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Fifth Generation

761. Elizabeth J. "Bettie" BRADSHAW411 was born on 10 August 1830 in North Carolina.674 She died on 19 November 1858 at the age of 28 in Davidson County, North Carolina.674

Elizabeth as daughter of Robert Bradshaw & Elizabeth Haden is information received from Jeanne Bond of Tampa. This can't be correct - that's another Elizabeth and a different Robert. Age is 50 years off. The relationship as a daughter of Sarah McCrary and Robert Bradshaw is proved by the estate settlement of Sarah's sister, Mary McCrary Haden, widow of William H. Haden, the younger.

I believe this is probably her grave marker at Jersey Baptist Church, Lexington, Davidson Co NC. James, her husband, his second wife [another Elizabeth] and some of his young children are in this cemetery.
Bettie E. Haden.
b. 10 Aug 1830; d. 19 Nov 1858.

Elizabeth J. "Bettie" BRADSHAW and James Wilson HADEN were married on 17 September 1851 in Rowan County, North Carolina.1,156,390 James Wilson HADEN, son of William H. HADEN and Sabitha Elizabeth "Sibby" WILSON, was born on 31 October 1831.1 He died on 19 June 1897 at the age of 65 in Davidson County, North Carolina.1,153

Marriage to Elizabeth Bradshaw:
Bond: Thos. C. McNaley/McNeeley Witness: James E. Kerr Married by T. Page Ricaud, MG. [He was minister of the M. E. Church, Salisbury Station.] The bride and groom were 2nd cousins.

Marriage to Elizabeth E. Owen: Bond: H. R. Bradshaw

James and his third wife signed a marriage contract which allowed Eliza Holmes to retain custody of her property.

James Wilson Haden had children by both of the first two marriages.

1860 Census. Northern Division, Davidson Co NC, Hh 899
J. W. Haton, age 29, Farmer, b. NC. Elisa, age 28.
Robert 8, Ida 6, Allas age 3. [These children would have been Elizabeth Bradshaw's since he married Elizabeth Owen in 1859.]
He was shown with six slaves on the slave schedule.

1870 Census. Boone Twp, Davidson Co NC, Hh 100
James W. Haden, age 39. E. E., age 38
Robert W. 18, Ida 15, Alice 13, Minnie 9, Loula 7, Estella 4, and Hattie, age 2

1880 Census. Boone Twp, Davidson Co NC, Hh 88
James W. Haden, 49, b. NC as were his parents.
Eliza, age 47, b. NC as were both her parents.
Minnie, dau, 20; Lula, dau, 17; Bulah, dau, age 2; Robert, son, age 6 months, born in Dec 1879.
A cook, a boarder doing farm labor, and a boarder who was a clerk also lived in the household.

Heirs in the division of his property were Ida H. Barber, Alice B. Thompson, Minnie Haden Holmes, Lula O. Haden, Beulah E. Haden, and Robert J. Haden. The minor heirs were older than 14 in Nov 1897.

James is buried in the Jersey Baptist Church cemetery, next to 2nd wife Eliza E.

I found files on his estate both in Davidson and Rowan Counties.

#1888288 Loose Paper Estate Files - Davidson Co
James W. Haden 1897 p.966

Inventory filed by S. H. Clement, Admr. on 11 Oct 1897.
Report of sale. Many items marked as sold to "laborers from store". Others marked as sold direct to distributees who were R. J. Haden, Mrs. W. M. Barber, Mrs. C. H. Holmes, Lula Haden, Beulah Haden, Mrs. P. H. Thompson. Filed 20 May 1898.
Report to Eliza A. Haden, widow. Year's allowance of $300; dated 21 May 1898.

A second file was labeled J. W. Haden, died 1899, but it was obviously also James' s records. Since one of the papers was dated 1897, I'm not sure why they were not all filed together.

Lewis H. Clement, admin of James W. Haden dec'd - was requested to serve by the widow on 25 Jun 1897
Estate worth about $18000. heirs: widow Eliza A. Haden & children, Ida Haden Barber wife of M. W. Barber, Alice Bradshaw Thompson, wife of P. Thompson, Minnie Haden Holmes wife of Chas. A. Holmes, Lula Owen Haden, Beulah Elizabeth Haden & Robert James Haden
Bond of $36,000 25 Jun 1897

Total amt of Estate due heirs: $8554.62
Funds paid to Miss. Lula O. Haden; Mrs. Minnie Haden Holmes; Mrs Ida H. Barber; R. J. Holmes agt for Beulah Haden; Robert James Haden; Miss Beulah Elizabeth Haden; Mrs. Alice B. Thompson. Ms. Eliza A. Haden, widow, in full payment of her note due estate $755.87 10 Mar 1899
Additional payments on 4 Apr 1899 to all of the above.

I also found mis-filed in the file of James M. Haden, who died 1898, one of the Hadens born in Virginia and not part of the North Carolina Hadens, a guardianship record. R. J. Holmes, was appointed guardian of Beulah Haden and Robert J. Haden on 30 Jun 1898. Charles H. Holmes, husband of Minnie, had both a brother and father named Reuben J. Holmes - the father was still living at this time, but in his seventies - no doubt the guardian was the brother, an uncle of the children by marriage.

In the estate records of Rowan Co NC, LDS microfilm #1498464, I found a file on James W. Haden, died 1897, p. 300

There was a law suit: Minnie Homes & Chas. H. Holmes her husband, Lula O. Haden, Beulah E. Haden and Robert J. Haden, the last two by their next friend R. J. Holmes vs. Ida H. Barber and M. W. Barber her husband and Alice B. Thompson and P. H. Thompson, her husband. The outcome was that commissioners were ordered to divided the lands of the estate of James W. Haden in six equal shares to allot to the heirs as listed. Dated 30 Oct 1897. The land was divided except for the widow's dower. There are plat maps of each share in the file.

Markers mentioned in the property descriptions: banks of the Yadkin River, M. W. Barber's corner, Bell's line, the dower line, Fitzgerald's corner, J. B. Young's line, the Public road, J. B. Fitzgerald's, McConnaughey tract, Joseph Carrick's and Annie Holmes' corner, waters of Second Creek. One tract had been conveyed by R. J. Holmes & E. A. Holmes, as admin. of M. L. Holmes to J. W. Haden by deed 6 Feb 1895, DB 78, p.253, 479 acres. Other markers: Foster's branch, Laura Hairston's corner, Robert's corner, B. F. Haden's line.
Sale dated 7 Jan 1898.
M. L. Holmes was Moses L. Holmes, uncle of Charles, R. H. and E. A. Holmes [probably Eliza A.] Moses had previously been married to Eliza A. Spoon who married James W. Haden as his third wife after the death of Moses Holmes.

Elizabeth J. "Bettie" BRADSHAW and James Wilson HADEN had the following children:



Robert W. HADEN.






Alice Bradshaw HADEN.