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Sixth Generation

1643. Robert Allen HADEN419,930,1123 was born on 13 August 1865 in Keatchie, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.419 He died on 17 February 1917 at the age of 51 in Ionian Sea.419

Married 1) Julia McGinnis; one son, Julian; 2) Eugenie Clara Hilbold. This is the great-grandfather of Rebecca Haden who sent the information. Robert and Eugenie were missionaries to China. He was lost on French Ship Athos.

I discovered a great deal more about the family from their passport applications online at, 1795-1925.

Robert's first passpost in these records was an Emergency Passport Issued Abroad, dated 16 Mar 1892. He applied to the Legation of the U.S. in Peking China the previous date,on March 15th. He stated he was born Keachie, DeSoto Parish in Louisiana on 13 Aug 1865. His father was a native born citizen of the U.S. He considered his permanent domicile in the U.S. as being Keatchie. He was a Minister. He left the U.S. on 26 Sept 1891 and was temporarily sojourning at Waseih, China. He desire the passport for his missionary work. He was then 26 years old, 6 feet tall, blue eyes, dark brown hair. All evidence indicates he was a single man at this time.

On 30 April 1908, Robert Allen Haden again applied for a passport for himself and his wife, Clara E. [Eugenie] and his minor children: Frieda E. born at Kiangyin, China on 2 May 1898; Eric George, born at Kuling, China on 14 Aug 1899; Dorothy J. born Shrevesport, LA on 21 Apr 1901, and Ernest Faber born Mokaushen China on 21 Aug 1904. I stated his birth at Keatchie, LA on 13 Aug 1865 and gave his permanent residence as Shrevesport [sic]. He was a clergyman and had left the U.S. on 26 Sept 1891 and was presently living at Kiangyin, China. He intended to return to the U.S. within two years and wanted the passport for travel in connection with his Missionary work. He was at that time age 43 and in the description it was noted that his hair was dark, slightly gray. The passport application was made at the American Consulate at Shanghai, China.
[Note: This application did not include his son Julian, born by his first wife - Julian was included two years later.]

Another application for passport was made in Berne, Switzerland on 8 Aug 1910. R. A. Haden applied for himself, his wife Eugenie Clara and his minor children: Julian C., born at Shanghai on 24 Jul 1894. Frieda E. born Kiangyin 2 May 1898; Eric G. born Kuling, China, 21 Aug 1899; Dorothy J. born Shreveport, LA, 21 Apr 1901; Ernest Faber born Mohkanshan, China, 14 Aug 1904; and Robert A. born Kiangyin, China, on 2 Jun 1906. Robert himself born Keatchie LA on 13 Aug 1865. Permanent residence again listed as Shreveport; occupation was missionary in China. He temporarily residing in Neuchatel, Switzerland and intended to the return to the U.S. within one year. He wanted the passport for the purpose of proving his nationality. Description states that his hair is now "iron grey".

Eugenie's applications for passport following his death tells the rest of the story.
On 7 Sept 1917, Eugenie stated that she was a missionary to China prior to her marriage in Shanghai, Jan 1897. Her husband had also been a missionary. They were working in China until 1900 when then had a year furlough in the U.S. which is the only time she ever lived there. They returned to China in 1901. In 1910 they had another furlough, coming first to Switzerland for seven months. They wanted the children to have a European education so they went to Germany for the next 18 months. She then returned to Switzerland with the children and her husband went back to China. He remained there until February of 1917 - he was returning to his family when he was lost off the coast of Malta, his ship being torpedoed by a submarine. The ship was the "Athos" en route from China to Marseilles.

I found copies of articles from The New York Times online. The French steamer Athos was carrying Senagalese troops and colonial laborers and was torpedoed in the Mediterrianean Sea. She was being escorted by two French destroyers which, with the aid of a gunboat, rescued some 1450 passengers. An Article on Feb 23th, stating that the ship was sunk on the 17th, stated that Haden had gone to the aid of Chinese on board or he would probably have been rescued. The Athos was struck 210 miles east of Malta. Another article in the Times but from Nashville, was in the nature of an obit. It was also dated Feb 23rd.
"Robert Allen Haden, the Presbyterian missionary who was lost when the French line Athos was destroyed by a submarine, had a number of friends here and in Clarksville, where he graduated from the Southwestern Presbyterian University. At the time of his death Mr. Haden was sailing from Yokohama for Marseilles to join his wife and six children who are in Switzerland.
Dr. Haden was 53 years of age and was born in Keatchie, La. He spent tow years in Clarksville Preparatory School before entering the university, graduating in 1891. After graduating he entered the ministry under the Presbyterian Mission Board. He was first stationed at Wushi, China, but was transferred in 1895 to Kiang Yin. In 1908 he was again transferred, this time to Soochow.
About a year after he went to China, Miss Julia McGinnis of Clarksville also left for that country as a missionary. They met in Japan and were married. Then they worked together in China for a year when she died, leaving one son, Julian, who now resides in the United States. Later Mr. Haden again married, this time to a woman in the English mission in China, and of this union six children were born. Mrs. Haden is now in Switzerland with her children Albert [this was actually Frieda], Eric, Dorothy, Joseph, Ernest, and Allan.
Mr. Haden was last in the United States in 1911. He was engaged in missionary work in Soochow, and was the only male missionary in that district.
Mr. Haden was known here to be connected with the work of the Southern Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions in the parish of China. His headquarters, according to the Year Book of the organization was at Soochow, about fifty miles from Shanghai, a mission established in 1877. Fifteen Americans are located there in charge of the work. The property of the mission is extensive, consisting of hospitals, schools for girls, and building for other missionary purposes.
The French steamer Athos, according to the New York Maritime Register was last reported as arriving at Kobe, Japan, on Jan 17 form Marseilles, France. The Athose was a steel twin screw steamer, built in 1914 at Dunkirk, France. She was 508 feet long and owned by the Messageries Maritimes of Marseilles."

A long article appeared on page 1 of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram on 4 Feb 1917. Two of Robert Allen Haden's brothers and a nephew were residents of Ft. Worth and he himself had visited the city five years earlier, speaking at both the 1st Presbyterian and Broadway Presbyterian Churches. His kin in Ft. Worth: C. H. Haden, brother, 1132 Edward St; J. C. Haden, brother, 1021 Elizabeth St; Robert A. Haden, nephew, 1300 Stella St.
Five of Hadens children were being educated in Switzerland; the eldest Freda, to graduate at Easter. A son Julian was in Massachusetts - he was born to the first wife. A letter written to C. H. Haden on Nov 14, said he wanted to avoid the North sea on account of the submarines; he intended to sail from Hong Kong on a French ship - he also wanted to avoid Russia, so made the trip by sea.
Haden had spent 26 years in the Soo Chow distract. His last act was to sacrifice his life to some Chinese. His brother explained that they were probably his Chinese servants.
Haden was born at Keatchie, LA; graduated from the Southwestern Presbyterian University at Clarksville TN in 1891. He served a pastorate in Shreveport before going to China.

By 1930, Julian, Eric, Ernest & Allen [Robert Jr.] are all found living in the U.S. About 1920, Eugenie was living with her married daughter Elizabeth in Barcelona Spain. Then in 1923 Eugenie was in Geneva, Switzerland with young Robert who was in school. In 1930, Eugenie was living in Memphis with Joseph. In 1920, Dorothy was in Birmingham with her husband Allen C. Howard, but I didn't find them in 1930.

Robert Allen HADEN and Julia MCGINNIS were married.419 Julia MCGINNIS died about 1895 in China.

By Jan of 1897, Robert Allen Haden had married Eugenie in Shanghai. The boy Julian did not appear on his father's passport application in 1908, but he was with the rest of his father's family in 1910. When Robert Allen was killed in 1917, a newspaper article stated that Julian was living in the United States.

Robert Allen HADEN and Julia MCGINNIS had the following children:



Julian HADEN419,930 was born on 24 July 1894 in Shanghai, China.

In 1908, Julian was not listed on his father's application for passport along with the rest of the family. He was listed in 1910. By 1917, when his father was killed, Julian was living back in the United States.

1920 Census. Hartford City, Hartford Co,Connecticut.
Living in the same residence as Morris Graff, age 34, and his family, but listed as a separate family.
Julian C. Haden, age 25, American Citizen but born in China. Father born in Louisiana, mother born in Tennessee. He was a foreman in a repair garage.
Helen A., wife, age 27. Came to U.S. in 1909, naturalized 1916. Born in Canada, father b. England, mother b. England.
Phyllis A., daughter, age 13, b. CT, father b. China, mother b. Can. [I suspect this child was more like age 3 or 3 months [see 1930].

1930 Census. West Hartford, Hartford Co., CT
Julian C. Haden, age 35, married at age 21. American Citizen b. in China. Auto Electrician, auto repair shop.
Helen B., wife, age 38, married at age 23. Born in Canada
Phyllis A., daughter, age 11. Roberta A., dau, age 8. Marilyn J., dau, age 3. All born in Connecticut.

Robert Allen HADEN and Eugenie Clara HILTBOLT were married in January 1897 in Shanghai, China.419 Eugenie Clara HILTBOLT930 was born on 24 January 1869 in Wasselone, Alsace, France.419

Several passport applications were made by Eugenie after the death of Robert. In 1908 and 1910, she was included on his applications as his wife.

7 Sep 1917, Eugenie was living with her children in Neuchatel, Switzerland. She had moved there on 17 Sep 1913. She stated she was born at Wasselone, in Alsace, France on 24 Jan 1869, and her husband, Robert Allen Haden born in Keatchie, LA, was deceased. She was living in Switzerland for the purpose of educating her children. She had lived in the U.S. for only one year - in 1901 [the Hadens were on furlough at that time] She wanted a passport for her residence in Switzerland and to visit France for YMCA work. Eugenie was then 48 years old, 5' 6" tall, hazel eyes and gray hair. She was also appling for her minor children, Robert born Kiangyin, China on 2 Jun 1908, and Joseph, born Liebenziel, Germany, 6 Jul 1911.
Identifying documents included the registration certificate of her husband issued 12 May 1908 at Shanghai, China, Her registration certificate issued at Berne, Switzerland, 6 Aug 1917. Her marriage certificate seen at Consulate when forwarding papers to the U.S. for settlement of her husband's estate. Permission of domicile issued at Neuchatel, Switzerland on 9 Feb 1917. Certificate of missionary appointed issued by the Executive Committee of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, headquarters at Nashville, TN.
Applican'ts husband was the victim of a submarine disaster on the steamship Athos en route from China to Marseilles in 1917. She hopes to return to China as soon as she receives orders from the Missionary Board.
Eugine's affidavit stated that she had left the U. S. in 1901; had resided in China until 1910, then Germany for 18 months, and then Switzerland, since 17 Sep 1913. She was a missionary to China before her marriage in Shanghai in Jan of 1897... They had a year's furlough 1900-1901 which is the only time she has ever been in the United States. In 1910, they first came to Switzerland for seven months, then going to Germany for 18 months. She returned to Switzerland for the children's education; her husband returned to his work in China.
Her husband's brother lives in the States and there is a stepson there. Her nearest relative is a sister living in Switzerland. She has cousins in Germany, but no communication with them. She receives an insufficient income through the Executive Committee of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN. She does not know ever expect to establish a residence in the U.S. She hopes to return to China.

Application dated 19 Jul 1918. Joseph was listed as the only minor child. She listed her domicile as Lyons, France, where the application was made to the American consulate. She listed residences as Soochow, China from Oct 1901 until Apr of 1910; Wasselonne, Germany from Apr 1910 to Aug of 1912 [Alsace belonged at different times to Germany or France]; Lausanne & Neuchatel, Switzerland from Aug 1912 to Mar of 1918. She is seeking temporary residence in France.
Eugenie could not be identified in Lyons by a native or naturalized citizen of the U.S. She did give as references Rev. S. H. Chester in Nashville and Mr. Joseph R. Wilson of US Fidelity & Guaranty Co in Baltimore. she had her passport from Bern, enabling her to travel in France.
She stated furth in her affidavit that she had resided in Lyons since 23 Mar 1918 to enter YMCA work. She had been assigned to work among the Chinese but was forced to give it up because the Director had decided the work should be performed by a man because of the rough character of the men with whom she was brought in contact. She had not been to the U.S. for a visit since residing in Europe. She had no family ties in the U.S. other than a brother-in-law Charles Haden, believed to be residing in Ft Worth, TX. She was unable to say when she might return to the U.S. as she was would work wherever her missionary work was needed.

On 13 Feb 1920, Eugenie again applied to the consulate at Marseille, France. Joseph was again listed as her minor child. She gave her legal domicile in the U.S. as Birmingham, Alabama. She had been at Marsielle since Nov 10, 1919 for welfare work on behalf of the Methodist Committee of War Relief and Reconstruction in France. She stated her residences as Alsace from 1869 to 1889; England from 1889 to 1891; China from 1891 to 1900; U.S. 1900-1901; China 1901-1910; German and Switzerland 1910-1918; France 1918- to the present. She gave as references her stepson, Julian Haden, of Hartford, CT and her sister [actually her daughter Dorothy] , Mrs. Allen C. Howard of Birmingham, AL.
Again there was an accompanying affadavit which repeated most of the previous information. She did say Liebensell was in Wurtemburg, Germany. In 1910 when they had come to Switzerland she was not in good health, nor was she in good health when they lived in Germany. In 1912, they went first to Lausanne, Switzerland for a year, then on to Neuchatell, for the education of her children. She stated that she would probably return to the U.S. in company with her daughter Elizabeth, who was employed at Marseille by the YMCA. My eldest boy, Ernest Haden, is being educated in France.

Another application is dated 6 Aug 1921 and made to the American Consulate in Barcelona, Spain. This time she gives a permanent residence in the U.S. as Nashville. She arrived in Barcelona on 13 Aug 1920 where she working as a welfare worker on behalf of the Executive Committee of Foreign Missions, Presbyterian Church. She again states here residences saying that she lived in France from Mar of 1918 until Aug of 1920. She will perhpas return to the U.S. in two years. She is seeking temporary residence and travel to France and Switzerland.
In the affadavit, Euginie said she had two sons and a married daughter in the States. Mrs. Allen Howard living at Demopolis AL. Eric G. Haden, YMCA ato Toledo, Ohio. Another son, a minor. She was staying at Barcelona with a married daughter [would have to be Frieda Elizabeth]. She has a case pending with the State Dept regarding indemnity from Germany for the death of her husband at which time she intends to return to the U.S. She may also teach a year at least in the American school in Barcelona.

The final application in this database is dated 12 Jun 1923 in Barcelona. Eugine lists her minor son Joseph again. She is desiring the passport for temporary residence in Spain and travel in France and Switzerland. Eugenie was now age 54.
The accompanying affadavit - the affadavits are to explain her protracted foreign residence and to overcome presumption of expatriation - stated the usual infomration. The application is virtually identical to the one of 1921 - she is apparently still waiting for the case pending concerning her deceased husband. She gave the same information concerning the three children in the U.S. and is staying with her married daughter in Barcelona.

1930 Census. Memphis, Shelby Co, TN
Eugenie C. Haden, age 61, wd. born in France as were her parents.
Joseph H., son, age 19, American Citizen born in Germany, father born in La., mother born in France, occupation - singer

Robert Allen HADEN and Eugenie Clara HILTBOLT had the following children:



Frieda Elizabeth HADEN was born on 2 May 1898 in Kiangyin, China.419,1123

[Miss] Frieda E. Haden applied for her passport at the American Legation in Berne, Switzerland on 19 Sep 1917. She was born 3 May 1898 at Kiangyin, China. Her father Robert A. Hade, born Keatchie, LA, was deceased. She was last in the U.S. in 1901 and had arrived at Neuchatel, Switzerland on 17 Sep 1912 where she is now living. She has requested a passport for used in traveling in Switzerland and France. Documents presented included certificate of registration for her father at Shanghai, China, on 13 May 1908; Permission of domicile at Neuchatel, 9 Feb 1917, and application of her mother submitted 7 Sep 1917. She has never lived in the U. S. but visited there for about one year. Her father was victim of a submarine disaster on the S.S. "Athos" en route from China to Marseilles in 1917. She hope to return to China with her mother when the receive orders from the missionary board in Nashville, TN.

Another application to the American Consulate in Lyon, France, is dated 17 Dec 1918. She is doing war work for the Y.M.C.A. in Lyons. She lived in China from 1898 to 1900; again in China from 1902-1910; Switzerland, Germany & France from 1910 to 1918. She wants a passport for temporary residence in France. She signed "F. Elisabeth Haden". She was then age 20, 5' 11" tall, blue-gray eyes and blond hair.
Her affadavit states that she was raised abroad because of her father's missionary work. He was drowned 17 Feb 1917 on the Athos. She has a brother Julian Haden living in New Britain, Connecticut.



Eric George HADEN930 was born on 20 August 1899 in Kuling, China.419,1123

In one of his father's passport applications, Eric's birth is given as 14 Aug of 1899; in the other it is 21 Aug 1899. Eric was born at Kuling, China.

On 19 Sep 1917, Eric applied for passport in Berne, Switzerland. He stated he was born in Kuling, China on the 20th of Aug 1899. He is living in Neuchatel, Switzerland. He was last in the U.S. in 1901. He arrived in Neuchatel on 17 Sep 1912 and desires a passport for residence in Switzerland. He was then 18 years old. 5' 7" tall, gray eyes and light hair. His documentation was the same as his sister Frieda's, made on the same day.

On the 31st of May, 1918, Eric George again applied for a passport for residence in Switzerland. The same information was given as in 1917.

On 7 Nov 1919, Erice again applied for a passport for residence in Switzerland where he was studying. He stated that he had lived outside the U. S. since he was 11 months old.

1930 Census. Memphis, Shelby Co, TN
Eric Haden, age 30, married at age 28. Born China. Father born France, mother born LA [these were reversed]. Professor at the College.
Gladys, wife, age 30, b. Michigan as were her parents.



Dorothee Janie "Dot" HADEN930 was born on 21 April 1901 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.419,1123

The spelling of her name was Dorothy Haden when she applied for a passport, 27 Nov 1917. She signed her name that way. The spelling as Dorothee was given to me by a descendant of Robert Allen Haden's family.

When Dorothy applied for her passport, she stated she was born in Shreveport, LA on 21 April 1901. Her father Robert A. Haden, deceased, was born in Keachie, LA. She was named on her mother's passport. Her legal U.S. domicile was Nashville, TN but she left the U. S. in September of 1901. She arrived at Zurich, Switzerland, 24 Aug 1917, and was now in school. She desired a passport for residence in Switzerland. Dorothey had lived in China from 1901 to 1910, Switzerland for a time in 1910, Germany from 1910 to 1913, and Switzerland from 1913 to the present date. She was 16 years old. Her mother residding in Neuchatel, Switzerland certified the information.

Dorothy further stated that she was taken to China in 1901 by her her parents, her father being a Missionary in the interest of the Southern Presbyterian Mission of Nashville. In 1910, she and her mother came to Europe for her education. Her mother does not desire to return to the U.S. until her four brothers have finished their education. They are in school in Neuchatel where I have also attended school and studied music. She plans to return to the U.S. whenever her mother returns. [Her plans must have changed because she was married in living in Birmingham, AL by 1920.] She mentioned her uncle Charles Haden, living in Birmingham, Texas [Charles Haden's residence is a mistake as there is no Birminham in Texas.... I have been unable to find Charles in the 1920 census, but in 1910 he lived in Ft. Worth, TX.]

Dorothy married Allen C. Howard.

1920 Census. Birmingham, Jefferson Co, AL Hh 371
Allen C. Howard, age 26, b. AL as were his parents. Real estate agent.
Dorothy, wife, age 18. Born LA, father b. LA, mother b. France



Ernest Faber HADEN930 was born on 14 August 1904 in Mohkanshen, China.419,1123 He died on 27 August 1993 at the age of 89 in Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas.

Ernest applied for a passport at the American Legation in Berne, Switzerland on 3 Jan 1918. He stated he was born in Mokanshan, China on the 14 of August 1904. His father was deceased. He had never been in the United States. He wanted his passport for residence in Switzerland, where he was now living at Neuchatel. He was age 13; 4' 7" tall. Gray eyes, light hair.
Documents were a passport issued to his brother Eric George Haden on 5 Nov 1917; Certificate of registration issued to his father at Shaghai, China on 12 May 1908. Application of his mother, Mrs. Eugenie Haden, submitted on 7 Sep 1917. Applicant lived in China from 1904-1910, Germany 1910-1912, And from Switzerland 1912 to the present time.

He applied again on 18 Jan 1919, again for Residence in Switzerland. Nothing new except that he has now turned age 14.

1930 Census. Chicago, Cook Co Illinois.
Ernest "Hadden", age 25, just married that year. American Citizen born in China, father b. LA, mother b. France. Physical instructor at the University
Kathleen, wife, age 25. Born Arkansas, father b. VA, mother b. AR
Allen, brother, age 21, American Citizen born in China.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram 29 Aug 1993, p.35
Ernest F. Haden, a retired professor of romance languages and linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin, died Friday at an Arlington hospital after a short illness. He was 89.
Funeral will be at 11 AM Tuesday at the First Presbyterian Church in Arlington, where he was a member. Burial will be in Moore Memorial Gardens. The family will receive friends from 6 to 8 pm Monday at Hugh M. Moore & Sons Funeral Home.
Dr. Haden was born in China and was the son of Presbyterian missionaries. He had lived in Arlington for 11 years and had previously lived in Austin for 35 years. He earned a bachelor's degree at Southwestern Presbyterian University in Clarksville, TN, now Rhodes College in Memphis, and a doctorate from the University of Chicago.
Dr. Haden taught at Arkansas College, Southwestern University and the University of Chicago. He was head of the French and Spanish departments at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. He developed the department of linguistics and later became chairman of the department of romance languages and linguistics at UT, where he taught for 35 years before retiring in 1980. He was a professor emeritus at UT before moving to Arlington in 1982.
He served as president of the South Central Modern Language Association and in 1975 was awarded the Chevalier, l'Order des Palmes Academiques by the French government for his contribution to the French language.
Survivors: Wife, Kathleen Hull Haden of Arlington; two daughters, Kathleen Battaglia of Vienna, VA and Sarah Garrett of Arlington; six grandchildren; and one great-granddaughter.



Robert Allen HADEN Jr. was born on 2 June 1908 in Kiangyin, China.419,1123

Robert Allen Haden applied for a passport at the American Consulate in Lyon, France, on 29 Apr 1918. He stated his birth as at Kiangyin in China on 2 Jun 1908. His father Robert Allen Haden, born in Keatchie, LA was deceased. He has never had a passport. He never resided in the U.S. He is living with his mother and they arrived in Lyon on 9 Mar 1918. He is attending school. He lived in Kiangyin, China from 1908-1910; Peseux, Switzerland from May of 1910 to Dec, 1910; Liebenzell, Germany from Dec. 1910 to Sep 1912, Lausanne, Switzerland from Sep 1912 to Mar of 1918. He wants the passport for his residence in France. Robert was age 10, 4' in height with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. His mother's unexpired passport of 19 Oct 1917, included two minor children, Robert and Joseph.
His affadavist stated that his mother was employed by the UMCA. He had never visited the U.S. and had no ties of family in the U.S. He is ten years old and his domicile will be controlled by his mother and she has no intention of going to America.

Another application at Marseille, France is dated 10 Dec 1919, for the purpose of confirming his residence in France. He gave his legal domicile as Soochow, China, having never been to the U.S. Euginie swore that she had known him all his life.
The affadavit states that his parents were engaged in religious work in China. His father was killed by the Germans in 1917. He resided in Germany and Switzerland for educational purposes, with mother, Mrs. Eugenie C. Haden. He came to France with his mother who does welfare work in France for the YMCA. His half brother, Julian Haden resides at Hartford, CT. His sister, Mrs. Allen C. Howard resides in Birmingham, AL.

American Consulate, Geneva, Switzerland, 27 Jul 1923. Robert A. Haden applied for temporary residence in Switzerland, travel in France and Spain. His legal domicile is the U.S; he lives in Geneva, Switzerland, having arrived on 4 Jul 1923. Robert lived in China from 1908-1910; Switzerland from 1910-1918; France 1918-1920; and Spain from 1920-1923. He plans to return to the U.S. with two years. Robert was now age 15 and 5' 7" tall. Eugenie, now living in Geneva, testified she had known him personally for 15 years. An extension was pplied for on 29 Aug 1923, for six months. The extension was signed "R. Allin Haden".

1930 Census. Chicago, Cook Co Illinois.
Ernest "Hadden", age 25, just married that year. American Citizen born in China, father b. LA, mother b. France. Physical instructor at the University
Kathleen, wife, age 25. Born Arkansas, father b. VA, mother b. AR
Allen, brother, age 21, American Citizen born in China.



Joseph Henderson HADEN1123 was born on 6 July 1911 in Liebenziel, Wurtemburg, Germany.419,1123

1930 Census. Memphis, Shelby Co, TN
Eugenie C. Haden, age 61, wd. born in France as were her parents.
Joseph H., son, age 19, American Citizen born in Germany, father born in La., mother born in France, occupation - singer

Grandfather to Rebecca Haden. Her father was Peter Haden.