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Fourth Generation

208. Timothy MERRILL393,394,395,396 was born on 30 April 1778 in Goochland County, Virginia.1,397 He was baptized on 27 November 1784 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia. He died after 1850 at the age of 72 in prob Fannin County, Texas.

John Smith Johnson was Bondsman for the marriage of Timothy. Jno Brem, Witness.

1810, Warren Co KY.
Timothy Merrill: 3m under 10 [Wiley, Austin & William?] 1m 26-45 [he was 32]. 1f age 16-26.

1820, Simpson Co KY
Timothy Merrel. 3m 10-16 [Wiley, Austin & William?] 1m age 26-45 [Timothy was 42]. 2f under 10 [Elizabeth & Nancy?], 1f 26-45.

1830, Carroll Co TN
Timothy Merrill: 2m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 50-60 [Timothy now 52]. 1f 15-20, 1f 40-50 [wife-Elizabeth] 1f 60-70 [Timothy's mother Sarah?]

1840, Carroll Co TN
Timothy Merrill, 2m 10-15, 1m 60-70 [Timothy age 62]. 1f 60-70.

1850, Fannin Co TX
Timothy Merrill age 72, b. VA. Living with A. F. Merrill age 28, b. KY
Next door to Wiley B., his son, age 45, born in TN.
[Wiley had a son also named A. F., or Alexander F. Merrill, age 19 and still living at home in 1850.]

Timothy MERRILL and Elizabeth "Betsy" BRADSHAW were married on 30 November 1801 in Rowan County, North Carolina.1,161 Elizabeth "Betsy" BRADSHAW, daughter of Robert BRADSHAW and Mary BRADSHAW, was born (date unknown).

Timothy MERRILL and Elizabeth "Betsy" BRADSHAW had the following children:






Austin D. MERRILL was born about 1806.398 He died in 1829 at the age of 23 in Carroll County, Tennessee.398



William MERRILL was born about 1808.398 He died about 1838 at the age of 30 in Carroll County, Tennessee.398



Benjamin MERRILL was born about 1810.398



Elizabeth MERRILL was born about 1814.398 She died in 1834 at the age of 20 in Carroll County, Tennessee.398



Nancy MERRILL398 was born about 1816.



Mary E. MERRILL was born on 23 October 1818 in Simpson County, Kentucky.398 She died on 22 April 1910 at the age of 91 in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas.

Mary E. married James R. Horton about 1837 in Carroll Co TN. I previously had a note that Mary's sister Nancy was married to James R. Horton, but this was evidently incorrect.

1850 Census. Hunt Co, TX, Hh 78
James R. Horton, age 38, Farmer, b. NC
Mary, age 33, b. KY
Susannah 13. William B. 12 Parilee 10. All born in Tennessee
Sarah 8. Austin 6. Alpharajon age 4 (female), and John age 5 months. Born in Texas

1860 Census. Beat 4, Hunt Co, TX, P.O. Greenville, Hh 287
Mari E. Horton, age 41, Farmer, b. KY
William B., 20, farmer, b. TN
Paralee M. 17, b. TN
Rest of the children born in Texas
Sarah 15. Austin V. 14. Alfinzine 10. John 8. Thomas 6. Virginia age 4, and Hiram, age 1.

1870 Census. Prec 1, Hunt Co, TX. P.O. Greenville, Hh 129
Indexed as "Herter", but it should have been Horton.
Mary Horton, age 51, b. KY
Parlie, 26, b. TN. Then the rest of the children except the last were dittoed as b. TN
Alfintine, age 20. Jno. 17. Virginia, 12. Hiram 11.
There are two more male children whoe names are very difficult to read - one is perhaps Jas. who is 7, the other Tinz or Tiny, age 8. Are they grandsons? Certainly they were born after the death of Mary's husband.
Next door in Hh 128 was Austin V. Horton, age 24, and apparently his wife whose name, although is difficult to read, appears to have been Missouri, age 19.

1880 Census. Prec 1, Hunt Co, TX, Hh 225
Mary Horton, age 62, b. KY, father b. NC, mother b. VA
Hiram age 22. James age 20. Both born TX, father b. NC, mother b. KY

1900 Census. Greenville Ward 3, Hunt Co, TX, Hh 22 - appears to be part of 210 Stonewall Street, and living by herself.
Mary E. Horton, b. Oct 1818, age 81, widowed. Had 12 children of which 5 are living. Real estate valued at $5000; pers prop at $2000. Born KY, father b. NC, mother b. VA. She's the landlady.
[10 of the children can be counted in the 1850 and 1860 censuses]

Found on #9723975, is the grave of Mary E. Merrell Horton with an obituary. She was one of the oldest residents of the county when she passed away. Mary was buried East Mount Cemetery, Greenville, where her headstone reads "Thy trials ended, thy rest is won". A printed obit states that she was born in Franklin, Simpson Co KY where her father Timothy Merell (sic) was a tobacco merchant. He moved with his daughter to Huntington, Tenn. where she married James R. Horton, about 1827. The Hortons moved to Hunt Co, TX in 1845, settling where Greenville is now located. Mr. Horton died circa 1860. The article states that Mary was a granddaughter of Benjamin F. Merrell, shot to death with others by the British Crown for refusing allegiance.

FindAGrave also shows the grave of James R. Horton, died 1861, in Forest Park Cemetery, Greenville. Stone seems much too new and probably was placed a number of years after his death. Memorial #19194520.



Robert MERRILL was born about 1820.398



Susan MERRILL was born about 1822.398



Alexander F. MERRILL.



[Child] MERRILL was born about 1824.398 He/she died about 1824 at the age of 0.



Mumford MERRILL was born about 1826.398



Richmond Pierson MERRILL398 was born on 29 February 1828 in Tennessee.398,399

1850. Hunt Co TX. Richmond Merill was age 23, b. Tennessee. Living with the family of Elijah Elyam.

Married Emily Catherine Coughram on 2 May 1872, Tulare Co CA.