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Fifth Generation

745. William H. HADEN1,124 was born about 1828. He died before 1857 at the age of 29.

He is also seen with the middle initial A, but he himself signed a deed concerning his sister's estate as W. H. Haden.

The estate papers of William's father indicate that by 1849, he was of age. Only James was still a minor.

Marriage: Wm. H. Haden to Mary A. McCrary Sep 12, 1854. Both of Davidson Co. It appears that both William and his brother Benjamin married into the McCrary family. This date seems to have been transcribed wrong - by September of 1853, Mary McCrary Haden had died. She obviously did not marry in 1854.

There are estate papers in the Davidson Co NC files for Mary Haden, dated from 1853 through 1856. It is obvious that her heirs are her siblings and her nieces and nephews, children of deceased siblings - she died without a will. A tract of land of 157 acres on Potts Creek was petitioned for division, but apparently was sold. The neighbors are the same as associates of Jesse Haden, but McCrarys were also listed as neighbors of Jesse's in several deeds. This may be land Mary inherited from her father. The only file for William H. Haden was dated as 1857, but the actual papers in the file were for another William who had died in 1846. The single paper mentions S. W. McCrary as Administrator, Aug Term 1857 and includes payments to Grandison Roberts [brother-in-law of Mary McCrary], S. W. McCrary [Mary's brother], James W. Haden [another brother-in-law] and B. F. Haden. [William H. Haden's brother]. It was not clear when this man had died or whether or not he had out lived Mary.

William H. HADEN and Mary A. MCCRARY were married on 12 September 1854 in Davidson County, North Carolina.780 Mary A. MCCRARY, daughter of Wilson MCCRARY and Elizabeth [MCCRARY], was born about 1829 in North Carolina. She died in September 1855 at the age of 26 in Davidson County, North Carolina.

The 1850 Census, Davidson Co, has Mary's father with the following:
Wilson McCrary, age 66, born NC
Spruce W., age 24
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Mary A. McCrary, age 21
Robert A., age 6
A few years later Spruce W. McCrary will be noted as the guardian of Robert A. who was a child of his deceased brother Alfred.

LDS #1888288 Loose Paper Estate Files - Davidson Co, NC

Mary Haden 1855 p.1153

Rec'd of James A. Long, Clerk, $166 in full of my portion of monies from the sale of the land of the late Mary Haden sold by order of the Court of Equity
22 July 1856, H. R. Bradshaw [probably Henry - receiving 1/3 of the share of his deceased mother]

Rec'd from James A. Long, Clerk - $498.62 in full my portion of the proceeds of the lands of Mary Haden by order of Court of Equity, 13 May 1856 S. W. McCrary

………$497.62 in full of the portion due my ward, Robert A. McRary of the proceeds of the land of the late Mary Haden. S. W. McCrary, Guardian

Henry Smith & wife & others. In obedience to decree at Fall Term 1855 I proceeded to sell the lands mentioned on 30 Oct 1855. Benjamin F. Haden became the purchaser as the highest bidder $2565, a very high price. 3 Apr 1856. Signed: James A. Long
[Purchased by her husband's brother]

Court of Equity, Fall Term 1853 [This date must surely have been 1855...]
Petition of Henry Smith & wife Susan, Grandeson Roberts & wife Eliza, Spence W. McRary, James Haden, Henry Bradshaw, ??Isaiah Brandenbaker [possibly guardian for the children of John McCrary, or husband of John's daughter Elizabeth? I can't find this person in the census. All other heirs explained by the will of Wilson McCrary, Mary's father]] - Robert McRary by guardian S. M. McRary, Julia Bradshaw an infant under 21 by her guardian John C. Ford.
Mary Haden, in the month of September last died intestate leaving her surviving heirs at law. Tract of land on waters of Potts Creek adj lands of Henderson March, R. S. Beall 157 acres. Petition for division of land.

17 May 1856 Receipt of Granderson Roberts & wife Eliza, by B. A. Kitrell for money rec'd from sale of land.

Bond of Granderson Roberts. Securities Henry Smith & Meshack Pinkston. 12 Nov 1853

Another estate file was that of William H. Haden, 1857 [p.1278] and was a return of S. W. McCrary, Administrator, August Court Term, and contained a receipt of B. A. Kitrell, amounts paid to Grandison Roberts, S. W. McCrary, Jas. W. Haden, B. F. Haden and others. Total of estate $2144.75. There was nothing here to indicate when William H. died and I do not have a complete transcript of Mary's father's will to see if he left her property to the "heirs of her body" in which case her husband would not receive any part of her estate. There was no mention of a spouse in her file. William may have predeceased Mary.