) LDS #0364563
p.128 1 Nov 1824 Commissioners appointed for appraisement of Goods & Chattles of Joseph Haden Dec'd "which is in Logan County and make report".
p.132 Dec Term 1824 Admin of Joseph Haden ordered.....appraise the good and chattels of "Said Decedent which are at the residence of Saml Haden and that they make report"
p.188 4 Sep 1825 Inventory and appraisement of estate (in Part) of Joseph Haydon (sic) dec'd returned and ordered to be recorded
p.409 December Term 1828 Cardwell Breathitt appointed Guardian to John and William Haden infant orphans of John M. the Request of Sam'l D. Sublett & Margaret C. Sublett in writing.
Book 8; p416; January Term 1829 "Assignment of dower to Ellen Haden widow of Jos.Haden dec'd returned approved by the Court and ordered to be recorded and the commissioners allowed one dollar each to be paid by the Administrator."
p.468; Dec Term 1829 "On the motion of John Breathitt admr of Jos Haden Decd ordered that W. B. Morton & Spencer Curd be and they are hereby appointed Com. to settle with sd admr & make report." (Appraisment of Goods & Chattles of Jos.Haden decd returned & ordered to be recorded on same day.)

4 Jun 1827 Deed Book O, p.343 The heirs of William Haden sold to Thomas Proctor Jr. 150 acres which had been transacted with William before his death but title not made. Commissioners were Edward Collins, Wm. J. Morton and Ben Proctor, who signed the names of each of the heirs.
Living children were William, Samuel, Nancy & William Porter, John & Polly Wilson & Sally Haden.
Grandchildren were the children of James: Jefferson, Nancy & Josiah Newman, William M., Emily, Eliza H. & Nathaniel H. Felts, Harriot, Mary and James;
the son of Benjamin, another Benjamin;
children of Emily Haden Whitsitt: Eleanor & William Comfort, Ann & Thomas Blakey, Sally Whitsitt;
children of John: John and William;
children of Sally Haden Proctor: husband of Mary, dec'd, Clarke Porter, Aurora & William Hoy, Sally Ewing;
children of Joseph: George and Rainy
[This deed leaving no doubt that the younger son of Joseph was Rainy/Ranney - a name only likely if his mother was indeed a Breathitt whose background is in Maryland - name usually found there as Breathed. I have not seen this name occur in any other Logan Co family.]

Logan Co DB U, p.17 The Logan Circuit Court decreed the sale of Cardwell Breathitt's real estate for payment of his debts. A sale has been made to George & Ranny Haden.
13 Apr 1835. Lucellin J. Ewing, David Banks & wife Ellen B. late Breathitt, Caroline & Susan R. Breathitt, heirs & devises of C. Breathitt dec'd. to George Haden & Ranny Haden. $1570.00 to George & Ranny Haden by James Breathitt, exr of John Breathitt, John having been Administrator of Jos. Haden and Guardian of the said George & Ranny. The $1570 having been settled by Jas. Breathitt, exr and D. Banks, adm of the said C. Breathitt is received by sd Jas. Breathitt as part of the debt due from the estate of Cardwell Breathitt to John Breathitt. Corner of a 200 acres tract entered & patented in name of John Armstrong, containing 261 acres. Signed: Lucellia J. Ewing, David Banks, Ellen B. Banks, Caroline N. Breathitt, Susan R. Breathitt by D. Banks, Comm. 13 Apr 1835, produced in open court, and recorded on 6 May 1835.

Joseph HADEN and Eleanor "Ellen or Nelly" THOMAS were married on 13 January 1813 in Logan County, Kentucky.267 Eleanor "Ellen or Nelly" THOMAS262,268,269, daughter of John THOMAS and Eleanor BREATHED, was born on 27 June 1791 in Washington County, Maryland.270,271,272 She died on 16 February 1856 at the age of 64 in Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.272,273

The wife of Joseph Haden is said by some to have been a Breathitt although the marriage record gives her name as Ellen Thomas. I always believed she had some connection to the Breatheds of Washington Co., Maryland. Some members of this family used the name Breathed in PA and MD, while the Logan Co KY line used "Breathitt". The Whitsitt book says only William and Isaac Breathitt had children which seems doubtful given the number of their brothers, and she definitely wasn't a daughter of William nor Isaac; however, William and Isaac did have a brother named James. There is still another possibility: a sister in the Breathed/Breathitt family of Pennsylvania & Maryland, was also an Ellen who is said to have been married to a Thomas and Eleanor could have been their daughter and it was her mother who was the Breathitt.

Later information from a Thomas family researcher revealed that the Maryland Breathitt/Brathed brothers did indeed have a sister Ellen, who married first to a Mr. Reynolds and 2nd to a John Thomas. It seems very reasonable for her to have a daughter - named Eleanor "Ellen" for herself and for that daughter to be the wife of Joseph Haden. John Thomas had also had a earlier marriage and his will of 1802 reflects two sets of children, some quite young, including a daughter Eleanor. So Ellen's maiden name was Thomas, but she was a "Breathitt" by way of her mother - the grain of truth in every family story.

Logan County Court Orders. Jan Term 1829, p.416. Assignment of dower to Ellen Haden widow of Jos. Haden dec'd returned, approved by the Court and ordered to be recorded. Commissioners allowed one dollar each to be paid by the Administrator.

p.171 Allot to Mrs. Ellen Haden, widow of Joseph Haden her dowry in the slaves of his Estate.
Diana & sucking child, a girl $350
Nelson, boy $250
Lewis, boy $175
George Washington, boy $125
Henry, boy $230
Isham, man $400
Total $1600.
Which gives to the widow as her third $533.33 1/3 cents. Allotted Diana & child and Nelson - $600. 1 Jan 1829
p.270 John Breathitt, admr of Joseph Haden Dec'd.
In a/c with said estate.
Various notes & expenses. Hire of Negros. C. Breathitts account. Nelly Haden – 89.25. Commissioners appt to settle with John Breathitt. Find in hands $278.00. 17 ___ 1829. Spencer Curd, M. B. Morton.
7 Dec 1829. Settlement was produced and ordered recorded

Logan Co Tax Rolls: Eleanor Haden paid on 200 acres in Todd County on the West Fork, 6 total slaves, 2 horses for 1829 and the previous years beginning with 1824.

She was living with George W. in Muhlenberg County in 1850 Census. Buried on George W. Haden property in Muhlenberg Co. Grave marker reads "Eleanor".

Further exploration of the Breathitt family.
From the WESTERN MARYLAND NEWSPAPER ABSTARACTS, it is obvious that both a James and an Edward Breathed lived in Washington County. They had letters left unclaimed at the post office, as well as annual advertisements for their stallions standing at stud from 1796-1806. An Isaac Breathed advertised his horse Herod to stand at his farm on Conoloway Creek in April of 1801. On 12 Jun 1807, there is a notice re Francis Breathed, as administrator of Edward Breathed; James was still advertising a stud in April of that year. John Breathed of Bedford Co PA placed an ad on 22 Feb 1792, stating that he would not pay on bonds executed to one William Kelly. In 1803 there was an unclaimed letter for George Breathet at the Hagerstown Post Office. The abstracts end in 1810. Lists of sons of John Breathitt and Jane Kelley include all these names listed in the abstracts: Edward, James, Francis, John, and George.

Joseph HADEN and Eleanor "Ellen or Nelly" THOMAS had the following children:



George W. HADEN.



Ranney B. HADEN1,92,268,271,272 was born on 17 March 1816.272 He died on 4 May 1855 at the age of 39.272

There has been a tradition of a second son for Joseph & Ellen. Sandra Boucher listed a possible name for this second child: John Haden, born 10 Dec 1816, Logan County KY, died 20 Jan 1892 Logan County, buried Red River Cemetery. Married Nancy C. Neel (b. 17 Mar 1816; d. 20 Nov 1901) Jan 1859. This is more likely a member of the Hadden family that also lived in Logan Co, especially since they lived on the Red River.

Then I found "Ranney B. Haden" in Muhlenberg Co Ky Cemetery. There was a Ranney Breathitt back in Maryland, possible uncle to Ellen Thomas Haden; he had no issue and Ellen could have named her son for a beloved uncle. I believe this Ranney is the mysterious 2nd son. 26 Mar 1834: Renny Haden was a witness to the will of Elizabeth Whitsett Breathitt, widow of William Breathitt in Logan Co. Found in the 1850 Muhlenburg Co Census living with George and Ellen - Ranney, age 34, a carpenter. Deeds from Logan Co prove without doubt that this is the younger brother of George W. Haden.

Logan Co DB U, p.17 Sale of real estate of Cardwell Breathitt. Tract to George & Ranny Haden. 15 Apr 1835 $1570.00
Lucellin J. Ewing, David Banks & wife Ellen B, Carolina & Susan R. Breathitt heirs & devisees of C. Breathitt to George & Ranny Haden by Jas. Breathitt Exr of John Breathitt sd John having been adm of Jos Haden & Guardian of the said George & Ranny . The said $1570 having been settled by Jas Breathitt Exr etc. with D. Banks, adm of the said C. Breathitt. A part of the debt due from the Estate of Cardwell Breathitt to John Breathitt. Signed: Lucellia J. Ewing, David Banks, Ellen B. Banks, Caroline N. Breathitt, Susan R. Breathitt. Rec. 6 May 1835

Muhlenberg Co KY 1855 Deaths.
Rumsey [sic] Haden 38 Male, Born: Logan Co., KY Father: Joseph Haden Place of Death: Pond Creek; died May 4 of a Fever ; Occupation: Farmer