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Fourth Generation

82. Susanna HADEN244 was born in 1771.1 She died in Fluvanna County, Virginia.1

[This daughter is not listed in all references. Mattie Haden believed she was a daughter of John Moseley Haden that died young. She also suspected there were other sons of John Moseley Haden, possibly an Anthony and a Joseph. Mattie believe Susanna & John had a son named Benjamin Haden Jones.]

I have found an interesting story online concerning a Civil War hero who was named Zachariah Fleming Jones. The article mentioned his father Benjamin Haden Jones, living in Scottsville, Albemarle Co VA. One of the censuses revealed Hadens living in Fluvanna Co, but the nearest P.O. was Scottsville. Zachariah served in Mosby's Rangers during the Civil War. He enlisted in 1864 at the age of 17. - so he was born 1843. This would seem to be quite late to have been a son of Benjamin Haden Jones, son of John & Susanna who would likely have been born soon after their marriage in 1793. There could be intermediate generations.

In 1860, in Albemarle Co VA, Charlottesville P.O., St. Anne's Parish, I found:
Benjamin H. Jones, age 35 [born 1825], miller. Wife, Mary W. age 37
Z. F. Jones age 13 - he would be 17 in 1864.
B. H. Jones, age 11. Mary E. Jones age 8. Martha J. P. Jones age 4. Martha Tillman age 60. James A. Tillman, age 24, miller.

Strangely enough in 1860, there was a second Benjamin H. Jones in the same area who was age 40, a carpenter. His family was made up of Marian R. age 7, Sally R. age 2, Bettie H. 9 months, and Betty, age 23.

1870, Still in St. Anne's Parish but listed as Scottsville P.O.
B. H. Jones, age 45, miller. Mary @. age 48
Z. F. age 23, farmer. B. H. age 20, miller. M. E., female, age 18. M. J. P., female, age 13.
L. R. Robins, male, age 24, school teacher.

1880, Sam Miller Twp, Albemarle:
Benjm. Jones, age 53, carpenter. Betty, age 35.
Sallie age 12. Irene H. age 3. Fannie E. age 6.

Neither of the above Benjamins appeared to be in Albemarle Co in 1850.
I did find in Fluvanna Co., a Basil M. Jones who had a son Benjamin H. Jones, age 32 [born ca 1818]. Benjamin was a storekeeper. Since the B. H. Jones, carpenter, had no children in 1850, this could be him.
No other likely candidates appear in 1850.

However, there was a Benjamin H. Jones living in the Eastern District of Amherst Co. He was age 56 born 1794. His wife was Elizabeth age 57. Living with them was David W., age 27, a carpenter, and Elizabeth A. age 22. Correspondence with a descendant of this family, indicates he is Susanna & John Jones's son.

Susanna HADEN and John JONES were married on 11 September 1793.1 John JONES was born (date unknown).

Benjamin Haden may have been an only child.

only one John Jones found in Fluvanna Co VA in 1810:
John Jones: 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45, 1f 26-45

1820 Census. Fluvanna Co VA
John Jones: 1m over age 45, 1 female over age 45
followed by Benjamin Jones of the appropriate age to be their son.

John Haden of Virgina, Dorothy K Haden, quotes of the research of Mattie Haden who was not positive Susanna was a daughter of John Moseley Haden. Mattie did believe Susanna had died early. If the following is accurate, John apparently married again.
"John Jones' will gives one half to B. Haden Jones and one half to wife Nancy and her heirs."
A descendant who has seen this will agrees.

Susanna HADEN and John JONES had the following children:



Benjamin Haden JONES.