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Third Generation

12. John Moseley HADEN1,61,62,63 was born about 1749 in Goochland County, Virginia.3 He served in the military in 1776 at Captain Levi Thompson's Company in Revolutionary War.1 He died after 1830 at the age of 81 in Fluvanna County, Virginia.

Probably about fifteen years of age when his parents moved from Goochland to Albemarle Co VA.
Father deeded 400 aces of land on the South side of the Rivanna River, where John M. already was living, to his son John Moseley Haden - Albemarle Co Deed Book 5, p.356 - 6 Aug 1771. On 7 Aug 1777, this part of Albemarle Co became Fluvanna Co. This same land was later deeded to son George and then Richard Noel bought it when George went to Alabama according to Mattie Haden.

Marriage records of Albemarle Co are lost between the years 1743 and 1780.

Revolutionary War - in Captain Levi Thompson's Company. Aug 7, 1777 recommended as 1st Lieutenant. Served with Capt. John Napier and William Haden was Ensign (presumably his brother)
Haden, John Moseley, Fluvanna Militia. rec. & qualified as Ensign 2 Apr 1779; oath as 1st Lt. 4 Sep 1777 [same day his brothers Anthony & Joseph were made Captains]
VIRGINIA PUBLICK CLAIMS; Louisa Co VA; p.32: 60# flour furnished by Wm Clark for Fluvanna Milita cert. by John Haden, Capt.

1777, Fluvanna Co., VA, Petition: For the separation of Fluvanna County from Albemarle County. Among others: Wm Woody, John M. Haden, William Haden, John Seay, Robert Wright, Henry C., John, & William Martin
7 August 1777, Fluvanna Co., VA, Deed: John Haden of Fluvanna to William Woody of Fluvanna for 5 shillings; 25 acres in Fluvanna on Burks Creek. "The land where William Woody now lives, bounded all around by the lands of John Haden." No witnesses. Rec: Aug 7, 1777.
3 November 1778, Fluvanna Co., VA, Deed: William Woody witnessed the deed from William Haden to Anthony Haden. Other witnesses: John M. Haden & Richard Allen

COLONIAL AMERICA 1706-1789 CENSUS INDEX [CD-Rom FTM] A John M. Haden listed in Fauquier Co VA in 1779 - his father was still in Fluvanna - this is a curious listing. Is it possible he purchased land in Fauquier but never moved there?
In the 1780's when his parents and several of his siblings moved to Campbell Co, John Mosely Haden remained in Fluvanna Co.

Fluvanna DB 1,
p. 371
7 Mar 1781. John M. Haden, William Haden, and Anthony Haden of Fluvanna Co to Thomas Shores Jr of Powhatan Co, for 100#'s, tract of about 200 acres of land in Fluvanna on the heard of Burkies Creek and waters of Cunningham's Creek and bounded by Daniel Lightfoot, John Haden, John Mann, Joseph Haden, and Thomas Shores, Sr. Signed: John M. Haden. No witnesses. Recorded 7 Mar 1782 [must have been 1781 - the same day - typo in the abstract]

7 Jan 1783 Fluvanna Co Deeds 1777-1783, p.465 Thomas Linthicum Jr to Samuel White of Powhatan Co, 150 acres on N fork of Carey Crek. Witness: Thos. Farrar, Robert Parsley, John M. Haden, Wm. Martin. Rec 5 Jun 1783.

CAMPBELL COUNTY, VIRGINIA DEEDS 1790-1796 TLC Genealogy. DB 3, p.610. I, John Haden, for natural love for my son John Mosley Haden of Fluvanna, grant to said John M. Haden, one Negro man, Prince. 7 Jan 1796.

As late as Dec of 1813, John M. Haden was buying land - Treasury warrant #4790 granted 98 acres to John M. Haden, lying in Fluvanna Co or the south bank of Burks Crk, adj Richard Bragg, Major Parrish, William Haden [this William Haden, likely his son].

There is said to be a letter from Thomas Jefferson to John Haden having him take three Chickasaw Indians to Richmond to the Governor.  It was signed 28 Nov 1799.  He was to see that they were given protection and hospitality by the citizens they passed on the road to the Governor.  Said to be at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.
This John is the only good candidate - his father and nephew, son of the younger Anthony, also named John were both living in Campbell Co at this time. Thomas Jefferson became Vice President in 1796, after losing to John Adams by three electoral votes.
Transcript of letter copy received:
Albemarle county
Three Chickasaw Indians having come so far without
any guide interpreter or pass, I have engaged the bearer John
Haden to take charge of them & attend them to Richmond to the Gover-
nor of the state, and they are recommended to the peace, protection
and hospitality of the citizens on the road they pass, should they be
in want of any necessaries, it cannot be doubted but that the Governor
will authorize paiment to those who may furnish them. given under
my hand this 28th day of November 1799.

1802 Personal Property Tax, Fluvanna co VA
John M. Haden: 1 white male, 6 slaves over 16, 1 slave 12-16, 7 horses

1810 Census. Fluvanna Co VA
John M. Haden. 2m over 45. 2f 16-26, 1f over age 45.

1820 Census. Columbia, Fluvanna Co VA
John M. Haden: 1m +45, 2f 26-45, 1f +45 [14 slaves]
[same page with his son William]

1830 Census. Fluvanna Co VA
John Haden: 1m -5, 1m age 70-80. 2f 40-50, 1f 80-90.

John Moseley HADEN and Anne [HADEN]1 were married about 1771.61 Anne [HADEN] was born (date unknown).

There is a possible daughter named Susanna who married John Jones in 1793 and had one son named Benjamin Haden Jones before she died. DKH names two more possible sons as an Anthony and a Joseph that likely came from the research of one Mattie Haden - I find nothing to indicate they existed.

John Moseley HADEN and Anne [HADEN] had the following children:



Susanna HADEN.



William HADEN.



Nancy HADEN.



George HADEN.



Margaret Douglas "Peggy" HADEN64,65 was born in 1785. She died in 1865 at the age of 80.1

Peggy's estimated birth date from Irene Cook and others was 1773 - based on the census records, she was most likely born sometime after that, perhaps as much as 10 years later. In 1840 her age was given as 40-50; in 1850, age 65, in 1860 age 73. Other than these records, I also have no source for the tradition that she died at age 90, which would seem to be the basis for her birth year.

According to a letter from Socrates Haden, g grandson of John Moseley, some of the children of George Haden who died in Alabama were sent for and raised by Peggy. He named George [William George], Jane and John. Probably only George and Jane returned to Virginia. John remained or returned to Alabama.
Peggy never married; died at about 90 years of age. [1850 Census gave her age as 65 - she lived alone.]

Peggy was probably living in her father's household in 1830, when he was listed with two females age 40-50.

1840 Census, Fluvanna Co VA
Peggy Haden. 1m 10-15, 1m 20-30 [probably William George, son of Peggy's brother George]. 1f 20-30 [probably Susanna, daughter of George], 1f 40-50 [Peggy]

1850 Census. Fluvanna Co VA Hh 398
Peggy Haden, age 65. Lived alone.

1860 Census. Fluvanna Co VA, Lafayette Hill P.O., Hh 520
Peggy D. Haden, age 73. She had personal property worth $28,282 - no doubt included slaves. Lived alone but was on the same census page with her brother-in-law, William S. Lane.

John Moseley HADEN and Mary Ann HOPKINS were married on 9 December 1790 in Louisa County, Virginia.3 Mary Ann HOPKINS66,67 was born (date unknown).

Mary was likely the widow of Peter Hopkins, son of John and Susanna Hopkins of Hanover County VA. Peter Hopkins left a will in Louisa Co. dated 5 Oct 1779; probated 12 Apr 1790. John Hopkins will said to be in Hanover Co, dated 29 August 1765, probated on 3 July 1766. It has been suggested Mary was nee Moorman but I have found no proof, nor have I found a Mary in any of the Moorman databases that was not married to someone else.
From: "James Slone" <>
Wed, 14 Sep 2005
The book "Hopkins of Virginia & Related Families," pp. 180-181 says
'Peter Hopkins left will in Louisa Co. (W. B. 3, p. 292), dated Oct. 5,
1779, pro. April 12, 1790, in which he devises "unto my loving wife, Mary
Hopkins, 200 A. of land which I now live on, lying on Bunches [Birches?] Creeek in Louisa Co," etc., also gives her all of his personal property. Witnesses to
will were, William Harris, John Bradley and Samuel Harris; appoints wife
Mary, Exrx. (Vide will of Rev. Charles Hopkins in which he refers to "my
right in my brother, Peter Hopkins' legacy, who died without heirs," etc.
Robert Hughes sued a Peter Hopkins in an action of Debt, Aug. 25, 1763, in
Amelia Co. (O. B. 1763, p. 23). A Mary Hopkins m. John M. Haden, Dec. 7,
1790. Mary Hopkins writes a note to the Clerk stating that she is of lawful
age and desires that he issue license to Mr. Haden. (M. L. B. Louisa Co.,
Va.). She was probably the widow of Peter Hopkins.'

Married by Rev. John Lasley. Witnesses were Whittle Flanagan, Samuel Harris, William Haden [son William would be about 18 at this time]

John Moseley HADEN and Mary Ann HOPKINS had the following children:



Sarah "Sally" HADEN3 was born about 1805.1 She died in 1835 at the age of 30.1,3

Never married; died at about 30 years of age. [ I have also seen Sally listed as a child of John Moseley and his first wife but this does not make sense with the date of his marriage to Mary Ann Hopkins if her age at death is correct.]

The 1830 census does show John Haden with two females age 40-50 in his household, other than his spouse. In 1820, he had also had two females age 26-45. One of these is surely Peggy who lived to appear in the 1840, 1850 and 1860 censuses and who never married. If the other lady is Sally then her birth and death years are both wrong and increases the likelihood that her mother was the first wife.