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Third Generation

14. Joseph HADEN1,95,96,97 was born about 1752 in Goochland County, Virginia. He served in the military in 1776 at Fluvanna Militia in Revolutionary War.1 He died on 25 October 1820 at the age of 68 in Fluvanna County, Virginia.3

Presumably this Joseph Haden Jr. who witnessed the following deed is the son of John Haden. He would have been designate "Junior" because he also had a uncle Joseph Haden. There is no other younger Joseph Haden of an age to witness in 1770.
Virginia Deed Books, C C 1/2, D d 1/2: 1759-74; Abstracted & compiled, Rosalie Edith Davis, 1977; LDS FHL Call Number: 975.5465 R2d v. 2
DB D 1/2, p.235-237. 12 Feb 1770. Edward Ragland of St Paul's Parish, Hanover County to Richd. Hundley of same. 100#'s curr money; 456a on south side main Branch of Southanna River, granted by Patent to John Ragland, dec'd, father to sd Edward and left to him by his last Will & Testament. Dividing line between sd Edwd and brother Evan Ragland; Rack Punch Spring.
Signed: Edward Ragland
Wit: Wm. Venable, William Clark, Joseph Haden Jr.
14 May 1770 proved by oaths of Venable & Clark.
Louisa County Virginia Orders: 1769-1770, Ruth & Sam Spariacio, Antient Press, McLean, VA, LDS FHL Call Number: 975-5465 P2s
Order Book 1766-1772
County court 10 Sep 1770 p.6 Edward Ragland's deed for land to Richard Hundley was further proved by oath of Joseph Haden Jun. A witness thereto and ordered recorded.

John Haden, likely the father of Joseph Junior, was also mention in the Louisa Co Court Orders:
Louisa County Court 12 Mar 1770 p.67
Vincent Sprouse Pl agst William Creasy Jr. Def
in Trespass
By consent of parties by their Attornies all matters in difference between them are referred to the determination of Henry Martin, John Haden & William Furbush whose award is to be taken & made the judgment of the Court and ordered accordingly.
12 Sep 1770 p.17
Sprouse vs. Creasy. Find for Plaintiff 5# 10sh. 7 Oct 1770. Henry Martin, John Haden, John White. The plaintiff to recover same & his costs

Fluvanna Co. DB 1
p. 10
7 Aug 1777 John Haden Sr of Fluvana for the natural love I have for my son, Joseph Haden, 650 acres of land in Fluvanna, bounded by lines of John Clarke, Thomas Lilley, William Lilley, David Clarkson, John Robinson, and Saml Martin, being the tract whereon the said Joseph Haden now lives. Signed: John Haden. No witnesses. Recorded same day.

Capt (Militia) in Revolutionary War
Haden, Joseph, Fluvanna Militia. Took oath as Captain on 4 Sep 1777.

Virginia Publick Claims. Hanover County. compiled & transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten. Iberian Publishing Co, Athens, GA
p.11 "John Norvell cert. J. Haden Capt. diets for 25 militia men"
p.18 "Henry Perrin cert by Joseph Haden Capt. 91# gross pork"

Goochland DB 13
p.33 21 Aug 1778 Between Joseph Johnson & Sarah his wife to Thomas Martin of Fluvanna Co. 190£. Tract on branches of the Byrd Creek, 106 acres. Begin oak on John Johnson's Line and on his line to Jacob Lains line. On said Lain's line to John Gilbert's line. On said Gilberts to Turner Andersons Line. On said Anderson's line down a branch to a Creek and down the Creek to Samuel Richardson's line. On Richardsons line to the Beginning. Signed: Joseph Johnson, Sarah Johnson.
Wit: Jos. Haden, John Martin, John Gilbert, Ralph (+) Banks
Joseph & Sarah Johnson's daughter Ann had married Joseph Haden's brother William.

1779 Sept 9: William Burgess,and Jane, his wife, of Fluvanna to Pleasant Cocke of the Co of Goochland, 100 lbs, one certain tract of land of about 195 A on the br of the Byrd Cr, and bounded by John Thurmond, Saml Davis, David Parish, Thomas Kent. Signed William Burgess, Jane Burgess Wit: Jos Haden, Archbill Sneed, Champion Napier, rec Sep 3, 1778 Fluvanna Co, Va, Deeds 1777-1783, p 96, pg 14

COLONIAL AMERICA 1706-1789 CENSUS INDEX [CD-Rom FTM] Joseph Haden listed in Fluvanna Co VA, 1782.

I believe the following may very refer to this Joseph Haden:
The Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitions; ELLIOT'S DEBATES, Vol. 3
Wednesday, June 25, 1788
The 1st resolution and its preamble were proposed to be amended by a declaration of rights together with with amendments and referred to the other states in the American confederacy for consideration. The vote was negative. On motion of Mr. Patrick Henry, the ayes and noes were taken. Joseph Haden voted "Aye".
Friday, Jun 27, 1788
....proposed Constitution of government, as recommended by the federal Convention on the 17th day of September, 1787...The Bill of Rights was listed as well as the first twenty amendments to the Constitution. A proposal was made to strike out the third article concerning taxes. It failed to pass. One of the No votes was by Joseph Haden. The main question was then put that the Convention concurred with the amendments and it was resolved in the affirmative. The Convention passed a few other motions and then adjourned.

From the CALENDAR OF VIRGINIA STATE PAPERS & OTHER MANUSCRIPTS, Jan 1, 1782 to Dec 31, 1784. Preserved in the Capitol at Richmond. Arranged & Edited by Wm P. Palmer, MD. Vol.III, p.24
1782, Jan'y 15th, Fluvanna Co
J. Haden, magistrate, to the Executive, referring to a "malicious complaint" to be lodged against him &c, by which he is to be deprived of his place without a hearing -- Begs no action may be taken, until he may be summoned to answer the charges, when he will clear up all matter to the satisfaction of all unprejudiced minds.
Vol. V, p.553-554
1792, May 20th, Columbia
Col Hall will hand you the recommendation from the Court of Fluvanna for a Major of the Militia. I am informed Capt Wm Payne has already furnished you with the same, with objections to my being commissioned. I am not acquainted with the objections he makes, but have been informed one is on account of being Inspector at Rivanna. Its true I am, but that don't clear me of the Militia only in time of peace, but am subject to the Militia Laws in case of an invasion &c. Therefore I consider myself as one of the Militia. Another I suppose is informing you he is the oldest Capt'n, &c. For this I refer to Col. Tunstall Quarles, who is now in Richmond. I was a Capt of the Militia in the County of Albemarle before the division fo the County took place & after the division was commissioned in Fluvanna & performed my duty through the whole of the last war as a Captain. When there Was Commissioners appointed agreeable to an Act of Assembly for recommending Officers, I was again commissioned, which I resigned a few years past. In fact, I am the oldest officer in the County. In another instance it may probably have been signified to you that there was not a full Court at the time I was recommended. The truth of that is I was recommended without any solicitation. There is only Nine acting Magistrates in the County, & six of them present. There was not a dissenting voice amongst them & no other person proposed, the Magistrates present were also the senior Magistrates in the County. For the truth of my assertions I refer you to Col. T. Quarles, and also I refer to him and Mr. David Ross. Respecting the whole matter, my general conduct & fitness to fill the office to which I stand recommended, & upon getting fully acquainted with the matter from them, I doubt not but you'll forward me a commission by Colo. Hall. I am, Sir, Y'r mo. Ob't Serv't.
David Ross to the Governor
Richmond, May 26, 1792
I am informed that Capt. Jos. Haden of the County of Fluvanna has referred to me for information relative to his appointment as a militia officer. I believe he has been a Capt. in the Militia since the first establishment of the county of Fluvanna & long before it was separated from Albemarle [1777]. Some years ago, I was app'd one fo the commissioners to nominate proper persons to the Executive as Militia officers for that county. The Commissioners were unanimous in recommending Mr. Haden as a proper person for Captain; I had then & still have, full conviction in my mind that he's as well qualified for the duties of a Militia officer as most men in the county.
I have the honor to be with great regard & Esteem, Y'r Hum Serv't
At a Court held for Fluvanna County on Thursday the 3rd day of May, 1792.
Present, the Justices of the sd County, to wit: John Ware, John Napier, John Thompson, Wm. Oglerly, Duncan McLaughlin, James Payne, Gentlemen. This Court doth nominate to his Excellency the Governor, Joseph Haden, Gent., as a proper person to execute the office of a Major in the militia of this County.
A copy: John Timberlake, C.F.C.

1786. Sept. 19, Joseph Johnson & Mary his wife to Tunstal Quarles for 100 pounds land on waters of Phillis Creek, 261 acres. Bounded by William Payne, Jr. William Basket, Samuel Richardson, Robert Furbush & Stephen Lile. Wit: J. Haden, William Barnet, P. Napier. Signed: Joseph Johnson Mary Johnson. Oct. 9, 1786 Private exam and dower relinq by Mary Johnson. Prov. June 7, 1787 by Joseph Haden, William Burnet, Patrick Napier (Flu. DB#2, 174). By Bonnie Flythe

23 Jan 1800. Friends of Thomas Jefferson met in Richmond to decide on a course of how best to elect their candidate in the presidential election to be held in November.....county committees were formed. From Fluvanna: John Quarles, Sam'l Richardson, James Payne, Jos. Haden, Allen Bernad

1802 Fluvanna Co VA Personal Property Tax
Joseph Haden: 2 white males, 6 slaves over 16, 2 slaves 12-16, 5 horses, 1 riding 4-wheel carriage

J. Haden examined the accounts of the estate of Sarah Bowles, 17 Jul 1813, along with Abraham Venable and John Holland. William Hughes was the administrator of the estate. William G. Poindexer was and Attorney at Law mentioned in the accounts, as were John, Knight, Bartlett, and Charles Knight Bowles.
Fluvanna Co Will Book 2, p.139
As J. Haden he also witnessed the will of Knight Bowles on 17 May 1817, and as Joseph Haden proved the will in open court, Fluvanna Co, on 28 Aug 1820.

Found Deed in Logan Co KY - sale of land inherited in Logan Co by Jesse & Sarah Furbush of Fluvanna County. Joseph Haden was Justice of the peace and testified to the faith of the court clerk. Dated 26 Feb. 1819. This is the only Joseph Haden I can find of an appropriate age, living in Fluvanna Co.

Will, dated 9 Oct 1820 and probated Nov 27, 1820, made specific bequests to daughter Polly Martin, grandson Robert H. T. Stratton, Samuel D. & Matilda Rice children of dau Joanna Rice, grandson Joseph T. Haden, friend Thomas Hughes, others. The balance of the estate was to be divided into 9 parts to his children or their heirs. "John Haden of Virginia" lists his heirs as of 1835 in connection with the settlement of his estate: daughter Amy Hopkins's children, grandson William P. Haden & his sister Sophia O. Williams, son Richard D. Haden's children, daughter Jane's three children, daughter Rebecca Morton's children, son Joseph's children, son John N. Haden, daughter Joanna's children by her first and second marriages, daughter Polly Martin. William "P." Haden was listed as one of the executors but this is actually William Trigg Haden, son of Joseph's oldest son Matthew. The other executors were John N. Haden and Matthew H. Rice.

From Library of Virginia online in the "Richmond Enquirer" on Friday, Nov 10, 1820. Died on October 25, in the 69th year of his age, Capt. Joseph Haden of Fluvanna County, a soldier in the Revolution, a member of the Virginia Convention and for many years represented his County in the state legislature.

I have found a reference to a Joseph Haden of Fluvanna Co that indicates Mary Peatross may have died and Joseph remarried late in life, the second wife having also died prior to Joseph, since no wife is mentioned in his Will. Or this is simply an identified Joseph Haden.
From the book Some Wills from the Burned Counties of Virginia by William Lindsay Hopkins, p.90:
George Turner's Will - King Williams Co. Dated 22 Mar 1772 and probate 1772. George listed children from his three wives - Jane, Molly & Frankey being children of the third wife and presumably fairly young since there had been 12 children of the first two wives. By 1803, several of the heirs had died leaving minor children - Jane is not mentioned in the list given. There is a note that on 20 Nov 1815, Joseph Haden and wife Jane Haden, formerly Jane Turner appeared in a Fluvanna Court. I know of no other Joseph Haden in Fluvanna Co in 1815; his son of the same name and wife Nancy Porter who survived him had already gone to Kentucky. I have not found a death for Joseph's wife Mary Peatross, nor another marriage. Also, I would estimate that Jane Turner was born say 1760 which would make her not so much younger than Joseph.
I have also seen posted on a message board that Joseph of King William had married Jane Turner about 1770 [she didn't appear to have been married in 1770] and that the couple left King William, moving to Amherst County.

The Revolutionary Pension Application of Daniel Thacker of Fluvanna Co VA, 18 Oct 1833, mentions that he had enlisted about the 1st of April 1780 in Fluvanna Co as a substitute for Samuel Smithson. He marched from Fluvanna to Hillsborough, NC in a company under the command of Joseph Haden. In 1781, he joined a company under Capt. Anthony Haden from Fluvanna, marching through the lower part of Virginia pursuing the enemy through the counties of Culpeper, Orange, Louisa & Fluvanna and to Yorktown, returning to Richmond where he was dischaged. Col. Dabney commanded the detachment.

There was a lawsuit among the heirs of Joseph in Chancery Court, Fluvanna. The case was published in the Richmond Enquirer, 1 Mar 1821, to serve notice to certain of the defendants who were not of the commonwealth of Virginia. The case was initiated by John N. Haden for himself and as executor of his father Joseph and William P. [or T.] Haden in his own right and for his sister Sophia O. Williams. William & Sophia were children of John N's deceased brother Matthew.
The heirs were named. The children of Anney Haden, apparently deceased, wife of Samuel Hopkins were Joseph H. Hopkins, Wm. P. Hopkins, Mary P. Hopkins, Jane R. Hopkins, Joanna J. Hopkins, John N. Hopkins, and Samuel D. Hopkins. The children of Jane Stratton, formerly Jane Haden, also apparently deceased, were: Mary S. Stratton, John N. Stratton, and Robert H. Stratton, all infants [under age 21]. The children of Richard D. Haden [deceased] were Eliza C., Maryann, Wm. A. G., Judith C., Jane R., Sarah Ann, Andrew J. and Richard D. Haden. Children of Joseph Haden [deceased] were Reason P., Elizabeth T., Mary K. and Joseph D. Haden. Children of Rebecca Moreton, formerly Rebecca Haden were: Eleanor B. Moreton, Amanda P. Moreton, Mary V. Morton, Joseph [or George] Moreton and William Moreton. Children of Joanna who had been married to twice were Joseph H. Moon, Jacob N. Moon, Richard D. Moon, Joanna T. Moon, and Samuel D. & Rebecca M. Rice. Daughter Polley, now Polley Martin was represented by Thomas Hughes, trustee.
It was the children of Anney Haden Hopkins, Joseph Haden, and Rebecca Haden Morton, who no longer lived in Virginia.
Other than John N. who was one of the plaintiffs, and Polly Martin, none of the other children of Joseph were living at the time of the lawsuit.

Joseph HADEN and Mary PEATROSS were married about 1772 in Goochland County, Virginia.13,98 Mary PEATROSS, daughter of Matthew PEATROSS and Amey [PEATROSS], was born in Caroline County, Virginia.

In order for Mary Peatross, daughter of Matthew & Amey, to be the mother of Joseph Haden's children, she had to be married by 1772 or so. Her father's will of 1768 does indicate she was still single. She is often shown as one of the younger children of Matthew but that doesn't seem likely.

Joseph HADEN and Mary PEATROSS had the following children:



Matthew P. HADEN.



John Nelson HADEN.



Joannah HADEN.



Richard D. HADEN.






Polly HADEN.



Joseph Peatross HADEN.



Jane or Jeanie HADEN.



Rebecca\Rhoda HADEN.