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Third Generation

18. Benjamin HADEN was born on 26 May 1762 in King William Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.3,39 He died on 8 April 1837 at the age of 74 in Campbell County, Virginia.104

Baptized 20 Jun 1762 as in The Douglas Register.

Marriage Bond to Martha Moorman, signed by Benjamin Haden and Jesse Moorman, Fluvanna County, VA. Consent of Charles Mooreman (sic) father of Martha.

Benjamin went to Campbell County to visit sister Jane & her husband William
Moorman. Met William's neice and married her - she was 15, he was 18.

COLONIAL AMERICA 1706-1789 CENSUS INDEX [CD-Rom FTM] Benjamin Haden listed in Fluvanna Co VA in 1782.

From Mail List; 9 Jun 2004:
1785 Personal Property Tax List, Campbell Co VA; District #6
Haden, Benjamin. 1 white male, 2 Blacks over age 21, 2 Blacks total, 3 Horses, 9 head of cattle

Marriages of Campbell Co VA, 1782-1810,
13 May 1790
Benjamin Haden was bondsman and witness, John Baber to Sally Moorman with consent of her father, Charles Moorman. John Moorman also served as a witness.

CAMPBELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS 1790-1796 TLC Genealogy. DB 3, p.358. 21 Aug 1793 from James Baber & Milley his wife and William Baber & Candice his wife, and John Baber to Benjamin Haden for £140, about 250 acres on the Otter River, bounded by Capt. Anthony's line on said river, a new line between John and James Baber. Signed: James Baber, Milly Baber, William Baber, John Baber. Wit: John Callaway, Samuel Moorman, Caleb Callaway, Conrad Speere, William Arthur, William Moore, John (X) Willard. Rec. 5 Sep 1793.
DB 3, p.386 4 Dec 1793 from James Boyd and Margret his wife to Benjamin Haden for £40. 120 acres by survey dated 27 Sep 1792 on the east branches of Pocket Crk, bounded by Poe, Wm Frazer, Talbot. Signed: James (X) Boyd and Margret (X) Boyd. Wit: Charles Moorman, James Deering, John Dabney. Rec. 2 Jan 1794. Proved by solemn affirmation of Charles Moorman [Quaker] and oaths of James Deering and John Dabney [Benjamin's brother-in-law]
DB3, p.539
20 May 1795 John "Haydon" to Benjamin "Haydon" for £800, tract on both sides of Otter River, bounded by John Callaway, Thomas Yuille, David Irvine, James Deering, Thomas Jones, and his own line. Signed: John Haden.
Wit: John Jones, Jesse Webb, William Farmer. Rec. 4 Jun 1795
DB 3, p.611
7 Jan 1796 I, John Haden, for natural love for my son Benjamin Haden of Campbell Co, grant to said Benjamin Haden, Negroes - Patrick, Abram & Mary, 3 horses, 1 wagon and gear, still and worm, all blacksmith's tools, cattle, hogs, all household furniture, all plantation utensils. Signed: John Haden. Rec. 7 Jan 1796

Marriages of Campbell Co VA, 1782-1810,
2 Jan 1794. Benjamin Haden was bondsman for the marriage bond of Arthur Goolsby and Polly C. Anthony. Consent of John Anthony, father of the bride. W. B. Anthony and William Arthur were witnesses. The marriage return lists the bride's name as Mary Crenshaw Anthony.
7 Jan 1796. Benjamin Haden was bondsman for the marriage bond of William Callaway to Doshia Callaway.

CAMPBELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA, WILLS & INVENTORIES 1782-1847, William Lindsay Hopkins, 1989. WB 3, p.188 Will of James Deering dated 15 Aug 1811 and probated 11 Nov 1811. Names children and wife. Mentions land on Otter River. Mentions 30 acres of land sold to Maj. Benjamin Haden part of tract purchased of John Hook. Executors: John Dabney, Henry Ward, Benjamin Haden. Wit: Henry George, Benjamin Haden, William George Jr, James Pemberton, Samuel Jordan, John F. Reid.

WB4 Campbell Co VA p 44 Charles L. Terrell 20 Dec 1817 /12 Jan 1818
Three single daughters Sally Terrell, Mildred Terrell and Anna Terrell,
daughter Betsey Ward. Exors Anselem Lynch, John Lynch, and Robert A Ward
Wit Margaret Cox, William C Dobson, Anne Lynch and Benjamin Haden
WB4 p 246 Division of 1280 acres of land of Charles L Terrell on north side
of Staunton River bounded by irvine, Stoney Branch, Lynch, John Ward, John
Arnold and Lynches Creek, Divided into four lots with one lot going to
Robert A Ward and his wife, Elizabeth Ward.

Will of Bowling Clark, Campbell Co, 1817
Bond of $60,000 was secured by the signatures of Thomas Moorman, Tucker W. Clark, Edward Lynch, Benjamin Haden, Edward B. Clark, Chiswell Dabney, Alexander Clement & John B. Dabney.

1810 Census. Lynchburg, Campbell Co VA
Benjamin Haden. 2m -10 [Madison & Anselm] , 2m 10-16 [Richard & Achilles], 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45, 1m +45 [Benjamin]
2f -10 [Martha & Margaret], 1f 10-16 [Jane], 1f 26-45 [Martha].

1820 Census. Lynchburg, Campbell Co VA
Benj Haden. 1m 10-16 [Madison], 2m 16-26 [Richard & John??], 1m +45 [Benjamin]. 1f 10-16 [Martha], 1f 16-26 [Margaret], 1f +45 [Martha]
William and James M. on the same page, both age 26-45.

1830 Census. Campbell Co VA
Benjamin Haden. 1m 20-30 [Madison], 1m 60-70. 1f 60-70

Found online at Library of Virginia from the "Lynchburg Virginian" on Thursday, Apr 27, 1837. "Died at his late residence in Campbell County on Apr 8, Maj. Benjamin Haden in his 75th year."
Departed this life, at his late residence in the county of Campbell, on the 8th inst. Maj. Benjamin Haden, in the seventy fifth year of his age. In all the relative duties, as husband, father, neighbor, and master, he was unsurpassed by any; and he died as had lived, "an honest man, the noblest work of God".

CAMPBELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA, WILLS & INVENTORIES 1782-1847, William Lindsay Hopkins, 1989. WB 8, p.125. 14 Aug 1837, Inventory of Estate of Benjamin Haden recorded.

Benjamin HADEN and Martha Davis MOORMAN were married on 2 December 1780 in Bedford County, Virginia.3,105 Martha Davis MOORMAN, daughter of Charles MOORMAN and Mary VENABLE, was born in 1765.

Brother John married Rachel Haden

19 Feb 1787, Martha Haden was witness to the marriage bond of Nathaniel Strange and Elizabeth Moorman, both of Russell Parish, Campbell Co.
Marriages of Campbell Co VA, 1782-1810,

Martha appeared to be living with Benjamin in 1830. His brief obituary did not mention survivors. Martha is not in the 1840 census in Campbell Co as a widow, nor was she in the household of either son Madison or William.

Benjamin HADEN and Martha Davis MOORMAN had the following children:



Charles Moorman HADEN1 was born about 1785. He died about April 1806 at the age of 21 in Campbell County, Virginia.

Died of fever at age 21.

CAMPBELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA, WILLS & INVENTORIES 1782-1847, William Lindsay Hopkins, 1989. WB 2, p.265. Inventory of Estate of Charles Moorman Haden, dec'd, mentions Capt. Benjamin Haden. 14 Apr 1806.

Campbell Co WB 2, p.265. Pusuant to decree of the Court we have appraised the estate of Charles Moorman Haden dec'd. One gray horse, one sorrel colt, one bridle & saddle, One trunk & 4 cannisters, one old gun. Also by the information of Capt. Benjamin Haden, 27 bushels odd pounds of wheat in the hands of Capt. Robert Scott the receipt for which is held by said Haden. Signed: Abner Easley, John Callaway, Wm Arther. Ordered recorded 16 Apr 1806.



Henry Addison HADEN3 was born (date unknown).

"Died at close of War" Don't know which war. 1812?
Actually a Henry A. Haden, in the 2nd AL Regiment, Cavalry, served in the Civil War in Alabama. But this Henry would have been older than most to be serving in the Civil War and he would seem to be in the wrong place.



James M. HADEN1 was born between 1780 and 1790. He served in the military in 1812 at Grenadiers, 3rd Virginia Regiment in War of 1812.1,106

Lived in Campbell and Bedford Counties, Virginia
War of 1812. Natl Arch File #45206. Captain of Grenadiers in the Third Virginia Regiment. 3rd Reg't (Dickinson's) VA Militia.
James M. Haden found in Grantees Index to Real Estate Conveyances of Bedford Co VA beginning in 1825. Grantor was Abner Anthony. Deed Book 19, p.253.

Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006
Subject: PML Search Result matching haden
Subject: Re: War of 1812
Message Board Post:
My Micajah that I am looking for was married to Susan Lane. I have all of his Pension Papers # 23900-80-53 what ever that mean? but what I am looking for is his enlistment paper I am trying to find out who is his mother and father.
He married Susan in Campbell I don't know if be for he enlisted or after. Both were born in 1790 in Appomattox
He enlisted in Capt James M. Haden comp. for six month Aug 30 to Dec 1816 and was discharge in Ellisville Mills Maryland on or abt 1 day Dec

1830 Census. Campbell Co VA
James M. Haden. [same page as his father & brother William] 1m under 10.
1m age 26-45.

1840 Census. Bedford Co VA
James M. Haden. 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 50-60. 2f -5, 1f 5-10, 1f 30-40

Then in 1850: Montgomery Co VA, Hh 214
James M. Headen, 60, farmer, b. VA
Sarah, 42
Thomas, 19
Margaret, 15
Ann M., 14
James W., 8
Robert James, 32
Mary James, 20
Hh 215
Richard Headen, 23. Nancy, 23. George T., 3. Martha J., age 1

Robert J. James, married Mary Haden, 3 Dec 1849, Montgomery Co, VA

Ann M. Headen, b. 1838, married John W. Ayers, age 24, 6 Jan 1859 in Montgomery Co, VA. Her mother listed as Sarah E. Headen. No father listed. His parents as Sebud & Henrietta Ayers

1860 Census. Montgomery, VA, Hh 1245
Richard B. Headen, 33, carpenter
Nancy, 35.
George T., 14. Martha J. 11. John W. 8. Eliza A., 7. William H. 5.
Mary Lovern, 20.



Nelson HADEN died.1

Died young of a fever.



William Venable HADEN.



Mary N. "Polly" HADEN.



John HADEN was born about 1788.107 He died.1

Died young of a fever.

In some of the records of Campbell Co VA, there is a John "D" Haden. Was that this man? Did he die as a young man rather than a child?



Jane Morton HADEN.



Achilles M. HADEN.



Richard Gallatin HADEN.



Margaret Douglas HADEN.



Robert Davis HADEN was born about 1802.1 He died.1

Died in infancy.



Anselm Lynch HADEN.



Martha Davis HADEN.



Dr. Madison HADEN.