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Second Generation

9. Zachariah HADEN9,41,42,43,44 was born before 1738. He died in 1792 at the age of 54 in Goochland County, Virginia.45

Zachariah is said to have been born 1733. I doubt this given his marriage in 1763. I believe he was the youngest son, probably not born until later - but he was surely born before 1738 since he purchased land in Rowan Co in 1759 and would have had to be 21 at that time.

There is in the Rowan County, NC Deed Abstracts [Rowan DB 10 :181] Zachariah Haden of Goochland County, VA. He sold on 26 Oct 1784 to Richmond Pearson for 350£ land on sw side of Yadkin River adj McCulloh, William Giles, Phillip Williams, being 1/2 tract granted by Granville to William Giles containing 529 acres dated 8 Nov 1757, who sold it to Haden 24 May 1759. Wit: Obadiah Smith & Sarjint Hewes prvd by Obadiah Smith May Ct 1785.
DB 4: 67 8 Nov 1757 Granville to William Giles for 10 sh sterl, 529 A on s.w. side Yadkin River . Wit: W. Churton & Willis Ellis. Prvd Jan court 1759.
DB 4: 195 12 Oct 1759 William Giles & wf Mary to Philip Williams, labourer, for -L 10 proc, 529 A on s.w. side Yadkin River. Wit: Jas. Carter & David Houston. Prvd Oct Court 1759. [I wonder if reading the original deed would show that only 1/2 had been sold to Philip Williams?]
Abstracts of Land Entries: Rowan Co NC Dec 1778 - Feb 1795
Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 1987
#2487 21 Feb 1780 Obediah Smith enters 640a in Rowan, S side of Yadkin. Borders Philip Williams deeded land, now Zachariah Haiden's and John Arrowood's improvement
Abstracts of Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Rowan Co 1775-1789
Vol. III
Jo White Linn 1982
p.62 12 Feb 1780
Deeds Proved. Phillip Williams to Zach Haden prvd by John Braly
p.129 7 May 1785 Deeds Prvd
Zachariah Haiden to Richmd Pierson, moiety of 529A 6 Oct 1784 Prvd by Oediah Smith

Will of Edward Rice from Goochland Co Deed Book 10, p.67-68: Edward Rice mentions a parcel of land that adjoins Mr. Zachariah Haden's line, given to his son Edward, that he wants sold to meet his debts. 1 May 1769.

Goochland Co VA DB 10, p.236
18 Jul 1772 Edmund Hodges to Zachariah Haden. 320£. 665 A. Benjamin Crenshaws line on Lickinghole Crk, on Valentine Wood, William Rutherfords line, John Catons line, Archer Steatons line, Callam Bailey's line, Benjamin Crenshaw's line. Signed: Edmund (X) Hodges. Wid: Robert Birkmyre, Saml. Cosby, John Hodges, Alexr. Murray. Ack 20 Jul 1772 Wife relinquished.

7 Oct 1774
Zachariah Haden and Elizabeth his wife of Goochland to John Hopkins of said County. For 120£ a tract of land containing 250 acres "in the county of Goochland on the Great Byrd Creek, being formerly purchased by Anthony Haden, in two separate parcels, the one of Thomas Stone Containing two hundred Acres, and the other of Edward Rice Containing Fifty Acres Both granted to the said Anthony by Indentures of Bargain and sale Recorded in Goochland Court and by the said Anthony Devised to his son Zachariah Haden, the present Granter thereof" Begin at Spanish oak on Byrd Creek, on said Edward Rice, line of markt trees in said Hopkins line, on Obediah Daniel, corner red oak on Byrd Creek, down the Byrd according to its meanders. Signed: Zachariah Haden, Elizabeth Haden. Zachariah & Elizabeth ack. and she relinquished dower 17 Oct 1774.

Virginia Gazette, 24 May 1776; p.4, col. 1 [Colonial Williamsburg website]
For SALE and to be entered on at Christmas next,
SIX hundred and sixty five acres of land in Goochland county, on the waters of Lickinhole creek, about a mile from Rutherford's ordinary, exceeding food for ____ tobacco and grain of all kind; but as the soil on this water course is so well known, a farther description would be needless. There is a plantation thereon sufficient to work seven or eight hands to advantage, a convenient dwelling and other out houses, all lately built, and tolerable good orchards. My price is four hundred pounds, payable in negroes and horses. Any person inclinable to treat for the same will please to apply to me, on the premises. ZACHARIAH HADEN

25 Dec 1779. ZachariahHaden is Surety for marriage of William Bowman and Mary Causby. Wit: Ellison Clarke and Peter Clarke. William, 21 on Jul 30 1776 of Chesterfield County is son of Joseph Bowman.

Goochland DB 14
9 Oct 1786 Archer Payne & Martha his wife to Zachariah Haden, all of Goochland Co. Sum of 250£ paid by Zachariah Haden. Archer & Martha Payne have a right to dispose of this tract under the will of her deceased father, lying both sides of three chopt road and is the land on which William Groom and Sarah Thomas did dwell and is bounded by the lines of John Lawrence, Drury Hatcher, Wm. Towler, William Rutherford, John Slayden & William Isbell, according to well known and established boundaries, containing 260 acres.
Signed: Arch. Payne, Martha Payne
Wit: J. Winston, Robert Haden, Anne S. Payne
15 Apr 1787 Acknowledged in open court by Archer Payne and ordered recorded.

Goochland DB 15
Goochland County Court Dec 1787
Petition of Benj. Crenshaw, Zachariah Haden, Wm Isbill, John Henderson & Callam Bailey or any three are appointed to view way on which the said Crenshaw purposes to turn his road & report the same to the court. Signed: Wm Miller
We the subscribers in obedience to with have viewed the way Round Benj Chrenshaws fence to Mr. Woods mill and find that It be a made a better way than the old way it above two hundred yards further.
Feb. '88 Signed: Zachariah Haden, John Henderson, Callam Bailey
Court 18 Feb 1788 Report for turning the road round Benj Chrenshaws fence was returned and the road established agreeable thereto. Signed: Wm. Miller DC

Goochland DB 15, p.121
1 Jan 1788 Between Zachariah Haden and Robert Haden his son. In consideration of natural affection but more especially in consideration of the said Robert having undertaken to support and maintain the said Zacharish for and during his life as likewise provision for younger children agreeable to and is more particularly speciified in a bond executed from the said Robert to the said Zachariah of equal date. Sold to the said Robert all his lands lying in Goochland Co also the following Negroes, Jeffrey, Voilet, Bel, Peter, Isaac, Rowlen, Ned and Nance, Pey and Lyd and all his cattle, horses, hogs & household furniture.
Signed: Zach. Haden.
Wit: Benj. Crenshaw, Callom Bailey, John Henderson
19 Aug 1788 Deed was presented and Acknowledged by sd. Zachariah.

Will Jan. 14, 1782. Goochland County, VA. Probated Feb 20, 1792. Wife Elizabeth and son Robert, executors. Witnesees: Benjamin Crenshaw and Sarah Thomas. Named in will: Jesse, Susannah, Elizabeth, Robert. Provisions of Will: Jesse received all his father's land in Carolina; Susannah received 200 acres; Elizabeth received 200 acres; Robert received remaining land.

Goochland DB 16 [page numbers cut off by filming]

In the name of God Amen, I, Zachariah Haden of Goochland County being in a declinging state of Health and mindfull of the Uncertainty of this Transistory Life do think Propper to mke today this my Last Will and Testament in Manner & form Following. I lend to my Deare Wife Elizabeth Haden all the Estate both Real & personal Enduring her Life or widdowhood. But if she marrys my will & Devise is that it shall be in manner Hereafter mentioned. My Desire is that my Land that be disposed in manner and form ass following. I give and bequeath all my Land in Carolina to my son Jesse Haden, he and his Heirs for Ever. I likewise give and bequeath to my Daughter Susanna Haden two Hundred and fifty acres of Land begining at Woods line thence up the sd flagg branch to Bailey's Line. I likewise give and Bequeath to my Daughter, Elizabeth Haden, Two hundred acres adjoining the sd Susanna's Line with the sd Plantation on it. I likewise give and bequest to my son Robert Haden all the Rest of my Land. My desire is that six devided ......betwixt Susanna Haden and Elizabeth Haden ______ ?Lewy, Selah, they and extrs. forever. My desire is that my Two daughters Susanna Haden and Elizabeth Haden shall have one horse and saddle and one featherbed and furniture to each. Likewise to my son Jesse Haiden two featherbeds and furniture and all my stock of cattle Horses and Hoggs. My desire is that my son Robert Haden shall have all the rest of my personal estate. My desire further is that the income of my estate shall fall to my son Jesse Haden and last I constitute, Nominate and appoint my Beloved wife Elizabeth Haden and my son Robert Haden, Exctrs of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed seal this 14 day of January one thousand Seven hundred and eighty three.
Signed: Zach. Haden
Signd Seald Publishd & Declared
in presence of us
David Powers, Sarah Thomas, Ben. Crenshaw, Sher'd Parrish
At a Court held for Goochland County the 20th day of February 1792 this writing was presented in Court and proved by the Oath of Sher'd Parrish to be the last Will and Testament of Zachariah Haden deceased which was continued for further proof. And on the motion of Robert Haden, Executor therein named [who made oath according to Law and gave Bond in penalty of two thousand pounds, probate thereof was granted him on due form with leave for the Executrix to come in hereafter.
Test. Wm. Miller, CGC
At a Court of Quarter Sessions held for Goochland Co at the Courthouse on Monday the 19th of March 1792 This writing was further and fully proved by oath of Benjamin Crenshaw….
At a Court 18 Jun 1792. Writing further and fully proved by Sarah Thomas.

Inventory on estate of Zachariah Haden dec'd, late of Goochland
Included 5 yearlings, 1 Steer, White face cow and calf, Show cattle-2 years old, 10 cows, 6 - three-year old cows, white horse, blaze face bay horse, sorrell mare, one race horse, 13 sheep, 8 lambs, 1 white sow, another white sow, black sow, 9 hogs, 3 hogs, 9 shoats, colt and bay mare, wagon, etc.
Slaves were man Isaac, man Jeffry, woman Dianah, girl Pall/Patt, girl Fanny, boy Lewy, boy Charles, woman Bell, boy Peter, girl Amy, woman Lydia, woman Violet
Slaves on next page - partially obscured; includes girl Frankey, girl Polly boy ?Dreo, and woman Nancy
Psalm book, Bible Testament
Looking glass
Total of 895 £ 6 shillings.
In pursuance of decree of the Court dated 21 Mar 1793, the following appriased the Estate of Zachariah Haden dec'd on 11 Apr 1793: Shad. Vaughan, Wm Miller, Humphrey Parish.
20 Aug 1793. Inventory returned and ordered recorded. Test. Wm. Miller, Clk

Zachariah HADEN and Elizabeth POOR were married on 27 January 1763 in Goochland County, Virginia.37,45,46 Elizabeth POOR, daughter of Thomas POOR and Elizabeth MOSELEY, was born in 1742 in Goochland County, Virginia.1,3 She died about 1809 at the age of 67 in Goochland County, Virginia.1

Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Poor. Marriage bond dated 27 Jan 1763. Surety for her marriage was Obadiah Daniel (brother-in-law to be). Wit: Milley Poor and Ann Poor. Joseph Haden makes affadavit that Zachariah is "21 years of age or upwards". The fact that Zachariah's brother certified his age is another indication that by 1763 their father was deceased. Douglas Register says: "both of this parish"

Elizabeth Haden was named as one of the children and distributees of the final settlement of Thomas Poor, 1798.

#2024552 Goochland VA Personal Property Rolls; 1800-1815
There were two districts - Hadens were always in the same one - primarily Robert, his widowed mother Elizabeth, his brother Jesse, and John N. Haden, Robert's 1st cousin, once removed - son of Joseph Haden & Mary Peatross who had moved back to Goochland from Fluvanna in the 1790's
Elizabeth wasn't listed in 1800 or 1801
1802 White males, Blacks over 16, Blacks 12-16, horses
Elizabeth Haden, no white males in her household, 3 slaves over 16, 1 slave 12-16, 2 horses
1803 Whites, Blacks over 16, 12-16, horses
Elizabeth Haden 0-1-1-3
1804 (new commissioner - new handwriting - bad spelling)
Eliza. Hayden 0-4-0-1
1805 White males over 16, Blacks above 12, under 12, ordinary license, horses
Eliza. Hayden 0-4-0-0-1
1806 White males over 16, blacks above 16, black boys 12-16, horses
Eliza. Hayden 0-4-0-2
1807 White males over 16, blacks over 16, blacks over 12, ordinary license, horses
Eliza Hayden 0-4-0-0-2
1808 Tax list is missing
1809 White males over 16, blacks over 16, blacks over 12, ordinary license, horses
Eliza. Hayden 0-4-0-0 [This is the last year Elizabeth appears - she probably died that year which is a few years later than many of the estimates.]

Zachariah HADEN and Elizabeth POOR had the following children:



Robert D. HADEN.



Thomas Poore HADEN was christened on 16 June 1767 in Goochland County, Virginia.39,42

[One reference compiled by Henry Moore, states that Thomas died before 1783. This makes much more sense than the information from Irene Cook that he died in Lowndes Co MS] Thomas apparently died prior to the time his father wrote his will, as he is not mentioned.
His mother and brothers Jesse and Robert are on an 1802 tax list for Goochland Co.



Susannah HADEN.



James HADEN was born on 6 January 1771 in Goochland County, Virginia.1,39 He was christened on 10 April 1771 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia.47

Douglas wrote down "Antony Haden & Eliz: Pore a son named James born Jan: 6 1771. Baptized Ap: 10 1771." [I believe this to be a "clerical" error and James WAS the son of Zachariah & Elizabeth Poor. Reasoning: All of the other children of Zachariah & Elizabeth were baptized at St. James and he fits very nicely in the birth order. Anthony & Drucilla had only two children baptized at St. James and one of those, John, was born barely a year after James - close for even that time.]
The child James is not named in Zachariah's will, dated 14 Jan 1782. And, Anthony II also had a son named James, James Carter Haden, child of his second wife, who did live to adulthood.



Elizabeth HADEN.



Jesse HADEN.