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Third Generation

50. Robert Gillespie HADEN1,162 was born about 1785 in North Carolina.1,33 I believe Irene Cook estimated births for the children as she gave a year of birth as 1778 for Robert.. When Joseph wrote his will in October of 1802, Robert Gillespie had not yet attained the full age of 21 years so he could not have been born as early as 1778, he would have been born at least 4 years later. In fact a court case in 1807 states that Robert Gillespie was 18 at the death of his father, so he was born in 1785. Obadiah Smith was guardian for Robert Gillespie Haden. [See notes for Joseph Haden Sr.] He died in May 1850 at the age of 65 in Desoto Parish, Louisiana.

In father's will (1802) is listed as eldest son now living of present wife. Robert was left land that his father had previously given to Joseph Jr. - there was a lawsuit and he was forced to deed the land to Joseph in 1807.

Moved to Alabama, what is now Clarke County - then Mississippi Territory - about 1815.

Abstracts of Deed Book 20-24 of Rowan Co NC 1807-1818
James W. Klutz 1999

#803 DB 21, p.220
22 Apr 1807 Robt Gillespie Haden, planter to Joseph Haden, planter for 5sh and in accordance with decree from Ct of Equity of Rowan in case of Joseph Haden vs Robt Gillispie Haden. 200a fork of Main and South Yadkin called the point tract adj the Fish Dam. Both signed deed. Wit: Maxwell Chambers, who prvd at Feb Ct 1808

#101 DB 20, p,.98
11 Oct 1808 Geo Bullon Sr to Robert G. Haden for #350. 415a on Second Crk. Adj Bullon, Jarrel, Sheerman, Frock & Frick. Wit: Geo Fisher. A. L. Osborn. Osborn prvd Nov Ct 1808

#108 DB 20, p.105
6 Feb 1809 Geo Fisher to Robert G. Haden for $220.50 73 ½ a on Dutch Second Crk adj Fisher, Haden's mill pond, and Bullon. Ack Feb Ct 1809

Abstracts of Deed Books 25-29 Rowan Co NC 1818-1828
Salisbury NC 2002
James W. Klutz
#2393 DB 28, p.341
20 May 1812 George Fisher to Jacob Fisher. 60a on South Fork of Crane Crk adj Lots #2, #6 and #1. Part of home plantation of Fred. Fisher now dec'd divided among his children. Wit: R. G. Haden. Ack Aug Ct 1825.

Old Huntsville Land Office Records & Military Warrants 1810-1854
Marilyn Davis Barfield Easley SC, Southern Historical Press, 1985
p.104 Applications for Public Lands, Nashville TN & Huntsville M.T. [Mississippi Territory] 1810 1814
8/10/1812 Robt Haden, Madison Co, MT. S7 T3 R1E

Old St Stephen's Land Office Records & American State Papers Public Lands Vol I 1768-1888. Marilyn David Hahn. Southern Historical Press, Easley SC, 1983.
p. 17 St. Stephens Ledger B, 20- Aug 1814- 5 Jul 1817
11/22/1815 Robert G. Haden, Monroe, T7 R3

ALABAMA RECORDS Pauline Jones Gandrud
VOL 68 Clarke Co
The first grist mill was operated by John Slater & Mose Savill; the first cotton gin by Johnathon Emmons; and the first tannery & shoe factory by Robert Hayden in 1815. [came from an article in the Birmingham News]

Old Huntsville Land Office Records & Military Warrants 1810-1854
Marilyn Davis Barfield Easley SC, Southern Historical Press, 1985
p.149 Register's Journal Sales of Public Land, Huntsville, 1814-1816
1/11/1817 Herman B. Sneed, assignee of Robert Haden S1 T3 R1W

Old St Stephen's Land Office Records & American State Papers Public Lands Vol I 1768-1888. Marilyn David Hahn. Southern Historical Press, Easley SC, 1983.
p.34 Register of Certificates, St. Stephens 1820-1845
12/1/1826 Robert T. [G.] Haden, Clarke Co, T10 R3

1 Mar 1827. Land Patent to Robert G. Haden in Clarke Co for 80.25 acres. S11, T10N, R3E Issued at St. Stephens land office.

In the BLM records there is also a patent issued 28 Aug 1856 which states "in place of patent intended to issue on 25 May 1825". It was for 160.6 acres in Clarke co, St. Stephens land office. The patentees were listed as Robert G. Haden and Anne Embree. It was in S28, T7N, R4E.

Davie Co NC Will and Deed Abstracts
Wills 1836-1900 Deeds 1836-1850
Jo White Linn 1973
p.109 DB 2, p.154 16 Oct 1829 [This date seems wrong - I may have abstracted in correctly, or the deed was recorded many years after the fact - the proved date was not provided in this book. Many of the surrounding deeds are dated circa 1843.]
William Haden to John Maxwell, both of Rowan for $110.68 ¾ 40 ¼ acres adj Robt Goulding; Maxwell, part of Robin Hood Forest, lots #2 & 3 in division to William & Robert Haden. Wit: Willie B. Nash, Christopher Keller
Robin Hood Forest was the land originally belonging to Margaret Maxwell's father that was bequeathed to his son also named Thomas Maxwell. There is also a deed mentioning land that descended to William & Robert's sisters - Margaret and Dianna. I believe Thomas Maxwell, the younger, died without heirs and the 350 acres was divided among his siblings, or their descendants if the siblings were deceased - and his sister Margaret, mother of William & Robert was deceased. Later deeds in the 1840's further prove this event.

1830 Clarke Co AL Census; p.234
Robert G. Haden 3m 10-15; 1m 15-20; 3m 20-30; 2m 40-50
2f 5-10; 2f 10-15; 1f 30-40 21 Slaves for a Total household of 35. [There appear to be almost two households living together.]

Clarke Co was formed 10 Dec 1812 out of Mississippi Territory. Macon Co formed 18 Dec 1832 out of the Creek Nation.

Abstracts of Deed Books 30-34 of Rowan Co NC 1828-1840
James W. Klutz, 2004
#1318 DB 31, p.704
29 Sep 1832 Mortgage. William Haden to John Clement. Three tracts in forks of Yadkin on Bear & Hunting Crsk. 270 a in Benjamin Maxwell tract adj Wm F. Kelly Jno & Danl Lock. 10 a in Thos Maxwell tract adj Turner S. Parker & John Keller 260 a in Jno Welch tract adj John Locke, Jos Welch & Henry Wilson. Also Negro boy Phill, 2 waggons, 2 stills, 4 horses, 16 cattle, 17 sheep,, all furniture, corn crop.
Haden had multiple debts cited in this deed. One was to R. G. Haden of Alabama for $575. Another to B. R. Mobly of Alabama for $1130.50. Totaled between $3500-4000 and were past due. Mobley & R. G. Haden were to be paid after the other debts satisfied. Wit: B. Baily who proved at Nov Ct 1832

In 1837, Robert took out several patents on land in Tallapoosa County.
Alabama Land Patents Database: Tallapoosa County
HADEN ROBERT G 17 19N 23E ST STEPHENS 159.3 1837/04/01
HADEN ROBERT G 23 19N 23E ST STEPHENS 79.86 1837/04/01
HADEN ROBERT G 18 19N 23E ST STEPHENS 159 1837/04/01
HADEN ROBERT G 17 19N 23E ST STEPHENS 159.3 1837/04/01
HADEN ROBERT G 10 19N 23E ST STEPHENS 159.24 1837/04/01
HADEN ROBERT G 9 19N 23E ST STEPHENS 159.14 1837/04/01
HADEN ROBERT G 18 18N 22E ST STEPHENS 119.85 1841/01/20
HADEN ROBERT G 8 18N 22E ST STEPHENS 79.93 1837/04/01
HADEN ROBERT G 18 19N 23E ST STEPHENS 159 1837/04/01

In 1840, the families are in Macon Co AL, p.20:
R. G. Haden Sen. 1m 15-20, 3m 20-30, 1m 30-40, 1m 50-60 [Robert was age 55], 1m age 60-70. 1f age 10-15 [Camilla], 2f age 15-20 [Mary & Adelaide], 1f age 40-50 [prob Mary] I count 43 slaves.
Alx Haden. 2m -5; 1m 5-10, 2m 10-15, 1m 30-40 [Alexander - the nephew, not his son. Brother to "Joseph below] 2f under 5, 1f 20-30 [prob Rebecca Frost though she was slightly older] 10 slaves.
R. G. Haden Jr. 1m -5, 2m 20-30 [he was 28] 1f 15-20 and 1f 20-30. Seem to be two couples living together. 13 slaves.
J. F. Haden. 1m age 20-30 [Joseph was 24], 1f 15-20 [Ann would be 18] 7 slaves.
J. Haden. [Probably Joseph Haden Jr who married Rebecca Durham and was a nephew to Robert G. Senior] 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 40-50 [he was 43] 2f -5, 2f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 30-40 [Rebecca] and 1f age 60-70. 11 slaves.

Death, Marriage & Probate Notices from Montgomery, Alabama Newspapers Vol. I (1821-1865) Larry E. Caver Jr. Pioneer Publishers, Carrollton, MS, 2002
p. 39, from The Montgomery Advertiser
Aug 24, 1840 Died on the 7th instant at the residence of Robert G. Haden Sr., Macon Co, Alabama, of apoplexy, William W. Davis aged about 68 years. The Western Carolinian (NC) will please copy the above for the information of friends & relatives of the deceased.

Davie Co NC Will and Deed Abstracts
Wills 1836-1900 Deeds 1836-1850
Jo White Linn 1973
p.136 DB 2, p.422 3 Jun 1845
Wm Haden to dau Mary Jane for love, 500a where I live adj John Locke decd & Wm F. Kelly on Bear Crk and the lots bought from Robt Haden, Jeduthen Marr & wf Margaret, and Diana Newton and a lot inherited from Thomas Maxwell and 200a in another tract
This deed obviously concerns land the Thomas Maxwell had inherited from his father of the same name - the younger Thomas apparently died without children and the land divided among his siblings or their descendants. William, Robert, Margaret & Diana were the children of Margaret Maxwell & Joseph Haden.

Moved with sons, Robert Gillispie Jr. & Alexander McCorkle to DeSoto Parish, LA after 1840.

A case came before the Supreme Court of Alabama, long after Robert G. had left the state. Haden v. Ware, January Term, 1849. Recorder: 15 Ala. 149. Haden claimed an error in the Chancery Court of Montgomery. Nowhere in this document is the plaintiff called by anything other than "complainant" or "Haden" - it does not seem to be Robert G. Haden himself. Perhaps one of his sons?
Haden aledged that Cowe Hadjo, a Creek Indian, was entitled as a reservee to a tract of land that Hadjo had sold to James C. Watson & Co. On 30 Jul 1839, Watson & Co, assigned the land to Robert G. Haden by way of settlement of conflicting land claims between Haden & Watson & Co. The articles of settlement were filed in the land office at Washington City. Complainant purchased the land from Robert G. Haden, took posession and has made valuable improvements thereon and has ever since occupied the land. In the year 1845 he was informed that a patent had issued for the land from the governement to Robert J. Ware. He confronted Ware and Ware showed him the patent which appeared to be valid. Ware averred that he was the lawful owner and denied that complainant had title by his purchase from Robert G. Haden and threatened to turn him out of possession. The complainant maintains that he was deceived by the representations of said Ware and was induced to purchase the said land again of Ware for $2000 for which he issed three notes. He then applied to an attorney to ascertain how he should recover back the money he had paid Robert G. Haden. His attorney discovered that the patent had issued improperty to Ware and that he was in fact the rightful owner by his purchase from Robert G. Haden. The patent should have been issued to Robert G. Haden. The patent to Ware was issued on assigment of Alfred Iverson, pretended attorney of James C. Watson on the 4 of May 1842, but the assignment of Watson & Co. had been made on 30 Jul 1839. R. G. Haden had left the State and is insolvent; the firm of Watson & Co in insolvent. Ware knew that the patent was issed wrongfully. He asked that the contract with Ware be rescinded and the notes delivered up. The bill later was amended alleging that at the time of the transfer of Iverson to Ware, he was already in possession of the land; the patent was procured by the fraud of Iverson. A supplemental bill was afterwards filed stating that Ware had commenced suit on the notes and asked for an injunction in addition to the relief sought.
Robert J. Ware, defendant, answered. He said Spier M. Hagerty & Co, purchased the land of the Reservee, Cow Hadjo, previous to 1839 and fully paid for the same. They claimed the land against Watson & Co. and an agreement was entered into on 20 Apr 1839 between the two companies that would be jointly interested in said tract of land. The said tract was part of the allotment to Hagerty & Co and was then certified to the commissioner of Indian affairs. On 4 May 1842, Iverson had assigned the land to Ware and requested a patent be issued to him and the president did so on 16 May 1845. As far as Ware knew, Robert G. Haden had no title and he knows nothing of Haden's contract with Watson & Co. He admitted that the complainant had entered into possession and made improvements and that he has uniformly claimed the land.
The chancellor considered the title of Ware, better than that of R. G. Haden and dismissed the bill. Haden appealed.
There is lengthy discussion of the points of both lawyers as well as the decision. The important points were that the judge ruled that only J. Watson & Co. and then Ware had any right to a patent as anyone purchasing land in the area reserved for the Indians must be approved by the President. There was adequate evidence that the complainant knew he was entering into the contract with Ware and had taken about ten days to deliberate. Hence the decision of the lower court was upheld.

The first district court journal opened 2 May 1844 ....Grand Jury included George G. Haden, Robert Haden.

Federal land patent: Robert Galaspie Haden, Senior of DeSoto, LA. 160 acres. The NW Qtr of S20, Twp 12, R 16. Land office at Natchitoches. Dated 1 Sep 1846.

1850 Mortality Census for DeSoto Parish, LA - Robert G. Haden, age 64, died May [this would likely be 1850]. Said born in "NE" but should have been NC. Died of Dropsy. A Planter.

There may have been one more daughter not listed here. There is an Alabama marriage in Clarke Co at the time this family was living there. Sarah L. Haden married Milo B. Abercrombie, 15 Dec 1829. She would have been one of the older children. A database online gives her death as 4 Aug 1850 in Cross Keys, Macon Co, AL. M. B. Abercrombie is in the 1850 Macon Co census, p.242 - he was age 44 and born in Georgia. Wife Sarah L. was age 41, b. AL - that would put her neatly between Alexander and Robert the eldest sons of Robert G. Haden & Mary L. Fisher. They had several children, all born in Alabama - Leonard A. 18, Milo B. 15, John C. 14, Robert H. 13 [could this have Robert Haden Abercrombie?], Sarah C. 9, Amelia M. 7, Ann B. 5, and Charles A. age 3. The census was taken in November but likely they were told to list all those living as of June 1st that year.

Robert Gillespie HADEN and Mary Leonard FISHER were married.1 Mary Leonard FISHER163 was born in 1794 in North Carolina.163

Undoubtedly Mary was part of the family of Jacob, George, Frederick, etc. Fisher. They were neighbors of the Hadens on the Yadkin River. She used both George and Frederick in naming sons - names not seen often in the Haden families.

Found as Mrs. M.L. Haden in DeSoto Parish in the 1850 LA Census. She was then 56 years old, born in NC. John Branch, age 25, was Overseer, living in her household. She was enumerated next to Joseph H. Haden, her son.

Said to be a deed in DeSoto Parish dated 13 Feb 1851, when Mary L. widow of Robert G. Haden granted a male slave, Dave, to her son Frederick F. Haden of the State of Florida. Witnessed by John Cuthberson & Thomas G. A. Tharp [son-in-law].

Robert Gillespie HADEN and Mary Leonard FISHER had the following children:



Alexander McCorkle HADEN.



Robert Gillespie HADEN.



George Greene HADEN.



Joseph F. HADEN.



Rebecca F. HADEN.



Frederick F. HADEN was born (date unknown).

Only indication of this son is a deed of gift of a slave in 1851. Frederick said to be in Florida. I cannot find him in Florida in 1850 or 1860.

DeSoto Parish dated 13 Feb 1851, Mary L. widow of Robert G. Haden granted a male slave, Dave, to her son Frederick F. Haden of the State of Florida. Witnessed by John Cuthberson & Thomas G. A. Tharp [son-in-law].



Mary Amelia HADEN was born in 1824. She died on 16 September 1841 at the age of 17.

Departed this life on 16th September (1841) last, in the 17th year of her age, Miss Mary Amelia Haden, dau of Robert G. and Mary L. Haden.
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Adelaide HADEN.



Camilla HADEN.