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Fifth Generation

742. Rebecca HADEN1 was born in 1821. She died about 1847 at the age of 26 in Davidson County, North Carolina.

Rebeckah was a minor child when her father wrote his will, 1834 - the wording of the will would seem to indicate she was the youngest. However, his estate papers reveal that she was instead the eldest daughter. She married Charles F. Rough prior to the Fall Term of court in 1841 and they petitioned for a sale of her father's lands - two tracts, one of 108 acres, the other 186 acres. The lands were falling into decay. Rebecca was about 20 years old and they stated that another twelve months wait would only cause further injury to all concerned. That it would be in the interest of all the heirs to sell the plantation. James was the only one still a minor - Meshack Pinkston his guardian.

Rebecca HADEN and Charles F. ROUGH were married in 1841 in Davidson County, North Carolina. Charles F. ROUGH was born (date unknown).

In 1841, Charles Rough and his wife, along with the other heirs of Rebecca's father, petitioned the court for sale of her father's real estate. Both her parents were deceased. Her father had by his will directed the children to inherit when Rebecca reached age 21; she was at the time of the petition age 20. The land was sold and they received their share; Charles signed a returning bond for the money and invested it. In 1849, he returned to court stating that Rebecca had died. The other heirs quit claimed all right and title to the funds. Heirs at law of Rebecca were stated to be her sister and brothers; apparently she had no children.

The only Charles Rough I could find in the area in 1850 was in Rowan Co. He was age 39 and had an apparent spouse, Rosanna, age 42. They had two small children: Joseph age 2 and Elizabeth, one month old.

There is a marriage in Rowan Co for Charles Rough to Rosanna Stouck on 7 Feb 1848. Presumably Rebecca died prior to that date.